ubuntu-studiohi can any1 help me plz, i want to install my ubuntu disc onto my lapto , i have tryd to already on my own, stupidly i uninstalld my current server which was windows 8, i seem to hae wiped it totally of my latop , n indoin so cant turn my laptop on an get my preprogrammed stuff up , an can only use my laptop by usin my disc if i wanna use internet, how can i just install my disc onto the latop without havin to constant10:44
ubuntu-studioly load my disc up, help plz10:44
sat-buddhiI've had a problem with installing 16.04 LTS16:02
sat-buddhithe screen goes black and I can't see the interface16:02
sat-buddhiit's the first time that i had this kind of error16:03

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