dholbachhey hey06:51
Kiloshi dholbach svij and all others06:55
dholbachhi Kilos06:55
Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/07:01
tsimonq2hey dholbach!07:05
dholbachhi tsimonq207:05
tsimonq2o/ Kilos and Mister_Q07:05
Mister_Qtsimonq2 dholbach o/07:05
dholbachhi Mister_Q07:06
Kiloshi tsimonq2 Mister_Q07:13
Kilosdpm too :D07:14
dpmhi Kilos07:14
Mister_Qhey Kilos dpm and whoever is awake right now ;)07:14
tsimonq2o/ dpm, how are you?07:15
dpmnot too bad :)07:15
Mister_Qdpm Seems like I cant make it to the sprint in Heidelberg :( I'm on a new project and cant even take on day off07:22
dpmah, bummer :/07:22
Mister_Qdpm but I got the 4 days off in november for ubucon europe07:27
dpmoh wow07:28
svijMister_Q: you need 4 days off for the weekend event?08:40
Mister_Qkinda yes. I need to be on standby for some customers. even on weekends :/08:41
svijoh okay08:43
Mister_Qand every not answered call or email I do not reply on time is potential lost money :|08:44
Mister_Qsvij how are your exams going ?08:46
svijMister_Q: first one in 2,5 weeks, so still a bit time ;)08:53
Mister_Qsvij okay :) Ive read your tweet about that this morning :D08:53
dholbachdpm, do you think I should come to the dev.u.c call in 23m? I'm in the middle of a patch pilot session right now and feel like I'm behind on a few other things too09:08
dpmdholbach, that's fine, I'll go09:10
dholbachthank you09:10
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Kiloshi guys, how would someone wanting to apply for membership make their own wiki page nowadays12:26
Mister_QKilos, You need to be a member of this group on launchpad to be able to edit/create a page on the wiki. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad or did I get the question wrong?12:33
Kilosoh so any new comer can join the etherpad group and then make their own wqiki page12:35
Kiloshey Mister_Q why arent you applying to be on the membership board12:35
Kilosi thought the etherpad was spammed as well so one needs more to make wiki pages12:36
Mister_QKilos What are the requirements for that?12:36
Kilosyou must be slim and sexy12:37
Mister_Qoh :D12:37
Kilosejat please tell Mister_Q whats needed12:38
tsimonq2Kilos: no no no12:38
tsimonq2Kilos: not the etherpad group12:38
Mister_QKilos dont know if there are additional steps for the wiki. I edited my wiki page last week and I'm only in the ubuntumembers and ubuntu-etherpad group12:38
tsimonq2there's a special group for that12:38
tsimonq2Mister_Q: ubuntumembers also has access12:38
Kilosso how does one become an ubuntumember12:39
Kilosexcuse the stupid questions12:39
Mister_QKilos I basically followed the instructions on the wiki wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership12:40
Kilosoh my12:41
Kilosthats where the snag is12:41
Kilosa new person wanting to become a member cant make a wiki page till he is a member12:41
Kilosand cant become a member till he has a wiki page12:42
Mister_QKilos I asked to be added to the etherpad group to be able to create my wiki page before I was a member. back then that was enough12:43
Kilosok i will try get them to do that ty12:43
svijKilos: I think popey or pleia2 knows more12:46
Kilosi see tsimonq2 applied to join the board12:47
Kiloswell done12:47
Kilosty svij ill see if one of them drop a reply here12:47
tsimonq2Kilos: how do you know that? :P12:48
Kilosi know everything12:49
Kilosexcept what i have forgotten12:49
knomemhall119 is also able to help.12:49
knomeand davidcalle12:49
tsimonq2oh jeez that's right you're on the board Kilos, you saw my email directly... :P12:49
Kiloshahaha yeah12:49
Kilosty knome12:50
Kilosyou with xubuntu?12:50
Kilosor lubuntu12:50
* tsimonq2 is Lubuntu12:50
popeyKilos: join ~ubuntu-wiki-editors to edit the wiki12:51
popeythis is documented on tge wiki itself12:51
knomepopey, right, i didn't know if that information was public12:52
popeyit is12:52
knomei know now12:52
Kilosso can all newcomers then join there12:52
popeyjust not massively shouted about12:52
popeyyes Kilos12:52
knomefwiw, if you need help with admin side...12:52
popeyknome: thanks12:52
popeywill review when i get back from vacation12:53
* knome goes make some coffee12:53
Kilosok so i can tell individuals to join12:53
popeyyes Kilos12:53
Kilosty popey12:53
popeyoff to get in the pool. cheerio! :)12:54
svijpopey: have fun ;)12:54
hggdhpopey: good afternoon/evening. Will lp:~ubuntu-members be a member of the ubuntu-wiki-editors?18:26
Kiloshi hggdh all good?18:26
hggdhKilos: hello sir! Life is good, as always18:27
hggdhKilos: hopefully, for you as well18:27
Kilosyessir all ok here ty18:28
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popeyhggdh: no need20:10
hggdhpopey: so I guess there are a few teams with access to edit, and u-members is one of them20:13
popeyhggdh: both teams have edit rights20:13
popey3 teams20:13
popeythose two and ~canonical20:13
hggdhpopey: ack20:14
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