kulelu88is it possible to not be able to get back 'into' a remote server after rebooting it?00:01
Ben64kulelu88: of course00:01
ShotokanZHJordan_U, so apparently linux is booting, DE is not, i'm installing the nvidia drivers now00:02
kulelu88I want to reboot my remote server, but I am scared that i will not be able to SSH back into it00:02
ShotokanZHi'm pretty sure it's just that00:02
Ben64kulelu88: well as long as you didn't do anything weird it should be fine00:02
kulelu88Ben64: how do I safely reboot the server?00:03
Ben64sudo reboot00:03
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kulelu88another question I have is coming from this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server#Import_existing_cached_Packages . What does this do:    sudo /usr/share/apt-cacher/apt-cacher-import.pl -l /var/cache/apt/archives ? Does it: import the actual .deb files or just creates a symlink?00:07
OerHeks...  by creating symlinks00:09
kulelu88but it comes across as ambiguous to me OerHeks . Is the symlink importing the .deb files with the .pl file?00:10
OerHeksthe pl file creates symlinks in that /var/ folder, to the original debs in /usr/ , that is all.00:12
ShotokanZHJordan_U, *ew* it wooooooooooooooorksssssssssssssss00:13
jak2000ShotokanZH: thanks thanks00:14
bmsr256hi, any news about amd radeon drivers for 16.04?00:14
Ben64bmsr256: they're in the kernel00:15
ikoniain what respect news ?00:15
kulelu88OerHeks: when managing an apt-cacher-server, if I update apt-cacher-server with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade", can I use the updated .deb files in apt-cacher-server for my other machines?00:15
bmsr256i mean if there are new proprietary drivers for amd graphics, in the newer versions of Ubuntu00:16
yvearhello! I'm using Kubuntu 16.04 and am controlling it via VNC. my issue is that if I leave it idle for a time the screen goes to sleep and disconnects VNC and also same thing with Teamviewer. is this normal for screensaver to interrupt graphical things?00:16
OerHekskulelu88, if you configure those clients correct, yes00:18
OerHeksbmsr256, no.00:18
ShotokanZHgoing at bed00:18
ShotokanZHhave a good night folks!00:18
jak2000ShotokanZH no00:18
jak2000send me 8 beers please00:18
* jak2000 send to ShotokanZH a Buchananas 1L00:19
kulelu88OerHeks: essentially, a strategy of upgrading the apt-cacher first and, with properly configured clients, you can share the .deb files downstream?00:19
bmsr256OerHeks: ok, thanks00:19
OerHekskulelu88, strange way of asking: that is what apt-cache-service does00:20
OerHeksnot downloading debs from WAN per client00:20
kulelu88OerHeks: and because apt-cacher acts as the proxy between my clients and the apt-servers, whatever .deb files are coming into my client will also have a copy on apt-cacher? If that is the case, does that mean I can horizontally update 5 clients that all require the same x-package that I have already downloaded in my first download (in the first client) ?00:21
OerHeks1st client would be the apt-cache service. but yes, you can run flat.00:23
kulelu88thanks OerHeks . apt-cacher is fascinating00:24
OerHeksnext step would be running an own mirror.00:25
yvearhello! I'm using Kubuntu 16.04 and am controlling it via VNC. my issue is that if I leave it idle for a time the screen goes to sleep and disconnects VNC and also same thing with Teamviewer meaning I have to unlock screen locally or disable power saving. is this normal for screensaver to interrupt graphical things?00:25
crafty1yvear: The default screensaver is just a blank screen and my monitor turns off00:26
crafty1Im also on Kubuntu00:26
crafty1I would think adjust the power settings to get the desired result00:26
yvearcrafty1, is it normal for vnc to not work when the screen turns off?00:27
kulelu88OerHeks: I don't think I need a mirror, I just need an option to not need to download the same stuff repeatedly00:28
kulelu88(for containers)00:28
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alesaicoopera develper is free?00:34
OerHeksalesaico, if the website says so, it is not in our repository00:36
crafty1yvear: No - If the system is not hibernating you should be able to connect.  My thought is that its your system is sleeping00:39
yvearcrafty1, ah ty! it was suspending when on battery. thank you very much!00:43
crafty1I suspected as much.  You're welcome00:43
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Bashing-omShotokanZH: Back, see you are making progress :), might try that boot parameter i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 to pick up the Intel graphics, maybe .01:05
hek293zGood evening.01:18
quizzy85good afternoon nzt01:18
wyseguyquiet room01:20
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excelsioraHi ubuntu! Should I frequently be running apt-get dist-upgrade01:43
bazhangexcelsiora, how often do you see held back packages01:45
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Guest65576what is command-not-found?01:58
Bashing-omGuest65576: Huh ? In what context .. gnerally, pretty much what it says .01:59
Guest65576it's a package.02:01
excelsiorabazhang: I don't know what those are.02:05
excelsioraWhat's a held-back package?02:05
excelsiorawhat about do-release-upgrade?02:07
excelsioraWhen should I use apt instead of apt-get?02:11
irinixexcelsiora, synaptic02:13
excelsioraI've always used apt-get.02:14
excelsiorawhy synaptic?02:14
excelsioradoes apt bundle apt-get commands?02:14
excelsioralike, I was writing a bash function to make my bashing less ad-hoc-y, so I wrote a function like this:02:16
batterywhat does resolv.conf file?02:16
batterywhat resolv.conf file does?02:16
excelsioraapt-install  ()02:17
excelsiora{   sudo sh -c "sudo apt-get update ;02:17
excelsiora                sudo apt-get install $1"02:17
excelsiora 02:17
excelsiorabattery: you seem to be asking, "What does the resolv.conf file do?"02:18
batteryyes excelsiora02:18
Jordan_U!pastebin | excelsiora02:18
ubottuexcelsiora: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:18
excelsioraYeah, but that was only 4 lines... :(02:18
Jordan_Uexcelsiora: apt is not a front end for apt-get, it is a new implementation which has some nice UI features.02:19
Bashing-ombattery: That file holds the nameserver IP .. ' cat /etc/resolv.conf ' and follow the bread crumbs .02:19
excelsioraoh, ok.02:19
batteryi can change content Bashing-om ?02:20
batteryi can change resolv.conf content?02:21
Bashing-ombattery: Not recommended " #     DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN02:22
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batterythanks Bashing-om02:23
Bashing-ombattery: np. but --- what issue are you facing ?02:25
excelsioraI have a (conspiracy) theory that the government(s) made Canonical/Ubuntu make kernel management and swapping hard for encryptors.02:25
batteryi think that if i use country nameser, then they intercept my information. so i want to use instead of country nameserver. Bashing-om02:26
Jordan_Uexcelsiora: Please keep such comments to #ubuntu-offtopic .02:26
batteryBashing-om: my opinion is correct?02:27
sirius2how do I get the text based installation from terminal?02:28
Bashing-ombattery: Are you running a GUI with network-manager installed ? Think you want to make that change then in network-manager (??) .02:28
batteryi don’t know Bashing-om02:28
Bashing-ombattery: Best I can say, is best not to be messing around until you do know .02:31
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HoloIRCUser4Anybody know how to crack wifi pass with ubuntu02:45
excelsioraI think you're looking for one of them pen-testing distros like Kali Linux.02:46
givonnenewbie can anyone help with understanding bash if conditions?02:50
excelsioragivonne: Look at your .bashrc - and study those.02:53
givonnemy confusion is over when to use [] or () and "test"02:53
givonneand why does "-o" or "-a" work, while || and && do not02:54
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Bashing-omgivonne1: Best bash tutorial I am aware of : http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FullBashGuide ; Well answer all your questions .02:56
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Kirito_If I have a laptop with two independent mSSD's, and I intend to install Ubuntu on one and Windows on the other, does it still matter whether or not I install Ubuntu using UEFI or not?02:59
Kirito_These devices used to be configured as a RAID 0 device with intel fakeraid, but I've gotten so sick of trying to make that work that I'm opting to just use the devices individually now03:00
Bashing-omKirito_: I think, IF windows is installed UEFI and ubuntu as MBR, then grub will not recognize Windows boot code for chainloading onto the boot menu . There are advantages to UEFI .. moreso in the long run .03:05
Kirito_Yeah, but in the case of two independent disks, I imagine I should just be able to select which disk to boot into from the BIOS and it will "just work", so grub should not even technically needed to boot into Windows03:06
Bashing-omKirito_: Yeah .. I too think that .03:07
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Kirito_UEFI and SecureBoot have given me such severe headaches over the last year though, even if I can recognize the benefits and know I should be using it, it is such a hassle on this system that I almost just want it to burn03:10
Kirito_That's coming from using Arch though. I was hoping moving to Ubuntu would make things significantly easier and it would "just work", but sadly not :/03:11
Bashing-omKirito_: Yeah, a steep departure from MBR, and there is no standard emplementation, every manufacturer does it different. Makes it hard to understand .03:12
Jordan_Ukrisko_: Whichever you choose (I recommend UEFI, since many boot firmwars implementations do stupid things with hardware initialization when booting via CSM) make sure all OSs are using the same method.03:13
Kirito_Indeed, then you have manufacturers like mine also, which force things like SecureBoot on you and won't even let you disable it03:13
Bashing-omKirito_: Acer ?03:13
m5wspeaking of Acer...03:15
excelsioraIs there a recommended way to add paths to one's environmental path variable, and then be able to remove it?03:15
m5wI can't get gparted, debian, or now ubuntu to boot on either UEFI or legacy03:15
codepython7771how do i move to 4.6.3 on ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Is that safe to do?03:15
m5w(live USB)03:16
codepython7771I am now on 3.13 - want to move to kernel 4.6.303:16
OerHekscodepython7771, wait 18 days for the LTS upgrade03:17
cwolfordcan't get the scanner of my multifunction canon pixma mp560 printer to work. i've been googling, trying all sorts of programs, and failing all day. the only program that worked is vuescan which is proprietary. if that works, i'm not sure why i can't get simple scan or xsane image scanning program to work.03:17
Bashing-omm5w: Have you set a password for secure boot in the firmware ??03:17
m5wwhen I boot in legacy, grub doesn't even show up, but I get some splash screen for less than a second and then a black screen with a blinking cursor03:17
codepython7771OerHeks: LTS 14.04 or 16.04 ?03:17
m5wBashing-om: I've disabled secure boot03:17
m5wyes, had to set password03:18
OerHeks16.04 .. what else?03:18
codepython7771OerHeks: what is the current longterm stable kernel that i can migrate to on 14.04 LTS?03:18
codepython7771I'm not planning to move to 16.04 LTS right now03:18
m5won UEFI, at least I get a grub menu03:18
m5wI have a GeForce 940M, so I added nomodeset to the boot params after the initial boot didn't work03:19
OerHekscodepython7771, so you *want* the newest kernel, but not the rest ??03:19
m5wI also added noquiet nosplash, and yet I see zero text03:19
codepython7771OerHeks: yes03:19
m5wjust a black screen03:19
codepython7771OerHeks: sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-xenial - where is this at right now?03:19
m5wI have an Acer Aspire E5-573G if that is of any use03:20
codepython7771OerHeks: will that get me in trouble?03:20
OerHekscodepython7771,  i am not going to help to break your system like that.03:20
codepython7771OerHeks: what is a good kernel upgrade I can do for my 14.04LTS?03:21
Bashing-omm5w: See if oldfred's post will help ya : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2325229&highlight=Acer .03:21
cwolfordcodepython7771 why don't you want 16.04?03:21
codepython7771cwolford: there are packages that i cant yet compile for 16.0403:21
OerHeksyou should run the LTSEnablementStack but i guess it is not giving kernel 4.6.x https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack03:23
hammer25hey guys, I'm trying to make the atom text editor the default program to open .py files, but when I go into properties on one and set the open with app, atom doesn't even show up on the list03:23
codepython7771OerHeks: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-wily xserver-xorg-core-lts-wily xserver-xorg-lts-wily xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-wily xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-wily libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-wily  ---> What kernel does this give me?03:24
m5wBashing-om: so I need secure boot enabled, and trust certain Ubuntu fikes?03:25
OerHekscodepython7771, idk, current wily is 4.203:25
cwolfordhammer25, does this help? http://linuxcommando.blogspot.com/2014/03/how-to-specify-default-applications-for.html03:26
excelsioraNEWPATH=$(python -c "import os; path = os.getenv('PATH').split(':'); del path[0]; print(':'.join(path))")03:27
hammer25cwolford i'll give it a read03:28
Bashing-omm5w: I am not familiar with Acer, but best I recall .. something in that nature .03:31
cwolfordcan't get the scanner of my multifunction canon pixma mp560 printer to work. i've been googling, trying all sorts of programs, and failing all day. the only program that worked is VueScan which is proprietary. if that works, i'm not sure why i can't get simple scan or xsane image scanning program to work.03:33
excelsioraIDK, this one might be better: NEWPATH2=$(python -c "import os; path = os.getenv('PATH').split(':'); del path[0]; print(':'.join(path))")03:36
cwolfordexcelsiora, who are you talking to?03:36
excelsioraoops, I mean this one: NEWPATH2=$(echo $PATH | python -c "import sys; path = sys.stdin.read().split(':'); del path[0]; print(':'.join(path))")03:37
excelsioracwolford: I *had* asked about removing directories from the PATH (it's easy to add, hard to take away...)03:38
cwolfordexcelsiora ah...gotcha. sorry. i saw "print" in there and thought i might've missed an answer to my question. lol03:40
m5wBashing-om: I went through the entire structure of the USB and made every .EFI bootable. I'm still getting a black screen03:44
m5wI'll try again with nomodeset03:44
m5w...aaand a black screen again03:45
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Bashing-omm5w: I Wish ( not) that I knew .. but I have not the Acer experience to advise .03:46
xdevnullHello guys, I've installed a sofware by "Software Center" however, When i try to open it it doesn't open? How i can open it via terminal to see even it shows any error message when running it?03:50
OerHeksxdevnull, nobody can answer that, what software?03:55
matt|homeevenin, im tryin to install ubuntu alongside my win7 disk, but i forgot to defrag/change the partition size etc. im currently running ubuntu off a live usb drive right now, can i do all that stuff here03:55
matt|homeor do i need to do it with windows03:55
xdevnullQerHeks, My bad, Sorry. I was looking for the path where software are installed.03:55
OerHeksbest way is doing that from within windows, matt|home.03:55
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cwolfordI haven't been able to get the scanner portion of my multifunction Canon Pixma MP560 printer to work (USB or WiFi--and it's apparently supported from all of the Linux and Canon webpages I've read). I've been googling, trying all sorts of programs, and failing all day. The only program that has worked is VueScan which is proprietary (and I'm not spending $50 on a simple scanning program). Would there be any useful information04:07
cwolfordthat I can use from the VueScan software that would allow me to get my scanner to work?04:07
jakesylSo a couple of hours ago I turned off my computer, when I turned it back on it dropped to initframs.  After a couple of minutes of trying stuff, I ran fsck and it was fixed.  My question is what caused the issue in the first place and how fsck fixed it?04:07
cwolfordThe printer portion of the MP560 works like a champ over Wifi after supplying its IP address.04:09
cwolfordI can't, for the life of me, figure out why the printer is recognized but the scanner isn't.04:09
GrorcoDoes anyone else lose the graphical portion of their mouse when switching back from another user?04:15
cwolfordGrorco are you referring to the mouse pointer?04:16
