setuidCan someone give me a hand debugging why keystone -always- fails on 14.04 using openstack-install?:21:33
setuidI'm getting:  idle - hook failed: "config-changed"21:33
setuidI see this in the juju logs on that keystone host:21:34
setuid2016-07-09 21:25:37 INFO worker.uniter.jujuc server.go:172 running hook tool "juju-log" ["-l" "ERROR" "FATAL ERROR: Could not determine OpenStack codename for version 8.1"]21:34
setuid2016-07-09 21:25:37 ERROR juju-log FATAL ERROR: Could not determine OpenStack codename for version 8.121:34
setuidI wiped the entire host, reinstalled, over and over, it dies here21:35
setuidThis didn't work:21:38
setuid$ juju resolved --retry keystone/021:38
setuidERROR unit "keystone/0" is not in an error state21:38
setuidjuju status --format tabular shows:21:38
setuidkeystone/0 unknown        allocating          1                            Waiting for agent initialization to finish21:38
setuid$ juju debug-hooks keystone/0 config-changed21:40
setuidERROR error fetching address for unit "keystone/0": public no address21:40
setuidAt this point, I'm out of options21:40
setuidjuju debug-log shows:21:44
setuidmachine-0: 2016-07-09 21:44:14 ERROR juju.worker runner.go:223 exited "firewaller": machine 1 not provisioned21:44
* setuid tries with the /experimental ppa21:53
jrwrensetuid: juju ssh to keystone/0 and check /var/log/juju/unit-keystone*.log22:21
jrwrensetuid: err, nevermind. I see you already did.22:22
setuidMoving to experimental ppa seems to have fixed the keystone issue, though I don't know if it's going to introduce other instability that may be fixed in stable22:46
setuidi'll work with this for now22:46
setuidI stand corrected, that failed too22:57
setuidExactly the same error message:23:01
setuid2016-07-09 22:47:16 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter modes.go:31 [AGENT-STATUS] error: hook failed: "config-changed"23:01
setuidI'm floored, 14.04 has been out for how long? And openstack doesn't install on it -AT ALL-, for what, a year or more now?23:06
setuidSorry, 2 years23:06
jrwrensetuid: it does, but maybe not every openstack version.23:07
jrwrensetuid: 14.04 was released with icehouse release AFAIK. So icehouse should run on it well.23:07
setuidThis is liberty, the default in stable23:07
setuidOk, let me try that23:07
jrwrenwell, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive  ubuntu supports openstack releases LTS same years as ubuntu distro23:08
jrwrenlibery it unsupported in about 10months.23:08
jrwrenbut liberty should be supported and work. I'm sorry. I don't know.23:08
setuidcrazy, because it keeps pulling down 198 of the keystone charm, but 255 is current in stable23:10
setuidRight, so basically... NONE of this works23:10
setuidI've tried every version, every permutation, every tool.. openstack-install, conjure-up, juju, etc. on 14.04 and 16.04, with every version of openstack23:10
setuidbeen fighting this for 4 weeks now, hundreds of install attempts23:11
setuidicehouse blows up right away23:13
setuidUnable to create container:  (lxc-create: utils.c: get_template_path: 1340 No such file or directory - bad template: ubuntu-cloud23:13
setuidlxc-create: lxccontainer.c: do_lxcapi_create: 1435 bad template: ubuntu-cloud23:14
setuidlxc-create: lxc_create.c: main: 318 Error creating container openstack-single-setuid)23:14

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