jbichahi could someone look at this MP since it's had no action for 4 months:02:30
tsdgeosany reason you guys are not updating kdelibs to latest LTS release?07:59
yofeltsdgeos: bug in the tooling. It's updated in staging but has a missing symbol that I didn't investigate yet.08:02
acheronukclivejo: kldap seems a blocker on some of the deps or build failures08:18
acheronukI added some build deps to that yesterday to make it build but then got some extra files I'm not sure where to place08:20
acheronuktesting locally I mean08:21
tsdgeosyofel: yakkety packages for ki18n and kde-l10n-* conflict08:43
lordievaderGood morning.09:16
soeehiho o/09:16
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?09:17
soeelordievader: tbh. cool :D You ?09:18
lordievaderDoing good here :)09:18
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
acheronukclivejo: food for your green eyed monster :P http://i.imgur.com/G9ydUIH.png11:51
clivejoyou are mean!11:51
acheronukI had to to think carefully about yofel's "are you evil?" question11:52
acheronukI don't have a bouncer, so if I disappear off IRC and don't get beck on on my laptop, then that is why. Doing a re-install on new disk11:56
acheronukclivejo: can I get a kde bouncer/BNC account yet? Not that fussed, but would be handy. 11:58
clivejomaybe ask valorie11:59
clivejoshe helped me get one 11:59
acheronukyep. that sounds a good route, thanks :)11:59
clivejoyou need to be sponsored by a KDE  senior person12:00
clivejoIll try and remember to ask valorie later12:01
acheronukyeah, I gathered they don't give them out without some sort of backup12:01
clivejoso much for a super council12:01
yofelif you don't get it and don't mind using quassel you can have an account on my core12:01
yofel(if you don't mind me knowing your nickserv password)12:02
clivejohow do we know yofel isnt evil!12:02
acheronukyofel: I'm still on hexchat. was what I started using in 1990's 12:02
acheronukxchat as it was12:03
yofelclivejo: my nick doesn't start with evil_ :P12:03
clivejoacheronuk might need an evil nick12:04
clivejoor a mean one12:04
=== acheronuk is now known as evil_acheron
=== evil_acheron is now known as mean_acheron
mean_acheronor maybe12:06
* clivejo wonders if he could interscept Rik's SDD and get it sent to him instead12:06
clivejoserver didnt like yofel turning evil12:06
yofeloh my, my alternate personaly visited12:06
* yofel runs12:06
=== mean_acheron is now known as acheronuk
acheronukOk. I will ask valorie for starters on the BNC12:07
acheronukIf not, I will take up yofel's kind offer12:08
soeesgclark: congrats new job :D12:55
acheronukI know I shouldn’t clivejo but... http://i.imgur.com/9tkLND8.jpg13:58
marco-parilloacheronuk: I recently replaced my spinning disk with an SSD, making an ancient T41 now my favorite home computer again.14:19
acheronuklol. about 2x what I could justify on a whole desktop or laptop!14:22
soeeacheronuk: on ssd ?14:42
acheronuksoee: not yet14:50
acheronukoh, the price in yofel's link?14:51
yofelFYI: digikam 5.0.0 is in debian experimental15:18
sick_rimmitHi Folks...18:38
clivejohi Rick18:39
sick_rimmitI'm working on Dojo Course work. I want to dicuss where we now keep our Kubunut Packaging for the /debian folder18:39
sick_rimmitIs that here18:39
sick_rimmit https://launchpad.net/kubuntu-packaging18:39
sick_rimmitHey clivejo18:40
sick_rimmitI've added the slides for Dojo iii and I am just working on Dojo IV. My plan is to finish the Yellow Belt series at Dojo IV, and then just to loop around once a month18:40
sick_rimmitSo I cover the same beginners stuff over and over18:41
sick_rimmitThanks for Link18:41
clivejomaybe pick small projects for people to work on along side18:41
santa_so no more debian's alioth?18:42
clivejooh hi santa_18:42
clivejolong time no see!!18:42
clivejowhere ya been?18:42