Grorcocwolford, yes04:16
GrorcoI just wanted to be specific that I can still click04:17
Grorcoand move it around it's just invisible04:17
cwolfordGrorco can't say that i've had that problem04:17
GrorcoI can bring it back if I open a terminal and run sudo04:18
Grorcoor if I click through to download something in the software center it will come back after entering my password and hitting enter04:19
GrorcoDo you know what package the pointer is part of so I can submit a bug report?04:20
Jordan_UGrorco: Can you reproduce this with a different window manager?04:21
GrorcoJordan_U, doesn't make a difference I initially thought it was compiz so I switched back to macro same thing04:22
GrorcoI'm using mate btw04:22
Jordan_UGrorco: Macro?04:22
GrorcoJordan_U, It's the default in Mate04:23
Jordan_UGrorco: Ahh, "marco".04:24
mojtabaHi, I want to make a shortcut to run a script if it is not running, and kill it if it is running in the background. Do you know how should I do that?04:25
GrorcoJordan_U, I think you just confirmed my dyslexia lol I have read that wrong this whole time04:25
mojtabaI know I have to use if statements, but I am not sure how to handle it in bash04:25
Jordan_UGrorco: It doesn't make a lot of sense for running sudo to have any effect. gksudo I would understand.04:25
GrorcoJordan_U, I think it's more about hitting the enter key afterwords04:26
Jordan_UGrorco: Does just pressing Enter twice (without sudo/gksudo/policy kit) bring the cursor back?04:26
jakesylso yeah what is it for04:26
GrorcoJordan_U, I'll try it be back in a sec04:26
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Chexk your hard drive's S.M.A.R.T. status (via Gnome Disks or "smartctl" ).04:28
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Do you have all importabt data on that drive backed up?04:28
jakesylJordan_U,  you think it's still a problem?04:29
jakesyland yeah04:29
GrorcoJordan_U, And suddenly it wont do it... I had to create a new user because my daughter isn't here and I don't know her password, so not sure if its something with her account04:32
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Well if your filesystem was corrupted due to failing hardware you probably want to knkw that. fsck does nothing to fix hardware.04:33
jakesyloh well, my issue was fixed so hardware probably wasn't the issue, right?04:35
GrorcoJordan_U, Okay I can reproduce it now04:35
GrorcoJordan_U, it's when you switch users using the lock screen, can't use log out04:36
GrorcoJordan_U, and hitting enter 2 times doesn't do anything I tried running apt and nothing it came back with sudo though04:37
bad_ipGrorco you said it does it in other window managers, correct?04:39
Grorcobad_ip, yes04:39
Grorcobad_ip, I can try switching to ubuntu instead of mate and see if that makes a difference04:40
bad_ipI think it's actually a bug with xserver04:40
RakkoI have a device (FlashAir) that works as a a WiFi AP, and my desktop has both wired and WiFi in it. I use the wired to connect to my actual router, and that's obviously what I want to use for the majority of my traffic, but when I have the computer connected to the wifi device, the wifi device seems to hijack connections I try to make outside of the LAN. I don't see any reason for this in my routes -- https://gist.github.com/echristo04:40
RakkoAny ideas what's wrong with this picture?04:41
RakkoI only want the wireless interface to be used for the 192.168.0.x subnet.04:41
bad_ipGrorco Ctrl-Alt-F1 then Ctrl-Alt-F704:41
bad_ipTry that04:41
bad_ipSee if it comes back04:41
m5wokay, I tried booting with Legacy BIOS and enabled nomodeset. now Ubuntu too complains `BAR 6: no space for [mem size 0x00080000 pref] \n BAR 6: failed to assign [mem size 0x00080000 pref]' (The \n doesn't litterally appear; it's a newline.)04:41
Grorcobad_ip, that brings it back, but I think running anything from a terminal does04:42
bad_ipYeah, that's an open bug in xserver04:43
Grorcobad_ip, I had tryed apt and it didn't work but if I actually use apt install blahblah it will comeback04:43
bad_ipGrorco https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/156860404:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed]04:44
Grorcobad_ip,  did you find the bug on lp?04:44
bad_ipThere's the bug04:44
Grorcobad_ip, Thanks have to add me to the list04:45
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Jordan_Ujakesyl: Just check the snart status to be sure. It's not hard to do.05:04
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OerHeks 05:50
fuzedoes the package rygel-gst-launch allow the audio output to be streamed over dlna?05:53
yvearon Kubuntu 16.04 how do I make the desktop icons' background transparent?06:02
baizonyvear: ask on #kubuntu06:03
yvearbaizon, ty06:05
OerHeksyvear, seems like you need to find a icon theme that is transperant already, like "diamond' ?? http://linuxlove.eu/howto-customize-kde-desktop-appearance/06:06
calmpitbullwhich anitvirus do i use06:16
OerHekscalmpitbull, one does not need antivirus, but there are opensource ones06:17
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:17
OerHekstoday a system-monitor is more usefull06:18
OerHeksnaigos and such06:18
plop_its_ellieI even tell windows users that tey dont need anti virus06:18
calmpitbullplop_its_ellie, why do u do that06:19
baizonlol, antivirus, thats a word i havent heard in a long time06:19
calmpitbullso today i got point for topic06:19
plop_its_elliecalmpitbull, seriously, just use common sense, dont install random crap, dont use uneeded browser plusings, keep your stuff updated, dont run as an admin... and you should be fine06:20
OerHeksalways backup, or your data is not important.06:20
plop_its_elliemost anti virus software are proprietary block boxes that have root on the system and also have vulnerabilites06:20
plop_its_ellieyea make good  data backups too06:21
OerHeksoh dear, what shall i do with this .exe06:21
plop_its_ellieOerHeks, run it as admin obviously :P06:21
OerHekssudo ufw allow in "Wine"06:22
fuzeplop_its_ellie: id say if you are following those guides the only reason you might want antivirus are files that you get from others. or say if a friend puts his infected usb in your machine. you open an email and download a virus06:27
plop_its_elliefuze, good point, though for windows it has windows defender which does anti virus as well06:38
plop_its_ellieotherwise i would use an open source anti virus like clamav for that sort of stuff06:38
FManyou actually made me google 'naigos'06:44
FMan<OerHeks> naigos06:46
YankDownUnderNachos. Hungry. :)06:46
baizonFMan: i think he meant nagios06:47
marcelo_what is even07:14
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xpkill22weiss jemand wie seine version auslesen kann .07:36
baizonxpkill22: lsb_release -a07:36
xpkill22und wie erkenne ich eine 32 bit oder 64 bit07:37
baizonxpkill22: uname -a07:37
xpkill22i686 ist das 64 bit07:39
baizonxpkill22: 32bit07:39
ducasse!de | xpkill2207:39
ubottuxpkill22: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!07:39
baizonxpkill22: x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 <- 64 bit07:40
xpkill22hier darf nicht deutsch reden07:41
baizonxpkill22: english, yep :)07:41
xpkill22ich geh tuschuess danke trotzdem07:41
baizonxpkill22: see you07:42
xpkill22my englisch is very bad07:42
baizonxpkill22: then go #ubuntu-de07:43
baizonxpkill22: typ this /join #ubuntu-de07:43
xpkill22thank you very much07:44
dgarnoldHello, I installed lamp-server^ and phpmyadmin but when i enter localhost/phpmyadmin into my address bar my browser is unable to locate it. did I skip a step?07:56
allstarWhat shows up on localhost Dg?07:59
Xenocydehi guys08:19
Xenocydei'm using mint 18 on virtual box in win 1008:20
Xenocydeneed to rout all internet traffic from win to mint08:20
Xenocydei tried the gateway route but seems it's not working08:20
Xenocydehowever i have a router too08:20
Xenocydewhat am i doing wrong?08:21
Xenocydeworth mentioning is first time I tried the default gateway it worked a bit then it failed08:23
Xenocydeany ideas?08:25
ducasse!mint | Xenocyde08:28
ubottuXenocyde: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:28
Xenocydeah ok thanks08:28
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phablethi all, i.m on irc from ubuntu phone hehe08:43
phabletusing xchat desktop app, the ui is a bjit small but it works08:45
evil_dan2wikI need to grow a potato08:50
evil_dan2wikCan ubuntu help me with that?08:50
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
OerHeks!find potato08:54
ubottuFile potato found in blender-data, debian-installer, debootstrap, frogatto-data, gcompris-data, gcompris-sound-es, gcompris-sound-fr, ktuberling, mgltools-pmv, openclipart-png (and 9 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=potato&mode=&suite=xenial&arch=any08:54
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=== ptx0 is now known as Guest50168
NickCao Help!My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS unable to boot after I installed hibernate and invoked "sudo pm-hibernate". By the way it's on my laptop Thinkpad S420. How can I fix it.08:58
NickCaoHelp!My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS unable to boot after I installed hibernate and invoked "sudo pm-hibernate". By the way it's on my laptop Thinkpad S420. How can I fix it.09:04
SebthreeBQM10HDNickG365, I haven't used that program, but to suspend/hibernate a lap top as far as I know you shoudn't need a special program installed to do it09:05
OerHeksIs there a way to run Pokémon Go on linux?09:06
SebthreeBQM10HDNickG365, also hibernate / suspend uses some swap space I think09:06
SebthreeBQM10HDOerHeks, Wine maybe?09:06
NickCao It uses the swap09:07
Hanumaanhow is the upgrade process via command line from 14.04 to 16.04 is completely working or is it better to wait until 16.04.1?09:07
MonkeyDust!ltsupgrade | Hanumaan09:07
ubottuHanumaan: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.09:07
NickCaoMy swap is 4.2G and my mem is 3.8 G so it shouldn't be a problem09:08
NickCaoHow could I get into the grub menu as it is hides? Boot from the old entry may work.09:11
ducasseNickCao: hold left shift or press escape during boot09:13
MonkeyDustNickCao  press alt (or ctrl, i forget) during boot09:13
NickCaoWTF! shift esc alt Ctrl.Which one should I use?09:14
ducasseNickCao: left shift or escape. one of them will work.09:14
NickCaoI'll try09:14
quizzy85use esc09:14
NickCaoIt worked. Thank you guys!09:16
NickCaoBut how can I hibernate my laptop?09:16
zergutis there openjdk -8-jdk for 14.04?09:16
puuskanie kurwea09:16
ducassepuuska: take that to ##test09:17
zergutbecause i get "Cant find the packet"09:20
ducassezergut: i doubt that is in the repos for trusty, you would need to find a ppa.09:21
MonkeyDustzergut  start here ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Oracle_Java_809:22
OerHekszergut, that is correct, no openjdk 8 in the standard repos https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-8  but this ppa got a up2date version, use at your own risc https://launchpad.net/~openjdk-r/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=trusty09:22
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Guest28745Error mounting /dev/sda1 at /media/billy/B00486EA0486B340: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000" "/dev/sda1" "/media/billy/B00486EA0486B340"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount. Failed to mount '/dev/sda1': 不允许的操作 The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount09:23
Guest28745 the volume read-only with the 'ro' mount option.09:23
ducasseGuest28745: just read the error message, it tells you what to do.09:25
OerHeksGuest28745, "The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state" is the main error, ntfs is unmounted dirty, use windows to fix this first fit chkdsk09:25
=== evil_dan2wik is now known as dan2wik
nenadcao svima09:45
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
zergutducasse: MonkeyDust, OerHeks thanks a lot!10:05
blscoeSomebody can tell me what's the equivalent of robocopy with /E /IS switches?10:11
yellabs-r2for the internet of things lora , is ubunut also going to power this kind of platform ? what do you think about it ?10:13
yellabs-r2ubunut = ubuntu * type error10:13
MonkeyDustblscoe  wat is robocopy with /E /IS switches10:15
blscoehttp://ss64.com/nt/robocopy.html MonkeyDust10:16
MonkeyDustblscoe  what does that script do10:16
blscoe  /E switch: Copy Subfolders, including Empty Subfolders10:17
blscoe               /IS : Include Same, overwrite files even if they are already the same.10:17
blscoeropocopy stands for: robust file copy10:18
MonkeyDustblscoe  in a terminal, type   man cp10:18
blscoein local10:18
blscoeI heard of rsync10:18
ducasseblscoe: both cp and rsync can do that.10:19
MonkeyDustblscoe  luckybackup is a gui for rsync10:19
blscoeI just need to execute a command like robocopy with /E /IS switch :)10:19
blscoeI don't need a gui :)10:19
blscoebut thanks anyway10:19
MonkeyDustblscoe  man rsync10:19
ducasseblscoe: read the rsync or cp man pages, all the info you will need10:20
Sina-MalekiHello every one10:23
Sina-MalekiI need to know the canonical training courses program10:23
Sina-Malekidoes anyone know that ?10:23
MonkeyDustSina-Maleki  training in what, exactly?10:24
Sina-Malekiopenstack training10:25
MonkeyDustSina-Maleki  it says Read the course outline, click that10:26
Sina-MalekiI read it , but I need to know that when the courses start and on which country10:27
Sina-Malekiit seems that this details is not in the pdf10:27
OerHeksSina-Maleki, contact them? http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/openstack/training/contact-us10:28
Sina-MalekiI did it past week but nothing happens . MAAS has perfect ability and I deploy it on the hp servers but for installing the openstack at last section it says that problem with loading bootstrap10:29
Sina-Malekianyway i think i should contact them tommorow10:30
Dathow can I assing superkey+d to show desktop10:39
MonkeyDustDat  in Unity it's already set by default10:40
DatMonkeyDust: i'm using kubuntu none of the keys for showing the desktop is working10:45
DatMonkeyDust: how can i manually assign it10:46
ducasseDat: try #kubuntu, maybe10:47
Datokay thx10:47
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we_are_oneI declared an array in bash like : declare -a ABC11:51
we_are_oneBut that works like variable any reason ?11:51
=== Cybert1nus is now known as Cybertinus
ducassewe_are_one: ask in #bash11:59
erialdohello I am using Ubuntu mate 16.04 and mouse freezes. Any solutions?12:07
Tachikomaserialdo Fresh install ?12:07
MonkeyDusterialdo  usb mouse, or wired?12:08
erialdoyou the mouse pad in the laptop12:08
erialdosorry I dont know the name now12:08
erialdoyes I just installed and updated and upgraded Ubuntu Mate12:08
erialdocursor seems to freeze from time to time a few seconds. its becoming annoying12:09
=== newguy is now known as dibs_
lzjqsddyou mean your mouse some times disappear?12:12
MonkeyDusterialdo  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/157684412:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576844 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Touchpad/Trackpad freezes then eventually unfreezes (repeatedly)" [Medium,New]12:12
erialdono it just freezes12:12
erialdofor a few seconds12:13
paranoidabhihi guys!12:13
lzjqsddthere are some problem on ubuntu,you can find the display settings,there may be a unknown display12:14
paranoidabhi Please help with this http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04. Stuck at it for long12:14
erialdoyes the touchpad :) couldn't find the name thanks @MonketDust12:14
lzjqsddthen disabled it12:14
paranoidabhiI asked here before also. :) Forgive me if encountered the same question before.12:14
erialdoActually I am using the stable Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I see now that this happens to multiple users12:16
erialdoI hope they resolve it soon because I really like this distro12:17
tatertotswell thank you12:20
jstooneI've just found out that for some reason I have to use `sudo mysql -u root -p` when wanting to connect to mysql, how come I have to be superuser?12:21
tatertotshave you setup any 'other' users for database administration?...answer is probably no12:22
tatertotsand "i don't know" is close enough for 'no' in that context12:22
paranoidabhiany ideas?12:23
tatertotsthat goes against best practices but it's your database so whatevs12:23
jstoonewhen looking at the process' i see it's just running from the default mysql user. but adding mysel to the group might help12:24
msev-why would sudo arp-scan  --retry 5 --quiet --localnet --interface=wlan0 | grep -s -i macaddressofmyphone work from my netbook while from my orangepi it doesn't work12:24
jstoonetatertots: ah you're talking about me logging in as root mysql user. yes it's just while setting it up12:25
