OCP001Hello! I just upgraded to Xubuntu 16.04 LTS and I was wondering: Is there a special reason Xenial still ships Mozilla Thunderbird 38.x instead of the current Thunderbird 45.x?09:12
Effigeshi man sorry i have a little problem: i have a notebook and  i can't use my wifi10:52
Effigescan anyone help me10:52
Effigesi cna anyone help me?10:54
nokioHi , Fresh install of 16.04. When i close the monitor and open it back. the screen stay black. when I do a ctrl+alt f2 there i get a terminal. then ctrl+alt+f7 stays black.13:00
nokioso if i ever close monitor i need to reboot to get a desktop again13:01
xubuntu33wi can't seem to open software center in 16.0417:31
xubuntu33wi click and nothing happens. any thoughts?17:32
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NokioHi all, I have a fresh install of 16.04. when I close my monitor and open it again. The screen stays black. If I do a ctrl+alt+f2, log there and do a service lxdm restart. I get my desktop again. Did not have problem on 15.0419:36
chuckmcmNokio you need the xfsettingsd fix22:04
chuckmcmsigh, that is biting soo many people.22:04
Wayward_VagabondI have an issue along similar lines on 14.04lts22:12
Wayward_VagabondAfter the laptop has gone to sleep, it doesn't wake up properly- terminal windows are black, panel doesn't render, and the gui is generally laggy and glitchy22:13
Wayward_VagabondBut for further context, it should not go to sleep when I close the lid and it's unplugged, yet it does.22:14
Wayward_VagabondI have to kill xinit and in the process close any open programs save stuff in screen sessions to make it work right again22:15
Wayward_VagabondAny idea how to fix both issues- x being weird, and sleep not repescting my power settings?22:30

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