MichaelPaoliBerkeley Linux Users Group (BerkeleyLUG) noon-3pm @ Bobby G's Pizzeria https://berkeleylug.com/meetings/19:19
darthrobotTitle: [Meetings – BerkeleyLUG]19:19
DonkeyHoteiMichaelPaoli: are people doing installs?19:22
pleia2nhaines: I'm getting a "We currently can't get in touch with your Organizer about your group's Meetup fees. We need updated payment info to keep your group going. If you can reach them, please ask them to email billing@meetup.com." when I go to our meetup page, do you know what this is about?20:51
nhainespleia2: I do not!  So I will ping the community team and find out.23:58

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