tsimonq2agaida: I don't touch Lubuntu code, talk to Julien about that :P :)00:06
agaidatsimonq2: a) it isn't funny b) you guy captured the false not finished packaging - so it's your problem. c) Please be so kind and in case of LXQt never ever get packages from d/experimental08:05
agaidatsimonq2: and you should really fix it before the new LXQt release hit sid - without changes many (in other words - all) LXQt Packages will cause problems08:05
agaidatsimonq2: and thank you for you clarification - i'm not here to do your work, this is your project, so the ball is in your field.08:08
tsimonq2agaida: yes I said that intending to be joking a little bit, sorry17:57
tsimonq2agaida: so liblxqt needs to be fixed before the new LXQt release lands? what about it is broken?17:57
tsimonq2agaida: I'll be happy to make sure that if I don't fix it myself, it goes to the right person17:58
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tsimonq2agaida: and what do you mean by "b) you guy captured the false not finished packaging - so it's your problem." ?17:58
agaidafixing is easy - get the current debian sources - you guys was a little bit to fast, after long discussions we integrated a virtual abi in the symbols file. Doing so make us independent from upstream if abi-bumps are needed - we use a new virtual abi instead of renaming the package18:26
agaidawithout this mechanism the new release would be installed and break existing packages without warning18:27
agaidamostly segfaults as usual - if you remember the xenial packages right from the start18:28
agaidatsimonq2: there are reasons putting packages into experimental - a) not production ready, b) pre-releases, really experimental stuff c) preparing releases, if uploading directly to sid would create a lot of havoc - and the packages that will be uploaded to experimental right now are c)18:31
agaidathey will create a lot of fallout, if uploaded to sid18:31
tsimonq2agaida: so what you are saying is that the liblxqt package just needs to be updated to the current version?18:32
tsimonq2I see18:32
agaidause meld or bcompare to compare the debian dirs18:32
agaidai'm sure you will find the differences18:33
agaidait's a little bit tricky - but cool. And it works reliable18:33
agaidathats why we discussed this strategy so long18:34
tsimonq2agaida: so which packages am I comparing? from GitHub and Yakkety? could you be a little bit more specific at what I'm supposed to compare the Yakkety package to?18:34
agaidayou can apt source liblxqt0/yak and apt source liblxqt0/sid18:35
tsimonq2agaida: oh so from sid, okay18:35
agaidait make no difference if sid or testing18:36
agaidai would clone the whole thing from git18:36
tsimonq2agaida: GitHub or Debian's Git system?18:36
agaidathey should™ be the same - but debian is official18:37
agaidai only mirror the debian stuff to github in case that one will send us a pull request18:37
tsimonq2agaida: so I should make them the same? what am I fixing here?18:41
agaidaerm - i think i should have a quick look at the current packaging - but basicly: yes18:41
tsimonq2agaida: alright I'll play with it18:42
tsimonq2o/ redwolf22:03

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