Kiloshaha morning superfly inetpro theblazehen captine paddatrapper and others05:57
superflyKilos: you're late :-P06:02
Kilosyessir sorry its cold06:02
Kilosshivering here06:02
Kilosall good there superfly ?06:03
Kiloslast day06:03
superflyIndeed 06:03
Kilosi still wish you would apply for a seat on the MB06:04
Kiloscome on summer , come on06:57
Kilossheep time07:03
paddatrapperMorning Kilos07:09
Kilospaddatrapper or fly do you know the size of all the talks there will be on video10:16
paddatrapperKilos: size on disk? 10:20
Kilosim thinking maybe we can put them on sticks10:20
Kilosfor capped peeps of course10:22
Kilosyou guys know what it was all about so maybe even group different topics on different sticks if the total is too large10:43
Kiloswow i wonder what ever happened to that web designer from ceres that was here and ducked before we built our two sites10:55
Kilosmost likely went back to windows10:55
Kilospaddatrapper is it a hassle to get the ibid link for me12:23
Kilosi can wait12:23
Kilostonight is fine12:23
paddatrapperKilos: 1.5TB of raw, 32GB of webm encoded13:12
paddatrapperKilos: Ibid source link? 13:13
Kilosyes please but no rush13:14
Kilosthats way too much 13:14
Kilosseems only uncapped peeps will get to see that13:15
magespawngood afternoon13:46
pavlushkagood Evening ZA!14:07
pavlushkaHello Kilos !14:09
pavlushkasorry, Good afternoon ZA14:10
paddatrapperKilos: That's in total. It's divided between 44 videos that can be downloaded individually 14:22
Kilosyeah paddatrapper still very large14:42
Kilosmost i wouldnt understand anyway14:43
magespawnwas that on the link that was ssent to the mailing list?14:46
magespawni am assuming debconf videos14:48
paddatrappermagespawn: as far as I know, ja14:49
Kilosi just want to see some where i can see everyones faces to add a face to a nick and see if they are fat or not14:50
magespawnbut Kilos i wasn't there14:50
Kilosyou will organise a selfy thing for me magespawn 14:50
Kilosi hear peeps talk about slfies14:51
Kilostook months to know what that actually is14:51
magespawnyup those funny things that people do with their cameras14:53
Kilosmagespawn you guys need to work towards membership man14:55
Kilosim lonely14:55
Kilosbecause fly always busy14:55
magespawnall in good time Kilos 15:09
Kilosnono man im getting old15:10
Kilosa nd i need support15:10
Kilosgonna make some ructions soon15:10
magespawnyou mean to get other people to join15:12
Kilosnono other lands need some cleaning up15:14
magespawncleaning up?16:11
Kiloshaha long story16:11
Kilosill pm you16:11
paddatrapperKilos: there will be a group picture of everyone up eventually 16:35
Kilosi wanna see froglegs16:36
paddatrapperKilos: https://github.com/ibid/ibid16:36
Kilosty lad16:36
paddatrapperHaha. I now have blue hair. Debconf does strange things to people! Lol16:37
Kilosholy smokes16:37
Kilosand what colour is the flies hair16:38
paddatrapper1 person came to DebConf with blue hair... 12 left with blue 16:39
paddatrapperGood fun :D16:40
Kilosas long as it doesnt affect the coding brains i dont mind16:40
Kiloswhat does fly say about it16:40
paddatrapperNope. I can still pound on keys16:40
Kiloshe is more conservative16:40
paddatrapperHe laughed 16:40
paddatrapperI usually am too. First time I've ever dyed it16:41
Kilosput a selfie on http://pasteboard.co16:41
paddatrapperWill do later 16:41
Kilosleme just settle lekker on the bed so i dont hit the floor hard when i rofl16:42
superflyI did my hair years ago. I'm done with that. 16:45
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
Kiloswake up za19:28
Kilospaddatrapper are you guys partying or what19:28
Kilosif they like your work you could get sponsored to do more recordings all over the world19:29
Kilosfly must stay at home19:29
Kilosinetpro wake up19:30
Kilosim the old one here19:30
Kilosnow where is mazal here a great backup and install tool19:44
Kilosseems like systemback19:44
Kilosi need to sleep19:44
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:44
magespawngood night Kilos 19:45
Kilosty you too19:46
paddatrapperKilos: enjoying supper with the last bunch of people before they leave tomorrow 20:05
paddatrapperJust too late 20:05
superflypaddatrapper: Kilos can't keep up with the young'uns20:07
magespawnhe doesn't do such a bad job but when he wants bed he is gone like a shot20:11
paddatrappersuperfly: Haha. He's pretty good for the most part 20:17
magespawnspeaking of which, good night all20:24

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