* nomic cannot promote the raspberry pi3 enough - IMO it is a revolutionary setup .. the fact that it is "underpowered" .. as gates said 640k will be enough (and then started releasing software that used brute force to solve problems, continually successively) .. the browser does not run on a pi3 because the browser is a piece of software that is designed for such approaches - the browser is the epitome of bad design .. e02:07
nomicthis is a sub 1.5 watt power consumption pc02:07
nomicthe pc is dead, IMO02:08
nomicit does everything -- 4 core, integrated wireless - PCs never got to intergrated wireless02:08
nomicthe wireless on the pi3 works inside a tin box02:08
nomicthese things are ROBUST02:08
nomicthe pc became a postage stamp02:09
nomicI cannot over-sell this (enough) the pi3 is a SOLUTION, 100% the pc was a malaise02:10
nomican issue, a problem02:10
nomicthe hardware02:10
nomicits gone02:10
nomicall that crap - the massive box fans .. the pi3 does not require a fan02:10
nomicthese are efficient processors02:10
TuguldurHi all, I just bought RPi 3 and connected it to my TV using HDMI connector. The problem is that sound does not work at all. Is there anyone who has same problem? Any idea and solution? Thanks02:12
nomicthey're not 'underpowered' there are prople producing trans-ams on the same design02:12
nomicyour TV?02:12
nomicyou run the sound off the sound jack IMO02:12
TuguldurYes my TV02:13
nomicthe sound out of the pi3 is the audio jack02:13
Tuguldursound jack does not work as well02:13
nomicas far as I know02:13
nomicwhat OS are you running on the pi302:13
TuguldurUbuntu mate02:13
nomicthe sound should work -- what software are you using to play media02:14
nomicuse omxplayer02:14
TuguldurI connected it HDMI and analog sound jack as well.02:14
nomicwhat software are you using to play your media02:14
TuguldurI just want to play youtube video02:14
nomicthe sound doesn't play through the HDMI02:14
nomicso you are trying to play through a browser02:15
nomicuse youtube-dl02:15
nomicthe pi3 is a space station .. minimal power .. 1 gig ram02:15
TuguldurYes, I am trying to play through a mozilla02:15
nomicthe browser is a huge resource hog & as yet, there is no browser written spefically, for the raspberry pi02:16
nomicuse the software that works02:16
nomicyou need to download your media and play it through omxplayer02:16
nomicthe browser is a huge resource hog .. you are running on a postage stamp (the pi3) , why are you requiring a browser -- the browser is the biggest, most inefficient PC pig .. microsoft era crap that has ever been invented -- the PI3 will play HD media, in HD, but only through it's own tuned software suite (such as 'omxplayer')02:17
TuguldurSo, you mean browser case is not good choice for play audio due to small size of ram 1G02:17
nomicwhich, IMO, you should use for all media on the rpi3 and mate02:17
nomicabsolutely not02:17
nomicyou cannot do media directly on the rpi3 .. you can do it (and far superiorly to the browser) through "liverstreamer"02:18
nomiclivestreamer = sophisticated media streaming02:18
nomicbrowser is like running your own software suite on top of anything02:19
nomicuse omxplayer / livestreamer02:19
TuguldurAlso, I want to watch direct broadcasting from website like onair.mn02:19
nomicno idea02:19
nomicask on forums = ubuntu/mate forums02:19
nomicmore efficient way of getting response to technical questions, than on IRC02:20
nomicnobody even here, half the time - specially on less populated channels -- the main channel is #ubuntu02:20
nomic1900 people there currently02:20
TuguldurDo you know how I can install flash plugin02:20
nomicimo don't use flash02:20
nomichasn't flash been deprecated by everyone02:21
nomicflash = browser - even with a pc & browser = resource hog02:21
TuguldurThank you very much for great advice02:21
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dave_Can anyone inform me how to burn a slide show in ubuntu mate ?05:33
pekobremote desktop mate09:20
bekkspekob: And whats your actual issue? :)10:55
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mate|55997Hi everybody. I'm trying to use a java application (AMTU by amazon). I obtain an error that I have to paste here because the attachment doesn't work:14:47
mate|55997java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /opt/i4j_jres/1.6.0_21/lib/i386/xawt/libmawt.so: libXext.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:51
mate|55997 at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method)14:51
mate|55997 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(Unknown Source)14:51
mate|55997 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)14:51
mate|55997 at java.lang.Runtime.load0(Unknown Source)14:51
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mate|63205I have an external USB hard drive I want to give to my Dad. I would like to wipe it first before formatting with a new file system...18:27
mate|63205This is the command I found online using ddrescue...18:27
mate|63205'sudo ddrescue --verbose --force --no-split /dev/zero /dev/sdd'18:27
mate|63205Will that work and still allow me to create a new file system thereafter?18:28
ali1234it will write over the entire disk with zeros18:28
Akuliwhats the difference between ddrescue and dd18:29
Akulimate|63205, i'd probably do a plain dd, with /dev/urandom or /dev/zero as a source18:30
ali1234dd stops at the first error18:30
mate|63205ali1234: right. But I should still be able to fdisk thereafter, right, creating a new partition and filesystem?18:30
Akuliof course18:30
mate|63205ok. thanks18:30
Akulii'd create the partition with fdisk, and file system with mkfs.vfat18:33
Akulibut you can just use gparted for everything :)18:33
mauimatedo i need a password ?20:28
AkuliYou always have a password.20:28
Akulithats one of the reasons why linux is so secure as is that you dont need an antivirus20:28
Akuliso the answer is yes, you need one20:28
Akulimauimate, if you just said something say it again. my awesome internet failed :)20:29
mauimateMy bad, was just wondering if i needed a password for the chat?20:30
Akulioh :)20:31
Akulinot on this channel, but some channels require that you're registered with a password20:31
Akuliand that sucks20:31
mauimateI haven't used IRC very much @all and i remember  the UMATE channel  used to require password20:33
randallI solved my own problem and someone else who had it in here about a week or so ago, not being able to access shared folders in virtual box20:34
Akuliwhich guest os do you have20:34
Akuliif its windows you need to add it as a network drive20:34
randallinside the virtual box you gotta fix it as root]20:35
Akuliif its not i have no idea :D20:35
randallwell the other guy had ubuntu mate guest os, I made a xubuntu guest os to investigate the issue20:35
Akulinot many people spend that much time and effort just to help others here20:36
randallunfortunatly I only found you can access the shared folder as root, if anyyone has the werewithall to investigate it further20:37
randalloddly enough, windows guest os has no issues accessing the shared folder20:38
Akulii'm sure you can set up something to allow non-root people to access it20:38
Akulieven without writing your own service to do that20:38
randallI don't know how, the extent of my knowlege is to assign permission for "everybody else" to read and write20:39
Akulioh that stuff20:39
Akulichmod a+rw20:39
Akulii'm not sure about how it would work with a mount though20:40
Akulito be more precise: sudo chmod -R a+rw yourfolder20:40
Akuliif thats not enough do a+rwx20:40
Akulior maybe you could just change the owner of the folder to yourself20:41
Akuliso it would be your directory20:41
randallnope, I did that in both the host and guest, still can only access the shared as root20:56
randallah well, I made progress atleast, someone else run with it and see if they can't fix it further20:57
user2635In my notification area, the Power Management icon is not visible, however I know that its there because there's a spot which I can click and it brings up my mouse+keyboard receiver model etc21:26
user2635So why is there no icon? (by default)21:27
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