Kush131Hello all, anyone have any advice on Driver Manager hanging on Collecting info on system?01:06
YankDownUnderKush131: You can test from the terminal instead..."sudo ubuntu-drivers list" => as well, you can see the possible command options with "sudo ubuntu-drivers --help"01:09
Kush131Excellent, thank you!01:12
YankDownUnderKush131: Peace!01:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1530523 in libqapt (Ubuntu Xenial) "kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information" [High,Triaged]01:36
Blue1!paste | blueone01:55
ubottublueone: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:55
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Blue1How do I get rid of the device notifier: http://imgur.com/XFbRuaw short of logging out/back in?01:57
YankDownUnderBlue1: Unpin it. click in the upper right hand corner of the "widget", then click somewhere else. It will go away. Easy done.01:58
Blue1okay let me try...01:59
Blue1Hmm....let me try again....no disappearence02:02
YankDownUnderThe little square in the upper right hand corner of the widge dialogue...it has a "pin" symbol...click that, that either pins it to the desktop, or UNpins it from the desktop.02:03
Blue1let me try again...02:04
Blue1when I clicked it, the pin turned blue - but it is still present.02:05
Blue1so different than kde in 14.0402:05
YankDownUnderclick it, then click once on the desktop. The "dialogue" should go away.02:06
Blue1okay let me try clicking the desktop...02:06
Blue1had to do it twice - but it finally disappeared - thank you.02:07
YankDownUnderPeace, you're welcome. Enjoy.02:07
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Blue1thank you....now once last question - is there anyway to arange items on the taskbar?02:08
YankDownUnderBlue1: You click+hold them and drag them where you wish them to be. Takes some practice if you're not used to it...02:09
Blue1I am wanting to move the virtual desktop switcher from left side to right side.  panel is unlocked -02:11
YankDownUnderDrag it and move it.02:12
Blue1let me try another icon02:12
YankDownUnderThere is also a "widget" that can be used instead of the "virtual desktops" on the panel...all by choice...02:12
Blue1no nothing moves - let me sanity check that the panel is unlocked02:13
Blue1yup unlocked -- but I can;'t move anything.02:14
YankDownUnderright-click, unlock, move02:14
Blue1Here's what I am doing.   Right click/Panel Options/Panel Settings/More Settings/  and ensure unlocked....yup it is...I than left mouse click, and try to drag - but nothing....02:17
YankDownUnderWorks here...not sure what to tell you...and from experience, I can only say, "If it doesn't work THAT way, try a different way..." :)02:18
Blue1Okay but that is the right procedure yes?02:19
Blue1ahh this made it work:  https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57416-How-to-move-icons-on-the-panel-to-the-left-amp-how-to-get-system-tray-back-to-right!!  (left out a step about hitting the thing at the extreme right first)02:23
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user|63252My pc is slow03:37
yvearon Kubuntu 16.04 how do I make the desktop icons' background transparent?06:05
valoriethey aren't already transparent?06:07
* valorie is already on 16.1006:07
soeei doubt you can06:09
soee*if we talk about text  under icons ?06:09
yvearvalorie, soee, http://imgur.com/D20nMF506:11
soeethis is Foler View widget no ?06:12
soeewhat you want it to switch your desktop to Folder View mode imo ;)06:12
yvearsoee, how?06:13
soeeunlock widgets -> right click on the desktop -> Desktop Settings -> Layout [Folder view]06:14
yvearsoee, you're a pro ty06:16
soeenp :)06:21
jmzcI'm trying to find plasma-scriptengine-python package for Kubuntu 16.04 and i cant , how i can execute python based plasmoids ?08:21
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EllaStique_     /server chat.freenode.net08:29
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Guest21311how to stop the icon jump effect when i open a new app10:58
Guest21311does anybody  know????????????????10:59
soeeGuest21311: hiho11:00
soeeSystem Settings -> Applications -> Launch Feedback11:01
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stephen__how to stop the icon jump effect when i open an app11:07
stephen_has everyone upgraded to plasma 5.6.5?11:14
Dathow can I create custom keyboard shortcuts11:38
lethuDat: System Settings > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts11:45
paranoidabhihi guys!12:13
paranoidabhiPlease help with this http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0412:13
paranoidabhiStuck at it for long12:13
paranoidabhiany ideas folks?12:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:34
