bunjeehow do I do the su thing?01:58
bunjeeI get authentication failure01:58
MichaelTunnellwhy use su instead of sudo?01:59
MichaelTunnelldoing a lot of tasks?01:59
bunjeeI'm using my only password that I started with for installation02:01
bunjeeCan someone help me get the "su" password to work?02:24
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YankDownUnderbunjee: Are you on the liveUSB, or in your installed system...?02:30
YankDownUnderbunjee: So you're not "satisfied" with just making use of "sudo" to accomplish "root" tasks?02:33
bunjeecan I do root tasks without the "su"?02:34
YankDownUnderbunjee: Yes, mate...by using "sudo" - which should already be setup for you automagically by the system when you installed it...in a terminal, type: "man sudo" => amazing simple means by which to do "root" things...02:35
bunjeeOK.....thank you sir....I will read on....02:38
pragomer_1I cannot install ttf-corefonts-installer. Got error :04:19
pragomer_1W: Can't drop privileges for downloading as file '/var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/andale32.exe' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Keine Berechtigung)04:20
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pragomer_1hi. I get no avi or mkv preview in dolphin under kubuntu 16.04. I activated it in dolphins settings, put up the max size for videos. and I installed ffmpegthumbs and ffmpegthumbnailer and also kffmpegthumbnailer.08:10
pragomer_1any ideas?08:10
soeepragomer_1: hiho08:18
soeethere was but that is fixed in apps 16.04.2 i think08:19
soeeso it should work when we release  those via Kubuntu backports08:19
soeethere is also workaround if you want it "noe"08:19
soeethere was bug08:19
soeepragomer_1: you can execute this command to make it works: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/* /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/08:21
pragomer_1mm.. now sounds good :-)08:35
pragomer_1wow... that linking worked.. thank you so so much for this fast and simple solution :-)08:36
pragomer_1kubuntu really rocks *thumbsup*08:45
soeealso, do you have backports ppa enabled ?08:47
pragomer_1mm.. dont have any backports.. I heard using backports is not really recommend.. dont know if that is right..08:49
hateballpragomer_1: in the case of 16.04, backports is kinda needed for a more stable experience08:53
pragomer_1oh ok.. so.. sure.. I can try that.. how to do that? I mean.. kubuntu really had some stability problems in the past.. anyway.. I switched from ubuntu unity / gnome to kubuntu since 15.10.. and I really like it..08:55
pragomer_1so if a backport will stable it more.. lets go08:55
pragomer_1how to do that?08:55
pragomer_1plasmashell --version shows me 5.5.508:56
soeesudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports08:56
soeesudo apt update08:56
soeesudo apt full-upgrade08:56
pragomer_1what version will i get then?08:56
pragomer_1and is only the kde desktop upgraded but also apps?08:57
soeeApps 16.05 aren't yet in backports08:57
pragomer_1and I wont get some "new stability" problems, you are sure? ;-)08:57
pragomer_1ok, then I try it here on my productive system..08:58
pragomer_1will give you a feedback..08:58
soeeok :)08:58
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lordievaderGood morning.09:16
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marahinhello. I am using a UHD laptop screen with 1920x1080 external monitor. After updating drivers, the one-liner I usually used to setup the external monitor's resolution stopped working.10:32
marahinPasting it right now.10:32
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marahinhttp://hastebin.com/ohihigukun.vhdl am I doing something wrong?10:53
hateballmarahin: what gpu/driver is this?10:55
marahinhateball, 01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M] (rev a2)10:55
marahin00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)10:56
marahinxrandr program version       1.5.0, nvidia drivers 36710:56
hateballhmmm, strange10:56
hateballany reason you're not using nvidia-settings to configure?10:56
marahinhateball, uh...10:57
marahinhateball, it doesn't recognize screens properly10:57
marahinand also I _need_ the scaling option. Using internal UHD laptop's screen & external fullhd one10:58
hateballit should noted that multimonitor support on 16.04 is sketchy unless using the backports ppa10:59
hateballbut that's more stuff like panels moving about10:59
hateballonly got intel on this workmachine so I can't try reproducing your stuff right now :/10:59
