RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, hi... 02:15
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RezwanAudaciousTUX, কী অবস্থা?02:25
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX, আলহামদুলিল্লাহ্.... ভাল। আপনার কি খবর?02:26
RezwanAudaciousTUX, IRC for Android v2.1.32 on OKAPIA LIFE ?!02:26
Kilosgreetings pavlushka rhct 08:44
Kilosless peeps here today08:44
pavlushkaKilos: yep, looks like so, lets see08:45
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pavlushkaKilos: what was the problem? all bots were missing including JediKnight ?09:13
pavlushkaWelcome AudaciousTUX 09:40
pavlushkaand AudaciousTUX_ 09:40
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX_ 09:43
Kilosnetsplit pavlushka 09:43
AudaciousTUX_hi kilos09:43
pavlushkaKilos: hmm09:44
pavlushkaWelcome Tuhin !10:23
TuhinEid Mubarak10:23
pavlushkaEid Mubarak!10:24
pavlushkaTuhin: I am curious about your LP page, :), mine is here https://launchpad.net/~pavelsayekat10:25
Tuhini dont have any, but i have Linux Mint comunity member profile10:26
Tuhindidnt login for long time10:26
Tuhinu live in rangpur?10:28
pavlushkaTuhin: and you run mint and some other linux (?)10:29
Tuhinmy mother used to study there10:29
pavlushkaTuhin: close, I live in Panchagarh10:29
TuhinLinux Mint started as a variant of ubuntu10:29
pavlushkaTuhin: I know and?10:30
TuhinMint comes with all that is "missing" in ubuntu10:30
Tuhinthen some people wanted to go to the root of ubuntu10:30
Tuhinwhich is debian10:30
Tuhinmissing= multimedia codecs, flash etc10:31
Tuhinso they made LMDE = Linux Mint Debian Edition10:31
pavlushkaTuhin: mint was already a debian variant.10:31
TuhinDebian also releases without any extra codes, apps etc10:31
Tuhinno, Mint was at first only Ubuntu based10:32
Tuhinthen they started another variant based on Debian10:32
pavlushkaTuhin: the codecs are proprietary, has some legal bindings10:32
pavlushkaTuhin: Ubuntu is debian based10:32
Tuhinnormal users dont like to read long Laws EULA etc10:33
Tuhinusers just want to use computer after using the OS10:33
pavlushkaTuhin: got your point.10:33
Tuhinso Mint based are OS which r useable by new and experienced users alike "out of the box"10:34
Tuhinu install it and u get all kind of common needed apps10:34
pavlushkaTuhin: but mint is completely community developed, that's were they cut loose the legal bindings to supply the codecs pre-installed.10:34
Tuhinit comes with GIMP 9photoshop alternative) etc10:34
Tuhinusers want to use pc, not find out how to install apps in linux10:35
Tuhinso Mint made it all easier10:35
Tuhintime saving and convenient10:35
Tuhini also tried Vanila Debian and also Kubuntu10:35
Tuhinbut they lacked the touch and finish of Mint....10:36
pavlushkaTuhin: if you are a company, and you like to supply the third party codec pre-installed like mp3 codec, for that you have to pay to SONY, but not applied for a community developed distro like mint10:36
Tuhinso i went back to mint10:36
Tuhini m not running company :D10:36
Tuhini want to enjoy linux10:36
pavlushkaTuhin: you are not looking at the point I guess, I am giving instance, not referring you directly10:37
TuhinUbuntu, Debian, Arch all have their own kind of users10:37
pavlushkaTuhin: yes, that's true10:37
Tuhinalso there is Puppy linux which i use to troubleshoot windows10:37
TuhinPuppy Linux have many variants10:38
Tuhineven Mac and Windows like variants....10:38
Tuhini forgot my linux mint community account password10:40
pavlushkaTuhin: the point is Ubuntu is backed by a company named Canonical, so they cant supply pre-installed third party codec like mp3 or other proprietary codecs. but mint is completely community developed and has no legal binding to supply the codecs pre-installed10:40
Tuhinyes i know that10:40
Tuhinbut a newbie @ BD asks me what linux to use, i will suggest him such a linux which will be "easy" for him10:41
TuhinLinux Mint is both Ubuntu and also Debian based10:41