tatertotswhat error do you get msev-?12:25
MonkeyDustmsev-  pi is not supported here12:25
kvmmmhi guys. Anyone know how I can open an encrypted container created in Windows?12:25
kvmmmin Ubuntu?12:25
msev-tatertots, ioctl: No such device12:25
msev-maybe its the network interface name12:26
MonkeyDustkvmmm  docker or lxc?12:27
kvmmmI don't know what either of those are. I'm fresh from Windows and don't know anything12:27
ducassekvmmm: encrypted container created by what?12:28
msev-yes it was that12:28
msev-i failed lol12:28
kvmmmit was created using VeraCrypt.12:28
ducassekvmmm: then try veracrypt for linux?12:28
MonkeyDustfind feracrypt12:28
kvmmmoh, ok. That makes sense12:28
MonkeyDust!find veracrypt12:28
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=veracrypt&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all12:28
kvmmmis feracrypt the linux version of veracrypt?12:28
kvmmmis there a recomended encryption app I should use in general?12:29
paranoidabhiany ideas folks?12:30
Tachikomasdocker have several security issues. For security, use Vms.12:30
MonkeyDustkvmmm  http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/encrypt-data-in-linux-with-veracrypt-an-alternative-to-truecrypt12:30
kvmmmwhat is docker?12:30
kvmmmand what is vms?12:30
ducasseparanoidabhi: if we did, you would have had an answer. patience.12:31
MonkeyDustkvmmm  do you actually *know* what you are doing and why?12:31
kvmmmno, haha12:31
kvmmmbut I'm trying to learn12:31
Tachikomaskvmmm why do you want to use encryption ?12:31
MonkeyDustkvmmm  come back here when you found out12:31
kvmmmwell, I don't actually want to say what I'm using encryption for.12:31
kvmmmSorry, I don't want to be rude12:32
kvmmmI do have a legit reason for it.12:32
Tachikomaskvmmm is it for a server ? A desktop ?12:32
Ben64kvmmm: all encryption does is make things harder for you, see https://xkcd.com/538/12:32
TachikomasSo. Try to encrypt the disk, and the home partition.12:33
kvmmmwill I get a huge disk slowdown using full disk encryption?12:33
BluesKajHiyas all12:34
kvmmmbecause I also use my computer for music production12:34
Ben64kvmmm: it will be slower than not using encryption, it's harder to recover, harder to do everything12:34
kvmmmso I think an encrypted container is better than full disk12:34
TZandernotice that audio production on even a relatively modern harddrive should realy not be an issue with encryption12:35
TZanderyou won't even notice12:35
Tachikomaskvmmm i dont have performance issue.12:35
Tachikomasand i work in TV production.12:35
TZanderunless you start copying gigabytes, but audio is not that big12:35
kvmmmare you using samples / VSTi?12:36
Ben64so whats the actual reason you have for wanting encryption kvmmm12:36
TachikomasTZander even with gigabytes.12:36
kvmmmI'm a composer and I use VSTi heavily.12:36
TZanderkvmmm: the question is how big are your files.12:36
Ben64no, the real question is how powerful is the system12:37
kvmmmthe music production files, or the encrypted files?12:37
TZanderthey are not the same?12:37
kvmmmabout 800gb of samples for music. These don't need to be encrypted.12:37
kvmmmabout 100gb of stuff that needs encrypting12:38
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kvmmmI'm running an i7 Haswell with 32gb ram12:38
Ben64why does it need encrypting? are hackers trying to steal your hard drive?12:38
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
TZanderkvmmm: I doubt you'll notice a slowdown at all for those 800GB using encryption.  The biggest annoyance is in usage, I'm sure12:39
kvmmmjust trust me that I really need encryption12:39
tatertotshmm maybe he has taylor swifts new master recordings and he wants to protect them against possible theft LMAO12:40
tatertotsi know...i know...i'm reaching right lol12:40
kvmmmI don't need write speed, only read speed. Continuous and random12:40
TZanderkvmmm: which means that you need to give your password on boot.  Which means that as long as you are running, your encrypted files will be open and easy to take. Which also means that if you sleep your machine, it will not hide your encrypted files.12:40
Ben64also a wrench can get your files12:41
kvmmmso again a container is better, because I will only open it when it's needed, and close it when it's needed12:41
TZanderSo, if you really want only that 100GB, I suggest a separate partition for that. Which you only mount when you really need it.12:41
kvmmmanyone here use Whonix?12:41
Tachikomasso, juste create a new encrypted partition, set a password, and mount it when it's needed.12:41
TZanderand, to be clear, Ben64 has a good point.  Encryption is not protection. If people break in and want your files they can just use physical means to get you to say what your password is.12:42
TZanderdon't underestimate bad people.12:42
Ben64most encryption just makes you lose your files12:42
kvmmmbut you can also have a hidden partition within the container12:42
Ben64people come in here all the time with forgotten passwords or damaged partitions and they lose everything12:43
kvmmmgive the fake password, and they'll find something benign and maybe embarrasing enough to justify the encryption12:43
tatertotsgood point Ben64....suge knight style decryption lol12:43
TZanderBen64: not knowing how to use it is not a reason to stop protecting yourself.12:43
TachikomasTZander +112:43
Ben64what protection12:43
TachikomasProctect yourself against yourself.12:43
Ben64who is this boogeyman that is after everyone's hard drive12:44
Ben64it's like putting a The Club on your 1994 ford ranger, nobody cares12:45
TachikomasEncryption is just a protect to ensure your device physically. They dont protect you from malware and other things. If you can't store a password, dont try to encrypt.12:45
MonkeyDustkvmmm  if you even cant get in yourself, you know it's secure12:45
\9yea the only total security is no access whatsoever12:45
tatertotsencryption is required as per policy sometimes...not that it's for protection..but it's the policy12:46
TZanderBen64: if you don't understand why some people like to encrypt their data, thats fine.  You don't have to use it :) Just don't tell others they should not protect themselves. I guess you also don't like tor and ssl ;)12:46
tatertotswant to BYOD bring your own device into the enterprise...a policy may require encryption12:47
tatertotsgotta follow the rules if you wanna play ball sometimes12:47
paranoidabhiducasse, ok :)/. Please let me know if I provide more information.12:47
kvmmmdoes ubuntu use a page-file btw?12:47
paranoidabhiDoes dual-booting your system with windows slow down the boot of ubuntu?12:48
\9paranoidabhi: no12:48
kvmmmbecause wouldn't there be a chance of info from an encrypted container being spilled into the pagefile?12:48
paranoidabhi\9, ok thanks12:48
tatertotsare you counting the seconds it takes to select which os you want to boot?..versus it just having a single OS and booting straight into it?12:48
Ben64TZander: encryption is mostly useless. so is tor.12:49
\9paranoidabhi: aside from the time spent in the grub menu, of course12:49
tatertotswe can break out a stop watch and prove that12:49
paranoidabhi\9, yes ofcourse.12:49
MonkeyDustkvmmm  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVdg_1g5ukM12:50
paranoidabhiWith fastboot and bash in windows 10. I am having second thoughts of ubuntu. I hope I can somehow fix the slow boot.12:50
cecjaparanoidabhi: how long does your ubuntu installation take to boot to DE?12:51
paranoidabhi60 secs to kde loading screen. 120 secs from there on to workable desktop.12:52
paranoidabhicecja, ^12:52
kvmmmstartrek guys are forgetting their £%^&%^& symbols in the password12:52
cecjaparanoidabhi: that is a fuking long time... do you have an ssd?12:52
jaimatadiYesterday ubuntu was detecting my monitor correctly and also the resolution was 1366x768 .. but today it is unable to detect my monitor and also the screen resolution is 1024x768 max...12:54
jaimatadihow to correct this problem12:54
paranoidabhicecja, no it is hdd. But still it is very long.12:54
jaimatadiYesterday ubuntu was detecting my monitor correctly and also the resolution was 1366x768 .. but today it is unable to detect my monitor and also the screen resolution is 1024x768 max... how to correct this problem?12:55
tatertotsjaimatadi was the computer "updated"?12:55
paranoidabhiRaspberry pi with ubuntu mate takes 20 secs to boot!12:55
Ben64raspberry pi is ssd12:55
jaimatadi3 days ago i fresd installed ubuntu12:55
tatertotswill it allow you to set your resolution back to your desired res?12:55
jaimatadiand today monitor is not detected12:56
paranoidabhiBen64, isn't the hardrive sd-card?12:56
jaimatadinope tatertots12:56
tatertotsno display/monitor at all is different than 'running at lower res' so which is it jaimatadi?12:56
paranoidabhicecja, maybe it relates to this bug https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=107421. I suspect this due to the long network manager time.12:56
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 107421 in Network "r8169 - rtl_counters_cond == 1 (loop: 1000, delay: 10). (klog spam)" [Normal,New]12:56
tatertotsdo you have no display at all?...or just lower res display...12:56
Ben64paranoidabhi: yes, is an sd card not solid state ?12:56
jaimatadidisplay is coming12:56
jaimatadilow resolution12:57
tatertotsokay..when i hear monitor not detected...that makes me think you have no display at all12:57
kvmmmanyone here use Whonix or Tails?12:58
tatertotswhich is not the case12:58
tatertotswhich gpu do you have jaimatadi?12:58
jaimatadino no ... it is showing unknown display ... but yesterday ... it was detecting it correctly as a samsung12:58
jaimatadii have intel12:58
kvmmmTails isn't meant to be used in a VM, because the host machine might not be trusted. So does Whonix somehow *not* trust the host? Or does it have the same flaw?12:58
tatertotsah okay i get what you're trying to convey now12:58
ducassekvmmm: we support neither here.12:59
jaimatadihow to go about this problem tatertots ?12:59
kvmmmpeople say not to use either with Windows, because Windows is insecure as a host, but what about Ubuntu?13:00
kvmmmCan I trust Ubuntu for that? Or do I need something else, like Arch or some hardened kernel?13:00
ducassekvmmm: you should run them on bare metal, not in a vm, is what it means.13:01
tatertotskvmm windows is insecure?...hmm i wonder why they have all that desktop and enterprise market share?13:01
money_master"Secure" is a vague term.13:01
tatertotsand just think all these companies using "exchange" and windows is insecure...wow13:01
money_masterSecure from whom is a better question.13:01
OerHeksCan you trust "people" saying such things, kvmmm ?13:02
jaimatadi tatertots any idea about my problem?13:02
money_masterkvmmm I just arrived in the room...what are you asking about?13:02
SebthreeBQM10HD /join #ubuntu-touch13:03
kvmmmbaremetal is inconvinient. But I thought Whonix was meant to be run in a VM?13:03
jaimatadiYesterday ubuntu was detecting my monitor correctly (Samsung) and also the resolution was 1366x768 .. but today it is unable to detect my monitor(unknown display) and also the screen resolution is 1024x768 max...13:03
=== RAX is now known as rax-
ducassekvmmm: we still don't support them. ask the guys who make whonix.13:03
money_masterkvmmm are you asking about whonix? There is a whonix channel on OFTC.13:03
kvmmmok, I'll ask13:04
=== rax- is now known as RAX
OerHeksyes, they want virtualbox .. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VirtualBox .. really13:04
kvmmmmy question really though is whether Ubuntu is a safe host for virtualizing.13:04
kvmmmor whether there will be 'spill' like in Windows13:04
money_masterirc.oftc.net/9999 #whonix channel13:04
tatertotsspill?...wow all those enterprises using Hyper-V must have not done their homework13:05
MonkeyDustkvmmm  i think you're seeing ghosts, problems where there are none13:06
tatertotsearth to kvmm....earth to kvmm13:06
tatertotsFortune 500 companies are using Hyper-V and they have pro IT...what's this spill you speak of dude13:07
kvmmmFortune 500 are using Windows?13:09
tatertotsuh yeah...where do you work?...seen the server room?...ask your IT13:09
tatertotseven if you're a student...i bet your school uses exchange for email13:10
tatertotsi'd almost be willing to bet my bottom dollar on it13:11
SchrodingersScatwhat are we even talking about, how is this topic13:11
Narwhaalcan I install a wireless package for a specific computer on another computer ?13:14
ikoniaNarwhaal: whats the real problem13:14
Narwhaalthen make a custom disk containing that package and format the other computer ?13:14
ikoniaas what you've said makes no sense13:14
Narwhaalikonia: basically the computer I want to format has only wireless support13:15
Narwhaalno ethernet13:15
Narwhaalso what I want to do is install ubuntu13:15
ikoniaNarwhaal: ok, what wireless card/chipset is in it13:15
Narwhaalbut with wireless drivers13:15
NarwhaalI can't remember :(13:15
Narwhaalit's a tp-link something13:15
Narwhaallemme google quick13:15
Narwhaalthat one13:16
ikoniaok - so what ubuntu packages do you need to make that work ?13:16
NarwhaalI can't remember that either xD13:16
Narwhaalit's written down at work13:16
vshamrjust installed ubuntu 14.04 in vmware but the gui just wont launch ! , any one ple help13:16
ikoniaok - so this is all stuff you need to know before even discussing anything else13:16
ikoniavshamr: what do you mean won't launch13:17
NarwhaalI remember I googled it13:17
Narwhaallemme see13:17
OerHeksNarwhaal, you could always use a second usb for those packages13:17
vshamropen teerminal into runlevel 213:17
Narwhaalikonia: linux-headers-generic build-essential13:18
ikoniavshamr: ubuntu runs at run level 2 by default13:18
ikoniaNarwhaal: ok - so thats a lot of packages as build-essential is a meta package13:18
vshamrit opens terminal at run level 2 but wont go further to launch the GUI , not sure whats stopping it , i installed desktop version13:18
ikoniavshamr: look at the xorg log13:18
ikoniaNarwhaal: so you have 2 realistic options13:19
Narwhaalwhat are they13:19
Narwhaaltbh it was between Ubuntu and archlinux13:19
Narwhaalsince my coworkers are stupid bricks I'm using ubuntu13:19
ikoniaNarwhaal: 1.) build the module on another machine and just carry that across over say a usb 2.)put all the packages on a usb move that across and built it locally13:19
ikoniaNarwhaal: your co-workers are stupid bricks ??13:20
Narwhaalikonia: ok thanks, I'll look into that13:20
Narwhaalikonia: yep, they're retarded13:20
ikoniaerrr please don't call people that13:20
ikoniawhy ?13:20
ikoniaI'm not seeing the problem13:20
Narwhaalcause they're not clever13:20
Narwhaalthey're slow13:20
Narwhaalthey mess up all my workl13:20
Narwhaalwork *13:20
tatertotsthat's not nice13:20
ikoniaand yet you're asking how to do things13:20
ikoniaI suggest you leave it there and go about your work13:21
NarwhaalI don't use ubuntu so13:21
NarwhaalI'm a gentoo/arch type of guy13:21
ikoniaNarwhaal: it's the same thing13:21
=== BorisM is now known as BorisA
Narwhaaldifferent PMs13:21
ikoniaNarwhaal: you'd do the same on any distro13:21
ikoniaNarwhaal: ha ha ha ha ha  - no13:21
ikoniaNarwhaal: it's the same thing, you'd still have to move the module or build it13:21
Narwhaalidk how to work apt13:21
vshamrxorg log not there in /var/log13:21
NarwhaalI know13:21
ikoniait's not hting to do with apt13:21
Narwhaalbut I thought it would be easier13:21
Narwhaalconsidering this is ubuntu13:21
Narwhaaland everything's easier13:22
ikoniait's about 10 minutes work13:22
ikoniavery easy13:22
NarwhaalI was expecting 213:22
ikoniaand exactly the same approach as the distro you'd use13:22
Narwhaallook, it's been sorted now, and I thanked you13:22
Narwhaallet's leave it there ?13:22
ikoniasounds like you don't really understand what you're doing13:22
NarwhaalI do13:22
ikoniadoens't sound like it13:22
ducassethen you wouldn't need help for something so basic.13:23
vshamrikonia: i checked the log file in /var/log , it doesnt appear there13:23
Narwhaalducasse: I was just hoping apt would have external installer or something13:23
ikoniavshamr: what is the name of the log file you are looking for13:23
Narwhaalthat I wouldn't have to build it myself13:23
ikoniaNarwhaal: how could it have an external installer ?13:23
ikoniaNarwhaal: you've just stated your machine has no network13:23
Narwhaallike apt --install-from package.tar.gz13:23
ikoniaNarwhaal: make a deb - then just dpkg -i $your_deb13:24
excelsiorafish seems like a weird shell13:24
vshamranything with xorg in it :p13:24
ikoniathat way you can repeat it on many machines in seconds13:24
Narwhaalikonia: as I said I have no idea how the hell ubuntu or debian work13:24
Narwhaalthat's why I came here13:24
ikoniaNarwhaal: so really your actual question is "how do I package a kernal module for re-use on multiple ubuntu machines'13:24