marahinhateball, last time I tried backports ppa (week ago) _everything_ broke ;)11:00
hateballoh well, stick around I guess11:01
aienahow do I toggle vi input mode with keyboard in kate in kubnutu11:30
hateballaiena: ctrl+shift+v11:34
otomo@hateball @marahim thanks, I just entered  to make some questions regarding backports and multimonitor and you already gave me the answers :D11:50
hateballheh :)11:51
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hazamonzoSilly question.... would you expect it to take up to 10 minutes to format a 32gb USB stick with the EXT2 FS (replacing FAT32) ?12:19
hazamonzoWith Kubuntu Partition manager that is... Kinda just stuck at 50% for a while now12:20
hateballno idea really, have not used ext2 for a long time12:21
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SonnyLanningSo... is this a happening place?13:07
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paranoidabhiI noticed this weird issue in kde 5.6.5(kubuntu 16.04). Please have a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/variety/+bug/158979014:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1589790 in Variety "Some wallpapers are displayed as black backgrounds in kde" [Undecided,New]14:03
rpgApologies for stupid question: but why is it that Discover never finds any packages when I use the search box?14:48
rpge.g. "aptitude search jenkins" finds about 2 dozen packages, but typing "jenkins" into discover finds nothing.14:49
marco-parilloMuon Discover is more of an app store. Regular old Muon is a package manager. So packages that are not considered Apps (including missing AppStream data (I think)) are not searchable in Muon Discover.14:53
rpgmarco-parillo: Thanks!14:55
rpgBut.... There's no muon in the kubuntu menus, only Discover!14:55
akikrpg: plasma-discover has been broken since 16.04 release14:56
rpgAlso, AFAICT muon doesn't exist.  Or at least typing "muon" at the search bar gives me nothing.14:57
marco-parilloRight, you need to sudo apt update && sudo apt install muon -y14:57
rpgI can use aptitude, but this seems really stupid.14:57
soeethis is know bug14:57
marco-parilloRegular Muon is not shipped with Kubuntu IIRC.14:58
rpgmarco-parillo: Thanks again, this really helps.14:58
marco-parilloIn fact there is somebody here (I forget who) who regularly advises people to stick with regular Muon.14:58
marco-parilloFor everything, not just what you cannot find in Discover.14:59
akiki looked up a bug report about plasma-discover some weeks ago15:00
rpgAnother question (I hope quick): do I have to specially configure the sources to get jenkins?15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1577918 in plasma-discover (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu Discover search returns no results" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:01
akikso i'm hoping it gets fixed by 21st july15:01
marco-parillorpg: What does apt-cache policy jenkins return?15:21
rpgmarco-parillo: Looks like I have to manually add a new apt source for Jenkins.15:28
rpgDoing that fixes the problem.15:28
rpgI suppose there's some organizational reason why ubuntu cannot include jenkins.15:28
OerHekslast version was precise https://launchpad.net/jenkins , follow https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+on+Ubuntu15:31
rpgOerHeks: Yes, the jenkins-ci.org page is what I used for instructions.  Don't know why jenkins couldn't be included in Ubuntu sources, but I'm sure there's some reason.15:38
bjrohanHelp. After my upgrade, when I start programs I get: Configuration file  not writable. Please contact your system administrator.15:48
bjrohanHow do I resolve this system wide?15:48
bjrohanOr Rather user wide, as I am the only user on this system.15:48
akikbjrohan: without knowing what happened, it's safe to run "sudo chown -R username /home/username"15:50
bjrohanakik: Thank you. While upgrading from 15.04 to 16.04 with a stop at 15.10, the upgrade via GUI stopped towards the end, presumbaly because it was waiting from user input on CLI, which I couldn't give. I had to shut dow the system mid upgrade and continue on reboot15:52
bjrohanThat is my best guess as to what caused this mess now :-)15:52
bjrohanakik: I assume this changes the hidden / config files as well?15:56
akikbjrohan: yes the whole home dir15:56
akikbjrohan: but it could be that your install is broken. does it give weird error messages?15:57
bjrohan That command didn't give any error message. It has completed, but I just tried to start Konsole and received:15:57
bjrohanConfiguration file "/home/bjrohan/.config/rc" not writable.15:57
