highvoltagedeltreey_: http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/intellectual-property-policy (you have to read it thoroughly since there's a lot of good mixed in with the bad parts)05:53
deltreey_will do, thanks14:44
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deltreeyk, so I read it a few times and it looks like: canonical wants to own the IP related to Ubuntu (and it's derivatives) and wants the opportunity to make money from customized enterprise versions of the product.  That's pretty standard open source stuff in the OSS world, but I'm not as deeply knowledgeable about linux.  It looks to me like the major "change" was the effort to create a...15:37
deltreey...trademark.  The laws regarding international trademarks are a bitch and you basically have to be a super dick in order to own one, so it looks like they were trying to get and maintain a trademark in the most polite way possible.  They even said "we share this ownership with the community" which is a big effort that says a lot about their desire to "not be evil".15:37
deltreeyin any case, I joined #lfs as I'm going to attempt to build a custom distro for my godson's first pc...just gonna take me a while since I've never done it before.15:38
deltreeythen I'll proudly publish the distro as OSS on github for any to grab (and make fun of)15:40

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