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viewer|5848I'm trying to find some info on the window tiling/snapping feature, can someone point me in the right direction?02:07
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Datsystem fixed06:00
Newb3ehello guys,i need help! when i boot from usb it boots into test/try mode and there is no installation option06:23
Newb3eam i doing something wrong?06:24
acheronukNewb3e: If it goes straight into a live session there should still be an install option. Icon in top left (may be hard to click), or search 'install' in the main menu06:25
Newb3eokay let me try and one thing i want to format every drive ie win c: d: e: will it format and wipe everything06:27
Newb3ei am a noob hence the lame queries06:27
acheronukhaven't tried on a machine with windows partitions for some time, but there should be options to use the whole disk, or install side by side with windows06:30
acheronukthere's also a manual partitioning option if those don't do what you want06:31
soeethe folder view bug will be fixed in upcoming 16.04.1 release06:55
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crashingHello guys wanting to test Kubuntu, but I am stuck after the Kubuntu logo and therefore it says Plasma Crashed10:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1571564 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Unable to install Kubuntu 16.04" [Critical,Triaged]10:06
crashingHow can I solve it, new installation, checked for defect *none* and also cannot launch the installer10:06
viewer|88350Hello, trying to install Kunbutn (No defects on USB nor installation) but the installation launcher would not launch and Plasma is crashing10:48
viewer|88350Kubuntu* 16.04 LTS, the SSD is clean also just erased it10:48
soeeviewer|88350: crashing after install?11:01
viewer|88350soee: BEFORE, the installation wizard (launcher) do not start even11:03
viewer|88350soee: It's 16.04 LTS on a newly formatted SSD and nothing is on it, the installation is checked (no defects)11:03
viewer|88350Plasma keeps crashing11:04
soeeso Plasma crashing in Live Session ?11:05
viewer|88350soee: http://i.stack.imgur.com/eJT8V.png11:06
viewer|88350The Kubuntu logo flashes then this happens (the pic) then I try to restart but nothing happens11:07
viewer|88350After I close it down (press the button) the black screen appears with a mouse forever11:07
soeecan you move the mouse cursor than ?11:07
viewer|88350Not that specify error but there are serveral11:07
viewer|88350soee: Correct11:07
viewer|88350I can even launch firefox11:08
soeecan you press ALT + F2 and krunner shows up ?11:08
viewer|88350soee: No but CTRL ALT F2 works11:08
viewer|88350But I have no password nor useranme11:08
viewer|88350Tried searching but could not find11:08
viewer|88350tried root / toor11:08
soeectrl alt  f2 will switch you to tty211:09
viewer|88350soee: When ALT F2 is pressed krunner will crash11:09
soeeand you want gui11:09
viewer|88350yup GUI11:09
soeewell the problem is probably with plsmashell and we can't do much here as it will be upstream bug probably11:10
soeesadly the ISO does not contain newer plasma that could have some fixes11:10
viewer|88350Thanks dude,11:11
viewer|88350Really wanted to try KDE 511:11
soeeviewer|88350: you might want to try install Neon11:11
soeeit has now Plasma 5.711:11
viewer|88350KDE Neon...KDE made a distro themselves?11:12
soeemore or less11:12
viewer|88350soee: I tell you man, Linux is a rabbit hole11:12
viewer|88350and Windows sucks11:12
soeeif you spend some time with linux you will love it11:13
viewer|88350soee: I get a panic when I want to really watch something and I cannot install VLC because I have the wrong repo11:13
soeeviewer|88350: on what distro?11:13
viewer|88350It was OpenSUSE I think11:14
viewer|88350The offline repo was enabled from start11:14
soeeviewer|88350: jump to #kde-neon11:14
viewer|88350Asked people why it was so and people started to yell as hell11:14
viewer|88350Yeah will try it11:14
viewer|88350My fourth Distro in this month it will be11:14
soeeit has VLC installed by default11:14
viewer|88350soee: Not MKV supported files11:15
soeeKubuntu is great11:15
soeeviewer|88350: what ?11:15
viewer|88350soee: On OpenSUSE I was talking11:15
viewer|88350soee: I was applying that Linux fanbase can be very hard sometimes and they will never talk bad about it11:16
soeeviewer|88350: well if Kubuntu wont work for you i suggest trying Neon11:17
soeeit works pretty nice on one of my machines http://i.imgur.com/g0Jy3pv.jpg11:18
soeestill you might want to wait ~2 weeks, than Kubuntu 16.04.1 will be released11:18
soeeso it might work for you better11:18
viewer|88350Will try KDE11:19
viewer|88350KDE Neon, one question to you11:19
viewer|88350soee: "Is it a distro?11:19
viewer|88350Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE software on top of a stable base. While we have installable images, unlike full Linux distributions we're only interested in KDE software11:19