bjrohanPlease contact your system administrator.15:57
bjrohanThen konsole started15:58
akikbjrohan: so what's the permissions on rc?15:58
akikmaybe it's missing w-bit on some dir/file15:59
bjrohanakik: honestly what's relaly odd, I did this upgrade 3 days ago, I've been using the system since then and didn't received this message until a few minutes ago. I get this on every program I start, even ones I ran uesterday that didn't cause this15:59
bjrohanakik:  Something is messed up! That file doesn't exist in .config16:01
akikbjrohan: i don't have it either on kubuntu 16.0416:02
bjrohanI just tried to download a file via chromium, which I also did yesterday, it says insuffecient permissions.16:03
akikbjrohan: if you touch /home/bjrohan/.config/rc does it work then without errors?16:04
bjrohanakik: touch: cannot touch '/home/bjrohan/.config/rc': Read-only file system16:05
akikbjrohan: oh wow16:05
akikbjrohan: is /home in your under your root file system?16:06
bjrohanI'm afraid to do a reboo16:06
bjrohanakik: yes16:06
akikbjrohan: the chown command should've errored out too16:06
akikbjrohan: you can try "sudo mount -o remount,rw /"16:06
bjrohanakik: no error when I did that, however it didn't change anything16:07
bjrohanls -la in /home shows: drwxr-xr-x 179 bjrohan bjrohan 20480 Jul 10 16:17 bjrohan16:09
akikbjrohan: did you run the mount command?16:09
bjrohanakik: ^16:09
bjrohanakik: I did16:09
bjrohanakik: When I ran it, I didn't get any error message, but starting konsole gave me the same error msg about rc16:10
akikbjrohan: sorry out of ideas16:11
bjrohanakik: what could go wrong if I reboot?16:11
akikbjrohan: maybe you could get more help at #ubuntu16:12
bjrohanWill do16:12
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io_silverhi, I'm running kubuntu 14.04, is it possible to install kde plasma 5, such that I can choose between plasma 4 and 5 at login?17:25
io_silveralas, thanks17:26
io_silverdo I understand correctly that if I were to install, for example, LXDE on top of kubuntu 14.04, then in that case I would be able to switch desktop environments at login?17:31
soeeio_silver: yes, should work17:32
marco-parilloBut unless you are really talented, you might install more than just the DE. You might have separate programs with duplicate aims for terminal emulation programs, file managers, music players.17:36
io_silveri see, and that would bleed over across the various desktops.  I could in theory get around that by creating a separate user account for the other desktop environment?17:40
io_silverno, the kde apps would still be there, i see17:41
anabainIs there a lightweight alternative to dolphin?18:37
* nlsthzn covers his dolphin installs ears...18:37
BluesKajanabain:  sounds like you need a lighter desktop environment18:38
anabainBluesKaj, I need dolphin not freezing, actually, but I'm fed up with it. MOre exactly, I'm fed up with 16.0418:39
BluesKajanabain:  I have to ask, have you updated/upgraded to the latest packages?18:40
anabainof course18:40
BluesKajI had to ask, not all users do so18:41
anabainBluesKaj, ok, excuse me. BTW, may I ask you a question? Do you really think 16.04 is a release distro?18:41
BluesKajdo you have the the proprietary driver installed for your gpu ?18:42
BluesKajother than intel18:43
* nlsthzn is finding kubuntu 16.04 + backports rock solid... very best KDE 5 experience by far18:43
anabainI have a radeon video card, which had some issues. I had to disable vsync for the compositor, otherwise I experience awful/unusable desktop behaviour, because there was no refresh18:45
BluesKajni letś not talk about , personal experience ẅorks for for me", that doesn help anyone18:45
BluesKajnlsthzn: ^18:45
anabainBluesKaj, xserver-xorg-video-radeon is installed.18:45
* nlsthzn wasn't trying to help ;)18:46
anabainBluesKaj, and radeon module is in use.18:46
nsnzeroanabain: what rendering are you using in the compositor ?18:48
anabainnsnzero, I think I don't fully understand you. Do you mean OpenGL 2.0 /GLX ?18:50
nsnzeroanabain: yes - try enabling your vsync with a different renderer - i had problems with opengl218:51
anabainthanks for the hint18:51
nsnzerono problem18:53
anabainnsnzero, it seems 3.1 + EGL works quite well, but what should I pay attention to to get the best settings?18:54
lethuanabain: try 2.0 with full screen repaints, don't pay attention to the warning18:55
anabainlethu, I tried it and it worked incredibly slowly18:55
lethuanabain: 3.1 has poor performance with 3d applications18:55
BluesKajanabain: install the  xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu18:55