NarwhaalI log this channel and strip out the nonsense and save the advice given for specific problems so I can learn faster13:24
Narwhaalikonia: yes13:25
ikoniaNarwhaal: ok - so maybe try asking the right question13:25
ikoniaNarwhaal: bottom line - use an ubuntu box to build a deb - 30 minutes work,13:25
Narwhaalwhat's a deb ?13:25
ikoniathen you can either include that deb in your install or just drop it in later via usb13:25
Narwhaalpackage repo ?13:25
ikoniaNarwhaal: it's the package format13:25
NarwhaalI can't download it ?13:26
NarwhaalI mean13:26
Narwhaalmultiple applications13:26
ikoniawhat ?13:26
Narwhaalidk how to say it13:26
ikoniacan I talk to one of your co-workers please13:26
Narwhaalcan I for instance have multiple .deb files in one ?13:26
ikoniait sounds like they may know more13:26
ikoniayou don't need that13:26
Narwhaalikonia: they can't use anything more than windows 9813:26
ikoniayou just want the kernel module for your wifi card13:26
ikoniaso just build a deb that contains the kernel module, then install that on the other machines13:27
Narwhaalok then13:27
Narwhaalthanks for advice13:27
vshamrin /var/log ; i did grep for xorg in the listing13:27
Narwhaaloh one more thing13:27
ikoniavshamr: just type "ls" and look13:28
ikoniait's not called xorg13:28
Narwhaalis it possible to include more than one package in a .deb file or do I have to have seperate files ?13:28
Narwhaal(if possible I want media players too)13:28
ikoniaNarwhaal: you didn't know what a deb file was13:28
ikoniaNarwhaal: so why are you now asking this13:28
ducasseNarwhaal: it wouldn't make sense to do so13:28
ikoniaNarwhaal: you can put what you want in a deb file13:28
vshamrits  not ther ikonia :}13:28
ikoniaNarwhaal: but it would be silly do bunlde everything in one13:29
ikoniavshamr: what's not there13:29
Narwhaalikonia: cause I'm going to make one per your instructions ...13:29
ikoniaNarwhaal: I told you to make one for the kernel module13:29
ikonianothing more13:29
Narwhaaland I'm asking for more information ??13:29
ducassevshamr: /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:29
Narwhaalgod dammit you're the most frustrating person to talk to13:29
ikoniaNarwhaal: you'll find how it works when you start building it13:30
vshamrnope not there13:30
ikoniaNarwhaal: you can put what you want in it13:30
vshamrducasse : not there13:30
ikoniaNarwhaal: then X is not trying to start13:30
ikoniaNarwhaal: sorry - not you13:30
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
Narwhaalikonia: that's all I wanted to know13:30
vshamri guss i nee to check the package installation , whats the pkg name13:30
ikoniavshamr: then X is not trying to strart13:30
ikoniavshamr: what is the name of the media you used to install13:30
excelsiorawho uses the fish shell?13:30
ikoniaexcelsiora: what's your question ?13:30
vshamrubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64 iso from ubuntu ikonia13:31
excelsioraDoes anyone use fish?13:31
ikoniaexcelsiora: what is your question13:31
ikoniavshamr: so that should install and try to autostart the desktop for you13:31
ikoniavshamr: please pastebin the output of ls -la /var/log13:31
paranoidabhiqbittorrent question: is it possible to allow streaming while downloading?13:32
ikoniaparanoidabhi: that seems illogical13:32
excelsioraMy question is, who, on God's green Earth, uses the shell named fish?13:32
paranoidabhiikonia, why?13:32
ikoniaexcelsiora: thats not a question for ubuntu13:32
ikoniaparanoidabhi: unless you can download faster than you can watch, you'd run out, which if you can download that fast, why would you just not wait13:33
MonkeyDust!info fish13:33
ubottufish (source: fish): friendly interactive shell. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-3 (xenial), package size 456 kB, installed size 2274 kB13:33
excelsioraok, so who uses it?13:34
ikoniaexcelsiora: please stop asking13:34
ikoniaexcelsiora: that is not a question for ubuntu13:34
ikoniaexcelsiora: if you have a question you need help with, then please ask that13:34
paranoidabhiikonia, hmm... I don't understand that. When downloading huge files, it is desirable feature. utorrent has it. I can't find it in qbitorrent13:35
ikoniaparanoidabhi: as the qbittorrent guys then13:35
ducasseexcelsiora: do you actually have a question, or are you conducting a poll?13:37
SchrodingersScatparanoidabhi: there's some webrtc things that can do that.13:37
paranoidabhiI found this mentioned online "Right click on a torrent and enable download of first and last price first and enable sequential downloading". But I can't find it in qbittorrent anywhere.13:38
paranoidabhiSchrodingersScat, True, I was hoping to use it in qbittorrent itself.13:38
ducasseparanoidabhi: no, i've never seen that feature in qbittorrent. another client might have it.13:40
excelsioraIt seems to me, from perusing the hyperpolyglot page on shells, you could probably write a shell script that works in both zsh and bash, but I doubt it would work in fish.13:41
ikoniait would depend13:41
cecjaexcelsiora: go find it out and give us feedback if it works... hf13:41
ducasseexcelsiora: fish is intended as an interactive shell.13:41
paranoidabhiducasse, it seems to be there https://qbforums.shiki.hu/index.php?topic=4069.0 But I can't find it13:43
paranoidabhiRight click doesn't show it to me.13:43
active_insthi all, so my macbookpro anoyed me enough to pull its HDD out and swap it with a 500gb drive from an old PS4, I dloaded the ubuntu live cd and its been installing for about 3 hours13:44
active_instthat series of screens that advise all the cool things that come with ubuntu has been doing that for a while now13:44
active_instbut theres no progress indicator13:44
active_insthow do i know how far i am through this mission>13:45
ikoniamission ?13:45
ducasseparanoidabhi: ask them, then.13:45
ikoniaactive_inst: what are you actually trying to do13:45
excelsiora"Ubuntu makes /bin/sh a symlink to /bin/dash"13:45
active_instikonia - install ubuntu13:45
ikoniaactive_inst: what part of the install are you at ?13:45
active_instikonia, thats my question i quess13:46
ducasseexcelsiora: true. again - do you have a question?13:46
active_instikonia, the part after it says "im going to delete all the crap that was on this drive:13:46
ikoniaactive_inst: it never says that13:46
ikoniahow about telling us what it actually says13:46
ikoniaand what part you're really art13:46
active_instikonia, at the moment, it says "install (as uperuser)"13:47
ikoniaactive_inst: we won't be able to help you without details - and real details, not you making things up13:48
ikonia!install | active_inst13:48
ubottuactive_inst: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:48
ikonia!mac | active_inst13:48
ubottuactive_inst: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:48
ikoniaactive_inst: I suggest reading those links13:48
active_instwith a "welcome to ubuntu" screen that lets me cycle though more screens, like 'find more software' or 'take your music with you' etc13:49
active_instikonia, thanks13:49
active_inst@ikonia as i pulled the mac hdd out i cant really determine what version of macbook i used to have, but thanks anyway13:51
vshamrikonia , i cant pastebin the logs as iam in vmware session to the ubuntu installation13:53
ikoniawhy not ?13:54
vshamrunable to select the session contents , its like the ilom console13:56
ikoniaconnect via the network13:56
vshamrit wont allow , network cox refused13:57
opollen'refused' suggests that networkings's up but ssh isn't.  is sshd running?13:57
ikoniawhat files do you see if you do 'ls -la /var/log | grep -i x'13:57
sneakyhello , i am new to irc . feeling good13:59
vshamropollen, sshd is not running , so how can i satrt it , dont see the traditional .etc.init.d/sshd start up script14:01
opollenvshamr - and also not /etc/init.d/ssh ?14:01
vshamrikonia, it shows nothing for x in /var/log14:01
opollenvshamr: openssh-server provides it14:02
ikoniavshamr: then your machine is not starting xorg14:02
ikoniavshamr: what was the exact command you ran14:02
ikoniato check for the log14:02
vshamropollen , no , nothing there by ssh also14:02
opollenvshamr: then you'll need to install openssh-server first.14:03
vshamrok , openssh-server installation started the daemon , crazy it doesnt get installed automatically14:04
ikonianot at all14:04
ikonianot everyone wants an ssh server on their desktop14:04
vshamrikonia : v14:07
ikoniavshamr: so that suggests Xorg is not starting14:08
ikoniavshamr: is there anyting in lightdm directory14:08
vshamrthat directory is empty ikonia14:09
ikoniaso that suggests xorg is not even trying to start at all14:09
ikoniathis doesn't sound like a standard ubuntu-14.04-deskstop install14:09
ikoniawhere did you get the media from ?14:09
vshamrubuntu.com :)14:09
vshamrvia alternative doenloads14:09
ikoniathat seems very odd14:10
ikoniavshamr: please pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep -i unity"14:10
ikoniavshamr: so all the desktop stuff is there14:13
ikoniavshamr: have you messed with upstart at all ?14:13
vshamrits  basically complaining abt X11 dispplay issues , no ! i didnt fiddle with upstart14:13
ikoniavshamr: where is it complaining ?14:13
vshamrtrying to do # unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity14:15
vshamrthats when it complains on the session14:15
ikoniawhy ?14:15
ikoniayou're not running a gui14:15
ikoniathat is a gui tool14:15
ikoniahow do you expect that to work14:15
vshamr hmmm be my shepherd14:16
ikoniait looks like you have a problem with xorg on the vmware virtual display card, and also that xorg is not even trying to start up at boot time14:16
ikoniathose are the two things I'd suggest you look at working through14:17
vshamrfeels a bit heavy dose14:17
OerHeksDoes VMware reserves enough Videomem?14:18
vshamrhow do i check that14:18
tatertotsvmware will auto detect Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 and offer to "easy install" which sets up the recommended vhardware automagically unless the end users does something unnecessarily without good reason14:21
tatertotsi just installed 14.04 in a vm on vmware and my gui loaded just fine14:22
OerHeksvshamr, long time ago, vmware .. i think you should start with VMware Tools > "With VMware Tools, VMware provides optimized drivers and services for supported guest operating systems"14:22
tatertotseasy install even installs vmware tools automagically ..unless the end users unnecessarily modifies the 'easy install' settings without good reason14:23
vshamri went to sleep as soon as i started the installation process of ubuntu , in vmware and woke up to look at the terminal login prompt, and as far as i remember , i did not do nything to easy install even in my dreams14:24
tatertotsvshamr mentioned "alternate downloads" as his ubuntu media source....what's so alternative about what you're doing that you couldn't just grab the standard desktop iso?..14:24
vshamrBitTorrent , relaible downloading !!14:25
OerHeksoh oke, as long as you took the official torrents http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ you are fine14:26
tatertotsand vmware detected the iso of ubuntu and performed a "easy install" correct?14:26
vshamryes tatertots14:26
tatertotsyou might want to just confirm your media/ubuntu version, that it isn't server especially and reinstall already14:26
tatertotslet vmware 'easy install' you have no reason to do anything otherwise.14:28
tatertotsafter you reinstall and have a working gui please for the love of all things holy power off the ubuntu vm and take a snapshot14:31
vshamr:) ok14:31
cecjatatertots: where is the fun in that?14:33
opollenthe fun is in typing in a dangerous command right before the snapshot14:33
=== mortalius__ is now known as mortalius
tatertotsthe fun is if the end user borks their system, copy pasting things they don't understand, we can just say 'use your snapshot' and call it a day14:34
tatertotsthey bork it a second time ...rinse and repeat14:35
vshamrby the way iama pro with solaris, rhel and i was installing ubuntu for Openstack and it just lost its case to centos !! :P14:35
vshamrthough i will be back with ubuntu14:36
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=== Lando-SpaceIzzle is now known as mathphrenia
dormoolerHi. Doesanybody know if I could install Ubuntu on MEDION Akoya e1240t sold by Aldi Nord? I did not yet find useful information on the net...14:40
ducassedormooler: what is that - arm or x86?14:41
tatertotsit's x86 ...well it's cpu is 64 bit ...not arm7/10 based14:43
tatertotsso in theory yes14:43
opollen(although the only ubuntu server I have is arm)14:43
OerHeksMEDION Akoya e1240t   Atom™ x5-Z8350 Processor 4-core14:43
OerHeksdormooler, try the live iso and see14:44
dormoolerducasse; Itis ARM...14:44
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
tatertotswhat was that dormooler   ?   http://ark.intel.com/products/93361/Intel-Atom-x5-Z8350-Processor-2M-Cache-up-to-1_92-GHz14:45
tatertotslike OerKeks suggested 'try it and see'14:47
tatertotslooks like a pretty machine don't void your warranty14:48
dormoolerIt seems I mixed arm and Atom??14:48
OerHeksreally arm ? http://www.aldi.medion.com/md99860/nord/  14 nm atom is cool enough ..14:48
dormooler...so I will give it a try with Live-USB ;-)14:49
opollendormooler: if you thought that Atom was ARM, yes, you mixed it up.  it's just a low-power x86 CPU that competes with ARM14:49
OerHeksdisable fastboot in windows, then try live iso on usb or sdcard14:50
=== alchemistswl2 is now known as alchemistswl
tatertotsthe dead give away is it's running win10 home....since windows RT is the only arm cpu version of windows14:50
dormooleropollen: I see. Thanks for the explanation.14:50
dormoolertatertots: Yes, it's a very nice machine indeed. The problem is, that for me there is absolutely no use in having Windows installed. ;-)14:55
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thrasher88I need help from someone who speaks bulgarian...15:06
baizon!bg | thrasher8815:06
ubottuthrasher88: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently15:06
mathphreniawhat is the most convenient way to try ubuntu?15:10
ducassemathphrenia: live usb15:11
sdcInstall ubuntu to a flash drive and try live boot, not install15:11
marahinHello. Is there _any_ nice way to setup an external full HD screen to act normal, assuming that I have UHD screen on my laptop? By "normal" I mean proper scaling: in order to use my laptop I had to set display scaling to 2, and now every external display also scales 2x, which is really bad15:11
mathphreniahow large of the capacity of the usb is needed?15:13
ducassemathphrenia: 2G, the desktop image is only 1.4G15:18
mathphreniaducasse, thank you :-)15:18
ducassemathphrenia: np :)15:19
codepython777python3.3-dev -> is there a python3.5-dev?15:25
torpetis there a way to put a ubuntu installer on a laptop i want to sell?15:26
ducassecodepython777: there is on 16.0415:26
torpetso if the buyer starts, he should see the ubuntu installer15:27
ikoniatorpet: either install it for them, or don't15:28
ikoniatrying to boot the insaller from the disk you want to install to, is just creating a problem15:28
OerHeksthat would be oem install15:28
tatertotsK.I.S.S.....stick the liveCD in the drive and set the drive as the highest priority boot order15:28
Bashing-omtorpet: Boot the install medium to the boot options screen and choose "OEM Install" .15:28
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Guest97962Saludos al grupo.15:42
ducasse!es | Guest9796215:42
ubottuGuest97962: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:42
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we_are_oneGuest97962, we all are one15:43
HerzschlagNo we are not15:43
torpetBashing-om: thanks15:43
HerzschlagWe are different individuals15:44
Bashing-omtorpet: :) Small Thing .15:44
we_are_oneno intrinsically we all are one . Its just human who created a difference15:45
we_are_onegod is one15:46
ducassewe_are_one: god is also dead, haven't you heard?15:46
opollenwe_are_one: we're good at creating conditions that go on to blatantly be the case.  better not to dwell on what's no longer the case.15:46
DJoneswe_are_one: Please see the channel topic, this Ubuntu support, please use  other channels for general chat15:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:46
HerzschlagWe are one .. God is one, okay and ?15:47
DJonesHerzschlag: Just ignore it, its off topic15:48
we_are_oneand you should support Guest97962 on this channel15:48
HerzschlagDjones,  d'accord : )15:48
poisonbyWhat are we talking about?15:49
HerzschlagAbout Ubuntu15:49
siwyborsukhello guys15:50
HerzschlagHello siw15:50
siwyborsukwtf is jmj network? or this is virus?15:51
opollensiwyborsuk: where are you seeing it?15:51
poisonbyNever heard of15:51
ikoniasiwyborsuk: can you try to ask a clear question, in stead of some l33t speak nonsense15:51
