Kilosgreetings all of you05:58
Kiloshi tareq 06:04
tareqhello kilos06:05
tareqplasma crashed when i started konversation06:05
Kilosreinstall all the plasma packages maybe, i use synaptic manager for that, much easier to right click reinstall and you see all the related packages06:07
tareqchromium not consuming much resource06:07
tareqdiscover isn't good06:07
tareqnew app to install packages06:07
tareqlike software center06:08
tareqfrom 16.0406:08
Kilosoh i dont know bout that yet06:08
Kilosbut i have always found synaptic easy to use06:08
Kilosand faster than software centre06:08
tareqya, very much easier06:08
tareqthan othes06:09
Kilosill keep using synaptic as long as they keep it in the repos06:09
Kilosthere might be some update in one of the packages that hasnt updated06:11
Kilosalso look at this https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+force+fsck+on+the+next+reboot06:11
tareqinternal error  /usr/bin/kdeinit506:13
tareqnot solid enough yet06:14
Kilostry that fsck and see if it can fix it06:14
tareqkorganizer crashed06:14
Kilosdo you use aptitude06:15
Kilosit often reports errors and gives a fix06:15
Kilosi use aptitude to reinstall packages and it works better than apt and apt-get imo06:16
tareqonly apt06:17
Kilosit is more user friendly and sorts things better i think, but not sure what it will do on 16.0406:18
Kilosthey have advanced things too fast imo06:19
Kilosi think they are rushing to get convergence in everything06:20
Kiloswb tareq 06:31
Kilosi wonder where ashabadi is hiding06:38
tareqhe is enjoying vacation i guess06:46
tareqI do not enjoy hanging out with friends, that's why giving time online06:47
tareqthey are not linux guy06:47
tareqwe have different mentality06:48
AudaciousTUX_well, in my case i successfully converted my friend (win fanboy) to linux fanboy ;)06:51
tareqmy all friends are job holder06:54
tareqthey are busy like me06:54
tareqno time for playing with os06:54
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX_ 06:55
AudaciousTUX_hi kilos06:55
Kiloswbb. sheep time07:03
AudaciousTUX_sheep :v07:06
Kilosi look after 21 sheep for our neighbour08:19
AudaciousTUX_oh... sheeps are cute ... specifically baby sheep :D08:20
Kilosthey are also good to eat08:20
AudaciousTUX_never tasted that :p08:20
Kilosnot very different08:21
AudaciousTUX_behaviors are also same :v08:21
Kilosgoats are more naughty , the jump on top of everything and they eat leaves off trees mostly08:22
Kilossheep graze on grass mostly08:22
tareqhello all08:28
Kilosoh my, what is tareg breaking08:46
Kiloshi Tuhin 12:35
Kiloswhere is pavel today guys? no power again12:35
Tuhini didnt see him either12:36
Tuhinwe r celebrating 3 days Eid12:36
Tuhintoday is 3rd day12:36
Kilosoh so long, i thought it was over12:36
Tuhinin Eid we usually visit friends and relatives and socialize12:36
Tuhintoday is last day12:36
Kiloswell, tomorrow is another day12:36
Tuhinwe bengalis like to celebrate more than 3 day :D12:37
Kilosnothing is so important it cant wait a few days even12:37
pavlushkaHello every one!14:06
Kilospavlushka loafer14:44
Kilosand hi zaki here too14:46
zaki"Eid Mubarak" :)14:46
Kiloszaki you need to put your freenode pasword in you clien14:46
zakihmm done that..14:47
Kilosthen you will login cloaked already14:47
zakihmm. 14:47
zakihi pavlushka 14:47
Kilosnow you join then part to cloak then join again14:47
Kilosso putting the password in where you add what channels to join will cloak you even before login in here14:48
zakioky.. :)14:55
Kilosdepending on the client , i  think with xchat you had to put in the password in two places14:56
zakii'm using hexchat. password in only one place14:59
zakiit connect automaticly with cloak.14:59
Kilosdid you restart hexchat now15:03
Kilosnope no good15:04
zakiwhat? 15:04
Kilos] --> zaki (~zaki@ has joined this channel.15:05
Kilos[17:04] <-- zaki (~zaki@ has left this server (Changing host).15:05
Kilos[17:04] --> zaki (~zaki@unaffiliated/zaki) has joined this channel.15:05
zakioh.. :315:05
Kilosstill shows you ip first then logs out to go cloak15:05
Kilosmaybe password wrong15:05
zakihmm, thats a problm.. 15:06
zakipassword fine..15:06
Kilospavlushka please help zaki 15:06
zakiKilos, now?15:09
Kilossame zaki 15:09
pavlushkazaki: any problem?15:12
Kiloshis cloak isnt working till he has showed his ip already pavlushka 15:12
pavlushkabut now its okay, right?15:13
zakiKilos, anything changed? 15:14
Kilosrestart hexchat again please15:15
zakiKilos, what Now?15:25
Kiloswonderful zaki 15:25
zakicredit goes to pavlushka :) 15:25
Kilos] <-- zaki (~zaki@unaffiliated/zaki) has left this server (Quit: Leaving).15:25
Kilos[17:25] --> zaki (~close@unaffiliated/zaki) has joined this channel.15:25
Kiloswell done pavlushka my buddy15:26
pavlushkaKilos: thanks, anytime!15:26
zakihi everyone. :)17:35
Kiloshi zaki 17:37
Kiloswhat did pavel do to get the cloak working17:38
zakifrom Hexchat Menu>Network list>select freenode>edit>connect command> add new> than i added there msg nickserv identyfy zaki <my password> than savr and restart hexchat. 17:40
zakithats it. now it's working fine. :)17:40
Kiloshaha good17:41
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
pavlushkaguys I'll go dead within few minutes, as my main line is down and back will expire, so see you tomorrow, backup will expire at 12 am17:58
Kilosoh my17:58
Kilosrest well pavlushka 17:59
zakiRIP pavel bro.. :p 19:24
Kiloshe will be back, 19:25
zakihmm.. :) 19:34
zakihey kilos, how do you take backup of your installed ppas?19:34
Kilosi dunno but if you install systemback you can make an iso of your up to date working operating system then put it on a flash drive and start that from any pc and feel at home19:36
Kilosor you can use it to install you exact system to another pc19:36
zakioky.. 19:36
Kilosit even remembers passwords and everything19:37
Kilos'wonderful tool19:37
zakiwhat about it?19:37
Kiloslet me look19:37
Kilossounds good19:38
zakiafter set up a new pc, i don't have to install every app from terminal or app center19:39
Kilosi know aystemback, i made an iso from this laptop and installed a working up to date system on my desktop19:39
zakimay be it will help me to do that.19:39
Kilosyes both of them do that it seems 19:40
Kilosi wil look at aptik when i have time19:40
Kilosi should be asleep already19:40
zakihmm. sounds cool.19:40
zakioky.. :)19:41
zakigd n8 than . 19:41
Kilossleep well young man19:41
Kilossee you tomorrow19:41
zakibe good. :D bye.19:42

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