lethuanabain: oh, that's the setting I have, it works ok18:56
lethuanabain: also have amd gpu18:56
lethuanabain: maybe model specific issue18:56
anabainBluesKaj, it's already installed, but radeon is the module in use. How can I ensure the modern driver will be used?18:57
anabainlethu, could be, I also think so...18:57
BluesKajanabain:  remove the radeon driver18:58
anabainBluesKaj, dpkg -P xserver-xorg-video-radeon  , right?19:00
BluesKajdpkg -r19:00
nsnzeroBluesKaj: wont the driver manager be easier to use to remove it ?19:02
BluesKajno need to purge19:02
BluesKajall package managers includng apt, the gui managers etv all use dpkg to manage packages19:04
rohan_BluesKaj: I was on here earlier, and akik was helping me with an issue, that I'm hoping you can give insight to19:08
BluesKajhi rohan_ , whatś up?19:09
rohan_BluesKaj: I upgraded my system from 15.04 to 16.04 a few days ago. It has stopped when updating to 15.10 via gui waiting for input, I got through that and finished to 16.0519:09
rohan_BluesKaj: all was fine for a few days of use, then earlier today, out of the blue when I started program i got an error message for all of them that it couldn't access different files19:10
nsnzeroBluesKaj: the driver manager does not work in 16.04 - i have forgotten what its does - thanks for the clarity19:11
BluesKajrohan, how did you uprade from 15.04, itś EOL19:12
rohan_BluesKaj: but the program would start. In Chromium I tried downloading a file, but said I don't have user permissions. akik had me change all permissions on my home file, but that didn't help19:15
BluesKajnsnzero:  yes, but thatś a system settings problem , not the package manager afiak19:15
rohan_BluesKaj: I upgraded by first using Muon update to update my packages19:15
rohan_BluesKaj: then to get to 15.10, I used Muon to get the upgrade19:15
rohan_to go from 15.10 to 16.04 from cli I ran to do-release-upgrade I beleive19:15
BluesKajfrom 15.04 rohan_ ? i dont see how thatś possible19:16
rohan_BluesKaj: Now the computer won't start. I'm not in front of it right now though, on here now looking for insite19:16
BluesKajfrom 15.10 yes , that makes sense19:17
rohan_BluesKaj: when I would open Muon update on 15.04, at the top it would let me know there was an upgrade19:17
BluesKajrohan_:  when was this ?19:17
rohan_last Thursday19:18
anabainBluesKaj, when trying to remove the radeon driver it says xserver-xorg-video-ati depends on it? Can/Should I uninstall it too?19:18
rohan_BluesKaj: FWIW my system is dual boot with Win 8.1, and my Linux install is done over several partitions, with home having its own19:19
rohan_BluesKaj: Since my 16.04 had been working okay from what I could tell until this AM, could I simply do an install from a  live CD without a format?19:20
anabainBluesKaj, what?19:20
BluesKajsorry rohan Iǘe never hear do of a successful release-upgrade from a dead OS to an active one, if you sed the sources.list or sopem such ., perhaps that would work , but not having the latest upgraded packages  is a risky if  not fatal exercise.19:21
BluesKajanabain:  don remove the ati19:22
BluesKajdo not19:23
BluesKajmy KB battery is dying19:23
anabainBluesKaj, then what's the command?19:23
BluesKajsudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu19:24
rohan_BluesKaj: What are your thoughts on doing an install from a live usb, matching up the partitions, and NOT doing a format?19:26
BluesKajno need to match up partitions, rohan_ , just use usb /disk creator dd to inage the usb stick19:28
BluesKajor dd19:28
BluesKajbrb , have to replace some batteries19:29
akiki think rohan_ meant installing over your previous installation without initializing the file system19:30
BluesKajakik:  I'would like to know how he managd to upgrade from 15.04 without doing a clean install to 16.0419:32
* rattking wonders how apt will like having all its files orphaned19:32
BluesKajakik initializing the file system?19:33
jmzcI'm trying to run a plasmoid on Kubuntu 16.04 , who requires a python engine. But I don't find the plasma-scriptengine-python package ,how i can run a plasmoid based on python ?19:34
akikthis was his previous explanation19:34
akik02:01 < bjrohan> Hello all. Tried upgrading from 15.04 to 16.04 with the required 15.10. In upgrading to 15.10, I had to19:34
akik                 leave my box, when I came back it was stuck at libsane, and the comp was locked up. I was able to shut it19:34
akik                 down and restart into 15.10, however the upgrade didn't finish of course. What do I need to do19:34
