minasotacyberanger: just giving it a try. I like the minimalist approach02:42
Unit193I use alpine. :P02:42
minasotaI was a toss up between the two. I'm too invested at this point to switch :)02:42
Unit193https://packages.qa.debian.org/a/alpine.html same here. ;P02:43
minasotalink doesn't work for me?02:47
minasotagot it02:47
minasotaok, I meant "invested" as in trying to learn a new program. You're a different type of invested02:49
minasotacyberanger: btw, hope you're doing well man. Keep us posted on your latest... (I'm sure you're up to something)02:52
Unit193(Actually both types, of course I use it as well.)02:56
cyberangerminasota: doing alright20:57

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