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mupPR snapcraft#644 opened: Feature/ant plugin test <Created by ZenHarbinger> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/644>02:10
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mupPR snapcraft#645 opened: If "source: .." do not copy the current directory into itself <Created by evandandrea> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/645>06:11
mupBug #1600271 changed: snap install/remove multiple package names <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1600271>06:47
ogra_mcphail, that would be quite some effort (getting a snapd for armv5 first ... then have a proper kernel with all security love it needs etc)14:18
mcphailogra_: shame. Have a couple of devices which would benefit from the goodness14:54
ogra_well, with zyga pushing snapd into debian you might eventually get an armv5 build there14:59
mcphailogra_: cool. Looking to install nextcloud, and would be great to use the snap15:00
ogra_well, ask zyga if he knows if debian provides armel packages15:01
mcphailogra_: isn't the 1st gen armhf?15:02
mcphailhmm. I hare ARM15:02
ogra_the first get is ARMv6 ... armhf is v715:03
ogra_complain to broadcom for picking an outdated architecture :P15:03
mcphailogra_: ha! I can see them crying into their millions of dollars ;)15:04
ogra_yeah, the Pi was a clever move to get rid of stock chips they couldnt sell anymore15:04
ogra_(the chip was originally developed for TV settop boxes that got never built)15:05
mcphailto be fair, they do make nice media players. But looking to retire my sheevaplug, and a snappy solution would be great15:07
dz0ny_ogra_: since you here :) aware of any go based snapcraft package which uses cgo and media subsystem?15:14
ogra_nope ... i'm not a big go guy15:14
dz0ny_I'am trying to package https://github.com/dz0ny/champ15:15
dz0ny_first i treid quemu way on arch, well they disabled quemu :)15:15
dz0ny_k research then :)15:15
mupBug #1600489 opened: freecad after being installed with snap doesn't exists <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1600489>15:24
mupPR snapcraft#646 opened: Feature/gradle plugin <Created by ZenHarbinger> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/646>16:35
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bpeakWhat is the purpose of the snap folder that is created on $HOME? It follows the format $HOME/snap/package_name/a_number/, but for me those folders are always empty. This is on arch. Does that folder in Ubuntu actually contain files?20:05
tgm4883popey: ping20:30
tgm4883popey: I'm starting to get more free time. I wanted to check in with you on the mythfrontend snap20:31
popeynot worked much on it, will do next week at snappy sprint20:32
popeyvacation this week20:32
tgm4883ah ok20:32
tgm4883I'm looking through the snapcraft.io/create documentation now20:32
popeylook also at snappy playpen on github20:33
popeylots of examples20:33
tgm4883will do20:33
teejI have some questions about what Snap is intended to do. Will Snap replace apt/aptitude?20:33
popeyfeel free to pingnme on telegram if you use it. easier for me when afk20:34
popeyam popeydc there20:34
popeyif you have any questions20:34
teejpopey: For me? Or for tgm4883?20:35
tgm4883I'd assume me20:35
popeyfor tgm4883  :) but feel free :)20:35
tgm4883teej: IIRC, there is a good discussion about snaps and apt on the latest ubuntu podcast20:35
popeyalso the snappy playpen gitter is good20:35
tgm4883and unlike popey, I can be unbiased when I recommend it :)20:36
* popey goes back to beer, i mean bed20:36
tgm4883where do I alert issues regarding the snapcraft.io website20:37
tgm4883since SSL seems to be currently broken, but the 'snapcraft tour' provides an https link20:37
teejtgm4883: I'm not sure what that is. Do you mean http://ubuntupodcast.org ?20:37
tgm4883teej: yep, that's the one20:38
teejtgm4883: Thanks. I'll check it out.20:39
teejtgm4883: So I've listened to the podcast but I was unable to find anything on whether Snaps will take over apt/aptitude in the future.21:19
tgm4883teej: hmm, I thought they had talked about it. Maybe it was a prior episode. IIRC, snaps don't make sense for all things. For instance, you're not going to put systemd in a snap21:20
tgm4883so they should coincide21:20
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tgm4883Working on my first snap of an application, moving from deb packaging (which I didn't do most of the work on). Running into an issue during the "snapcraft" portion of the build, logs indicating that it's trying to install some stuff to /usr/lib (previously it was /usr/local/lib until I specified /usr/lib as a prefix as we do for debian packaging)21:58
tgm4883Looking for some pointers on how to resolve that21:59
tgm4883I'm going through the snapcraft documentation and started with will cooke's first attempt at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/18923022/22:01
tgm4883Some progress, I told it just "usr" and it builds now, however the snap doesn't work and looking in the state directory, it's completely empty. If I dig deep enough into the build directory I can find the binary and launch it and it semi works22:51
tgm4883Ok, I think I need to specify INSTALL_ROOT during the make install, but I don't see a way to specify that. What are the "Common plugin keywords"?23:13

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