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xXUbuntuManL2iHello, I install xubuntu on a Netbook and I wonder how to make it a little bit faster (because I got 1GB of ram)02:58
xubuntu28wHi¡ I am trying to configure my wireless connection and I don´t Get it. Sharápova soul de I do?06:37
xubuntu28wSorry, I wanted to say, what should I do?06:38
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xubuntu68wIs there a definitive way to check for malware on my machine?15:42
xubuntu68wI recently noticed a few programs that I have not voluntarily downloaded myself15:42
xubuntu68w"Chinese chess" being one of them15:43
xubuntu68wThis is concerning and I'm considering a fresh install15:43
flocculantxubuntu68w: maybe it's a dependency of something you did install - hard to tell - especially if you've wandered off installing outside the repos15:50
flocculant'chinese chess' *could be the description of a couple of packages from the repos15:51
Jorjjhow do I make images open in minimized windows?15:57
Wayward_VagabondWas about to ask if he installed kde stuff, huge depenandcy list for it's stuff16:05
flocculantWayward_Vagabond: possible - no way to know without knowing what this 'chinese chess' actually is :)16:45
Wayward_VagabondDo ubuntu software center or the new gnome thing prompt to a similar level as synaptic about dependancies?16:46
Wayward_VagabondNever used either of them, the former I swapped for synaptic as the first thing I did in setup, the latter I haven't had exposure to as I've not updated to 16.04lts16:47
flocculantnot that I know of - you could be installing the repo's and have to wait afaik16:47
flocculantbut - they appeared to have been installing outside the repo's anyway - so *shrug*16:48
Wayward_VagabondAh, it doesn't show you a list of required depenadancies and ask if you wish to proceed?16:48
flocculantnot that I remember no16:53
Wayward_VagabondYeesh, yet another reason I need nothing to do with them16:54
Wayward_VagabondSay, anybody know what cause X to act weird until it's restarted after the laptop has been asleep in 14.04lts?16:56
Wayward_VagabondAny why the laptop goes to sleep when lid is closed and it16:56
Wayward_Vagabond's unplugged, despite my power settings saying it should not?16:56
chuckmcmWayward_Vagabond: are there multiple sets of power settings, settings when plugged in, settings when on battery ?18:58
Wayward_Vagabondchuckmcm: Yes19:11
xubuntu15wI just installed 16.04 and want to add Tor to the applications menu. Do I do this in the menu editor?19:12
xubuntu15wDo I select "Add launcher"?19:13
xubuntu15wAnd if so, what do I put under "command" and "working directory19:14
xubuntu15wI've been messing around with the menu editor but can't get the shorcut I've created to execute19:23
flocculantxubuntu15w: I think the command is the start-tor-browser in the downloaded folder19:39
flocculantdon't completely remember - but a menu item created by menulibre does work19:40
xubuntu15wYeah, when I add "start-tor-browser.desktop" to the command field, it doesn't work19:41
xubuntu15wSo I think additional info is needed19:42
flocculantnot .desktop19:42
xubuntu15wOk, that works19:42
xubuntu15wWhat does the "use startup notification" option do when on19:43
xubuntu15wEvery other app in the "internet" directory has it on19:43
flocculantiirc that's the spinny circle thing to say something's 'starting'19:43
xubuntu15wNow, do I have to keep the unzipped tor-browser archive in my downloads folder?19:45
flocculantif your command points there then yes - or move it and reset the menu command19:45
xubuntu15wWhere are applications normally kept in the file system?19:45
xubuntu15wfor example, vlc19:45
xubuntu15wwhich I just installed via the terminal19:45
flocculantthat would get put where the system puts it, just put your tor in your home folder19:46
xubuntu15wshould I create a .tor folder?19:47
flocculantxubuntu15w: in your home folder you could make a /any/random/stuff/I/want and put it there19:47
flocculantI'd either make *some* folder or just put it in there directly19:47
xubuntu15wNow, last question -- do you know where I can find the icon for the app19:48
xubuntu15wI'm searching around in the directory but don't see it19:48
flocculantxubuntu15w: pretty sure it is in there somewhere19:49
xubuntu15wwhat's the file extension?19:49
flocculantI installed tor from the repos so didn't have all the hassle19:50
flocculantno idea19:50
xubuntu15wI thought they didn't reccomend installing from the repos19:50
xubuntu15wIf it's secure, I might as well delete and reinstall from the repos19:50
flocculantno idea19:50
xubuntu15wI thought I read on the site that installing from repos is not recommended because the packages are out of date19:51
