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liv21i have a meizu pro 5 ubuntu edition and i tried to install libertine last night and now my on screen keyboard has disappeared. can anybody help me recover the phone. it's been rendered unusable. thank you in advance00:14
bregmaliv21, you're the second one to experience that problem, it makes no sense though because Libertine and the OSK are unrelated00:16
bregmaon the other hand, the only way to "install libertine" is to make your system writable, isn't it?00:16
liv21the install failed as it said i had unmet dependancies and when i rebooted there was no keyboard.00:17
liv21i followed the instructions on the wiki. i made writable00:17
liv21you must forgive me but i am a noob and panicking a bit because i love this phone00:18
iugiuhi, i can't install "touch" on my nexus 7.00:27
iugiusomehow it won't start00:27
iugiucan someone help me?00:27
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ahoneybuniugiu: 2012 or 2013?00:43
iugiudo i need kitkat for it?00:43
ahoneybunor LTE one00:46
ahoneybuniugiu: this works fine: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/00:49
ahoneybunI installed it from 6.0.100:49
iugiuhmm strange i tried now for hours00:49
iugiudoesn't work00:49
ahoneybunwhat does it do?00:49
iugiuafter the first install, it tries to reboot and i get the errormessage00:50
iugiu"this phone needs recovery from a pc or...."00:50
ahoneybunoh that00:50
ahoneybunI got that before00:50
ahoneybunI unlocked the bootloader then tried to intall00:50
ahoneybunafter going back to android I set the device up00:51
ahoneybunthen installed Ubuntu00:51
ahoneybuniugiu: http://i.imgur.com/wVANdZF.jpg00:51
iugiusame for me00:51
ahoneybunI reinstalled Android, go though the setup, then try to install00:52
ahoneybunworked for me00:52
iugiui'll try00:56
ilsuhey ahoneybun, I think it works now!01:29
ilsuI dongraded my nexus 7 to kit kat and then reinstallt "touch"01:29
ilsunow its loading.01:29
ilsu: D01:29
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ahoneybunmm odd02:40
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jaywinkhi all. just updated my Bq E4.5 rc-proposed this morning and now phone doesn't boot, just a single screen flicker on power press. anyone know if this is a known issue and any tips on restoring functionality?09:55
jaywinkdata loss is not an issue09:55
jaywinkok that is odd, tried to get into recovery but selecting that from the boot loader booted the phone normally and successfully..10:07
jaywinksecond boot worked ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯10:11
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liv21I am trying to flash my Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition12:51
liv21I cannot get to the point where I can allow Dev options because my keyboard has disappeared. Can anyone help?12:52
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ahoneybunwhat channel has libertine and everything?18:00
bregmaahoneybun, libertine is in the base image now, so any rc-proposed channel will have it...  if you're looking at stable, only turbo and frieza18:05
ahoneybundamn I picked stablet for mako18:06
ahoneybunsince my SIM stopped working18:06
bregmafor non-pd rc-proposed channels (not turbo or frieza) you'll still have to install the libertine-scope (XApps scope) from the store, which is not a hardship18:07
ahoneybundid not do the job for me18:07
ahoneybunso rc-proposed on mako?18:08
bregmayes, should be easy to switch18:08
ahoneybunyea I know moved to BQ to see if GPS worked, it did not18:09
ahoneybunI just did a --wipe this time18:09
ahoneybunmm odd adding my wiki in the setup caused a reboot18:11
ahoneybunbut it did connect18:11
ahoneybunanyone with a Nexus 4 that does not work with a SIM on OTA11?18:28
ahoneybunmhall119: any ideas with SIM for you?18:59
ahoneybunN4 wise19:00
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