santa_regarding free software working on krecipes and then 2-3 months inactive18:43
clivejohavent seen you from around christmas time :P18:44
clivejoyes, we are moving everything to LP git18:45
clivejoand yofel got the triggers working for KCI18:46
clivejolets us train and get people packaging a bit faster and less issues with Debian alioth access18:47
santa_I see, that's good18:47
santa_less issues for me18:47
clivejoalso any launchpad member can send us a merge request18:48
santa_yes, I just saw that18:48
santa_yofel: what about the automation stuff?18:49
clivejowe mod it to work from LP too18:49
clivejohows apps 16.04.3 looking for people?18:54
clivejosoee: ping?18:55
soeeclivejo: pong18:55
clivejohows testing of apps 16.04.3 on YY going?18:55
soeeoh i do not have YY18:55
soeemamarley, BluesKaj: ^18:56
clivejobut but18:56
clivejoyou are chief tester18:56
BluesKajhi soee, clivejo 18:56
soeeand there are 2 reds in build list18:56
clivejooh, who put kde4libs there18:57
santa_clivejo: do you guys have any work regarding gcc 6?18:57
clivejosanta_: that I dont know18:57
soeeyofel: ^18:57
clivejowe are having "issues" with getting Qt for plasma 5.718:58
clivejooh yofel uploaded that18:58
clivejoon Saturday18:58
clivejosymbols issues18:59
yofelclivejo: huh?19:01
yofeloh, kde4libs19:02
yofelsanta_: doko did an archive test rebuild regarding gcc6, but many of our packages got stuck in depwait (probably thanks to the couple failures)19:03
yofelhaven't really looked at it yet19:03
santa_yofel: ok, I *might* have a look depending on my free time19:04
santa_good chance to refresh my auto build stuff19:05
sick_rimmitclivejo: Re small projects ^^ - Do we have a list anywhere ?19:05
yofelsanta_: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20160705-gcc6-yakkety.html#kubuntu19:05
clivejosick_rimmit: nope, but things like kdeconnect, kamoso, purpose19:06
clivejotend to build quick and quick easy to fix them19:06
yofelThe following packages have unmet dependencies:19:09
yofel sbuild-build-depends-akonadi-search-dummy : Depends: libkf5akonadimime-dev (>= 4:15.12~) but it is not going to be installed19:09
yofelThe following packages have unmet dependencies:19:09
yofel sbuild-build-depends-akonadi-search-dummy : Depends: libkf5akonadimime-dev (>= 4:15.12~) but it is not going to be installed19:09
yofelwhy is that not saying >= 4:16.04 in the unstable branch o.O19:10
* yofel smells bugs19:10
clivejois the auto bump in staging script not working/disabled?19:10
yofeldunno, trying to find out now19:11
clivejoIve noticed that in a few apps packages19:11
yofelhm, nothing in akonadi-search got bumped19:14
acheronukthat's why I was trying to fix kldap19:15
acheronukkdepimlibs has a dep wait on that19:17
yofelbump-build-dep-versions works fine if I run it by hand...19:19
yofelmaybe this package ended up in manual and nobody did the build-dep bumps19:19
yofelclivejo: did you get anywhere with the tagging?19:27
yofel00:30:34 dpkg-buildflags --export=make > debian/dhmk_env.mk19:44
yofel00:30:34 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.19:44
yofel00:30:34 dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules clean gave error exit status 219:44
yofel00:30:34 chown -R jenkins:jenkins /var/lib/jenkins/workspaces/yakkety/unstable/extra-cmake-modules19:44
=== BluesKaj is now known as Blues-away
* yofel doesn't see the server ever running low on memory19:52
mamarleyclivejo: Going fine.  No problems to report. :)20:01
soeeclivejo: staging FW 5.24?20:02
yofelI wonder if we could set up a bunch of jenkins executors on that linode20:03
clivejosoee: no20:04
clivejoI cant get the tagging script to *beeping* work20:04
yofelrunning it onw20:05
yofel*now even20:05
yofel./ubuntu-archive-upload -r frameworks -v 5.23 -t /tmp/fw523/20:06
clivejoand how did you get frameworks?20:06
yofelwhat do you mean?20:06
