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mate|85003Hey guys, german is my native language. I want to contribute translations and help the community and ubuntu-mate team. How do I contribute translations the best way or get in touch with existing translators?05:05
guest-kgo6cbanyone there?07:41
guest-kgo6cbI just installed uMate 16.04 for my paspberry pi3, and login with the default guest account. Anyone knows the password of it?07:43
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herve_Bonjour q tous15:03
rahtgazmerci. bonjour a toi aussi15:46
nomicanyone here who knows about nginx16:47
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Guest28515ı can some speak english18:18
Guest28515ı cant do ıntall ubuntu mate can you help me18:18
nomicis there a raspberry pi mate server edition18:51
nomiccan't find it/one18:51
bekksnomic: There is no need for one. Just install Ubuntu Mate and uninstall the the desktop if you really want.19:07
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ilirhello there20:19
ilircan anyone help me when i close the lid on laptop it wont turn on anymore when goes on sleep mdoe20:20
ilirdoes anyone know how to fix it20:20
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