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hunq8how do you copy and paste a selection?11:30
hunq8basically i have a line of text11:30
hunq8and i want to copy and paste it11:30
hunq8they have mouse input packages but are those secure?11:31
hunq8basically i am trying to be able to ssh into my server11:37
hunq8i have to do something but i have no idea what i'm doing11:38
bekksAnd whats keeping you from doing so?11:38
hunq8well i would like to open port 22 so i can ssh into my server11:42
hunq8i'm making a test dev environment and i will be building my first rails app11:43
bekksSo you have a server, located at some hosting company? Or is it located at home, next to you?12:01
hunq8it's at home next to me12:04
bekksSo just login via ssh.12:11
hunq8what if it was remote?12:17
luczmy server is giving me this message when I try and rm a file16:10
luczbash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device16:10
luczI try and type rm a.. *tab* and then it says that ^16:10
luczrunning df -h doesn't show that it's run out of space16:10
lucznvm I fixed it16:14
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phoenix_i have a question and i dony know can someone help me to do that18:57
phoenix_i didnt  have enough money to buy a host18:59
phoenix_i installed ubuntu server in my laptop18:59
phoenix_and i configured my modem and forward my local ip18:59
phoenix_<phoenix_> i installed ubuntu server in my laptop19:06
phoenix_<phoenix_> and i configured my modem and forward my local ip19:06
phoenix_<phoenix_> now when i enter my global ip i can see my apache page19:06
phoenix_<phoenix_> i configured my  domain name also19:06
phoenix_<phoenix_> now when i enter my domain name i connect to my apache page19:06
phoenix_<phoenix_> problem is i want to send emails from my domain to gmail and yahoo accounts19:06
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phoenix_<phoenix_> for example from info@mydomain.com to gmail and yahoo accounts19:07
phoenix_<phoenix_> i dont know how  can i do that19:07
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xlogik quest22:35
jak2000before i do an apt-get upgrade and apt-get update  i can acccess my sites: manzana.noip.me by sample after apt-get upgrade and apt-get update i cant wich need check?23:02

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