m0nkey_this mdadm array is kicking my ass still00:58
m0nkey_fastest speed i've seen is 5MB/sec00:59
m0nkey_i'm doing random writes00:59
daftykinshow'd mounting it from a live session of 7 work out?00:59
m0nkey_it's now on ubuntu 16.0400:59
m0nkey_no difference in speed between centos or ubuntu01:00
daftykinswhat block size?01:01
m0nkey_2000398934016 bytes / 1953383488 blocks (md0) / 2 = 51201:05
daftykinshmm bit large01:05
m0nkey_thats bytes, not K01:05
daftykinsif they were advanced format disks, that'd be screwing you up01:06
m0nkey_both my hw_sector_size and physical_block_size is 51201:06
daftykinssome can mask that though01:06
m0nkey_re-formated the filesystem, forcing 4K, i've seen a slight increase in writes, from 4MB/sec to 6MB/sec01:15
m0nkey_Any way to force 4K sectors in mdadm?01:15
daftykinsi forget, is it a host or a KVM guest?01:16
m0nkey_KVM host01:16
daftykinshmm well without any running the virt tech should be irrelevant01:16
m0nkey_doing a simple DD01:17
m0nkey_Hitting 20MB/sec01:17
m0nkey_KVM tops out around 601:17
m0nkey_1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 52.3285 s, 20.5 MB/s01:18
m0nkey_How'd I force it to build using 4K?01:22
daftykinsyou are using a blocksize though right? on the dd command01:22
daftykinsno idea there, when i've done RAID it's been for large files so i've done 64KB or larger01:24
m0nkey_i've destroyed the array and testing with a single disk01:50
m0nkey_see how kvm performs on writes with that01:50
m0nkey_with a single disk, it's slow01:51
m0nkey_testing the second disk01:52
m0nkey_wow, even with the second disk, it's super slow writes01:55
m0nkey_maybe it's my controller :)01:56
daftykinswhat is it?01:56
daftykinsmaybe there's a bad driver, mmm01:56
m0nkey_whats the command to see that again?01:58
daftykinslspci ?01:58
m0nkey_00:11.0 SATA controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SB7x0/SB8x0/SB9x0 SATA Controller [AHCI mode] (rev 40)01:58
daftykinshmm so it is just chipset based most likely01:59
daftykinsi thought this was like, a workplace server01:59
m0nkey_heh, no01:59
m0nkey_just some home crap box01:59
m0nkey_Ubuntu doesn't do ZFS as a root filesystem, right?02:00
daftykinscan you ID the motherboard? maybe that'd give some search results02:00
daftykinsmmm, pass02:00
m0nkey_Base Board Information02:00
m0nkey_        Manufacturer: MSI02:00
m0nkey_        Product Name: 870A-G54 (MS-7599)02:00
daftykinssounds right for how it used to be, but no idea on current02:00
m0nkey_it's an old AMD board02:00
daftykinsAMD® 870+SB850 chipset02:01
m0nkey_Yeah, wasn't a brilliant board to begin with :)02:01
daftykinscan you check out what SATA configuration modes you have in BIOS?02:02
m0nkey_From memory, ACHI, IDE and RAID02:02
daftykinsmmm, apparently AHCI is really bad on that chipset02:03
daftykinsi see talk of folk moaning about AMD's AHCI support02:03
m0nkey_I'll try that soon02:03
m0nkey_Got to put my two girls to bed02:03
daftykinsit's a total longshot but yeah, maybe in IDE mode it'll do something different :D02:03
daftykinsroger that02:03
m0nkey_ ok they're in bed02:18
m0nkey_and i'm in IDE mode02:20
m0nkey_kicking off a vm install02:20
m0nkey_ok, write speeds are up02:21
m0nkey_avg 10MB/sec02:21
m0nkey_that's a slight improvement02:21
m0nkey_better than 4MB/sec02:21
daftykinsis that install just the quivalent of a debootstrap kinda process on this RAID 1, then?02:22
m0nkey_yes, i guess so02:22
m0nkey_i'm booting the debian install iso02:22
m0nkey_and when it starts the install it slows to a crawl02:22
daftykinsi've actually got a setup here that i could try the same on and see if it's bad at the same stripe sizes etc, over the weekend02:24
daftykinsprobably be moot due to not having the same chipset though02:24
m0nkey_it's probably because of crappy chipset and drives02:25
m0nkey_when I do a ZFS rootfs, I can add a SSD as a write cache, so it's fast that way.02:25