viewer|88350soee: Question does the kernel get updated then? :O11:19
soeeit is based on Ubuntu 16.0411:20
soeeso it contains the same kernerl11:20
viewer|88350soee: So when Ubuntu updatges to a new kernel and or version, does Neon also?11:20
viewer|88350Because they say only the software will be updated11:20
soeeviewer|88350: Neon has the same updates as Ubuntu 16.0411:21
viewer|88350"Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE software on top of a stable base. Unlike rolling distros only the KDE software will be updated continuously"11:21
soeeso both will use Kernel 4.4.x11:21
viewer|88350Ok, was just curious because they stated that statement11:21
soeeviewer|88350: the main purpose was11:21
soeeto always provide latest Plasma, Apps and Frameworks delivered by KDE community11:22
viewer|88350I see then11:22
viewer|88350Thanks soee for your time and patience11:22
soeenp, enjoy linux on distro you pick :)11:22
viewer|88350For your help I will try to hold out little more on Linux even due I get really bad at it11:22
soeeyou can always ask for help :)11:23
viewer|88350Best would be to have Arch Linux and pick all the package myself and make the system stable but I am not so advanced :D11:23
viewer|88350Love you dude11:23
viewer|88350See you maybe :)11:23
soeehopoe soe :D11:23
anabainNeed some help with dolphin on updated 16.04. It just freezes when launched...12:32
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:50
matt__I was wondering. Why Kubuntu guys can't create DE that competes with Windows or OSX. Of course features are amazing but there is always problem with something. This doesn't work, that too. This is designed by non-designer and looks like shit. From what I see those guys are amazing and really talented. So what's the problem? Do you think that in linux community there are lot of old, hard religious guys that are afraid of changes? Why there is15:39
matt__still XOrg and other relicts? I witnessed many people that say that it's better to stay with old solution than the new one.15:39
lethumatt__: many things are changing with the arrival of wayland and vulkan, but this is offtopic here15:43
matt__I see. Uncomfortable question are always offtopic;) Thx.15:50
lethumatt__: :)15:59
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akikwhen is the kubuntu 16.04.1 released?17:25
bradj555Good morning17:29
bradj555I've got an install question I can't seem to find an answer to by google.17:29
acheronukakik: scheduled for 21st July17:29
lethubradj555: ask your question17:29
akikacheronuk: thanks17:29
bradj555I just upgraded my system and am trying a fresh Kubuntu 16.04 install on an SDD.  I've got an intel i5 6400, and an Nvidia GTX 950.17:30
bradj555When I put in my thumbdrive and boot it says "Plasma has stopped working" and that's all.17:31
bradj555I can hit ctrl+alt+F1 and get to a shell login, but I don't know what login to use there since I haven't set anything up.17:31
bradj555er, SSD not SDD17:32
lethubradj555: do you get that in the live environment?17:32
lethubradj555: have you checked the livedvd's checksums?17:33
lethubradj555: also have you checked the pendrive for defects?17:33
bradj555um.  No.  Yeah that'd be a good place to start....17:33
lethubradj555: :)17:34
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bradj555I'm back!18:45
bradj555Trying to do a fresh install of 16.04, i5 6400, GTX 950, SSD.18:46
bradj555Checked both my thumbdrive and the ISO, both good.18:46
bradj555When it tries to load the live environment it does nothing but display a plasma crash message.  Googling doesn't turn up anything but some Mac forum stuff18:47
bradj555plasmashell pid 2682 signal illegal instruction (4)18:47
bradj555Anyone have ideas?18:47
bradj555Googling says that apparently 16.04 doesn't like some nvidia cards, so maybe that's it?18:47
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plusEVHi, I am getting notified on my bottom panel every time I put a file in my recycle bin. Does anyone know how to turn of that specifically? I want notifications on though.20:04
plusEVlike i want to be notified when I change my panel etc. I just don't want it for putting file sin recycle bin.20:06
plusEVfiles in even20:06
plusEVKubuntu 16.04 Plasma 5.6.520:08
ShotokanZHhi evryone20:08
ShotokanZHi'm having issues with a clean install of kubuntu 16.04 on an ASUS ROG G752VT20:09
ShotokanZHbasically plasma crashes and i can't install anything20:10
ShotokanZH(i mean, i can't even install it)20:11
plusEVI mean I might want it anyway since there is no confirmation box on my delete. i usually shift+del anyways to perma delete. And that does give me confirmation box. So ignore my question. It is good to have that notification. :)20:26
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Ricky1020hi can someone help me23:27
valoriehelp with what?23:28

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