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dbarthcjwatson: ping? how can i help about silo 26 ? trying to resync since last thursday09:34
cjwatsondbarth: Don't know, sorry09:35
cjwatsondbarth: I was just driving by with advice; click is not my responsibility ...09:36
dbarthcjwatson: hi09:40
dbarthcjwatson: ah ok nw; i'll sort out build issues with trainguards then maybe09:40
dbarthi'll also need to update one of the branches to clean all of the trust dbs, not just the location one09:41
Saviqsil2100, hey, can you please recycle https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1525/landing-076-vivid/excuses.html thanks10:12
Saviqseb128, or you, if you're quicker to it ↑ :)10:17
morphissil2100: can we published https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1579 ?10:20
sil2100Saviq: done10:52
sil2100morphis: it's published, isn't it?10:53
sil2100morphis: I published it in the morning10:53
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rvrchihchun_afk: Silo 0 approved11:44
sil2100seb128: hey! Did you do, by any chance, a preNEW review of repowerd in https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1487 ?11:49
sil2100seb128: I checked the package briefly and have a few comments, but don't think any of my issues would be blocking - if you find a moment, could you take a look at it too?11:56
sil2100seb128: it would get to the usual yakkety UNAPPROVED queue but for all the others it goes straight to the overlays11:57
morphissil2100: ah, it in proposed for yakkety that is why the ticket is still open12:14
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dbarthsil2100, jibel: hey, apparently you guys took part of silo 26 in an image already14:41
dbarthwe're doing a build update; how should we proceed?14:42
jibeldbarth, what do you mean, which part in particular?14:43
dbarthjibel: the click module14:44
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Saviqrobru, hmm what's going on here https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1525 - it says britney failed (there was a regression before - was restarted and passed) even though everything's a valid candidate?16:25
Saviqoh hmm not true16:26
Saviqit wants qtubuntu >= 0.63, but that's there in the same silo16:26
robruSaviq: looking16:27
Saviqrobru, ok I can see what's going on, we've lost some architectures :/16:28
robruSaviq: if there's an arch that regressed though the ticket status should say 'Failed to build' not 'Successfully bult'16:29
Saviqrobru, indeed, we'd have noticed that issue earlier16:29
robruSaviq: was qtubuntu ever available for arm64, powerpc, and ppc64el?16:30
Saviqrobru, it wasn't, but it's a new dep :/16:30
robruSaviq: it seems in your ubuntu-keyboard packaging you need to make the >0.63 dep specify not those arches16:30
Saviqtrying to find out whether it's a real dep now16:30
Saviqrobru, or that, yeah16:30
robruSaviq: right, or depending on how real that dep is, you may want to stop building ubuntu-keyboard on those arches.16:31
Saviqrobru, yup, thanks16:31
dbarth_hey trainguards17:11
robrudbarth_: hi17:11
dbarth_we're re-targetting silo 26 to just have a trust-store branch17:11
dbarth_hey robru17:11
dbarth_could you empty the 026 ppa of the click packages please?17:11
dbarth_this way the silo can land fine on 3 releases at once17:11
robrudbarth_: sure can17:11
dbarth_and we're (unfortunately) splitting the click part to land separately on Y, and v+x on the other side17:12
dbarth_robru: while we're at it, if there is a special combo key to get v+x in one go ? ;)17:12
dbarth_we mostly need to give sil2100 a vivid build update for midori asap17:13
robrudbarth_: hmmmm, we had to remove xenial+vivid so that people would stop using it.17:13
robrudbarth_: can you just do the vivid one first and then xenial after?17:14
robrudbarth_: actually if you're forking the code anyway, why even bother with xenial? why not just do yakkety and vivid?17:14
robruI guess because we'll eventually switch to xenial17:14
robrudbarth_: are you sure there's no way to trio land it? there are hooks available to be able to manage control file changes for yakkety/xenial/vivid all in the same source tree17:15
robrudbarth_: like if it's just a simple delta between yakkety and vivid, it's possible to have bileto apply a patch to the source tree before building the vivid package.17:16
dbarth_robru: yp no worry, can do 2 landngs in a row17:17
dbarth_robru: yeah, we'll need xenial/arm64 as well17:17
dbarth_ah with the hooks maybe17:17
dbarth_but really we re looking for a fast way for vivid and unblock that part17:18
dbarth_what i'd rather have is V packages for sil2000 asap17:19
dbarth_once he has that, i can look into the hooks (there's one already for trust-store) and make the silo proper17:19
dbarth_robru: like this, right? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/trust-store/trunk/view/head:/debian/bileto_pre_release_hook17:21
dobeywoah what17:34
robrudobey: what?17:42
dobeyoh i just saw the backlog and got frightened for a minute about splitting landings up in new branches17:44
robrudobey: apparently click needs to fork for yakkety? I don't follow click development17:45
dobeyrobru: well, doesn't need to fork exactly, but needs a lot of work to get rid of packagekit17:45
dobeyif only we had something to replace it with...17:46
robrualex-abreu: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/log/1659/build/2/info/ when targetting just vivid, you need to fork lp:click and replace the version on the first line of the changelog with a vivid version (so s/16.10/15.04/). You can't target trunk with a vivid landing that would cause the version numbers to go backwards.17:50
alex-abreurobru, yes that's what I doing now17:50
robrualex-abreu: ok, just saw the failure. carry on17:50
alex-abreurobru, thx for the heads up17:50
robruyou're welcome!17:51
robrualex-abreu: also I just pushed some new build code, shouldn't be an issue, but if anything explodes do ping me right away17:52
alex-abreuok thx17:54
Saviqmterry, can you please recycle https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1378/landing-054-vivid/excuses.html for bfiller, thanks17:54
mterrySaviq, bfiller: done17:55
bfillermterry: thanks, might need for xenial and yakety as well https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1378/landing-054-xenial/excuses.html https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1378/landing-054-yakkety/excuses.html17:56
mterrybfiller, only xenial needed it, and has now been retried17:57
bfillermterry: thanks17:58
robrusil2100: slangasek: meeting?17:59
sil2100robru: on it17:59
sil2100hm, ok, browser problems, need a few more moments18:00
dobeyrobru: i guess an "overlay" option in bileto that only went to xenial and vivid in the overlay would be a good idea for cases like this18:21
robrudobey: yeah it might, would take a bit of doing though because by default if I just put x+v back it would be xenial archive and vivid overlay. I'll have to come up with a general solution for this18:23
robruLike its currently hard coded that the first series is always archive and all subsequent are overlay18:25
dobeyoh and there's no way to manually enter the PPA any more18:31
robrudobey: even when the manual PPA field was there, it only ever worked for single-series silos. dual/trio were *always* hard-coded as first series archive, subsequent series overlay. the field was ignored18:46
dobeyoh :(18:47
alex-abreucjwatson, ping18:47
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cjwatsonalex-abreu: contentless pong20:58
boikorobru: hi, I have a very trivial landing to make in history-service: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/166221:07
boikorobru: but it says no silos available21:08
boikorobru: is there a express way to land that? It doesn't need QA validation, doesn't even need building to be honest :)21:09
robruboiko: it doesn't need building? Why not just push the commit to trunk?21:09
boikorobru: that's actually an option, indeed :)21:10
boikorobru: I think I'll just do that then, thanks21:10
robruboiko: you're welcome. I'll still free a couple silos anyway21:11
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