OerHeksparanoidabhi, just curious, what is Sda6 ?12:42
OerHeksthere is a fsck too, systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-CA5D\x2dF91D.service = same sda6 ?12:43
paranoidabhiOerHeks, fdisk gives me /dev/sda6   924364800 1886267391 961902592 458.7G Linux filesystem12:44
paranoidabhiOerHeks, does it provide any more information?12:45
OerHekscan you paste.ubuntu.com the output of fdisk -l ?12:45
paranoidabhiOerHeks, sure http://paste.ubuntu.com/18975286/12:46
paranoidabhiI am using a dual boot system with Windows 1012:47
OerHeksthat would be gpt, fdisk does not show GPT corrrect, use: sudo parted -l12:52
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paranoidabhiOerHeks, please check http://paste.ubuntu.com/18976214/12:59
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hazamonzoHey folks14:10
hazamonzoHow do I go about disabling Baloo? Its stuck eating 100% CPU :(14:11
mparilloHave you tried: https://community.kde.org/Baloo/Configuration#Enable_.2F_Disable14:13
hazamonzomparillo: I have sir14:16
hazamonzoThere is no baloofilerc for me though14:16
hazamonzoonly a baloorc14:16
hazamonzowhich contains simply14:16
mparilloArch (https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=193169) suggests: $ balooctl disable and a re-boot.14:19
mparilloBut I am only googling. Baloo never gave me a problem on Kubuntu, not even on an atom powered netbook with a spinning drive and only 1GB of RAM.14:21
hazamonzomparillo: noted14:21
marahinHello. Is there any nice solution that would allow me to use external full-hd monitor, plugged into a laptop with UHD screen?14:49
marahinI have set up the interface scaling, but it's not per-display: so everything looks enormous on the external screen14:49
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stuarte9Hi, could someone please point me in the direction of a good(!) tutorial on how to set up a wireless connection to the internet using Kubuntu 14.04 & Network Manager ?15:28
lethustuarte9: your wireless networks should show up as soon as you plug your wireless device, it's pretty straightforward15:31
lethustuarte9: given that your device is supported15:32
lethuand properly detected15:32
stuarte9@lethu: Currently I'm having to use an ethernet connection to my land line.15:33
lethustuarte9: what's your wireless adapter?15:33
stuarte9@lethu@ The router is a Technicolor TG582n15:34
lethustuarte9: yes but you need a wireless adapter on your PC in order to connect to it via wifi15:35
yvearhow do I install Minuet?15:35
stuarte9@lethu: The Network Manager icon in the system tray shows only the ethernet connection, even though I've added a wireless connection. I'm just not sure that I have filled in all the fields correctly.15:36
stuarte9@lethu: the router is capable of both wired and wireless operation.15:36
stuarte9@lethu: I've tried doing a web search on this but there is not much available that is clear.15:39
stuarte9@lethu: The user guide that came with it is target at both IOS & MS. No Linux support.15:41
chinmoyhey all,how can i create a .desktop file for a device?15:41
lethustuarte9: what's the model name?15:43
lethustuarte9: is it a dongle or a pci adapter?15:44
stuarte9@lethu: the model  is tg582n. it is an external router.15:45
lethustuarte9: I am not talking about the router15:45
stuarte9@lethu: sorry I misunderstood. what are you speaking of ?15:46
lethustuarte9: the wireless adapter on your pc15:47
stuarte9@lethu: ahh, now I understand. I don't have a wireless adapter on the pc. as I said earlier, this router is capable of wireless operation.15:49
lethustuarte9: it is not sufficient, you need a wireless device connected to the pc in order to communicate with the router wirelessly15:49
lethustuarte9: a wifi usb dongle or a wifi pci card15:50
lethustuarte9: one that is supported by linux15:50
stuarte9@lethu: now i understand. the router is connected to the pc using an ethernet wire. I wanted to use the router to connect to the i-net wirelessly. this router has that capability.15:52
lethustuarte9: yes as I said you can't connect with router alone15:52
stuarte9@lethu: I just don't know how to set up network manager to use the router that way. I'm not sure how to fill in the various fields in n/manager.15:53
lethustuarte9: you need something like this -> https://www.amazon.com/D-Link-Wireless-Network-Adapter-DWA-131/dp/B002PD61Y4?tag=duckduckgo-d-2015:54
stuarte9@lethu: I see. So, if I had one of those, surely i would not need my current router, which is connected to the i/net through the land lins, is that right ?15:57
lethustuarte9: you would still need the router but without the ethernet cable, you would connect with it via wifi15:58