akik02:02 < bjrohan> in order to finish 15.10 and continue on to 16.0419:34
akikBluesKaj: i meant not initializing (=mkfs) the target partition19:36
BluesKajakik, iĺ let you carry theball on this one, upgrading fron EOL is almost impossibel to do cleanly...noe he has to deal with the consequences ...recommend a clean install to  / and creat a /home partition will make upgrades to new release much easier19:37
akikBluesKaj: that's what he's planning to do. install 16.04 over the current installation19:38
akiki don't know why he doesn't want to format the partition though19:39
akikrohan_: why don't you want to format the target partition?19:41
BluesKajakik:  then use gparted to make 2 ext4 partitions, one 15G for/ and  anything over 60G for home should suffice for most users unless they store all their media on a the /home then use whatever is needed19:41
thelionroarsI'm getting a kernel panic only when trying to boot on battery, is the output logged somewhere for when I boot connected to AC? I think the message I need is just offscreen19:45
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rohan_BluesKaj: akik I don't want to lose my personal data (/home), but also any program config info. If doing a clean install with formatting on everything but /home will suffice I'll do it19:49
rohan_akik: Given mu situation, should I simply install 16.04 from LiveUSB, and while installing, make sure that I just don't format the /home. Also just make sure I use same name and password correct?20:05
akikrohan_: i'm not sure what you meant by the program config info20:05
akikrohan_: installing an operating system might overwrite files20:06
akikrohan_: it's quite certain that program config info will be overwritten20:06
rohan_Programs like Chromium with the bookmarks, etc. I also have to adjust audio settings to get the beats audio to work. Would all that be stored in my home directory?20:06
akikrohan_: but yes there's an option not to format the target partition20:06
rohan_akik: Should I just not format my /home partition, or not format all partitions?20:07
akikrohan_: how many partition have you allocated to ubuntu?20:07
akikrohan_: you can select in "something else" that you don't format the partitions20:08
rohan_I'm not in front of the machine to look, at least a /home partition and a /boot partition20:08
akikrohan_: i have no idea about beats audio. chromium's user data will be in your home dir20:09
rohan_akik: I had to adjust the pulse audio I believe20:09
dmattHello, I am on 14.04 and need to connect smartphone in MTP mode, it does not work out of the box, it worked right after i installed libmtp-common mtp-tools libmtp-dev libmtp-runtime libmtp9 but ceased to work after reboot. Any idea?20:19
marahinHow can I change KDE's panel color?20:29
marahinAs I set my theme to breeze-dark it's blazingly bright, the default one20:29
anabainIn order to solve some video card issues on 16.04, I've been told to remove xserver-xorg-video-radeon and use xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu instead. dpkg -r xserver-xorg-video-radeon does not work because xserver-xorg-video-ati depends on it, and I've also been told not to remove the ati package. What can I do, then?20:32
soeemarahin: it should work20:32
soeeare you on 16.04 with backport enabled ?20:32
marahinsoee, I do not know about the backports; how can I check that?20:33
soeemarahin: what plasma version do you have ?20:35
marahinsoee, actually I just had to switch to Breeze, apply, set to Breeze-dark, apply - and it worked this time with the panel20:36
marahinso I believe it was just some kind of a bug20:36
marahin ✘ marahin@resp4wn  ~  plasmashell -v20:37
marahinplasmashell 5.5.520:37
marahinsoee, ^20:37
soeeso you dont have backports20:37
marahinI believe so :)20:37
marahinAnd I rather not add them - last time I did it kinda messed everything up.20:37
soeethis should only help20:37
soeeit is more stable and has a lot of bugfixes20:37
marahinBackports are stable-er? Why didn't they make it to repositories then? (:20:38
soeeUbuntu policy20:38
marahinJust "baiting" haha. I will check this out defintely, thank you for your time soee  and have a nice evening (or day)!20:38
plusEVhave anyone tested Plasma 5.7.0 in 16.04 yet?21:51
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valorieplusEV: we have a testing group22:32
valoriewanna be a part of it?22:32
* valorie hasn't had time for that yet22:32
valorieand there is neon, which is based on 16.0422:33
valoriethey are getting ready for 5.7.1 I believe22:33
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