stokachusetuid: do you open bugs on the relevant projects with logging information so we can try and help you?00:18
setuidstokachu, Yes, once I define what and where the bugs actually are00:19
setuidThere's way, Way, WAY too many moving parts and pieces, and they're all changing at a rate that does not support stability at the moment00:20
stokachuthe charms are pretty stable00:20
stokachuyou've said to have done hundreds of installs, to be sure there are error messages that you can post bugs on so we can try to figure out what's going on00:22
setuidI did (see above), I should be pulling v255 of keystone, but it keeps pulling 198, and I can't figure out why00:23
stokachuok then that's a bug in the installer00:23
stokachuit should be pulling the latest00:23
setuidWhere is it hard-coded?00:23
setuidtried to debug it with thedac earlier this week00:23
stokachuthat's the thing we don't rely on the hard coded rev any longer00:25
setuidSo where would it be picking it up from, if it's supposed to grab it from upstream and get 255?00:26
stokachuso if you can post your config.yaml00:26
stokachuthis on liberty?00:26
setuidYes, I'm trying icehouse now.. one sec, I'll dig up the config.00:26
stokachuicehouse is pretty old though00:27
setuidOk, canceling00:28
setuidThere's 5 versions, 2 major OS revisions and a dozen different ways to install it. And none of it works.00:29
stokachujust doesn't work for you00:29
setuid2016-07-10 01:14:27 INFO worker.uniter.jujuc server.go:172 running hook tool "juju-log" ["-l" "ERROR" "FATAL ERROR: Could not determine OpenStack codename for version 8.1"]01:24
setuid2016-07-10 01:14:27 ERROR juju-log FATAL ERROR: Could not determine OpenStack codename for version 8.101:24
setuid2016-07-10 01:14:27 ERROR juju.worker.uniter.operation runhook.go:107 hook "config-changed" failed: exit status 101:24
setuid2016-07-10 01:14:27 INFO juju.worker.uniter modes.go:567 ModeHookError starting01:24
setuid2016-07-10 01:14:27 DEBUG juju.worker.uniter modes.go:31 [AGENT-STATUS] error: hook failed: "config-changed"01:24
setuidLatest attempt01:24
setuidstokachu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18935681/01:26
setuidconfig.yaml ^01:26
setuidThis seems relevant, but doesn't include a fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/keystone/+bug/157235802:08
mupBug #1572358: keystone FATAL ERROR: Could not determine OpenStack codename for version 8.1.0 <keystone (Juju Charms Collection):Invalid> <openstack-base (Juju02:08
mupCharms Collection):Fix Released by 1chb1n> <openstack-telemetry (Juju Charms Collection):Fix Released by 1chb1n> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1572358>02:08
setuidstokachu, any thoughts?02:19
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setuidquiet out here :)21:20
marcoceppisetuid: always quiet before the storm ;)22:10
* magicaltrout checks out the window....22:12
* lazyPower makes whooshing sounds23:29
* lazyPower clangs some pots and pans23:29
setuidmarcoceppi, Indeed!23:36
setuidstokachu, ping me when you've got time to beat up the broken 14.04/16.04 openstack-install and conjure-up frameworks23:36
setuidStill can't figure out how to get a working keystone, so the entire stack installation and configure is a dead-end23:36

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