opollenHerzschlag: he means "wtf", a term exclusively used be elite hackers.15:52
siwyborsukubuntu studio, there where is networks, but i can't delete15:52
ikoniathere where is network ???15:52
ikoniawhat does that even mean15:52
opollenikonia: something called "ubuntu studio" has a network interface.  the question relies on familiarity with that product.15:52
ikoniacobalt-red: I'm aware of ubuntu studiop15:52
ikoniaopollen: I know what ubuntustudio is15:53
HerzschlagOp, interesting thank you, Does it mean that he is a hacker?15:53
ikoniathe network is still configured from gnome-network-manager15:53
ikoniaHerzschlag: no15:53
opollensiwyborsuk: I've no idea what you mean and ikonia, who is familiar with this program, also doesn't know.  if you can provide a screenshot of this network that you can't delete, that may help.15:54
HerzschlagIkoni , not all elite developers are hackers?15:54
ikoniaHerzschlag: a pointless discussion, not for this channel15:54
ikoniaHerzschlag: please stick to ubuntu discussion in here15:54
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siwyborsuki'cant make screenhot15:55
ikoniasiwyborsuk: you either need to make a screen shot, expain why you can't make a screen shot or be able to describe the problem clearly15:56
ikoniano point in disucsing it until one of those is resolved15:56
HerzschlagSiw, well you can take a screenshot then upload it on the Internet15:56
HerzschlagThen send its link here15:56
siwyborsuklook like interface, but is nothing up there15:56
ikoniasiwyborsuk: that's just words15:57
opollenthose words are so non-descriptive that I now know less about your question15:57
siwyborsukbut I can click this15:57
ducassesiwyborsuk: maybe you could try a channel in your native language?15:57
ikoniasiwyborsuk: you either need a screenshot - or the ability to describe it15:57
siwyborsuki need charge laptop, give me some minutes15:58
fuzeI am trying to set up pulseaudio-dlna but it does not detect my playstation 4. how can i get it working?16:03
lickalottmorning all.  I have a thumb drive that apparently someone tried to run a live distro off of.  I threw it in Gparted to format and now it only shows 8gb of total space.  It's a 32gb drive.  I've dd'd it, i've reformatted through cli, i've rebuilt the partition table.....  Still only shows 8gb.   Any thoughts?16:03
iorialickalott, can you paste  df -hT ?16:06
lickalottioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18989564/16:06
iorialickalott, i assumed mounted ...16:06
lickalottnot anymore16:07
lickalottwait 116:07
iorialickalott, mount it, and rerun the command16:07
lickalotti had to relabel after the dd16:07
cecjalickalott: your partition table is fucked if you have nothing you need on the stick nuke it16:10
lickalottioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/18989841/16:10
teward!language | cecja16:10
ubottucecja: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:10
ioriai've rebuilt the partition table16:10
lickalottcecja, I don't need anything on it.  I just want it back to normal.16:10
lickalottI've already ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M but even after that gparted only sees 7.32 gb available.16:11
iorialickalott,  it does not automount ?16:11
iorialickalott,  why ?16:11
iorialickalott,  have you used gparted ?16:12
akiklickalott: "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" should show more details about the storage device16:12
lickalottoh it does16:12
lickalotti guess I didn't wait long enough last time16:12
cecjalickalott: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=116:12
iorialickalott,  have you used gparted ?16:12
lickalottyes, i've tried gparted a few times. and fdisk16:12
iorialickalott,  i suggest you try again... delete partitions, recreate PT (msdos) and reformat16:13
transmissioni want t o download that PC desktop file of 3.8GB with transmission?16:13
transmissionhow can i do that?16:13
cecjalickalott: after that show us the output of "parted /dev/sdb print"16:13
transmissionit doesnt say, that it is a torrent,but i selected transmission,but stil it goes for direct download?16:14
lickalottbefore - http://paste.ubuntu.com/18990129/16:14
transmissionsince it is 4GB file it WILL EVENTUALLY be interrupted, and i will be unable to download it?16:14
transmissionlickalott: ?16:14
iorialickalott,  and try ntfs not vfat16:14
transmissionanyone knows? i cant use transmission , why?16:15
cecjatransmission: there is a magnet link on the download site mom16:15
ducassetransmission: you need to download torrent files with transmission16:15
iorialickalott,  it's sdb or sdc ?16:15
cecjacecja: http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent?_ga=1.262932364.1881899960.146816732616:15
cecjatransmission: http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent?_ga=1.262932364.1881899960.146816732616:15
lickalottAfter - http://paste.ubuntu.com/18990425/16:17
transmissionhttp://www.pcbsd.org/ PC-BSD not ubuntu. since i am on ubuntu, and cant use transmission? cecja16:17
cecjatransmission: sorry i thought you wanted to download the ubuntu iso ... here is the link for the bsd deviat you linked http://download.pcbsd.org/iso/10.3-RELEASE/edge/amd64/pcbsd10.3-release.torrent16:17
lickalottioria, cecja ^16:18
opollenlickalott: the unpleasant thing there is the sector count on the first line.  It's very close to the sector count of the one partition there.  therefore, changing partitions isn't going to do anything about /dev/sdc16:18
lickalottlost me there.....16:18
opollenlickalott: I've seen this crap before, but I've only cleaned it up with windows (because this happened precisely when I was trying to replace windows with linux)16:18
cecjalickalott: did you execute this command as root? dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=116:19
opollenlickalott: first line of that paste.  15347712 sectors.  vs. partition: 15345664 sector.16:19
lickalottwith the exception of the "count=1"16:19
opollenthe *device*, according to linux, is about 8GB16:19
cecjalickalott: do the count=1 it nukes the mbr and partition table16:19
transmissionhow did u do that? cecja ? where is the magnet link?16:19
lickalottdd takes a bit.  I'll run it now and get back to you guys later?16:19
transmissioni would like that method for severeal other downloads,so please tell16:20
cecjatransmission: on the download page at the bottom is one torrent link16:20
=== vicky is now known as Guest7101
cecjatransmission: what you need is a proper http download manager if you have problems with downloads getting interrupted16:20
=== Guest7101 is now known as vicky007
cecjalickalott: ofc16:20
vicky007hello guys16:20
vicky007hows you ?16:21
transmissionoh on the downloads page, i was searching on the main page. sorry16:21
lickalottoh....wow...  it completed within 2 secs.16:21
lickalottdoesn't seem right.....16:21
transmissionlickalott: idiot16:21
transmissionthat is the torrent file, u have to click that and then it will BEGIN16:21
vicky007what is going on in here ???16:22
lickalotti'm not talking to or at you transmission16:22
* lickalott isn't the guy that can't figure out how to download things.....16:22
cecjalickalott: can you paste the fdisk?16:22
ducassetransmission: don't call people idiots16:23
transmissioncecja: i get so many downlaod managers, which do u use?16:23
transmissionalso, will it continue fromm there? or will begin from scratch.16:23
transmissionyour advice is great16:23
lickalottcecja, pm?  pastebinit doesn't work within fdisk16:23
WulfIn launchpad, how do I set a bug as "problem in upstream" and link the upstream bug report?16:25
transmissioncecja: have u personally used any download managers?16:26
transmissionwhich is ur fav?16:26
Wulfnever mind, found it16:27
akikWulf: where was it?16:27
Wulfakik: "also affects other project"16:28
Wulfakik: anyway, feature doesn't work because LP doesn't like SourceForge16:29
ffeeWhich is better Ubuntu live cd or DVD?16:30
ffeeWhat is the difference?16:31
ikoniathere is no live cd16:31
Wulfffee: the difference between cd and dvd?16:31
ikoniait needs a DVD16:31
=== zen is now known as Guest61169
transmissionwhy do u use ubuntu? what do u think of arch? i use arch as well as my main distro aslong side ubuntu16:31
ikoniatransmission: use what you want16:32
transmissioni am mailny an arch user.16:32
Wulftransmission: I don't know arch and I don't care.16:32
ikoniait's up to you what you use,16:32
transmissionwhat do u feel of arch?16:32
ikonianot for this channel16:32
ffeeWhich should i download?16:32
transmissiondo u feel they are advanced users?16:32
ikoniaask the arch people what they think of arch16:32
Wulftransmission: I don't know arch and I don't care.16:32
ikoniatransmission: no - this is not for this channel16:32
transmissioncuz i feel ubuntu users are backwards and fear linux command line16:32
ikoniaffee: there is NO live cd16:32
ikoniaffee: it's a DVD only16:32
k1l!ot | transmission16:32
ubottutransmission: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:32
Wulftransmission: I know that you use arch and I don't like you.16:33
ikoniaWulf: there is no need for that16:33
ikoniaplease let it go16:33
transmissionhow do u know me?16:33
transmissioni think ubuntu guys are noobs16:34
ikoniatransmission: enough now16:34
ikoniaplease stop it16:34
Wulfikonia: You must feed the trolls, they will get fatter and fatter and eventually they'll burst.16:34
opollen"Wulf doesn't like you.  I don't like you either."16:34
ikoniaopollen: ENOUGH]16:35
opollensure, it may take me a while to work moderation into the joke.16:36
OerHeksAs Deutche Bank is worth as much as Snapchat today, is there a linux client available ? of snapchat?16:37
ikoniaOrion3k: mobile platforms only I believe16:37
ikoniaOerHeks: ^16:37
OerHeksThank you ikonia, no pokomon go, no snapchat :-(16:38
ffeeikonia: i found it here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD16:40
ffeeTx for ur support.16:40
ikoniaffee: yes, thats a web page16:40
sat-buddhiI've had a problem with installing 16.04 LTS; screen goes black and I can't see the interface16:40
Awest21Can someone help me, I just burned an image of Ubuntu 16.04LTS amd64 to install on a computer it said the disc burned and verified correctly but when installing it on the desktop it loaded to a desktop screen then froze. I tried searching ubuntu's downloads for alternative copies of 16.04 but they only offer one image that I can find. I know there use to be other versions available like a lower resource installer16:42
SchrodingersScat!mini | Awest21 there's always the mini.iso16:42
ubottuAwest21 there's always the mini.iso: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:42
sat-buddhii couldn't install  version 16.04 LTS16:42
ioriaAwest21, your specs ?16:43
juanfranAwest21, when it is frozen?16:43
juanfranon init desktop?16:43
=== offworldcoffee is now known as e-coffee
Awest21I dont know the specs of the desktop offhand ioria but I know it can handle Ubuntu it has run it in the past I'm just doing a clean install /update. And thank you SchrodingersScat I couldnt find that on their site myself. I'll reburn and try the full ISO one more time then try the minimal if it fails again16:44
Awest21Yes juanfran it loaded the deskop background and top menu bar then the screen glitched and freezes16:45
kvmmmanyone every use an ubuntu phone?16:45
juanfranmaybe is the graphics card..16:45
kulelu88how do I rollback an apt-get install dist-upgrade?16:45
MonkeyDust!phone | kvmmm16:45
ubottukvmmm: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:45
mcphailkulelu88: you don't. Apt isn't designed for rollbacks16:46
filifunkWhen I turn on my computer I always have to take out my wireless usb wifi device and plug it back in in order to get onto the wifi...is there a way to not have to do this?16:46
juanfrani had a nvidia card and always ubuntu was frozen..16:46
=== metaphysician is now known as Guest31902
MonkeyDustjuanfran  yes, nvidia does not like linux16:50
ikonianvidia is fine with linux16:53
juanfranwith private drivers, sure16:55
ikoniait depends on the card and your expectations16:55
opollenas windows *only* has private drivers, does this make worse than linux for nvidia?16:55
ikoniathe noveu modules are good for a lot of situations, others require the nvidia provided blobs16:55
=== Jack__ is now known as lzto
=== JanC is now known as Guest45777
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
MrSassyPantsso I have this weird issue with cpufreq where it always sets the minimum frequency to the maximum frequency at boot17:00
MrSassyPantsas I actually wanted to have ondemand powersaving, I had a line added to rc.local17:00
MrSassyPantsbut now it is either as if the line wasn't executed at all, or something after the line reset the value back to normal17:01
thunders-truckSo you can't fix vpn data leaks with duct tape...17:01
MonkeyDustMrSassyPants  there's indicator-cpfreq, an interactive applet17:02
MrSassyPantsMonkeyDust, I just installed that but then realized that since I'm running kde it probably won't be of much use to me17:02
JamesBI just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and now am stuck wiht it saying "error: unknown command 'knetbsd'. Failed to boot default entries.' Is there any way I can get into an editor or anything from here or is my VPS basically screwed?17:03
MrSassyPantsJamesB, why not 16.0417:04
JamesBBecause I was on 12.0417:04
thunders-truckwhat's your fav vpn?17:05
OerHeksJamesB, usually VPS-vendors tweak the images heavily, ask them for an upgrade17:05
ikoniathunders-truck: it doesn't matter what other people like, it depends what you like and what's specific to your needs17:05
JamesBThere is no VPS vendor. I'm running stock KVM.17:06
tgm4883JamesB: if you're just trying to get to an editor have you tried booting in recovery mode?17:07
thunders-truckthnx ikonia - guess I have to research what I want to keep private.17:07
JamesBHow would I go about doing that?17:08
JamesBAll it has is "Press any key to continue"17:08
tgm4883JamesB: when grub pops up, you go to advanced and select recovery mode17:08
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode17:08
thunders-truckJamesB did you check Ubuntu forums?17:08
OerHeksJamyou could try to boot into grub, and choose recovery, and perform sudo dpkg --configure -a17:08
thunders-trucksudo apt-get update, sudo apt-dist upgrade?17:09
JamesBGRUB doesn't pop up in any meaningful amount of time I can get access to17:11
tgm4883JamesB: from that recovery page "Quickly press and hold the Shift key, which will bring up the GNU GRUB menu. (If you see the Ubuntu logo, you've missed the point where you can enter the GRUB menu.)"17:12
tgm4883JamesB: right after "Wait until the BIOS has finished loading, or has almost finished. (During this time you will probably see a logo of your computer manufacturer.)"17:12
JamesBIt instantly goes to "error: too many titles for menuentry:" syntax Error Incorrect command etc. and then this error17:13
JamesBThere is no menu17:13
OerHeksUnfortunately, the GRUB menu disappears after a couple of seconds, which often doesn't leave time to connect using virt-viewer. There is a small trick here: shutdown the VM, run virt-viewer with the argument --wait17:13
tgm4883JamesB: plan B, pop in a live disk and edit the files from there17:13
kulelu88how do I undo an apt-get install dist-upgrade?17:20
tgm4883kulelu88: why do you want to do that?17:20
OerHekskulelu88, not. but you had that answer already17:21
kulelu88I got disconnected earlier sorry17:21
kulelu88tgm4883: I did a dist-upgrade on 14.04 and it upgraded the kernel to an unsupported 14.10 kernel. I want to roll it back to all 14.04 stuff17:21
tgm4883kulelu88: I believe that technically the 14.04 kernel is unsupported now as well17:22
kulelu88Also, is this just a wiki-suggestion or does it exist: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemRestore ?17:23
kulelu88tgm4883: I assumed that all packages on 14.04 were LTS, unless LTS means that only security-updates are applied to it17:23
BlueProtomanI'm using Ubuntu 16.04.  If I upgrade to Qt 5.7, am I liable to break anything?  (I used to use Kubuntu, and upgrading my Qt version ended in disaster.)17:24
opollentgm4883: http://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life suggests 14.04 will get updates for another three years17:24
kulelu88blue0ctober: anything that depends on a fixed-version of QT *will likely* break17:25
BlueProtomankulelu88: How can I tell what programs installed depend on a fixed version of Qt?17:25
tgm4883opollen: yea was just looking at that17:25
kulelu88there's a reverse dependency-check command. can you find out what QT packages you are using currently?17:25
opollenalthough. I'm not sure how to read that kernel table.17:26
Exagone313BlueProtoman: Don't update things without using your package manager. You will break things. If you want to use custom libraries, it would be easier to recompile or use another distro. Some things can be self compiled and replace existing ones without damage, like mesa, but it's not good17:26