Tuhinbtw the debian based one is better10:41
Tuhincoz it have NO End of Life/End of Updates/Support10:42
pavlushkaTuhin: me too, but if you ask me for yourself when you know the fact?10:42
pavlushkaTuhin: mint uses the Ubuntu core and both are debian based10:42
Tuhinubuntu have End of Life/support10:43
TuhinDebian is rolling= always updating to latest version= no end of life or support10:43
Tuhini just explained why i use the linux variant that i choose to use10:44
pavlushkaTuhin: End of life does not end every thing, Ubuntu is free, you are free to upgrade10:45
Tuhini dont like to delete and install anew all the apps10:45
Tuhinthey says its better to delete and install fresh....10:46
pavlushkaTuhin: who?10:46
Tuhinordinary users10:46
Tuhinat chat rooms10:46
Kilospavlushka many guys use mint10:46
pavlushkaKilos: :)10:46
Tuhinhi kilos10:47
Kiloshi Tuhin 10:47
TuhinUbuntu did a lot for making linux mainstream10:47
TuhinMint doing things that ubuntu can't10:47
Kilosone must use what  suits his circumstances the best10:47
pavlushkaTuhin: you can always back up your settings and after new install, just restore them, I upgraded two ubuntu distros, they works fine.10:47
Tuhinwhen i started using Linux, i had dial up internet10:48
Kilosoh pavlushka 10:48
pavlushkame too10:48
Tuhinso it wasn't easy to update evday, install apps from net and install again after OS upgrade10:49
Tuhini used to sit with old version apps without updating :P10:49
pavlushkaTuhin: but now-a-days you have to download the distros, they are not shipped as courier CD anymore, there is a little difference between iso download / upgrade with respect to internet-data.10:50
Tuhinand i didnt change my habbit10:51
Tuhini used to like installing latest apps10:51
TuhinMSN Messenger used to be 3.5 MB download....10:51
Tuhinthen suddenly it became 100 MB!!!10:51
Tuhinand old version works fine10:52
Tuhinif its not broke why fix / update it?10:52
pavlushkaTuhin: but now you are not using 2/2.5 g dial-ups I guess, circumstances changed, ;p10:52
Tuhinyes, but i think newer version adds bloatware10:53
Tuhineats too much ram10:53
pavlushkaTuhin: for better performance and support10:53
Tuhinold times were better10:53
TuhinWin98 -WinXP days were better10:53
pavlushkaTuhin: give me a sec10:53
pavlushkaTuhin: talking about performance here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxTAd0zqruA&list=LLKAJl-URXlKyWF4amVV0jZA&index=1210:56
pavlushkaTuhin: a bit boring I know, :p10:57
Tuhini think after all the news of hacking, people should beware of cloud10:58
Tuhinabatabat2 months ago10:59
Tuhinubuntu use the nsa "systemd" now :(?10:59
pavlushkaTuhin: for your information selinux is also developed by them11:08
pavlushkaI hope mint does not use that, :p11:08
Tuhinwell , NSA have hardwarelevel backdoors in most computers11:10
Tuhinchina also mastered it11:10
Tuhinthey supplied chips to USA with this kind of backdoors11:11
Tuhinwhich can disable US Army/Navy/AirForce weapons......11:11
Tuhinall chips r now a days made in china....11:11
pavlushkaTuhin: ping12:48
pavlushkaTuhin: have you completed the http://paymentbd.com registration?12:51
Tuhinmy friend and me doing this freelancing together12:52
Tuhinhe have dutch bangla bank account12:52
Tuhinand skirill > DBBL is possible12:52
Tuhinso paymentbd.com is not needed as he told me12:52
pavlushkaTuhin: I heard skrill charges are high?12:53
Tuhinhe told me there is some % cut, i didnt ask him how much12:53
pavlushkaI mean higher than the others12:53
Tuhinbut if skiril> DBBL is possible directly, then why use 3rd party?12:54
Tuhini didnt look into skiril12:54
pavlushkaTuhin: you are already using a third party i. e. skrill12:54
Tuhini have made him some accounts and gave him the logins/passwords and he is continuing from that12:54
Tuhinskrill charges r more than paymentbd.com?12:55
pavlushkaTuhin: no problem, keep it up, they will not grab the whole income at least, :)12:55
Tuhincontacting my friend12:56
Tuhindo u live in dhaka or rangpur?12:56