daftykinsi saw something about using a cache drive with mdadm too whilst trawling around02:26
daftykinsi've not used mdadm before so it could be fun anyways :)02:27
daftykinsok gotta sleep for now, ttfn \o02:27
mapppsurgh time of yr its hard to sleep..hot and sticky ;[05:40
m0nkey_whats the temp there?05:50
mappps66% humidity05:54
m0nkey_that it? :)05:55
m0nkey_I was expecting 32C+ :)06:00
mapppsfeels sticky and cant have my window open as building new flats nex door06:00
mapppsso its hot ;[06:00
m0nkey_it's 19C, feels like 24C here this evening. 83% humidity.06:04
m0nkey_It's actually been a cool day06:04
m0nkey_Most of the week it reached 31C06:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:22
diddledanwow. I missed the whole dallas thing on thursday10:55
diddledanapparently the police used a robot to end the violence in a "show of lethal force" (as someone wrote)10:55
diddledanwhile I appreciate that it was the least dangerous way to end the conflict with fewer casualties I can't help but think about skynet10:57
zmoylan-pibecause they didn't have the area secure?11:03
zmoylan-piin next hostage situation, a drone, police, media or private will escalate things after this11:06
zmoylan-pieven worse, you'll probably start hearing of more paranoid individuals shooting down drones as they think the police are out to get them11:11
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diddledanwtf? this is twisted: https://youtu.be/sg0D1PpgCXs19:22
diddledantransformers go "politically correct” with optimus turning female19:23
diddledanbit of swearing and shooting each other19:23
daftykinsthat's... weird19:38
daftykinsalso, double clicking desktop icons kills kittens19:39
zmoylan-pithats default in winme19:39
daftykinshmm actually i had a massive mental fail there, that IS default :D19:41
zmoylan-piit's the active desktop shenanigans... i spent a large amount of time turning that off in every pc i encountered19:42
diddledanI always knew you were a nutjob19:42
zmoylan-pijust me and my collection of singing potatoes19:43
diddledanzmoylan-pi: because who wouldn’t want html everywhere?!19:43
daftykinsyeah, i couldn't stand that rubbish19:43
daftykinsseems i'm as confused as megatron today19:43
diddledando you have boobies?19:43
daftykinsnot yet, as far as i can tell19:44
diddledanyou need estrogen then19:44
* daftykins spies Freenode lag19:46
* diddledan lags ‘ard19:46
zmoylan-pii've had to kick irssi twice already.  ddos probably underway, my other irc server is grand19:46
daftykinsso here's an amusing tale of modern technology, i decided to let my lovely new system update its' BIOS today - which it can do over the internet from inside the EFI!19:46
zmoylan-pithat sounds... fun19:47
daftykinshowever once it was done, it wanted the same image file again to do another portion, apparently - but if i told it to check online again it simply told me that it was already current!19:47
diddledanmy new board has 16MB of bios/efi thingy chip19:47
diddledantwo chips of 128Mbit19:47
zmoylan-pioh is this one of those it runs out of space for updates whoopsies?19:47
daftykinsit also refused to read flash drives for whatever reason, so i had to whip the side panel off, throw the image on a SATA HDD and plug it in so it could see it again19:47
ali1234my new board has an SPI programming header... so it's impossible to brick it19:48
diddledanali1234: nice19:48
zmoylan-pilike the titanic was unsinkable... :-P19:48
penguin42have you got the raw image and a spi programmer?19:48
ali1234i have an spi programmer19:48
daftykinsasus ones tend to be so as well, because it can read in from a USB drive too afaiui19:49
diddledanI resurrected a board a while back through one of those headers19:49
diddledanwas an MSI jobby19:49
daftykinsmaybe i should contact asus about that glaring ommission19:50
daftykinswhen it updates online i think it just holds the image in RAM, so you don't have it anymore for the second boot19:50