clivejohow did you get /tmp/fk52320:07
yofelmkdir /tmp/fw52320:07
yofelnothing in there at the beginning20:07
clivejo:P very funny!20:07
yofelwhat, you asked me what I did :P20:07
clivejoyou give it a blank folder to work with?20:09
clivejoI thought it needed the git frameworks20:09
clivejoblank folder is throwing errors too20:10
yofelclivejo:     subprocess.check_call(["pull-ppa-source", "-d", ppaString, package, release])20:16
yofel-> OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory20:16
yofelpull-ppa-source is in your PATH, yes?20:16
clivejoin what directory?20:16
yofelhas to be reachable by that20:17
clivejowhere does that live?20:17
clivejothere be my problem20:18
yofelfeel free to try and tag plasma if you want. I'm still on frameworks20:19
yofelclivejo: frameworks tagged and pushed20:31
yofelare you on plasma?20:31
clivejostill getting this error20:32
clivejocan I see your $PATH20:32
yofelI used a symlink in ~/bin20:35
yofellrwxrwxrwx 1 yofel yofel 53 Nov 22  2015 /home/yofel/bin/pull-ppa-source -> /home/yofel/src/kubuntu-dev-tools/bin/pull-ppa-source20:35
clivejodoesnt say that in the *beeping* instructions!20:36
clivejooh its in bin20:43
valorieI certainly will sponsor acheronuk/Rik for a KDE developer account 20:44
valoriegotta start with an https://identity.kde.org/ account first, then bump to devel20:45
clivejoyofel: should these be uploaded to staging?20:46
yofelno. Theoretically they should be uploaded to archive, but I don't want to deal with that currently20:47
yofelhm, might as well stage frameworks while I'm here20:47
yofelhow did that go again..20:47
clivejogood idea20:48
clivejomaybe wipe the staging and copy another set of Qt from Riks PPA20:48
yofeldid he update something?20:49
clivejono, just frameworks build weird last time20:49
clivejoblue installed them on his system and broke it20:49
yofelah, that'll be the private abi probably20:49
yofeldon't use those packages without a full QA run over everything20:50
clivejoI did say to remove staging PPA, but he mustnt have listened20:50
clivejoso this script can be used on an existing workspace git area?20:51
yofelwell, technically yes - it'll simply delete what's in the way20:52
yofelso it doesn't make a difference20:52
clivejomight save my bandwidth if the source tarballs are athere20:53
clivejoIll try it next time20:53
yofelyeah, the script doesn't work like that. It intentionally makes sure that no existing data is there20:53
yofeluser your container :P20:53
clivejois it setup now?20:54
yofelwell, it's running20:55
clivejohow do I access it?20:55
yofelFWIW, now that you have a host account, you could just 'lxc exec kde-apps bash' into it20:55
yofelotherwise with the ssh information aaron gave you20:55
clivejoI could what now?20:55
yofelerm, give me a sec20:55
yofelI'll look up the info again20:56
clivejocan we point kubuntu.org dns at it?20:56
yofelclivejo: ssh -p 4242 -u ubuntu@
clivejowhy not?20:56
yofeltalk to canonical IS if you want that20:56
yofelkubuntu.co.uk would be easier I guess20:57
yofelI just make an entry in my ssh config so I don't forget the IP20:57
clivejossh ubuntu@dev.kubuntu.org would be lot easier to remember!20:57
clivejoPermission denied (publickey).20:58
yofelRiddell: kubuntu.co.uk was owned by you?20:59
clivejook in21:00
yofelgreat, now you can beta test the container :P21:00
clivejoubuntu@kde-apps $ beta test21:00
clivejobeta: command not found21:00
Riddellyofel: still is by the looks of it, it's what I had to use to launch kubuntu21:01
clivejowont work yofel21:01
yofelRiddell: can you add other IPs for subdomains or is that a single-domain account?21:01
Riddellyofel: I can add anything https://paste.kde.org/pyail50wz21:03
yofelRiddell: could you please make 'dev' point to / 2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:fe9b:78da21:04
Riddellhmm dunno if it can do ip621:04