pavlushkaa little far from Rangpur, its Panchagarh, :p12:56
pavlushkaTuhin: the third land port of Bangladesh, :)12:57
Tuhinwhat kind of internet is available in that part of BD?12:58
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zakihi Kilos :)14:45
Kiloshi zaki '14:45
zakican you suggest me irc client for my android!14:45
zakiyou use it?14:46
Kilosi dont have a smart phone at all14:46
Kilosthey are for smart people14:46
zakii have one, but that one is so old and low configuration. :D 14:47
Tuhinhi zaki14:47
zakihi Tuhin :) 14:47
Tuhinwhat model is ur phone?14:47
Kilosthe young people know about these modern things14:47
zakiha ha.. :D14:48
Kilosnokia that can sms and call14:48
zakigalaxy pocket. Tuhin 14:48
Tuhinfor some reason i m not fascinated with smartphones, but i m not that old14:48
Tuhinsounds like newer model14:48
Tuhinnever heard of pocket14:48
zakinope. 14:48
Kilosno old14:48
Kiloswait ill get model14:49
Kilos2730 classic14:49
Tuhinevtime i want to start using android phone, it stops working somehow or other14:49
Kiloswb pavlushka 14:50
Tuhinwb pavlushka14:50
Tuhinzaki ur phone was announced in 2012, so its not that old14:51
zakimine is gt-s5310I14:51
Tuhini was using iphone  2g made in 200714:51
Tuhinalso TMobile Wing, made in 200814:51
pavlushkaKilos: thanks, I guess soon we have an expert here14:51
pavlushkaTuhin: thanks14:51
Tuhinzaki, ur phone have android 2.3 or later14:53
Tuhinthat means it will work with almost all apps14:53
Tuhinand IRC clients dont need much ram14:53
zakithats true, works with all apps14:53
pavlushkayeaaaa maateen 14:54
pavlushkamaateen: you sure about this nick14:54
zakibut i can't run  facebook app or a browser togather..14:54
zakimultytasking no good.. 14:55
pavlushkamaateen: you have to register this nick14:55
zakioky.. but which irc client is good for android?14:55
Tuhinhi maateen14:55
Kiloshi maateen 14:55
maateenI wanna register it. But how?14:55
zakiwelcome maateen  :)14:56
Tuhinzaki, use google, i didnt manage to install any irc client in my phone before it stopped working.. :(14:56
zakiKilos,  said androidirc14:56
Tuhinmaateen, google how to register in freenode14:57
pavlushkamaateen: "/msg nickserv register your_password your_email"14:57
pavlushkarun it here without the inverted commas\14:57
Tuhinbetter if u run it in freenode tab14:57
pavlushkamaateen: the password you have to choose as you wish14:58
Tuhinin case u make mistake, none here will see ur email and password14:58
pavlushkaTuhin: that's not a problem but yes its better, the mistakes will not be visible to us then14:58
zakipavlushka, do you use a smart phone? 14:59
pavlushkamaateen: select the parent tree freenode14:59
pavlushkazaki: used to, but not anymore, 15:00
zakiwant to know about a good irc client for android!15:00
maateenDone bro. Thanks15:01
pavlushkaaccording to AudaciousTUX's saying, অন্য কারো পুরাতন 2্g phone এখন আমার নতুন 2g phone :p15:01
pavlushkazaki: I used to use androidirc but you can choose from various other option, anything thats suits you better15:02
pavlushkamaateen: now you have to verify the nick going to your email inbox15:02
maateenAll done. :D15:03
zakioky. i tried allrdy. 15:03
pavlushkamaateen: now join #freenode and ask for a cloak15:05
maateencloak? What's that?15:06
Kiloshides your IP address15:06
zakipavlushka, your ubuntu wiki page is cool. 15:06
pavlushkamaateen: to mask your nick,15:06
pavlushkazaki: haha, thanks, I'll try to make it even cooler, you'll see, :)15:07
pavlushkamaateen: wait for you to be voiced by eir, the bot15:07
zakiyou are using ubuntu from 2008. ^_^15:07
zakithat surprised me. :P15:08
pavlushkamaateen was very sad actually, something was not right with him15:44
pavlushkaQA tell maateen that we love him.15:44
QApavlushka: Got it, I'll tell maateen on freenode15:44
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ping15:56
pavlushkaz4ki: for you to kill the main nick that you see after reconnecting15:57