zmoylan-piThe major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair. - douglas adams19:50
daftykinsdiddledan: is your current win10 build ~43xx ?19:51
zmoylan-pithose wise words have been a great comfort while fixing things that couldn't /break/19:51
penguin42I had 'fun' recovering a phone I bricked over new year; turns out qualcomm based phones have a very very low level fallback boot loader you can reimage from19:51
daftykinslower than button press types?19:51
ali1234normally they have a failsafe in mask rom19:52
penguin42daftykins: Yes19:52
diddledan14383 I think19:52
penguin42for even after you screw the fastboot up19:52
daftykinsthere's a big qualcomm encryption patchload coming for Nexus phones this month19:52
daftykinsdiddledan: ah yeah, i heard that's practically final19:53
daftykinsgone gold so my news tells me :O19:53
diddledanYup. the watermark is gone19:53
daftykinsBAM and the watermark is GONE!19:53
m0nkey_What's the current feeling on TeamViewer?19:56
zmoylan-pido crickets recommend teamviewer? :-P20:06
ali1234tasbot time http://twitchls.com/gamesdonequick20:14
daftykinsm0nkey_: strikes me as harmless to use, but i don't think i'd install it anywhere - just have people use the 'run only' functionality20:18
daftykinsat least that's a thing on the Windows version20:19
daftykinshaha tool assisted speedrun (TAS) of a mario game that's literally walking through memory right now;20:23
m0nkey_I need an always on remote control thing20:24
daftykinshow'd the RAID experiments go btw?20:25
m0nkey_Gave up20:28
daftykinswhich edition of Windows? because RDP is there if it's Pro or up20:29
m0nkey_Eventually installed Proxmox, which does ZFS root.. allowing me to put a SSD cache, so it's fast.20:29
daftykinsah har20:29
daftykinsso i'd just run regedit and modify the default RDP port listened on and forward it, then job done20:36
m0nkey_<-- home edition, there is no rdp server20:42
daftykinswhich version? you can hack it on i always heard20:44
daftykinsapparently this adds it :D20:55
m0nkey_tried it, doesn't work.. the listener service fails to start21:17
daftykinswell you can teamviewer it if you enable 2FA and use a good pass i suspect21:51
m0nkey_thats new22:01
m0nkey_TV has introduced trusted devices22:02
zmoylan-pididn't they have a slight security problem recently?22:02
m0nkey_Hmm, also Chrome Remote Desktop.. that could work22:04
m0nkey_Yeah, that works well :-)22:09
daftykinsremote tech in a browser? seems legit (not)22:49
ali1234zmoylan-pi: teamviewer breach seems to be down to the linked-in hack22:50
ali1234no evidence that they were directly compromised (would have been much bigger news if they were)22:50
daftykinsyeah just poor passwords22:50
daftykinsand pass reuse22:50
ali1234i still wouldn't use it though22:51
ali1234ssh is enough22:51
daftykinswe were talking about windows remote access, so no22:51
ali1234put windows in a VM on a linux host22:52
daftykinsthat's ridiculous23:00
zmoylan-pican you run windows in a vm under os/2? :-P23:07
* penguin42 isn't aware of a VM system for os/223:08
zmoylan-pithere was news of a new release of os/2 and i have seen notes about installing it in a vm... just seems odd that no crazy sod has made windows run under os/2... :-)23:11
SebthreeBQM10HD1 2 323:12
penguin42a b c ?23:12
SebthreeBQM10HDd e f g23:12
SebthreeBQM10HDh i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z23:13
daftykinsi've a feeling it's a demonstration of how irritating someone can be :)23:15
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, no it was a response to penguin4223:18
daftykinsyou fooled me :D23:20
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, oh and irritating would have been flooding the channel with the alaphbet a few or more liens23:34
daftykinsoh you wouldn't have lasted long :)23:35

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