Kilosmorning all06:40
paddatrapperMorning Kilos08:15
Kiloshi paddatrapper 08:15
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superflyMorning Kilos, paddatrapper 09:54
Kiloshi superfly 09:55
paddatrapperHey superfly10:56
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magespawngood afternoon14:37
Kiloshi magespawn 14:38
magespawnhow goes it Kilos ?14:45
Kilosok ty magespawn and there14:45
magespawnbit chilly today14:46
magespawnbut otherwise all good14:46
magespawnhey Kilos 14:55
pavlushkaHey magespawn 14:55
magespawnhi pavlushka 14:55
Kilosyes magespawn 14:56
magespawncomputer locked trying to play a video file14:59
magespawnvery small pc aspire one, so not too surprising really15:01
Kilosphysically small?15:04
Kilosor ram and performance small15:04
magespawnbut handy to carry every where15:06
magespawnthinking about getting a new machine, perhaps before the end of the year15:15
Kilosthey are expensive things15:18
Kilosbut if you hunt around you can get bargains15:19
Kilosian paid 2.5k for this i515:19
magespawnand it you wait for the specials then you can also get good deals15:36
inetproKilos: 2nd hand or new? 16:48
inetprogood morning everyone 16:48
inetpro2.5K for an i5 sounds like a good deal 16:49
Kilosrebuild inetpro 17:19
kulelu88how do I undo an apt-get install dist-upgrade?17:20
magespawnno idea kulelu88 17:32
Kiloswhat broke kulelu88 17:33
kulelu88I need to revert back to an older kernel17:34
Kiloscant you chose on booting in the grub menu17:35
kulelu88how do I access the grub menu on a remote server?17:35
Kilosoh my17:36
magespawncan you still access the computer?17:37
kulelu88yeah, everything works, I can ssh into it17:39
kulelu88I just need to undo my installs 17:40
kulelu88although I am now just upgrading to 16.0417:40
magespawni think there is a way that you edit grub manually to specifiy which kernel to use17:40
superflyOr uninstall the kernel you don't want 17:44
kulelu88superfly: won't I need to uninstall everything the dist-upgrade installed?17:47
inetprotry booting with the old kernel first kulelu88 17:48
kulelu88I have no idea how to boot remotely17:48
inetprouh oh! 17:48
magespawnyou can do sudo shutdown now -r but only after you have specified the kernel to use17:49
inetproshould be relatively simple to change but I haven't done it since grub217:50
inetproI mean before grub217:50
superflyJust uninstall the old kernel. Grub will rerun and you should be fine 17:50
magespawnwhat does ubuntu use as a boot loader now/17:50
inetprodo what superfly suggests 17:50
superflyDepends on the versions began the kernels of course 17:51
superfly*between 17:51
kulelu88let me try upgrading to 16.04 instead. LXD wasn't working before the dist-upgrade either17:51
superflyI'm busy getting kids to bed, I'll chat more about our when I'm done 17:52
superflykulelu88: just hold on 17:53
kulelu88alright, no problem. just reading up about upgrading LTS. 17:53
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:54
nlsthznuncle Kilos, alo 17:57
nlsthznall well in ZA land I hope?!18:03
Kilosyip just winter again, how bout there18:04
kulelu88apart from the country gradually falling apart, all is well18:05
nlsthznhot as hell but that is to be expected18:06
magespawnnlsthzn: i think that we are currently at the other end of that18:28
nlsthznwell the heat has to go someplace :p18:28
magespawnindeed and we have had a mild winter so far18:29
Kilosyeah but still eina cold18:29
kulelu88hot > cold18:30
nlsthzncan always put on more clothes, can't get more naked than naked18:32
kulelu88I disagree with that. There is only a certain amount of clothes you can wear before you become immobile18:33
kulelu88or before the clothes start tearing18:33
Kilosi agree18:33
superflykulelu88: if you want to upgrade from release to release (or LTS to LTS) you need to use the do-release-upgrade command18:34
kulelu88superfly: I wanted to get LXD running on 14.04. I want to avoid systemd as best I can, but 14.04 is wonky with LXD18:34
kulelu88how is/was debconf? superfly 18:35
superflykulelu88: systemd is more hype than anything else.18:35
superflykulelu88: good, tiring.18:35
superflykulelu88: people really enjoyed it18:35
kulelu88its also bloatware superfly . linux shouldn't have such a large dependency . apparently you can remove it from debian jessie easily without breaking anything?18:35
* nlsthzn still wants to check out some of the vids18:36
kulelu88I would have come for it, but cape town in winter ...18:36
superflykulelu88: it was hardly winter18:37
superflysome cold nights, and 1 rainy day18:37
superfly"It was a very good DebConf... the best so far. (and Daytrip, Conference Dinner: I doubt some other DebConf could do better)"18:37
nlsthzngents, I go sleep... have a good one18:37
superflynlsthzn: http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2016/debconf16/18:37
Kilosnight nlsthzn 18:37
Kilossleep tight18:37
* superfly is in the process of putting them up on the site18:38
nlsthznthanks superfly...18:38
inetprogood night oom Kilos 18:38
kulelu88you tinkered with Devuan? superfly 18:38
kulelu88what's the link to the debconf videos? 18:38
Kilosi ssaid night to nlsthzn inetpro 18:38
superflykulelu88: negative18:38
Kiloskeep up man18:38
superflykulelu88: the one I posted for nlsthzn18:38
* inetpro would have loved to follow the conference, but... 18:38
kulelu88that's download no? I want to stream it18:39
superflyinetpro: alweer in 'n dwaal18:39
superflykulelu88: in Firefox that'll stream it18:39
inetprothere's just not enough time in a day 18:39
Kilosnog steeds18:39
inetproai! 18:39
kulelu88I guess I should upgrade to 16.04 and hope LXD works :D18:43
kulelu88superfly: is a rolling release better for servers or a stable?18:43
superflykulelu88: don't use a rolling release on a server18:43
superflykulelu88: stable or Ubuntu LTS18:43
kulelu88is there such a thing where you get a rolling release that releases stable features? 18:44
kulelu88eg. a rolling release that releases stable kernel updates?18:44
inetproserver software should always be tried and tested extensively 18:48
Kilosok now i sleep. night all. rest well18:48
Kilossee you tomorrow18:49
magespawngood night Kilos 18:49
magespawnnow inetpro 18:49
inetprogoeienag Kilos 18:49
inetprotoo late 18:50
kulelu88superfly: are you guys using docker yet?18:55
superflykulelu88: yes18:56
kulelu88what do you guys use for build automation? 18:56
superflywe have containers running Go-CD, and then we mount docker's socket from the container back to the host machine so that the host machine does the actual builds, and then push the builds up to a repository19:00
superfly(very meta)19:00
superflykulelu88: http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2016/debconf16/systemd_in_Debian_a_status_update.webm19:06
magespawni am also off to bed, good night all19:48
kulelu88I was going to watch that video just now superfly 21:39

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