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pleia2if you were making your own snaps run from your own snap repository, do you need to sign the CLA to use all the snap tooling, or is that just to use the Canonical/Ubuntu snap store?21:31
pleia2would be helpful to folks like me to know (as you all know, I can't contribute to anything that uses the Canonical CLA due to agreements with my employer)21:33
tsimonq2pleia2: just out of curiosity, how does an agreement like that work?22:05
pleia2tsimonq2: depending on the CLA they require the person submitting code to grant licensing rights of what you submit to a company/organization (in Canonical's case, you do retain copyright, which is nice, but not universally true)22:09
pleia2a lot of major companies (like the one I work for) prohibit signing away of such rights unless it's been explicitly approved22:10
pleia2my employer has signed a couple that which allow me to contribute to some projects where there is a business interest, but it's a whole bureaucratic nightmare to get rolling and not one I'm interested in getting involved with22:12
tsimonq2I see22:12
pleia2so I stick to working on Ubuntu things that don't require a CLA :)22:12
tsimonq2\o/ :)22:12
pleia2so I can play with snaps, but I can never contribute22:12
tsimonq2I'm wondering, if you work for Canonical, do you still have to sign the CLA?22:13
tsimonq2or is that something you do when hired?22:13
tsimonq2pleia2: I see22:13
pleia2signing over those rights may be a condition of employment anyway, so it may be redundant, I don't know22:14
pleia2my employer holds the rights to stuff I write as an employee22:14
tsimonq2pleia2: can a CLA ever prevent someone from getting hired?22:15
pleia2tsimonq2: I don't think so, but agreements from past employers can prevent you from conributing and signing one (like, one that says you can't contribute to a competing product for X amount of time after your employment ends022:17
pleia2fwiw, the main open source project I work on for work has a CLA too and it makes me very grumpy22:18
pleia2so I'm not just picking on Canonical :)22:19

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