Unit193dpkg has been fixed.15:07
ranu Hello, can anyone - in Xubuntu 16.04 - play a movie in VLC, block the screen, unlock the screen and see if VLC continues displaying the video?17:10
Unit193If block == lock, you may want to confirm you're using light-locker (presuming that one because defaults.)17:11
ranuWell, I'm using xflock417:12
ranuIs light-locker the "back-end" of xflock4?17:13
Unit193That's a script that'll work with whatever you have installed, be it xscreensaver, light-locker, or I believe it now will use any command you set in xfconf.17:17
ranuInteresting, gonna see what it really is17:18
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Unit193I've updated my gpg key, my new one is: 5001E1B09AA3744B20:34

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