qenghoHi hi hi.01:36
pittiBonjour tout le monde !05:52
desrtbonjour, pitti!07:18
desrtça va?07:18
pittidesrt: ça va bien, merci ! et  toi ? es-tu dans l'Europe ?07:19
desrtoui.  dans la «Basque Country»07:20
pittidos cervezas, por favor !07:21
desrtle lol07:21
desrtit seems the local awesomeness here is pintxos... i have to say, i quite like the system07:21
pittior "favor" (no space), I think07:22
desrtthey take practically anything at all and put it on top of a piece of bread and put a bunch of them out at the bar.  if you want one, you just point at it and the bartender gives it to you... and it's like 1-2€... sometimes like 2€ for a pintxo and coffee, etc.07:22
desrtsome of them can get pretty fancy07:23
* desrt spends today in a hotel with surprisingly good wifi sitting beside an open window with rain in the trees outside and a perfect cool breeze07:31
desrt...the world always looks awesome when i'm just finishing my first cup of coffee for the day =)07:31
RAOFSounds nice!07:41
willcookemorning all08:04
qenghoHi hi08:11
willcookeevening qengho08:11
Laneyfake hi08:21
willcookeo/ laney - good flight?08:22
seb128hey desktopers, Laney, willcooke08:24
Laneywillcooke: I forked out to upgrade to premium economy, so it was acceptable08:25
Laneyslept for like *3* hours!08:25
willcookeo/ seb128 - bad luck in the sportsball.08:25
davmor2seb128: congrats on making ogra_ cry08:25
Laneyhi seb12808:25
willcookeLaney, nice!08:25
seb128willcooke, yeah, they didn't play the same game than in previous rounds...08:26
willcookeLaney, did you get a good deal?08:26
Laneylike 18008:26
seb128is that mostly more leg room?08:26
Laneyand the seats go back further08:27
willcookeand they dont spit on you08:27
Laneyand a separate cabin08:27
Laneythat's the main thing08:27
pittihey Laney, bonjour seb128 !08:27
Laneyand it so happened that it was only about 50% full in there this time08:27
Laneynobody climbing over me08:27
Laneyhey pitti!08:27
seb128salut pitti, ça va ? t'as passé un bon w.e ?08:27
pittiseb128: oui, mais il faisait trop chaud :) donc nous n'avons pas faire beaucoup hier08:28
seb128c'était pareil ici08:28
seb128better today08:28
seb128going to too cold tomorrow08:28
pittiseb128: et toi ? as-tu terminé de pleurer ? *accolade*08:29
alexarnaudhello seb128, willcooke, Trevinho and all :) !08:29
seb128hey alexarnaud08:29
pittiseb128: oui, il va pleuvoir demain ici aussi08:29
seb128pitti, c'est que du sport08:29
seb128shame that they didn't play like in previous rounds though08:29
* seb128 hugs pitti back08:30
pittiyeah, they seemed a bit tired08:30
pittibut understandable for a final, and an even bigger tournament than usual08:30
pittinot sure I like 16 → 24 participants08:30
seb128yeah, that was a bit weird08:32
seb128hum, is anybody here using gdm?08:44
* seb128 is lazy to install it and restart his session to do testing08:44
pittiseb128: I can test in a VM08:45
seb128pitti, if you have one handy, robert_ancell was asking for output of "w" on a gdm system for https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/1380364/comments/708:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 1380364 in Light Display Manager 1.16 "lightdm writes XDISPLAY instead of tty device name to utmp record" [Undecided,New]08:46
seb128yeah for old world unspecified behaviours08:47
pittigdm doesn't seem to start, I just see a black screen08:49
pittiwell, it does start, but maybe it needs fancy 3D graphics or so08:50
seb128robert_ancell said he had the same issue which is why he asked if somebody else could test08:50
seb128pitti, thanks for trying08:50
seb128going to try to see if one of the Ubuntu GNOME guys are around later08:50
pittiseb128: if it helps, I can test under debian sid with lxdm08:50
seb128I guess that would give some data points08:51
pittiheh, it doesn't show any session at all under lxdm..08:52
pittiI'll try to install gdm in sd08:53
andyrockseb128: Olá, como você está? :D08:56
Trevinhoseb128: Olá!08:56
Trevinhoseb128: Como foi o seu final de semana?08:56
seb128hey andyrock, Trevinho, how are you?08:57
TrevinhoAllright :-)08:57
seb128you trolls08:58
seb128had a good w.e?08:58
TrevinhoYeah, we've been near to my place; in the tuscan countryside...08:59
Trevinhoyou, last night a part? :-P08:59
seb128w.e was relaxing/good09:02
seb128it was warm and sunny09:02
seb128enjoyed the weather, had some bbqs, played some tennis09:02
* desrt solves her google language annoyance once and for all09:11
seb128hey desrt, are you in Europe?09:11
desrtcustom search engine in chromium: copy the google URL from the standard one and add to it ?hl=en&09:12
seb128can you tell google to always serve your a specific country version?09:12
seb128I guess what you just wrote :p09:12
desrti want the local google (since it makes sense to have local results)09:12
