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ThyriaenI am looking for the arm install image for ubuntu but can only find amd64 i386 and powerpc here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/xenial/daily/current/09:13
Thyriaenis there no arm install image for lubuntu ?09:13
tsimonq2Thyriaen: are you looking for a Raspberry Pi image?09:15
Thyriaenyea :)09:15
tsimonq2hold on, I know where they are, give me a min to find them :)09:15
Thyriaenalrighty thanks - i guess im not the first with that question then :p09:15
Thyriaendo you mean this flavour maker ?09:16
tsimonq2Thyriaen: https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/download/ - it's an unofficial build (although built by the release manager of Ubuntu MATE) but we support it09:16
tsimonq2yep :)09:16
tsimonq2Thyriaen: good luck :)09:17
Thyriaeni wasn't sure if its official or not so i wanted to check the lubuntu page first09:17
Thyriaenthanks for your help !09:17
tsimonq2Thyriaen: no problem :)09:18
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Thyriaenis there no md5 or similar checksums for that lubuntu image ?09:29
tsimonq2I don't think so?09:29
Thyriaenokay - i have to be faithful then09:29
MightyMoozehey all I'm having that bug where the graphics for the lubuntu 16 theme are not present so I sont get a cyptfs prompt during boot. Is there a fix?18:36
swift110hey all18:55
swift110how are you MightyMooze18:59
MightyMoozemeh got a little bug booting lubuntu with cryptfs.. not sure if i wanna fix it though19:04

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