xubuntu15wsomething like that19:51
xubuntu15wthough I might be wrong19:51
flocculantcould be - personally not that bothered - it tells me when it needs updating19:51
xubuntu15wI'll just install from the repos, seems easier19:52
knomei would personally always prefer a version from the repositories than not19:52
xubuntu15wSo when you install an archive from the site, all of the software is contained within the single archive/19:52
xubuntu15we.g. in my downloads folder19:53
knomeif you want to put it black and white, then yes19:53
xubuntu15wSo, in order to "uninstall" it completely, I can just delete the folder in /downloads?19:54
xubuntu15wor should I run a command to remove residual files (if there are any)?19:54
knomeconsidering you didn't run any command that "installed" the application to system directories, yes19:54
xubuntu15wYeah I simply unzipped the archive and ran the executable file within it to start the browser19:55
xubuntu15wI'm assuming that keeps everything contained within /downloads19:56
xubuntu15wsomething I just read that I should mention to you all using tor, "According to The Tor Project, "In the past they have not reliably been updated. That means you could be missing stability and security fixes."19:57
xubuntu15wIn reference to the ppas19:57
xubuntu15wwhich are all maintained by third parties. There is no official tor-maintained ppa19:58
knomeany package in any repository always needs the repository maintainer to act upon updates when they are released19:58
knomethe only way they can be up-do-date all the time is that the original releasing party updates them when releases are out19:58
xubuntu15wI was thinking that it would be less secure to update through an unofficial ppa19:59
knomecompared to the main ubuntu repositories, yes.20:00
knomebut the actual security level depends on how much you trust the PPA maintainer20:00
xubuntu15wyeah in that case, i probably would trust any ppa maintainer for tor to be consitently reliable in rolling out updates20:03
xubuntu15w*would not trust20:03
xubuntu15wThis is the forum post  the I was reading: http://askubuntu.com/questions/382394/how-do-i-install-the-tor-browser-bundle-in-ubuntu20:03
xubuntu15wIf you're interested20:04
flocculantxubuntu15w: don't know the ins and outs of that post - but please take note of dates on things20:04
xubuntu15wdidn't see the date20:07
xubuntu15wbut I think it is still relevant20:07
knomei don't know the post either, and am not saying it can't be relevant by any means, but it's your system and if you are happy with the level of confirmation you've done... then who are we to say don't do it :)20:09
knomei guess that's to say you won't find a 100% confirmation from this channel either :)20:10
xubuntu15wyeah i understand20:10
xubuntu15wand I appreciate the help you've provided20:11
xubuntu15w(flocculant, knome)20:11
flocculantyou're welcome :)20:12
xubuntu15wanyway, gotta go -- thanks again20:13
pjotterHi people. Sorry to bother you on this hour but what happened to hibernation mode in 16.04?21:14
bartonhi #xubuntu, I'm upgrading from 14-04 to 16-04 (keeping the file system intact) ... the installer seems to be hanging on me, and I'm trying to figure out what to do next.21:31
* barton idly wonders if anyone is around.21:34
pleia2barton: 14.04 to 16.04 upgrades aren't official supported until the 16.04.1 release (July 21st), so it's still a bit buggy21:35
pleia2barton: I don't have any suggestions, but since that is still in development maybe submit a bug for now?21:36
bartonpleia2: thanks -- it seems to be hanging after "debconffilter_done: ubiquity.components.partman_commit (current: None)" ... it's already removed a bunch of software... I'm *hoping* that it's safe to reboot at this point -- I'll reisub out if I can...21:38
pleia2not familiar with that error :\21:38
bartonI googled for it -- there were some references back in 2010 -- could be a regression (unlikely, I think), or it may simply be the last thing in the logs.21:40
bartonanyway, I'll reboot and see what happens... I've got backups, but I'd prefer not to have to use them ;-)21:41
connerMy wifi connection messes up and disconnects me from online games, skype, etc. often. It's good for a while (The time varies a lot), then seems to shut off then restart.22:24
tmsbrg_conner, hey I know that problem. Just when I wanted to type that I get disconnected just to show it22:42
tmsbrg_but for me at least it's an ISP problem22:43
tmsbrg_you can check if other computers on the same network have the same problem at the same time22:45

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