pavlushkaz4ki: run "/msg nickserv ghost zaki password"15:58
z4kinot online15:59
z4kipavlushka, 16:04
z4kiKilos, i'm adding pgp key on my lounchpad account. 16:04
pavlushkaz4ki: when you'll see that your previous nick has not died yet, its for that situation16:05
pavlushkaz4ki: I can help you with that, its better to use command line to d that16:05
z4kiit alrdy done. 16:06
z4kiusing password and keys16:06
pavlushkaz4ki: give me the link please16:06
pavlushkaz4ki: and after that sign the code of conduct16:07
z4kiw8 :(16:08
z4kiA message has been sent to zaki2395@gmail.com, encrypted with the key 2048R/E5FEC9FD. To confirm the key is yours, decrypt the message and follow the link inside. 16:08
pavlushkaz4ki: copy the whole part from "--BEGIN" to "---END"16:12
z4kihow than?16:12
pavlushkaz4ki: in terminal run, "nano pgp.txt"16:13
z4kipasted it16:13
pavlushkaz4ki: and paste the content in there and press ctrl+x16:13
pavlushkaand then press yes16:14
pavlushkaand then press y16:14
pavlushkaz4ki: now type in terminal "gpg --decrypt pgp.txt"16:16
pavlushkaz4ki: you'll get a http/https link at the bottom of the output, paste it in the browser.16:16
z4kigpg: keyring `/home/zaki/.gnupg/secring.gpg' created16:17
z4kigpg: encrypted with RSA key, ID AFDC4A2016:17
z4kigpg: decryption failed: secret key not availabl16:17
pavlushkaz4ki: hold on, I am on it, give me a moment16:19
z4kilooks like my secret key is missing16:29
pavlushkaz4ki: sorry16:48
pavlushkano its not16:48
z4kiregenert it using terminal16:49
z4kinow how to publish it?16:49
maateenI am back.16:54
pavlushkaha ha ha16:55
maateencommand of masking my ip?16:56
pavlushkaz4ki: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send KEYNAME16:57
pavlushkaz4ki: follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto16:57
pavlushkamaateen: run here "/msg nickserv set enforce on"16:58
pavlushkamaateen: and run "/msg nickserv set secure on"16:59
pavlushkamaateen: will tell you later the way to mask your ip, wait  bit17:00
pavlushkamaateen: these are for your nick security, preventing other from using it17:00
maateenI am new to IRC.17:01
pavlushkaand now comes the masking part, and for that I need to eat first, :p17:01
pavlushkaz4ki: check the last part of that tutorial, at the bottom17:04
z4kiall done.17:05
z4kiusing gpa17:05
pavlushkanow sign the code of conduct in Launchpad17:06
* pavlushka on dinner, be back shortly17:06
pavlushkaok, i can type with 1 hand17:15
z4kiha ha..17:15
pavlushkamaateen: join #freenode17:15
z4kichanged my lounchpad id. :( 17:15
z4kizaki2395 to z4ki17:15
pavlushkaz4ki: that's better17:16
z4kiadded my irc nick zaki17:16
z4kiwaht about ssh?17:16
pavlushkaz4ki: able to set up timezone?17:16
pavlushkaz4ki: if you have any problem, just tell me17:17
pavlushkamaateen: right click on the channels column in left, it will reveal some option17:17
pavlushkacheck the auto join option for channels17:18
z4kibut there karma is  0 :| 17:18
pavlushkamaateen: and also join #ubuntu17:18
pavlushkaz4ki: no problem, you will earn your karma17:18
z4kisome day my karma will be much.. :D 17:19
pavlushkamaateen: meanwhile you can take look at https://www.facebook.com/notes/pavel-sayekat/how-to-irc/1020938654335811717:20
pavlushkaz4ki: :D17:20
maateenOkay bro17:21
pavlushkaHello Tuhin , wont you greet them again? :p17:21
pavlushkamaateen: but you have to join #freenode to have a cloak for you nick.17:22
Tuhinwb z4ki17:22
pavlushkaz4ki: your lp link please17:22
Tuhinmaateen where r u from17:23
z4kiwhat ip?17:23
Tuhinand z4ki?17:23
pavlushkaz4ki: LP17:23
Tuhinwhere do u guys live17:23
Tuhini m from Dhaka17:24
pavlushkaTuhin: maateen is from Barisal17:24
pavlushkaand z4ki is from CTG17:24
pavlushkaand I am from panchagarh17:24
Kiloswhew you guys have been busy and i have been sleeping17:24
pavlushkamaateen: I have been to Barisal two times17:24
Tuhinhow is chittagong doing? does it have traffice jams like dhaka?17:24
pavlushkaKilos: good for you, :p17:25
pavlushkaz4ki: post your LP link here17:26
