ahoneybunsoee: still kicking?01:35
ahoneybunI think System Shock is going to have a Linux version01:36
ahoneybunsince I somehow got it to show up in my steam library01:36
ahoneybununder SteamOS+Linux01:36
yofelSS2 says SteamOS in the shop01:37
yofelhm, after watching the intro I totally think "Half Life"..01:39
ahoneybunnot that one01:39
ahoneybunthe reboot on Kickstarter01:39
claydohss2 is awesome, slightly pre-dates HL iirc, ss2 was abondonware for some time . I think the original Systrem shock 1 is the one being remade01:43
claydohI never did get that to run in Wine, so i never played it but ss2 I did get running 01:44
claydohback in the day01:44
claydohthe steamos version is using an emebedded wine setup01:45
valorieare you coming to Qtcon/Akademy, soee?05:27
soeevalorie: nope05:56
valorieI look forward to meeting you one of these days05:57
valorieif not this year05:57
soeei hope so :D some day05:58
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BluesKajHiyas all12:34
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> Hiho12:34
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clivejooh dear18:22
clivejolot of red coimg from KCI18:22
blazedid someone tested kde service menus with plasma5?19:56
blazei never managed to get those working19:57
valorieblaze: kde service menus?20:13
valorienot sure what you mean20:13
blazeplasma service menus whatever20:13
valoriebut what service menus?20:16
valorieall the menus work that I've tried20:16
blazevalorie: i better give you a link https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Creating_Konqueror_Service_Menus20:17
blazethey can be provided by dolphin extensions as well20:18
valorieI think I see the problem - that page was written for kde420:19
valoriein plasma 5, the old ~/.kde/share etc have been moved to either ~/.local or /.config20:20
valorieI would consult with the devels in #plasma to see what changes need to be made there20:20
blazeyea, i know20:20
valorielike even the basic "$KDEHOME defaults to ~/.kde when it isn't set or defined." isn't right anymore20:21
valoriesince that is a very cool thing one used to be able to do as a user, it would be most cool if you could figure out how to make that happen again in Plasma 5, blaze20:22
valorieI'll bet it is just some adjustment in both the doc and where stuff is written to20:23
valoriegood lord that page still references DCOP!20:31
valoriethat is KDE3 days20:32
mparilloMaybe write the doc first, the test cases second, and the code last? Only problem with that is it is less fun.20:41
valorieI'm willing to help with the doc20:43
valoriebut need the proper information, which means the right code snippets20:44
mparilloI know you have volunteered many times before. I was just musing about the typical open source development process. 20:47
valoriewell my process is to find a problem and start poking people who might help fix it20:50
valoriehow about you, mparillo?20:50
mparilloI have updated some of the KDE docs on the wiki, but only where I have a clue. That would be way too hard for me.20:53
valorieI try to do that when ever I can, too21:04
valorieor learn, so I can do it, which is what got me started on the amarok docs in the first place21:05
jimarvanBluesKaj has problems with conn?21:23
clivejoyofel: can you give me a shout sometime you are free regarding getting this script to work22:54
clivejolooks like we need to rebuild ark with new respun tarballs23:25

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