FManTropyxuh, I followed the orders on the Contribute web page (join this channel and say hi) :D12:13
autumnahi and welcome!12:38
autumnaFManTropyx: I should show better practices and use name so that you can se me replying12:39
autumnayou should also join ubuntu-studio-devel mailing list btw, because a good portion of the conversation happens there. :) 12:39
autumnaand beyond that if you have any questions I can try to answer them, until sakrecoer or one of the more senior members drop by. (pretty new here)12:40
FManTropyxis there a donation feature to which I can link?16:04
OvenWerksFManTropyx: not that I am aware of. It is rather hard for us to deal with money in a right way.16:29
OvenWerksbut if you wait for sakrecoer to be on line he would be better able to tell you.16:31
OvenWerkssakrecoer: from earlier: " < FManTropyx> is there a donation feature to which I can link?"16:41
OvenWerkssakrecoer: do you know off hand if we have any method (or are allowed) to accept donations?16:42
sakrecoerOvenWerks, not for ubuntustudio, no...16:43
sakrecoereven the t-shirt money goes to canonical16:43
sakrecoerwell... supposedly at least, i don't even know who administrates that shop, might ttoine16:43
OvenWerkssakrecoer: that was what I thought.16:44
OvenWerksI think the t-shirts are set so they are zero difference from cost16:44
OvenWerks(and mugs)16:44
sakrecoeri try to tell those who ask that they can donate to canonical, or to their favourit apps upstream devels..16:45
OvenWerksFManTropyx: ^^^^ there is the answer.16:45
sakrecoerFManTropyx, actualy, getting involved with the team is the best way to give something back to the community16:45
OvenWerksUpstream would be great :)16:45
* OvenWerks works on an upstream project...16:46
sakrecoer:) ardour defenitly diserves your donations, FManTropyx :)16:46
sakrecoerso does many other projects though..16:47
sakrecoerbut yeah, for ubuntustudio specificaly: spread the word, create awesome work and mention ubuntu studio, get involved in the project, write documentation, help packaging... those are a few things that can make a huge difference.16:49
FManTropyxwhat's an ardour..? somehow I learned of Ubuntu Studio only a few months ago17:09
sakrecoerFManTropyx, ardour is made for producing audio/music17:10
OvenWerksFManTropyx: Ardour is a DAW similar to protools for example.17:15
autumnaFManTropyx what are you interested in working with btw? as in which aspect? (if you have a clear idea)17:21
autumnais there anything in particular you wanted to contribute to, or just dropped by to just help whatever is needed in etc?17:21
OvenWerksFManTropyx: from the original message, I get the idea you have a web page and would like to put a spot on it that redirects to something useful to US. Probably just the home page (ubuntustudio.org) would be fine.20:10
OvenWerksWe may not get finacial help that way, but exposure has value too.20:10

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