tgm4883kulelu88: so you don't want a full roll back, only the kernel?17:26
tgm4883opollen: that's the part I was looking at17:26
tgm4883which is the relevant part17:26
BlueProtomanExagone313: I am using my package manager, I'm considering using this PPA https://launchpad.net/~beineri/+archive/ubuntu/opt-qt57-xenial17:26
Exagone313It's not safe either17:26
kulelu88tgm4883: Ideally if there is a way to just get the server to be 14.04 "default" again, that would be fine. Not much installed on the server, it's for testing purposes17:26
BlueProtomankulelu88: I'm on Qt 5.5.117:27
tgm4883kulelu88: well the only way to do that would be to reinstall17:27
tgm4883kulelu88: however you can either downgrade the kernel, or update to a newer HWE17:27
kulelu88BlueProtoman: the reason why PPAs are risky is because the PPA maintainers are not testing the way the regular maintainers test17:27
Exagone313also, they can push you unsafe packages17:28
kulelu88mirrors could do the same thing Exagone31317:28
BlueProtomanExagone313, kulelu88: But the PPA I'm referring to installs everything in /opt, right?  So it shouldn't clobber my existing installation (which is NOT from a PPA, I believe)?17:28
Exagone313no, because it's signed17:28
tgm4883kulelu88: no they can't17:28
Exagone313I wonder if it's possible to add a ppa but limiting the packages it can give17:29
kulelu88signing the package is just saying it's from ubuntu Exagone313 . there are ways to MiTM that17:29
BlueProtomanI don't need to remove my existing Qt installation, I just need to be able to use the newest version.17:29
tgm4883Exagone313: the correct way to do that would be to copy the packages to your PPA17:29
kulelu88BlueProtoman: if you want to isolate a newer QT version, then install LXC17:29
Exagone313kulelu88: the only way is stealing the private key from ubuntu, or quantic computer17:29
Exagone313tgm4883: ok I see, thanks17:30
BlueProtomankulelu88: I don't need to *isolate* it, I just need to ensure that installing a newer Qt doesn't break anything I have now.17:31
BlueProtomanAnd I can do that by installing Qt 5.7 *alongside* my existing Qt 5.5, right?17:31
kulelu88BlueProtoman: it is highly likely that the PPA will upgrade your core packages and not keep them side-by-side.17:32
BlueProtomankulelu88: They're separate packages, actually.  All the qt 5.7 packages are prefixed with "qt57".  And selecting them in Synaptic does NOT prompt me to uninstall existing packages17:33
hammer25Hey guys, i'm having issues installing the text editor atom. I was having no issues using it in a VM, but now it is behaving strangly. I can't set it as the default text editor17:34
tgm4883BlueProtoman: what I would do (and this comes with the texas warranty that if it breaks you get to keep both pieces) is add the PPA and do an 'apt-get update && apt-get -s install <package>' and A) verify it's not trying to upgrade any packages17:35
kulelu88then you should be okay BlueProtoman . Although I would take a snapshot of the system before doing upgrades like those17:35
BlueProtomantgm4883, kulelu88: Yeah, nothing was uninstalled.  OK, I'll install 5.7 now.17:37
kulelu88man, I'm getting the jitters just thinking about someone else attempting to install a system-dependency upgrade like QT17:37
BlueProtomanI'll even reboot if it'll help un-jitter you.17:38
tgm4883kulelu88: then you should look at the packaging and see what it does17:38
BlueProtomantgm4883, kulelu88: Here's my pastebin of apt-get -s install http://paste.ubuntu.com/18997613/17:39
hammer25nevermind... I guess my download was jacked up, redownloading and trying again fixed the issue17:39
kulelu88good luck BlueProtoman . hopefully your system doesn't bork17:39
tgm4883BlueProtoman: looks good to me17:39
BlueProtomanAlso, most GNOME applications use GTK, not Qt, right?17:39
BlueProtomanAnd I'm not touching GTK (nor do I have any interest in developing GTK apps)17:40
DatIs there an app that can compare a source directory and secondary source directory and copy the differences to a target directory?17:40
DatOr does this need to be coded?17:40
tgm4883Dat: rsync17:40
BlueProtomanDat: You can probably just string together a few of the built-in Unix commands, though I'm not sure how to do that off-hand17:40
tgm4883'rsync -av <srcdir> <dstdir>'17:41
BlueProtomanOr, that, I guess17:41
Dattgm4883: hrmm that will mess up things for me17:41
tgm4883Dat: how?17:41
filifunkIf I get ubuntu on a phone, can I then get what is on my ubuntu computer onto my phone, that is can I run my python scripts and have what is on mysql on my phone?17:41
Dattgm4883: that command would be syncing to the dstdir instead of a target dir17:42
Dati need to compare two directories and copy the differences into another folder17:42
sl4ckhi guys17:43
sl4cki want to ask why its possible my os is booting so slow. Its true as the hard drive on my laptop already got a lot of formats. Maybe because I need to defrag my HD?17:44
Datsl4ck: you have ssd drive?17:44
tgm4883sl4ck: what version of ubuntu17:44
MonkeyDustsl4ck  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue17:46
tgm4883Dat: I'm not seeing options in rsync to do this, you might have to write something17:46
MonkeyDustDat  there's the 'diff' command, and also 'rdfind'17:47
tgm4883!info rdfind17:47
ubotturdfind (source: rdfind): find duplicate files utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.4-2build1 (xenial), package size 41 kB, installed size 155 kB17:47
DatMonkeyDust: thx will look into it17:51
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SheepolutionI'm getting the error libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast and I see various answers online on how to solve it, not sure which ones are safe, so I thought I'd pop in here and ask if you guys know how to solve it?17:55
Bundestrojanergood evening17:56
mapringI had installed i3 once before, but decided to remove it and I manually removed its .desktop in the /usr/share/xsessions folder. I reinstall i3 once again, but this time, the installation did not create the .desktop file for me.17:56
kulelu88what is a "rolling release" ?17:56
BlueProtomantgm4883, kulelu88: Mission accomplished.  No breakage.  <3  Now I have a bus to catch, thanks for the help!17:57
Bundestrojanerkulelu88: a release without version upgrades, only updates. for example debian testing, gentoo, arch,...17:57
k1lkulelu88: a distribution that doesnt have released versions (like ubuntu 16.04 etc) but updates its packages everytime ongoing.17:57
ducassemapring: make sure to purge (not remove) i3 , then reinstall it17:58
kulelu88Bundestrojaner, k1l , so it is something similar to if I was running ubuntu 14.04 but everything was being updated on it, including kernel, etc. instead of say upgrading 14.04 to 15.10 ?17:59
mapringducasse: I tried to purge it and reinstall, but there is still no .desktop file. Installing and reinstalling other windows managers did not recreate this problem.17:59
Bundestrojanerkulelu88: yes17:59
kulelu88why would a rolling release be better than an LTS release?17:59
nolsenDoes anyone know where can I find libwxgtk2.8-dev?18:00
nolsenIt's not in the repos.18:00
ducassekulelu88: depends on what you want, lts gives you stability18:00
k1lkulelu88: yes. but ubuntu uses a stable release model.18:00
perceptioni have a question18:00
nolsen(for 16.04)18:00
perceptionyup for 16.0418:00
perceptionwhat should i do to change the gnome appearence to be like opensuse gnome or debian18:01
perceptioni saw few vids on youtube with this appearence18:01
Bundestrojanerkulelu88: because you never have to do an upgrade - works good if you do at least weekly updates.18:01
Bundestrojanerrolling release system tend to stop working if you don't upgrade a few weeks or months18:01
MonkeyDustperception  that's not for this channel, try -offtopic18:02
k1lnolsen: 16.04 uses 3.0 and not 2.8. so seems like your software referencing that version is a tad old?18:02
Bundestrojaneris it possible to encrypt /home with a password different than user password?18:02
kulelu88which 1 is better for servers? rolling release or stable release?18:02
perceptionyup it is bunderstrojaner18:02
k1lkulelu88: since you ask in #ubuntu: its ubuntu lts18:02
nolsenk1l: I'm using an outdated version of Audacity because they changed something around.18:03
nolsenand I like the old version.18:03
Bundestrojanerperception: how does mounting work? i guess the desktop environment doesn't start without /home and it would be annoying to log into shell, mount /home and start the desktop manually18:04
perceptionyou encrypt it when you install ubuntu18:04
perceptionand it's asking for another password18:05
perceptionthere's another way to encrypt it but i m not taking the chances18:05
perceptionjust installed ubuntu yesterday after a long time18:05
nolsenk1l: configure: error: Unable to locate a suitable configuration of wxWidgets v2.8.x or higher.18:06
nolsenAudacity 2.0 doesn't like 3.x18:06
Bundestrojanerperception: encrypting is not my problem, there are good explanations in the wiki about that. But when do i mount it during booting?18:06
perceptionbunder before os completly boots18:07
perceptionit asks for a pass for the encrypted folder18:07
perceptionand the you enter the pass of your username18:07
Bundestrojanerperception: do i have to configure that? Or is it enough to set an encrypted partition to be used as /home?18:07
ubnutu12345Can someone tell me why mydevice=sda; ls "/dev/${mydevice}"?  won't work? http://paste.opensuse.org/2906818718:08
ubnutu12345when I do ls /dev/sda? globbing seems to work but in the first case18:08
ubnutu12345it does not18:08
perceptioni saw it as an option bunder when i formated the drive before in manual mode18:09
nolsenk1l: I guess I can install wine and install audacity onto it.18:09
perceptionit's not the top security just encrypts your files when it's shut down18:09
perceptionwhen it's mounted from the system18:09
tatertotsubuntu are you trying to write a script? yes/no?18:10
perceptionif somone has access to your system he can access home folder18:10
ubnutu12345tatertots: yes18:11
perceptionubuntu in python?18:11
tatertotsthere's a channel for scripting, i don't know it off the top of my head but i'm sure one of the regulars will post it,18:11
ubnutu12345nope just bash18:11
perceptionhope you succed ubuntu18:12
tatertotsthey try to stick to ubuntu technical support here......break/fix....your script is some what out of scope for this place18:13
tatertotsgood luck though18:13
ubnutu12345ok thx18:13
tatertotslet us know if you have problems when your actual hard drive though18:13
perceptionscript executes once and if you break something you restart and it's ok18:13
perceptionunless you set it to run on boot18:13
tatertotsno worries.18:14
perceptiondo you know if someone gonna add root password support extra on ubuntu?18:14
k1lperception: the setup of ubuntu is not to use the root account.18:15
=== _KaLiF is now known as KaLiF
perceptionk1l i see18:15
tatertotsunder normal circumstances perception you have no reasons to do such a thing18:16
perceptiontatertots i used opensuse and cent os18:16
perceptionyes there's a good reason18:16
k1lperception: other distros have other setups. but as ubuntu proofs you can do very good without18:18
perceptioni see...well i got to go see you around18:19
volkswagnerGreetings, I have fresh install of 16.04 server. I know it's not recommended but I'm trying to run active directory and file server on same machine. I'm running into problem with acls not inherited on newly created files18:21
volkswagnerhere is getfacl info on directory and newly created files. I seem to need some help with the mask and effective permissions http://pastebin.com/2tTXeC5D18:23
tatertotsvolkswagner.....more detail please...how did you discover this problem? answering that question in detail will give us a good start18:23
volkswagnerWhat controls mask and effective permissions18:23
tatertotswhat user/group created the files18:24
volkswagnergroup = huntusers:*:3000045 , user= huntuser:*:3000026  sorry for similar name :)18:25
tahderhello all, I'm configuring the firewall, ufw and ive already enabled it and i am pretty much following the instructions here - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/firewall.html.. anyway im just curious what uncomment means and how to do that18:26
Wulftahder: # comment18:26
Wulftahder: comment <-- uncommented18:26
tahderwiht "<--"18:26
volkswagnersymptom is when user "A" creates a file, user "B" can't edit it even thought the belong to same group which should have write access, but I think mask is getting in the way18:26
Wulftahder: no.18:27
tahderoh i see. thank you18:27
Wulftahder: uncomment is the process of removing "#" from the beginning of the line.18:27
tahderthat makes sense18:27
Tin_mantahder, that will put that line as active when removing the #.18:28
volkswagnertatertots: I'm not sure how/why mask is changing my desired permissions. here is smb.conf it that helps http://pastebin.com/b5PjRSxy18:29
tahderbecause its written in python right18:29
Tin_manthink its just a script18:29
Tin_manthe default values normally will work fine when activated18:30
tahderim sure it will .. i just want to learn by tinkering18:31
tahderor breaking ... which is what normally happens18:31
Tin_man:) go for it..18:32
Tin_mani'm not on my ubuntu right now, and can't follow along..18:32
tahderwait.. it doesn't save .. read only .. im in admin account w.t.f.18:32
tahderin properties it says im not the owner18:33
tahder..but i am.18:34
Tin_manyou can go to terminal, and type sudo nano (name of file)18:34
Tin_mannano is a text editor18:34
tahderand uncomment from there?18:34
Tin_manyes then CTRL S to save, CTRL X to exit i think.. like i said not in ubuntu right now been awhile..18:35
bekksTin_man: before messing things up with sudo even more - whats the output of "ls -lha" especially for the user and group?18:35
bekkstahder: that comment was for you.18:36
Tin_manright follow his advise..18:36
tahderok one sec18:36
bekkstahder: And where is your script you are trying to change?18:38
tasmananyone know how to create /dev/sdb1 partition in gparted18:38
ikoniajust create a partition on the device /dev/sdb18:39
tasmani dont see the type to create18:39
Tin_manlooks like your still in your home directory18:39
ikoniatahder: the type to create ?18:39
bekkstahder: then why are you pasting a different directory? :)18:39
tahdernot for you ikonia18:40
bekkstahder: Pastebin: ls -lha /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf18:40
tahderoh hold on18:40
bekkstahder: you still there?18:43
tahderyes, im having basic dificulties.. its too embarrassing to ask you so ill just look it up18:46
Tin_mantahder, if you do get around to using "nano" disregard my CTRL S to save, it's CTRL  O to writeOut in nano18:50
tahderokay thank you :)18:51
Tin_manit has a little menu at the bottom of the screen to go by..18:51
bekkstahder: Difficulties in creating a pastebin?18:52
TheNH813How do I get the infrared port on a DVB adaptor working?18:52
Tin_mantake your time, someone will be here, i'm heading out to pick up wife, catch you later..18:52
tahderno bekks18:53
bekksTheNH813: By using the correct firmware.18:53
tahderbut i did firgure it out i think18:53
tahderhold on let me catch up now18:53
TheNH813bekks: What do you mean by correct firmware?18:53
TheNH813I can recieve broadcasts with it, so the firmware is definitely loaded.18:53
bekksTheNH813: I am talking about a firmware for your DVB hardware, supporting the infrared port.18:54
bekkstahder: As can be clearly seen, that script does not belong to your user, but to root.18:56
bekkstahder: What are you trying to change in there?18:56
TheNH813I don't seem to get any results for RTL2832 firmware.18:56
TheNH813I found some for other chips though.18:56
TheNH813Hm..... where might I begin to look for that?18:56
tahderim trying to uncomment on net/ipv4/ip_forward=118:56
bekksTheNH813: So you arent using the correct driver/firmware then-18:57
bekks!dvb | TheNH81318:57
ubottuTheNH813: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out and !UbuntuTV18:57
tahderhow do you get into root? or really become root18:57
MonkeyDusttahder  not18:57
bekkstahder: You dont.18:57
bekks!sudo | tahder18:57
ubottutahder: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:57
tahderso i CANT change it18:58
bekkstahder: Please read what ubottu just told you.18:58
* tahder reading 18:58
TheNH813bekks: Well, I ended up on the same page as before when I searched. There's no firmware for my model. https://www.linuxtv.org/downloads/firmware/19:01
TheNH813If you want the device Id here it is:19:01
TheNH813Bus 002 Device 007: ID 0bda:2838 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL2838 DVB-T19:01