pavlushkamaateen: you are voiced in freenode now17:32
maateenWhat to do now?17:32
pavlushkamaateen: now ask for a cloak for you nick politely and wait with patience, ask to the nick named "e"17:33
pavlushkamaateen: like this "e: can you cloak my nick please"17:34
pavlushkawithout inverted commas17:35
Tuhinwhat that will do?17:35
pavlushkaTuhin: run "/whois maateen" now17:35
pavlushkamaateen: run here "/msg nickserv identify password"17:36
Tuhinmaateen uses banglalion... my former isp who used to charge too much17:36
pavlushkaTuhin: run "/whois Tuhin"17:37
pavlushkamaateen: your password17:37
pavlushkaTuhin: and then run "/whois pavlushka"17:38
pavlushkamaateen: you there?17:38
pavlushkamaateen: ?17:39
zakielectricity. :|17:39
zakipavlushka, 17:39
pavlushkazaki: np17:39
zakiwhat i missed?17:40
pavlushkazaki: maateen is missing in the middle17:40
pavlushkaTuhin: seen the difference?17:40
pavlushkaof cloak and without cloak?17:41
zakihaving problm with signing code off conduct17:41
zaki(7, 9, u'No public key')17:41
pavlushkazaki: its way much simple than signing the gpg17:44
zakioky.. something happening 17:46
zakii'm bit panicked.. :3 17:46
pavlushkazaki: take it easy, i m guiding you, relax17:47
pavlushkaTuhin: you can cloak yourself likewise17:47
zakimy lp link17:47
pavlushkazaki: what about your ip link?17:48
Tuhini already registered my nich17:48
zakiTuhin, chittagong is  much better than dhaka :D 17:48
pavlushkaTuhin: no problem, :)17:48
pavlushkaTuhin: I am talking about cloaking17:48
zakitake a look pavlushka 17:48
Tuhini will save chat log and follow later17:48
pavlushkazaki: on it17:49
pavlushkazaki: congrats17:49
zakinot ip it's LP :P17:49
zakiha ha.. :D 17:49
pavlushkaTuhin: that's what i do usually, :p17:49
pavlushkazaki: ^^17:50
zakiwhat now? 17:50
zakii'm starving  :( time to dnr.. 17:51
pavlushkanothing, you are good, save everything else for tomorrow17:51
pavlushkazaki: please17:51
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ping17:51
zakioky. :) bye now.17:51
pavlushkazaki: gn17:52
pavlushkaTuhin: দুইটা ভাটি অঞ্চলের মানুষ চলে গেল, আর আমি সবার উজানে, :ঢp17:55
Tuhincant read17:56
pavlushkaTuhin: what client you are using?17:56
Tuhinhydrachat @ winxp now17:57
pavlushkagoto settings, try to to set the client font to solaimanlipi\17:58
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: wb17:58
Tuhincant find font option17:59
pavlushkaI have hexchat for both linux and windows, but the linux hexchat is even better18:01
pavlushkaTuhin: in hexchat, you can tune many option, local and remote server options18:02
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: বলু18:02
Tuhini didnt play with options yet18:02
AudaciousTUX_ki bulbo18:02
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: তুমি জানু18:03
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: maateen was here, :p18:03
AudaciousTUX_ki koilo? :p18:03
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: পেথ্থম দিন, হের nick tune করতেই গেল, :)18:04
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: see my magic?18:05
AudaciousTUX_kun magic??18:06
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: and zaki has signed the code of conduct, here https://launchpad.net/~z4ki18:06
AudaciousTUX_oh.. amar sign kora hoynai18:07
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: মাটিন রে নিয়া আসলাম!18:07
AudaciousTUX_koira ashi18:07
Kilospavlushka where is ashabadi18:07
AudaciousTUX_koydin ashe tai dekhen :v18:07
pavlushkaKilos: may be his holiday is still on, AudaciousTUX_ might know.18:07
AudaciousTUX_http://i.imgur.com/oz8vVhN.png kemne pabo?? :'(18:11
AudaciousTUX_pavlushka: 18:13
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: loading that page, :)18:13
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: run in terminal "wget http://i.imgur.com/oz8vVhN.png"18:15
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কেন, নিজেরে বোকা বোকা লাগতেসে?18:16
AudaciousTUX_ho :318:16