yofelv6 would be 'AAAA'21:05
Riddelloh yes it can, clever21:05
Riddellyofel: done21:05
yofelRiddell: thanks a lot!21:06
yofelguess we'll find out how well it works after the update21:06
clivejohow many errors can one script throw21:06
yofel"lots"? :P21:06
clivejosubprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['git', 'clone', 'git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/plasma-discover', 'git']' returned non-zero exit status 12821:07
yofelssh key missing?21:07
clivejoit was working til that point21:07
clivejowhat do we have it in LP as?21:08
yofelor launchpad timed out..21:08
yofelyeah, that should be cloning 'discover'21:08
yofelhow did that break again *-.-21:08
clivejothis logic confusses me21:11
clivejoupstream-names.json has an entry     "plasma-discover": "discover",21:11
clivejoupstream here means KDE21:12
yofel$ host dev.kubuntu.co.uk21:12
yofeldev.kubuntu.co.uk has address
yofeldev.kubuntu.co.uk has IPv6 address 2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:fe9b:78da21:12
clivejoyofel can git store a symlink?21:13
yofelI think so21:13
yofeldiscover is one of those double-converted packages because it doesn't fit into the proper package scheme21:13
yofeland nobody ever changed the scripts to properly support that21:14
clivejowhat should its git name be?21:14
clivejowhy do debian have it as plasma-discover?21:15
clivejoshouldnt we follow that?21:15
yofeldebian does weird things21:15
* yofel is too tired to properly answer that21:17
* genii sips and ponders the Debian weirdos21:25
yofelFWIW, plasma-discover is probably the correct thing to use21:27
yofellets talk about that tomorrow21:27
valorieI think there is already another package named discover21:27
valoriesame with spectacle21:27
clivejocan I rename it in LP, to get this script to finish21:27
yofelno, you'll break the CI and other scripts21:28
yofeljust make the script override the name21:29
clivejoI think Ive had enough for tonight as well!21:29
yofelFW 5.24 up21:31
yofeloh right. ahoneybun: thanks to clive having ideas and thanks to jonathan the linode is now called dev.kubuntu.co.uk21:32
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.6.5 Y-LANDING, X-BACKPORTS / Apps 16.04.02 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING / FW 5.24 Y-STAGING, 5.23 X-BACKPORTS| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
santa_yofel: just a quick question, you are still using the old monolithic scripts in KA right?21:38
yofelsanta_: for the bulk work, yes21:38
santa_ok, I will try to resume the new design implementation then21:39
santa_just got a look to the git-clone-all changes21:39
yofelI never had enough spare time to figure out how to use your tooling and still make sure that all required steps are done21:39
santa_I guess I will dig more tomorrow21:39
santa_yeah, I will be around when stuff is ready to be used21:40
valoriewb santa_21:59
valoriewe've missed ya21:59
santa_thank you21:59
valorieare you coming to Akademy/qtcon?22:00
santa_I don't think so, but we will see22:01
santa_I have various things to sort out22:02
valorieIRC is always a substitute for face to face22:02
valoriebut eventually we'll get together again22:02
santa_sure, one convention or another...22:03
valorieI usually get to europe only once per year22:10
valorieit is a long flight all the way across the US and the atlantic!22:11
valoriewill be easier this time because I'm stopping in NYC for a few days with my youngest and his hubby22:11
mparilloI can confirm that this is good in YY: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-framework/+bug/1560404/comments/522:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1560404 in plasma-framework (Ubuntu Xenial) "Live session desktop uses too small folder view widget" [High,Fix committed]22:40

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