TheNH813Or am I missing something?19:02
ducasseTheNH813: maybe the ir module isn't supported, you could try if lirc can see it.19:02
bekksTheNH813: Apparently thats you hardware.19:03
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pykno-parongreat summer song !   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysb3TZ-YrKU&feature=youtu.be19:09
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returnthisI am on 16.04. I opened my laptop after it had been asleep, and a modal dialog box popped up, with random letters all over the screen. everything looked like it went through some kind of cypher.19:18
returnthisI restarted and now everything is large.  xrandr reports correct resolution19:18
returnthisfirefox UI is large and it starts at 300% magnification on most websites. fonts are large on all programs19:19
returnthisits like a virus went through and quadrupled the size of everything19:20
returnthisI am at a loss as to what to look for19:20
returnthisor even where to start19:20
ducassereturnthis: 'xdpyinfo | grep resolution'19:20
returnthiswhat pkg is that in?19:22
returnthisah ic19:22
returnthisI have x11-utils installed, but no xpdyinfo19:23
ducassereturnthis: are you typing it correctly? xdpy, not xpdy.19:23
returnthisresolution:    96x96 dots per inch19:24
woodragis mkfs.nfs deleted from ubuntu 16.04 ?19:24
bekkswoodrag: There never was a mkfs.nfs19:25
akikwoodrag: mkfs.ntfs ?19:25
tahderOkay, i'm in nano in terminal and its says im viewing the file im in but i can't see it anything and commands are working in there is it bcus it has root permissions?19:26
woodragmkfs -t nfs says there is no mkfs.nfs19:26
woodraghow should i create a nfs type volume?19:27
ducassereturnthis: that should be normal, maybe the gtk scaling has been changed or does this also happen to non-gtk apps?19:27
=== nolsen is now known as Shia_Leabuff
akikwoodrag: you create the file system on the nfs server19:27
returnthisducasse: emacs, xterm, xmobar, firefox19:27
=== Shia_Leabuff is now known as Shia_LaBeouf
returnthishrmmm... wonder if it maybe cause I don't log into default gnome19:28
tahderoh wait a minute.. don't answer that i need to change something19:28
* returnthis tries to do that... afk19:29
streulmahello I want to debootstrap ubuntu but it says: /sbin/ldconfig.real: 1: /sbin/ldconfig.real: Syntax error: "(" unexpected19:33
returnthisducasse: fyi, it looks like somenthing hinky with xmonad. default ubuntu looks fine19:33
ducassereturnthis: i would guess it is some sort of scaling issue, but i don't know xmonad, sorry. i only use i3 :)19:34
returnthisthe odd thing is that it worked fine until that weird dialog19:35
ducassereturnthis: that confused me to :) can xmonad create a log file?19:36
returnthisno idea. I am an xmonad newb19:38
returnthisducasse: but why is firefox insisting on starting websites at 133% zoomed19:39
ducassereturnthis: i have _no_ idea. guessing there is a preference for it in about:config so you can switch it back, though.19:43
tahderokay, i see now. I'm trying to save now. cntrl o or zero?19:43
tahderoh no don't answer19:43
SPFhi, how can I setup my system so that wlan1 connects to my AP instead of wlan0 ?19:43
MonkeyDustreturnthis  ducasse just checked, there's no such pref in FF19:43
tahderyay i got it19:43
ioriareturnthis,  about:config ->  type 'site' in search  -> browser.zoom.siteSpecific   should be set as 'true'19:44
returnthisgoogling around going to websites I have never visited, I get random zoom sizes19:44
returnthisbbs.archlinux.org is 200%19:44
returnthisioria: it is set as true19:45
ioriareturnthis, oh19:45
returnthisI suspect there is something systemic and all this is just a symptom19:46
returnthisI am tempted to just reinstalled19:46
ioriareturnthis, view->zoom->reset or clear the cache19:46
returnthisI found a Scale slider in Display settings19:50
returnthisit is set to 119:50
returnthisI tried to set it to 0.5 and I get:  GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files19:50
returnthiswhich probably has something to do with me running xmonad and not gnome19:50
msev-https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers if I put arp-scan here will it mean I won't have to type sudo before it and input the password after executing the command?19:57
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ExecthtsHey, I encountered a strange bug, I get a kernel panic regarding an unable to mount an unknown filesystem (that would be btrfs), unless I boot into Windows first then reboot, any ideas?20:03
uskerinehi how can I make this: sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 happening on server startup?#20:06
akikuskerine: put that configuration into /etc/sysctl.conf and it'll be automatic20:10
uskerinewhat about iptables rules?20:11
akik!info iptables-persistent20:13
ubottuiptables-persistent (source: iptables-persistent): boot-time loader for netfilter rules, iptables plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.4 (xenial), package size 6 kB, installed size 42 kB20:13
akiki guess that should work20:13
dale____'where is the setting to enable arrows on scrolling? default 16:04 LTS has no arrows20:42
MonkeyDustdale____  you mean the scrollbar overlay?20:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest40385
dale____I would like the top and bottom arrows on the scroll bar20:44
dale____I mean the arrows at the top and bottom that move the scroll bar, not there on install, never liked the original unity scroller20:47
OerHeksunity-tweak > scrolling > overlay to legacy20:47
OerHeks!info unity-tweak-tool20:48
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.7ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 367 kB, installed size 2797 kB20:48
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cwolfordok, after much fiddling with my Pixma MP560 printer/scanner, i was able to get it to print over wifi. however, simple scan fails to connect to the device whether it's USB or wifi. this is what i found by following google directions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19014747/ anyone have any ideas of what else i need to do or what i need to check/fix?20:51
dale____I installed unity-tweak-tool, what scrolling setting affects the arrows or something other than just the bar?20:52
MonkeyDustdale____  System > Scrolling20:53
dale____yeah, found system -> scrolling did some hacking but no arrows or positioner20:54
annon110101 i did sudo apt-get autoremove in ubuntu 15.10 and than wifi not working20:55
MonkeyDustdale____  install dconf-editor, open it and go to com > canonical > desktop > interface20:56
MonkeyDustannon110101  before you continue: 15.10 will soon be dead, consider using 14.04 or 16.0420:57
Guest19562good evening20:59
cwolfordgood afternoon21:00
dale____installed dconf-editor went to com -> canonical -> desktop -> interface it just has one setting, the default and a button to set the default21:00
* YankDownUnder checks...oh...it's morning...21:00
FuzzyBallDon't know if this is a good place to ask but i have a few questions about hexchat and irc21:01
MonkeyDustdale____  then idk21:02
Guest19562i'm thinking about installing with a home-partition, encrypted with ecryptfs. But how can i keep home when i install the OS next time? will the installer ask for a password?21:03
dale____what's idk?21:03
Guest19562dale____: i don't know21:04
MonkeyDustdale____  idk = 'i don't know'21:04
dale____thank's MonkeyDust, and all ... off to search21:05
KiritoDoes anyone here actually use Polari? It looks nice at first glance, but the client itself seems to incredibly dumbed down it's almost entirely unusable21:08
KiritoWhere do you configure NickServ authentication? SASL? SSL? Autojoin? ..Anything?21:08
MonkeyDust!find polari21:09
ubottuFound: polari, polari-dbg21:09
Guest19562is it possible to encrypt home with ecryptfs, using an extra password?21:09
KiritoIt can't even return connection errors properly21:09
MonkeyDust!info polari21:09
ubottupolari (source: polari): Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.18.1-2 (xenial), package size 211 kB, installed size 1005 kB21:09
Apachezlooks like 16.04 is somewhat unstable... now the blackscreen and only mouse pointer is visible is gone... but the input box to actually put in password to unlock the lockscreen is gone but the rest of the gui elements are there... wtf!?21:09
Guest19562i wanted to use luks, but there's a bug in the installer causing it to crash21:10
annon110101!find arch21:10
ubottuFound: archdetect-deb, binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu, binutils-multiarch, binutils-multiarch-dev, cpp-5-aarch64-linux-gnu, cpp-aarch64-linux-gnu, g++-5-aarch64-linux-gnu, g++-aarch64-linux-gnu, gcc-5-aarch64-linux-gnu, gcc-5-aarch64-linux-gnu-base (and 200 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=arch&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all21:10
KiritoIt's Ubuntu's "recommended" IRC client, and it looks aesthetically nice, but functionality wise it seems to be mind bogglingly dumb21:10
MonkeyDustsounds like a description of  sarah palin21:14
daxdon't use Polari, it's terrible21:14
daxany "recommending" Ubuntu does is likely an artifact of Ubuntu using GNOME software and Polari being a part of GNOME21:15
Phanesanybody seeing a drive detection issue in ubuntu server?21:16
Phanesgot a poweredge 2850 with hardware raid and its detecting the usb stick (ubuntu server) as /dev/sda but the system itself is detecting the usb stick as /dev/sdb so its causing formatting issues21:17
Guest19562is it possible to encrypt home with ecryptfs, using an extra (not user's) password?21:18
MonkeyDust!encrypt | Guest19562 start here21:19
ubottuGuest19562 start here: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory21:19
knobo1I'm thinking about upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 to get systemd startup scripts21:21
knobo1But I don't know if I should do it now or wait until 16.04.0121:21
bipulHello, I have a question. I found /bin and /usr/bin , Are this two directories are same? i mean are they symlinked to /usr/bin ? could anyone explain me? same i found with /run and /var/run21:22
knobo1Are there any place I could read about other peoples experience with upgradeing?21:22
knobo1bipul: they are not symlinked21:22
uskerineso I have my iptable rule working and I would like my server applying it every time it is restarted21:22
uskerineis that possible?21:22
bipulknobo1, So what are they?21:22
uskerineor how is the easiest way to do it?21:22
knobo1bipul: /bin should include binaries required to boot and do important admin tasks.21:23
bipulbin is a subdirectory of /usr. And it also be a subdirectory of / also how?21:23
bipulInfect /usr/bin contain more binary files as compared to /bin21:25
knobo1 /bin and /usr/bin are different diretories21:25
knobo1bipul: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/5915/difference-between-bin-and-usr-bin21:25
bipulOk. I thought they are same21:25
bipulThank you.21:25
MonkeyDustbipul  type:   which cp; which firefox21:26
tishahow can i install skype on ubuntu 16.0421:26
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga21:26
bipulMonkeyDust, Ok21:26
bipulMonkeyDust, /bin/cp21:27
bipul./bin/cp /usr/bin/firefox21:27
bipulNow i understood. Every binary executable files are characterize according to the user specification. Since mozila is being used by user and system.21:29
bipulnot system*21:29
Phanesthat is so weird21:30
Phanesit knows the usb is /dev/sda21:30
Phanesmounts /dev/sda121:30
Phanesbut also mounts part of the installer as /dev/sdb221:31
Phanesusb is actually scsi2 as /dev/sda21:31
Phanesand the usb installer itself is also /dev/sda21:31
Phanesbut the raid is registering as /dev/sdb outside of the installer21:32
Phanesthis installer is seriously confused21:32
ikoniaPhanes: what are you talking about - you're not giving context21:32
* [Serbian] Hello21:32
Phanesi put the latest ubuntu server lts on a usb stick21:32
Phanesto install on my poweredge21:32
Phanesand in the installer it sees usb installer disck as /dev/sda21:33
Phanesbut my scsci raid 0 is /dev/sda21:33
ikoniaPhanes: impossible21:33
Phanesand during partitioning and fs creration it sees it as /dev/sdb (raid0)21:33
ikoniaPhanes: they will only map one device file to one disk21:33
Phanesi agree impossible21:33
ikoniaPhanes: thats fine21:33
ikoniaPhanes: the installer adujusts for the fact that /dev/sda is the installer, so suffles the disks down in the order21:34
Phanesno not fine, it is overwriting my usb installer disk21:34
ikoniaPhanes: it's just how the live environment sees it21:34
ikoniaPhanes: what's overwriting your usb installer ?21:34
ikoniait will write to whatever disk you tell it to21:34
Phanesthe installer is detecting my usb install disk as my raid021:34
ikoniaPhanes: no it's not21:34
Phanesit is very confused21:34
ikoniaPhanes: why do you think this21:34
Phanesill go reproduce it21:34
bipulI would like to know what are process id files?  What is the uses of it? when i look around /run directory. I found only few files with .pid extension which contain single number inside it.21:36
ikoniathey just contain the pid for the process21:37
ikonianothing more21:37
ikoniahelpful for the init process21:37
ikoniathat file system is held in ram21:37
bipulok :)21:37
bipulSo every time when system reboot this .pid files changed it's data?21:38
ikoniait's held in ram, it's not a real file system21:38
bipulI mean  after rebooting every time /var directory recreates?21:38
Phanesikonia, just booted up the usb stick, it picks locale and time zone, sets hostname, then bam, says 'detected mounts in use on /dev/sda' -- this is where it starts21:38
ikoniaPhanes: it mounts the usb on /dev/sda ?21:39
ikoniabipul: it's not a real file system - it'sin ram,21:39
Phanesit appears to be according to mount21:39
ikoniabipul: thank about it21:39
Phanesand also /dev/sdb121:39
ikoniaPhanes: so why is that a problem21:39
ikoniaPhanes: right, and I'll guess /dev/sdb1 is your raid21:39
Phanesbecause /dev/sda is actually my raid021:39
ikoniaPhanes: how do you know that ?21:40
ikoniaPhanes: how are you determaining that /dev/sda is your raid and not the usb21:40
bipulWhat is lock files? And how it is useful?21:40
ikoniabipul: come on now21:40
ikoniabipul: please do some research we are not going to talk about every file on the file systems21:41
ikoniabipul: think about the name21:41
bipulikonia, :) OK i will do googling.21:41
Phanesikonia, if i say skip this part it goes to where i'd like to install my partitions and fs's, it gives a menu to select sda (scsi) or sdb (usb) and it shows the correct filesystems21:41
=== dimi34ka4 is now known as dimi34ka
bipulThank you every one and ikonia :)21:41
Phanesit correctly identifies the usb stick to be on sdb21:41
ikoniaPhanes: how do you know sda is the raid and sdb is the usb21:41
ikoniahow are you determaining this21:41
Phanesi just told you the installer tells you21:42
ikoniawhat do you mean, it tells you ?21:42
Phanesthere is a literal prompt in the ubuntu installer to select the disk you want to partition21:42
Phaneswhere it lists this information21:42
ikoniait's really hard to see what you're saying without a screen shot21:42
ikoniaPhanes: and what is the part you "skip"21:42
Phanesits not a vm man, this is a real machine21:43
ikoniaI know this21:43
ikoniayou've said its a dell power edge21:43
ikonianot sure what that has to do with anything21:43
Phanesok, so the prompts say '/dev/sda is in use'.  i go to the next screen to put my filesystems on, and it gives me a choice between what is says is my raid0 or my usb.  usb is listed as /dev/sdb, raid0 is listed as /dev/sda.  the result of `mount` is that /dev/sda1 is mounted at /media, and cd'ing to media and getting a directory listing shows the contents of the usb stick21:44
ikoniaPhanes: what prompt ??21:44
ikoniaPhanes: you need to give specific details not "I skip this part"21:44
ikoniawhat part21:44
ikoniathe installer is huge, there are many parts to it21:45
Phanesikonia, when the installer is running the disk partitioner part21:51
Phanesafter setting the time zone21:51
Phanesit goes to a section to partition the disks21:51
Phanesat this time it tells me /dev/sda has mounts that are in use21:51
ikoniaPhanes: I'd suggest your first point of call is to open a terminal and run parted/fdisk to see what the running OS actually thinks21:52
Phanesif i go to a tty and type parted/fdisk it tells me command not found21:53
ikoniaPhanes: what is the exact command you run21:53
Phaneshowever i can cd to /media where `mount` says its mounted, and i see the contents of the usb installer21:53
Phanesalso `fdisk`21:53
ikoniaPhanes: thats not a failed command21:53
ikonia"sudo fdisk" or "sudo parted"21:53
Phanesyou're in single user mode and require sudo?  yikes, ok, one second21:54
ikoniayou're not in single user mode21:54
=== Shia_LaBeouf is now known as nolsen