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: come on, shit happens, lol18:16
AudaciousTUX_amar lp page pura faka :'(18:16
AudaciousTUX_lol :'(18:16
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ভাল তো , বাড়ি বানাও সেখানে, :p18:17
AudaciousTUX_jayga kom... bari hobena.. :'(18:17
AudaciousTUX_it bali cement o to lagbe... :/18:17
AudaciousTUX_amar avro kam kora bondho koira diche :'(18:18
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: মাটিন রে কও18:20
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: আমার কোন সমস্যা নাই, আমার জাতীয় লেআউট উবুন্টুই ঠিক কইরা দেয়, :)18:22
AudaciousTUX_koia lav nai... kde er jonnei khali prob kore... onno jaygay thik18:22
AudaciousTUX_nah.. ebar provat ei jaite hoibe :'(18:22
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: যাবাই যখন জাতীয়তে যাও, দুইটা লাভ পাইবা, জাতীয় বিজয়ের কাছাকাছি, অফিসগুলাতে বেশির ভাগ বিজয় চলে, কখনো যদি কাজ করা লাগে, সুবিধা পাইবা18:24
AudaciousTUX_office er chinta kore kida :v18:24
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: সব দিক চিন্তা কইরা অাগান ভাল, অাল্লাহ সাবধানীদের পছন্দ করেন, তিনি নিজে বলসেন।18:25
AudaciousTUX_office e gele dekha jaibe... ekhono onnek deri :D18:27
AudaciousTUX_provat tao ektu shohoj ache dekhlam... national er purai alada18:27
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: যার যেইটা সুবিধা লাগে আরকি, কিন্তু তাতে নুসা তো আর আইবো না, :p18:28
AudaciousTUX_nushaaaaaa :'|(18:29
AudaciousTUX_russel vaire jigai aina dite :p18:29
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: জিগাও18:31
AudaciousTUX_piriye den amar balubasa :'(18:32
zakii'm back18:36
pavlushkazaki: where's your time zone in LP? check here https://launchpad.net/~pavelsayekat18:39
zakihmm, i'm just saying about that..18:39
pavlushkazaki: join here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za, will give you some benefit18:42
zakiand a Jabbar ID :D 18:42
pavlushkazaki: that's obsolete I think18:42
zakiso how to add time zone?18:45
pavlushkazaki: look around at https://launchpad.net/~pavelsayekat18:45
pavlushkaARNAB_DAS: welcome18:45
ARNAB_DASকেউ কি জিনিসটা ইউজ করসেন আগে??????18:46
Kilosnight guys. see you tomorrow18:48
zakigood night Kilos . :)18:49
=== [1]Tuhin is now known as Tuhin
Tuhinbye all19:03
pavlushkaTuhin: GN19:04
AudaciousTUX_Tuhin: gn19:04
AudaciousTUX_fish :v19:05
zakipavlushka, sorry.. 19:09
zakithat process is in your profile. :|19:09
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: আপনার LP link টা দেন তো19:54
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: zaki আজকে যা করসে তার ফলাফল https://launchpad.net/~z4ki20:06
AudaciousTUX_koi ki korche??20:07
AudaciousTUX_ami lappy te gele kora lagbe20:07
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: take a look , it will help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto20:09
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: ping20:39
AudaciousTUX_key banaitechi20:39
AudaciousTUX_etto time lage :320:40
AudaciousTUX_ekhono 92 byte.. :320:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: ubuntu-bd-fb তে একটা post দিসি, please approve20:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: thanks20:42
AudaciousTUX_dhush... auto approve dite vuila gechi :320:46
pavlushkahuh, wq! আমি চিন্তা করতেসি thanks এর জায়গায় কি লিখি20:46
AudaciousTUX_TK :V\20:48
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: তিনটাই দেওয়া লাগল মানে?21:04
AudaciousTUX_kisuna :p21:05
AudaciousTUX_comment ta deikha moja paichi.... :v21:06
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: ও f এর পরে? ৩ টা ডট, সেটাই, দেখে মেজাজ খারাপ হয়ে গেসিল21:06
AudaciousTUX_:p ami bujhchilam following bujhaiche... erpor apnar comment deikha hashte chilam boisha boisha :v21:07
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: কেন following লিখতে কোথায় আটকাচ্ছিল, যত্তসব ফাউল21:17
pavlushkanight night22:50
AudaciousTUX_sob korilam22:51
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: congrats! see ya bye22:54

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