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mupBug #1600720 opened: Maas doesn't honor DNS settings for a subnet for DHCP <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1600720>08:53
smosernturner, bah. in #cloud-init ping harlowja to get help or submit a merge proposal for 2.6 support. we do want to have that. sorry that it is broken.13:38
smosernturner, but older cloud-inits *should* work with newer maas, as precise is still supported and it does not have the reporting stuff. not even sure if trusty does.13:38
setuidWhere is 'maas-rack-controller', which provides 'maas-rack'? Doesn't seem to be in ANY repo or ppa.16:11
setuidI'm stuck on the install docs which require this step to get maas running16:11
roaksoaxsetuid: nothing provides maas-rack16:23
roaksoaxsetuid: maas-rackd is a daemon16:23
roaksoaxsetuid: oh you mean the maas-rack binary16:23
setuidRight, the docs say to install maas-rack-controller, which does not exist16:23
setuidit provides the maas-rack binary to manage the rack16:23
roaksoaxsetuid: then you are not using 2.016:24
setuidI feel like I'm going in circles16:24
roaksoaxsetuid: or xenial16:24
setuidRight, this is Trusty16:24
setuidNot going to Xenial until I know this works on Trusty16:24
roaksoaxsetuid: yeah, you are looking at trunk docs16:24
roaksoaxsetuid: https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/rack-configuration.html16:24
roaksoaxhttps://maas.ubuntu.com/docs1.9/rack-configuration.html -> doesn't exist16:24
roaksoaxsetuid: you wont be able to install MAAS 2.0 in trusty16:24
setuidLet me back up... I've been trying for a solid 4 weeks (since 6/6) to get Openstack installed, ANY version of Openstack (tried icehouse, jujo, kilo, liberty and mitaka) on ANY version of Ubuntu, using ANY version of these tools (openstack-install, conjure-up, juju, etc.)16:26
setuidSo far, the entire scope of that matrix, has not resulted in a single successful install16:26
setuidI've tried on 3 baremetal Intel boxes, VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, ESXi and Fusion on Mac16:26
roaksoaxsetuid: if you are using trusty, you want MAAS 1.9 , with juju 1.25.X16:26
setuidYep, it's whatever comes with the default repos + supported ppas16:27
roaksoaxsetuid: and if you are using autopilot, you /need/ MAAS 1.9/juju 1.25.x16:27
setuidthe docs are wrong, the packages have missing components, it's a mess16:27
setuidI just found this, which I'm following now: http://dinosaursareforever.blogspot.com/2014/06/manually-deploying-openstack-with.html16:27
roaksoaxsetuid: right, so in MAAS, at least, you are looking at the wrong place16:28
roaksoaxsetuid: if you are in MAAS 1.9, you need to look at https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs1.9/16:28
roaksoaxsetuid: you may find some of the docs being out-of-date (we are fixing that), but the important stuff is there16:29
roaksoaxsetuid: also, you shouldn't need to "install-shared-secret"16:29
roaksoaxsetuid: if you are using a single MAAS, if you are using a MAAS with multiple rack/cluster controller, then you will need it16:30
setuidI have a single baremetal box upon which I need to install a working openstack, under 14.04. This machine also dual-boots 16.04, where I'll do the version of opensstack there also16:32
setuidSo, so, SOOOO many gaps in almost every single howto and doc out there, it's really discouraging16:32
setuidYou get to step 17, then things go off the rails and you're screwed16:32
setuidStuck at creating the maas_internet host, the first maas server... because it doesn't tell you how or where to boot the machine, so DOA right there.16:36
cafarooHi, I'm using maas 1.9.3 for deployment of a HP C7000 enclosure. Is it possible to add the c7000 as a chassis or is chassis something else? (Im having errors with ipmi on the blades since they reset all users everytime i shut the chassis down)16:41
* setuid facepalms16:45
roaksoaxsetuid: fwiw: http://maas.io/get-started16:58
setuidthat's not relevant to 14.0416:58
setuidthat's going to get me somewhat close16:59
roaksoaxcafaroo: a chassis is like a "moonshot"16:59
roaksoaxsetuid: http://maas.io/get-started -> 14.0416:59
setuidbut there's 19 different ways to install this and none of them are consistently documented, nor do they work... I've done about 150 separate installs/teardowns in the last 4 weeks on this16:59
roaksoaxsetuid: did you see http://maas.io/get-started ?16:59
roaksoaxsetuid: i wonder why are you trying to install a shared secret in a rack controller when you are installing MAAS 1.9 in trusty, that doesn't have rack controllers ?17:00
roaksoaxfor example17:00
roaksoaxsetuid: 1st. sudo apt-get install maas17:00
setuidI'm not even remotely close to the shared secret part of anything17:00
roaksoaxthat will pull maas-region-controller and maas-cluster-controller (in trusty, using 1.9 PPA)17:00