lethustuarte9: also that dongle I linked isn't the best one available, it doesn't come with plug and play support on linux15:58
stuarte9@lethu: I understand that using the dongle would replace the ethernet cable. How do I replace the the wire that connects my router to my land line so that I'm connecting to the i/net wirelessly ?16:01
lethustuarte9: you can't16:02
lethustuarte9: you can't replace the wire that connects your router to the landline16:03
stuarte9@lethu: I wanted to replicate the type of i/net connection that mobile phone have to the i/net.16:04
plusEVstuarte9: You need a 3G/4G router16:04
plusEVsomething likethis16:04
plusEVstuarte9: If you check your phone you might actually have that built into your phone by default if you have a newer phone. Look for an option to chare internet connection on your phone.16:08
plusEVchare = share16:08
stuarte9@plusEV & lethu: I'm using an equivalent of that device.16:09
stuarte9This router is capable of handling wpa & wpa2 amonst other things.16:10
plusEVstuarte9: do you have your phone connected to the WiFi now on your home router?16:11
plusEVstuarte9: if you tell use what sort of computer name and model and router name and model it will be a lot easier to help you.16:14
stuarte9@plusEV: the land line is currently connected to the router.16:15
plusEVstuarte9: I need the brand and model number of both your router and computer to be able to help you further.16:16
stuarte9@plusEv: ok the router is a Technicolor TG582n16:17
stuarte9the pc is a cambridge flite16:20
stuarte9sorry flite = elite16:20
plusEVok buy call your ISP and ask for a free upgrade or tell them you will change ISP if you do not get one for free. if they want a lot of money buy a default D-link with wireless and connect it to your router.16:23
plusEVwhen it comes to your computer. that is not a model number  :P16:23
stuarte9@plusEV: I've checked round the back of the system box, there isn't a model number :(16:26
plusEVk I was  wrong about your router. it has WiFI and you do not need an upgrade.16:27
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stuarte9@plusEV: fair enough. So what do I need to set in network manager to get it(!) to use the router in wireless mode ?16:29
plusEVstuarte9: Your router has a button on the black panel to enable/disable WiFi.16:30
plusEVstuarte9: If you have a laptop computer that might be the case as well that you have a physical button you have to push on the side or on the front of your computer.16:31
stuarte9@plusEV: there is only one button anywhere on the router and that is the on/off button. The pc is a tower system.16:32
stuarte9@plusEV: I know that some modern PCs have a button to enable networking but this is an old P4 system.16:33
plusEVstuarte9: then you need a WiFi dongle thingy that is compatible with Linux like lethu told you earlier.16:34
plusEVstuarte9: but can you even connect to your WiFi with your phone? You do own a cellphone right?16:34
stuarte9@plusEV: er... no, I don't own a cellphone. just the land line.16:35
plusEVstuarte9: Then test with a cellphone or laptop of a friend first to make sure you can connect to the WiFi. Take note of the name they connect to. the SSID. That is usually ona  sticker under your router. You need to input that into networkmanager after you have installed the dongle that you need to buy.16:36
plusEVmore than that I cannot help you. other than linking you a manual to your router.16:37
plusEVGood Luck16:37
stuarte9@plusEV: thanks for all your help it is much appreciated. I've learned a good bit about this wifi thing in the process.16:38
stuarte9Thanks again.16:38
plusEVstuarte9: You are welcome.16:38
MrSassyPantsIs there anything kde that can operate cpufreq-utils ?16:46
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marahinHello. Is there any nice solution that would allow me to use external full-hd monitor, plugged into a laptop with UHD screen?17:42
marahin I have set up the interface scaling, but it's not per-display: so everything looks enormous on the external screen17:42
zsoltsandorhi there19:42
zsoltsandorwhat value should i set in kdeglobals under the KFileDialog Settings for double click selection in the file picker? SingleClick=false under KDE is not respected by the file picker.19:44
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Guest45324good evening20:08
CodingCo1kiehey guys im trying to install git, but then i got errors with my locales20:08
Guest45324i'm trying to install 16.04 with encrypted home. when i choose in manual partition menu "physical volume for encryption", i'm not asked for a password on my next click the installer crashes. any known workarounds?20:10