ikoniayou're running the installer21:54
ikoniathats a full desktop enviornment multi user with networking21:54
Phanesthere's no desktop environment, ubuntu server is a tui21:55
Phanesand sudo didn't give me an fdisk or a gparted/fdisk21:55
ikoniaok, the server cd, is still a curses based environment21:55
ikoniathat seems odd - the actually partition tools is "parted" so it can't "not be there there"21:56
Phaneswell its not and this is a direct dd if=public.iso of=/dev/usbdisk21:57
ikoniapublic.iso ?21:57
Phanesits the public ubuntu server iso21:57
ikoniathats not what the server iso is called21:58
Phanesoh ffs21:58
ikoniait should be ubuntu-16.04-server-amd64{i383].iso21:58
ikoniano need to swear21:58
lol_wtf_ok_happyHello everyone. I know this is not an Ubuntu question, but android is still linux and I don't know where else to seek for help. I was at a coffee shop watching the euro and a gypsy kid approached me, put a large piece of paper on my table saying "I'm hungry!" and while I was giving him a euro, he took away my phone and when I noticed he had ran awa21:58
lol_wtf_ok_happyy. My phone is connected to my gmail that is connected to many accounts and also to my facebook and skype accounts. I feel at loss. What should I do? How do I disconnect my accounts? I think contacting the police won't help, Athens is too chaotic for them to track them down.21:58
ikoniaI'm going to back away from this, as you keep giving incorrect info21:58
ikoniadespite the fact that I've told you to be specific21:58
ikoniaand you seem to be frustrated by my dependency on factual info21:59
Phanesi gave no incorrect info21:59
ikonialol_wtf_ok_happy: sorry - we don't support that here21:59
Phanesthis is looking like a bug21:59
selfl0rdHello everyone! I'm new to linux and I am learning the basics. I do have a question though. I've bought a USB WiFi card and I can't seem to figure out how to download and install the drivers for it to be recognized. Anyone have any insight on this?21:59
ikoniaselfl0rd: really depends on the card make and model and the chsipset on it22:00
Phanesgood job making up a total lie to make me look bad for asking for help ikonia, that's a really jerky way to handle an 'i dont know'22:00
ikoniaPhanes: I'm not "making up a lie"22:01
YankDownUnderPhanes: ikonia is an extremely helpful human being...22:01
ikoniaPhanes: I've backed away as you seem to be getting frustrated with the requirement for detailed/factual info22:01
debidiselfl0rd: should have checked compatibility before purchase22:01
debidimight still work, just google the card name along with ubuntu support ..22:02
Phanesikonia, you've been given no bad information you just dont know what youre doing and now youre making up a lie, i gave you no incorrect info, and you're talking to someone who's been familiar with these systems pre y2k and does this for a living, this looks like a udev issue and your server iso is really stripped down for troubleshooting22:02
Phanesif you dont know then you dont know22:02
Phanesbut dont make it look like im giving you bad info just because you dont know22:03
ikoniaPhanes: I asked you to verify the iso name as it was not correct, and you got moody about it, because you'd not given a valid name22:03
ikoniaPhanes: you started typing in caps when I asked for the specific stage of the installer22:03
Phanesit is your current LTS public iso22:03
Phanesand you were given this22:03
Phanesand now you're lying about being provided bad or undetailed info22:03
ikoniaPhanes: there is no such thing as lts public iso, hence why I askedyou to verfiy it22:03
ikoniaI'n not telling lies, I suggest you just drop it and carry on with what you are doing22:03
Phanesthe ? are you serious?22:04
ikoniamaybe others in the channel will want to work with you22:04
Phanesyou think that's relevant?22:04
Phaneswhy are you here?22:04
YankDownUnderPhanes: Mate, what's exactly the issue that you're having?22:04
Phaneswhy are you giving people advice?22:04
ikoniaPhanes: I didn't know, thats why I asked about the name,22:04
Phanesyou should not be helping people, you should be taking classes22:04
ikoniaI didn't know what "public.iso"22:04
selfl0rdhello all, I did check the compatability and it said it was compatable with linux22:05
YankDownUnderPhanes: There is obvious frustration going on - what exactly is the problem that you're having, mate?22:05
selfl0rdit's an AC60022:05
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: One thing to try is to open a terminal, and type: ubuntu-drivers list => that will show you what other drivers are required for your system.22:06
selfl0rdit's a "Glam Hobby 600Mbps AC600 Dual Band USB WiFi Dongle & Wireless Network Adapter"22:06
selfl0rdYankDownUnder thank you i'll try that now!22:07
Phanesanyway, YankDownUnder, poweredge server, raid0, usb install of the public server iso, during parititioning it tells me /dev/sda has mounts in use.  i go to not make changes to sda and install my filesystems, it lets me choose between sda, which is says is my raid0, or sdb, which is says is my usb stick.  mount says /dev/sda1 is mounted at /media, i go there and see it's the contents of my usb stick.  the installer appears to be confused about drive le22:07
Phanesttering but i dont see the cause22:07
Phanesalso if i unmount /dev/sda1 and then go to the partitioning section of the installer it will break my usb stick's filesystem and i have to reapply the iso22:08
YankDownUnderPhanes: Is it possible to restart the installation - from the ground up? (From the absolute beginning)22:08
Phanesyeah ive done it like 30 times to reproduce this22:08
spade34597can anyone help ?22:08
selfl0rdYankDownUnder I ran that command it only returned with "amd64-microcode"22:08
YankDownUnderPhanes: Here's something to ask, before actually performing the installation have you created/changed any of the partitions or the partition scheme of the target system?22:09
PhanesYankDownUnder, we can't even get to OS installation because it fries the layout on both disks22:09
spade34597test, can anyone see what i type ?22:09
Phanesalso there is no fdisk on this install media22:10
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Ok...easy enough...you can then type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall => follow the directions, probably reboot...when you've done that, in the "Software Centre" you'll see an option for 3d party drivers...click on that...it SHOULD show the required drivers for the "stick" (obviously make sure you have the stick plugged in)22:10
Phanesis there a big difference between the desktop iso and the server iso?  if not i could just put the desktop version on and use that22:11
selfl0rdYankDownUnder thank you sir! I'll try this now :)22:11
YankDownUnderPhanes: Right...fair enough...that is a bit more complex an issue...have you checked in #ubuntu-server for any assistance?22:11
spade34597this is useless22:11
Phanesoh, there's a separate channel for -server lol good to know22:11
Phanesspade34597, i see ya22:11
YankDownUnderspade34597: You're seen.22:11
spade34597oh lol ... finally :D22:12
squintyspade34597,  just ask your question, if someone knows they will respond22:12
YankDownUnderPhanes: You've chosen the server edition...was the target machine already being used as a server - i.e., did you have a previous version installed - or similar?22:12
spade34597im trying to create a multibooting USB key, can anyone help me with a guide or software?22:12
spade34597thx squinty22:13
PhanesYankDownUnder, yeah i put 15.10 LTS in the same manner with the same configuration flawlessly with the same options about a month ago22:13
YankDownUnderPhanes: Ok...coolbeans...so you didn't want to "upgrade" just by going through the live OS?22:13
Phanesim going to reimage the usb stick with the 15.10 iso and see if it still has the same issue.  if it doesn't im filing a bug report22:13
Phanesright, i was not doing this to upgrade, i wanted to tank the install22:14
squintyspade34597,  might want to check out pendrivelinux.com22:14
YankDownUnderPhanes: Yeah - could do that...and yeah, coolbeans - ditch the old and start fresh...understandable...22:14
spade34597squinty: been there and tried all options :/22:14
spade34597squinty: i got multibootusb, but it wont start with a USB inserted... only without22:15
YankDownUnderspade34597: Check the BIOS options for boot order22:15
Jordan_Uspade34597: Yes.22:16
spade34597YankDownUnder: its not that, i cannot create the USB in the first place using multibootusb, or any other software22:16
YankDownUnderspade34597: And is it safe to assume that you've re-formatted/partitioned the USB in question?22:16
spade34597YankDownUnder: yep, FAT3222:17
YankDownUnderspade34597: ...and you've checked the partition on that USB to make sure it was "bootable", too, hmm?22:18
spade34597YankDownUnder: i can start multibootusb program, without the USB. Then insert it, and finds it. But then i cannot add iso's22:18
YankDownUnderspade34597: Are you doing this as a "sudo" user? Because it oddly kinda sounds like that...(no permissions to directly access devices)22:19
spade34597YankDownUnder: yep, i tried with a lubuntu install, and it works22:19
spade34597YankDownUnder: yes as root22:19
selfl0rdYankDownUnder: I've done the driver auto install and rebooted. When you say "Software Centre" is that the Software and Updates?22:19
YankDownUnderspade34597: Right oh...far out...22:19
spade34597YankDownUnder: i need to get (l)ubuntu and a windos install on22:20
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Si.22:20
selfl0rdYankDownUnder: I see an Additional Drivers tab. I go there, and I see "Unknown: Unknown" and it says "This devide is using an alternative driver. I have the options of using Processor Microcode firmware for AMD CPU's or an option to "Do not use the device"22:21
selfl0rdI unfortunately do not see a stick or 3rd party option22:21
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: The manufacturer stated that it's "linux compatible" - on their website (or whatever) - does it specify what distributions are supported, or, does it point to a driver download or source code, etc etc etc?22:22
selfl0rdIt stated it was supported on amazon when I bought it. Unfortunately no it did not specify which distribution. One moment I'll see if I can find anything on their website22:23
selfl0rdTHank you for your help by the way22:23
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: ...and if the device is using an "alternative" driver, have you tested to make sure that it's working yet? You said it was a wifi card - have you checked in the "network connections" to see if wifi is showing up?22:23
selfl0rdAlso, I do have an internal wireless card in the laptop, if that makes any difference in this22:24
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: All is good...great way to start a Monday morning...22:24
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selfl0rdSorry I lost connection there for a moment22:27
selfl0rddid you see my last chat about an internal wifi?22:27
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Yes...that being said, if you want to see what's plugged in - USB wise, you can open a terminal and type: lsusb => that will show you what is plugged in - and give you a device/maker name22:28
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: This "stick" is a wifi stick, is there a reason you're not wanting to use the internal/built-in wifi?22:29
selfl0rdyes I believe the internal card is very weak22:29
selfl0rdI lose connection a lot22:29
PhanesYankDownUnder, ikonia install of LTS 15.10 server's public iso was flawless22:35
Phanesfirst attempt22:35
Phanesso there's obviously a bug in the new server LTS ISO22:35
YankDownUnderPhanes: Far out...well, then that answers that particular question...and are you absolutely sure that the MD5SUM of the downloaded server ISO is correct? (Sometimes things get mucked up in downloading...kinda normal)22:36
Phanesthe md5sum matches22:36
YankDownUnderPhanes: Right oh, fair enough...and just on that note, you've double-checked all the init settings prior to the boot? (parameters to be passed to the kernel)...always nice to know - because there is ALWAYS a next time...22:37
Phanesno i just left all of them at defaults22:38
Phanesi wont be using the new LTS or future versions, this was just a refresh until i can pick out a viable replacement for future servers22:38
YankDownUnderPhanes: Kinda sad that you've had a bad experience with the LTS of 16.04, but hey, as long as it ain't "Windows Server 2012" or such...I've not had any issues with 16.04 server...and I tend to bash the crap out of things...therefore, for ME, it's been rather nice...but hey, we're all different, and that's the beauty of it all...22:40
Phanesyeah i need that raid0 working and my drive lettering to be solid22:41
Phanesit could be specific to that hardware22:41
Phanesbut we'll never know lol22:41
YankDownUnderPhanes: Fair enough...so RAID0...got a mixup of drives, eh?22:42
Phanesyeah, summary is basically, usb as /dev/sda, installer in some places called sda the raid0, and in others the usb.22:43
selfl0rdSo, as stated previously, I'm very new to linux. Aside from basic directory navigation, I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm not ashamed to admit that, but I'm very eager to learn. Do any of you have an experience with any online resources for complete beginners? Or do you know of any resources to build linux skills from the ground up?22:43
YankDownUnderPhanes: Fair enough22:43
Bashing-om!manual | selfl0rd22:44
ubottuselfl0rd: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/22:44
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Something else to look at: https://www.linux.com/learn/complete-beginners-guide-linux22:44
selfl0rdWell, to be honest, I'm not really looking to use linux as a casual web surfing OS or multi-media22:45
selfl0rdI want to try my hand at learning how computers talk to each other, and what I'm able to make a machine do22:45
Bashing-omselfl0rd: Others I have found of value : http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Trusty ; ttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/download_main.html .22:45
selfl0rdOh nice! Thank you for the links!22:46
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Great to collect heaps of links - and to READ...linux is like a "Swiss Army Knife"...you can live with it as your "spoon", or  you can get extremely down and dirty and take over the world...your choice...22:47
selfl0rdYankDownUnder: Great analogy :P22:47
selfl0rdWindows is my spoon on another machine :P I use it for casual computing and gaming22:48
selfl0rdLinux to me seems like a craft. A good trade to acquire.22:48
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: Fair enough...in time, you'll find that linux is also great for gaming...was actually the original place/OS for hard core multi-user/player games...Quake, Doom, etc...."back in the day"...and Steam runs on linux...aside from the tonnes of games available for free...22:49
selfl0rdYankDownUnder: That sounds good as well!22:50
YankDownUnderselfl0rd: All is good...just can't seem to get linux to make me a coffee or bring me donuts...YET...22:50
selfl0rdsudo apt-get donuts22:52
Bashing-omYankDownUnder: That day is comming .. Already ubuntu drives cars .. soon will be robotic to fetch the coffee !22:53
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kulelu88Once you actually start using Linux, you realize that as a desktop, it is not much different from windows, except that when you screw something up, you can dig as deep as you want to figure out what is going on. no black boxes, well until you get deep enough that is23:04
msev-If i do that suid stuff to arp-scan does it mean i wont have to write sudo and the password for that program any more?23:10
msev-That chmod something something :)23:10
BlueProtomanIn which PPA can I get the latest version of Boost?23:15
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cwolfordcan someone help me get a usb/wifi scanner working?23:28
calicojackwhat is the chipset?23:29
cwolfordit's a pixma mp560 multifunction, printer portion works, scanner is recognized when plugged into usb but simple scan fails to recognize it.23:31
cwolforder...fails to connect to it.23:31
porjausdoes anyone have experience with kleopatra to encrypt with gpg?23:41
sine0hi there folks. I have 2.8.16-1ubuntu1 which has a major bug in it and i want to roll back or use 2.8.16-0. how can i do this ?23:49
dyc3sine0, is that the kernel version?23:50
sine0no i think its just the gimp dev version number23:51
debidisine0: download .deb and dpkg -i <pkg>.deb23:53
debidisudo ofc23:53
Ben64sine0: what's the bug23:55
sine0cage transform tool crashes every time. found the forum posts, im not alone.23:55
Ben64sine0: are you using pclinuxos?23:57

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