roaksoaxsetuid: exactly, cause you dont even need it17:00
setuidLet me tear this env down and start clean, again.17:00
setuidI should script this, I've done it a hundred times now... apt-get remove --purge, apt-get autoremove, dpkg -P, etc. lather. rinse. repeat.17:01
roaksoaxsetuid: also what you were foloowing says: "If you install your first Rack Controller on the same system as the Region Controller, as is the case when you install the full “maas” ubuntu package, it will be automatically accepted by default (but not yet configured, see below). Any other Rack Controllers you set up will show up automatically after they have been manually added to MAAS."17:01
roaksoaxif you read, "Any *other* Rack Controllers you set up..."17:02
setuidAt this point, getting a working maas where I can get to the web interface would be a big leap17:02
roaksoaxsetuid: so, on 14.04: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/stable17:02
roaksoaxsetuid: sudo apt-get update17:02
roaksoaxsudo apt-get install maas17:02
roaksoaxsudo maas-region-admin createadmin17:02
setuidI've had the web interface working -once-, but couldn't provision machines, because the 'Minimum kernel' would not accept any of the choices proided17:02
roaksoaxsetuid: http://localhost:5240/MAAS17:02
setuidyep, that bit is wrong17:03
setuidnothing is ever listening on 5420, that's old doc17:03
setuidit's at https://public-ip/MAAS now17:03
roaksoaxsetuid: 5240 is the default port17:03
roaksoaxsetuid: /MAAS is apache *forwarding* to :524017:03
setuidNot with the maas that is in the stable ppa which installs on trusty, nope17:03
setuidnothing is listening on 5420, so not sure how a web request would get a response on that port17:03
setuidlocalhost or any other interface17:04
roaksoaxsetuid: /maas-http.conf:    ProxyPass /MAAS/ws "ws://localhost:5240/MAAS/ws" disablereuse=on17:04
setuidgive me a moment, tearing the env down and reinstalling from scratch17:04
roaksoaxmaas-http.conf:    ProxyPass /MAAS/ws "ws://localhost:5240/MAAS/ws" disablereuse=on17:04
roaksoaxmaas-http.conf:    ProxyPass /MAAS/ http://localhost:5240/MAAS/17:04
roaksoaxmaas-http.conf:    ProxyPass /MAAS http://localhost:5240/MAAS/17:04
cafarooroaksoax: okey so i guess it will not work with c7000 then. Going to find another solution. Thanks!17:08
roaksoaxcafaroo: i'm guessing that each blade on the c7000 should be seen as individual machines no ?17:09
kikocafaroo, what roaksoax said -- it should work17:09
kikocafaroo, you just can't use the "add chassis" functionality if we don't support it natively17:09
kikobut the individual nodes can just be PXE booted individually and that's it17:10
cafarooKiko: Thank you, i know, it works induvidually now but when I power down the chassis all the nodes get their user information wiped...17:11
cafarooSo i thought maybe chassis could work since the enclousure always has the same username/pw17:12
cafarooBut when i'm in production hopefully the chassis will never power down :)17:13
kikocafaroo, does the enclosure username/password work to access the blades via IPMI?17:13
kikocafaroo, if it does, you can use that account in the MAAS settings instead17:13
kikootherwise, the chassis normally lets you create users17:13
cafarooI'll try it with the default OA password, that will probably work!17:15
setuidroaksoax, configured the two interfaces (had an error that the internal one conflicted with the public one, deleted both, reconfigured exactly the same, now no error), now importing images. This is as far as I've gone before, so let's see what happens next.17:19
cafarookiko: Nope, OA does not pass its default username/password to the blades (perhaps a setting).17:22
KaranDoes Maas need client machine need a harddrive to boot?17:23
KaranDoes MAAS Client machine need a HDD to boot and run?17:24
cafarooKiko: So finally I got the ilo passwords for each induvidual blade (48x) and im putting them in maas :)..19:11
cafarooIm getting a PXE error when I am relasing a node. It's when I have "Erase nodes' disks prior to releasing." enabled. When node pxe boots I get an error "Could not find kernel image: ubuntu/amd64/hwe-x/trusty/no-such-image/boot-kernel". Is this a bug or my setup?19:22
setuidIf I'm adding new nodes through MAAS, on a host that has ZERO nodes running, how will I know the MAC address before the node is created by MAAS and booted?19:59
setuidChicken and egg problem... "Provide us with the MAC address of a machine we haven't built and deployed yet."20:00
roaksoaxsetuid: did you try to "auto-enlist" them ?20:37
roaksoaxsetuid: typically, in most organizations (if not all) administrators already have a list of servers with mac address and relevant stuf20:37
roaksoaxsetuid: anyway, just let them pxe boot from MAAS and they will automatically appear there20:37

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