Guest45324may be related to this bug from 15.10: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/151073120:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1510731 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Can't use crypto in manual disk setup Kubuntu 15.10" [High,Confirmed]20:13
Guest45324this is exactly what happened: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/150982020:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1510731 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1509820 Can't use crypto in manual disk setup Kubuntu 15.10" [High,Confirmed]20:17
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CodingCo1kiehey i am trying to install git on my kubuntu 16.04 machine20:47
CodingCo1kiebut i get errors while trying to install it20:47
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Guest19562good evening20:50
Guest19562how can i install 16.04 with a luks-encrypted home?20:51
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yogiheloo what best alternative konsole app?21:06
yogiwhat alternative terminal app?21:08
lethuyogi: eterm21:10
yogiho to customize kubuntu 16?21:13
Asharethyakuake terminator21:14
yogioke about that i choose terminator21:16
valorieyakuake ftw!21:16
yogiand now, how to customize kubuntu 16?21:16
plusEVyogi: type settings21:20
plusEVstart messing around with that. then right click your bottom panel and unlock widgets. play around with all of that but do not click remove this panel. that should get you started.21:22
user|1396i launch this command in konsole22:02
user|1396sudo apt install git22:02
user|1396and don't work22:02
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Bundestrojanerjust installed 16.04, the driver manager says "collecting information" for more than 10 minutes...22:55
Bundestrojaneris that a bug?22:55
ahoneybunBundestrojaner: it's known bug22:55
Bundestrojanerahoneybun: thx. any workarounds?22:55
ahoneybunnot at the moment22:57
ahoneybunyou can install the drivers though konsole on your own if needed22:57
Bundestrojanersudo ubuntu-drivers devices  worked22:58
valorieahoneybun: when I do that, I get:23:16
valoriehow do I know which to choose?23:17
valorieI've not done it because I'm not sure how to install and uninstall if it's the wrong choice23:17
valorietoo long since I had to mess with drivers23:18
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Nvidia site can tell you based on what card you have23:20
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> What do you have @Valoriez23:20
valoriehow do I find out?23:21
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> lspci23:21
valoriesomething pretty new23:21
ahoneybunyour on a laptop23:22
ahoneybunGeForce GTX 870M23:22
ahoneybunM = Mobile23:22
valorieSysinfo for 'valorie-GT60-2PC': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.6.3 on Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) powered by Linux 4.4.0-23-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz at 3282-3588/3800 MHz, RAM: 23659/24030 MB, Storage: 308/967 GB, 311 procs, 364.51h up23:22
ahoneybunmost likely the same driver on my laptop23:23
ahoneybun367.27 is latest official23:23
ahoneybunfor that card23:23
valorieyou have to add a special ppa for that, right?23:23
ahoneybunwell the older one will work23:24
valorieright, everything works now23:24
ahoneybunthere is a ppa for newer like 36723:24
valoriewhich is why I've not changed anything23:24
ahoneybunnot search about 16.10 though23:24
ahoneybun*sure about23:24
ahoneybunlooks like 361 is latest in yakkety23:25
ahoneybunwithout ppa23:25
valoriehow do I tell what I'm running now?23:26
ahoneybunyour most likely running the open source one23:26
ahoneybunnouveda or something like that23:26
ahoneybununless you have the intel on the board as well23:26
ahoneybunwhich it might be using the intel driver23:26
valorieI think it has both23:27
ahoneybunone of those like mine23:27
valoriebut don't need both23:27
ahoneybundual graphics23:27
valoriesince I don't really game23:27
ahoneybunwell the thing with that23:27
ahoneybunnot just for gaming23:27
ahoneybunany heavy demanding thing23:27
ahoneybunvideo editing for one23:27
ahoneybunbut intel does the job 99%23:28
ahoneybunif not 100 for a lot of peopl23:28
ahoneybununless your doing something like that the intel should be fine or the open source one23:28
ahoneybunif everything works, don't touch it I guess23:29
ahoneybunvalorie: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx23:29
ahoneybuncan search for driver names and such23:29
ahoneybun00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)23:30
ahoneybunyep dual graphics23:30
valoriethanks, ahoneybun23:30
valoriethe easiest is sometimes the best: do nothing23:30
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