desrtbut i want it always in english09:12
desrt^^ that works for this purpose09:12
seb128I don't09:13
seb128the ?hl= gives you results in that language as well?09:15
seb128or just the google ui09:15
desrtresults and UI09:16
desrtbut you get local results09:17
seb128cool, maybe I should use that09:17
desrtfor example, looking for 'vodafone' gives me vodafone.es here09:17
seb128I wish google would be smart enough to do that automatically for you09:17
desrtif i did the google.com/ncr thing i'd get vodafone global corporate group09:17
seb128does that still work? that gives me google.fr here09:18
desrti have google.es here, in english09:18
desrti guess it might be a bit more complicated for you since you probably want french results sometimes and english others09:19
desrtor dutch :)09:19
desrthow's your dutch, btw? :)09:19
seb128what I really want is google to stop redirecting me to .nl when i'm there09:19
seb128or giving me dutch results09:19
desrtyou want .nl, but in french09:20
seb128I want .fr09:20
seb128well depends :p09:20
desrtyou don't want to look for anything in the netherlands?09:20
desrti look for two things, generally:09:20
seb128sometime I just want to order things in France and get them delivered to my place for next time I'm there09:20
desrt 1) international information "in the interwebs" (like work stuff)09:20
desrt 2) local places, info, etc.09:21
desrti almost never look for toronto stuff when i travel... and if i do, i can add "toronto" or so09:21
seb128I guess I'm getting tired that 1) gives me dutch results09:22
desrtdutch the place or dutch the language?09:22
seb128the language09:22
desrtso hl=fr09:22
seb128right, it's just annoying to have to change bookmark, quick search09:22
seb128not even sure I can do that on my android phone09:22
desrtinteresting question09:23
desrtdo you use chrome there?09:23
desrtthe lack of adblock in chrome is really starting to become a problem for me09:23
desrtalso: no good cookie control09:23
seb128true, I was thinking that as well09:23
hikikoTrevinho willcooke hello! https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.launcher-icon-anim/+merge/299664 I reduced the durations of the icon quirks here (launcher icon animation when a program starts etc) and it doesn't look bad imho, do you think we should merge it? I didn't set everything to 0, maybe I should, but I thought we might want some animation when a program starts for example...09:25
hikikoI could certainly set the urgent animation durations to 0 now I look at it09:27
Sweet5harkhmmmm. so the good news is: the snap l10n build is still running and it is not running in circles ...09:33
Sweet5harkthe bad new is: it is touching files ... at a rate of ~204 files per minute. And it has to touch 79000 files.09:34
Sweet5harkthus it will bumble around for 7 hours doing this. meh.09:34
seb128hey Sweet5hark09:36
seb128is there anything snap specific in that?09:36
seb128or just normal i10n build?09:36
Sweet5harknot really something snap specific in there. We do all l10ns at once, which should work perfectly fine but apparently is awefully slow for us.09:37
willcookecould it be a h/w issue?  Like a disk playing up?09:38
willcookeor that's just how it is and deal with it?09:38
Sweet5harkI assume that this a recent regression from some fix in GNU make causing make to touch one file and then restarting itself (and thus reparsing a bazillion lines of makefiles). I assume upstream doesnt see this as they are using an older GNU make.09:39
Sweet5harkso GNU make did a fix causing it to do more restarts, because it was looping in some cornercase before and that causes us to be hit by it.09:40
Sweet5harkWhen we build dpkgs we are hit by this too, but not as hard as we are building one l10n at a time there IIRC. Thus the dependency tree isnt that huge ...09:42
Sweet5harkAnd for the record: Yes I wrote the upstream build system. But for my defense, I didnt write the part that is slow now ...09:43
Sweet5harks/reparsing a bazillion lines of makefiles/reparsing a bazillion lines of makefiles and then restating a few 10.000 files/09:45
Sweet5harkThere are a few hacks to work around this like stopping the build "at the right time" and doing a "find  ... -exec touch" on the relevant subtree. But like anything containing handwaving words like "the right time", that would be extremely fragile.09:49
seb128well if there is a make regression that should at least be filed upstream/to whoever maintains make for debian/ubuntu09:51
seb128willcooke, unsure what changes we want in the LTS .1 which are not in proposed yet but we should probably engage with the release team about those because they are not communicating much atm but they might just say it's late and that we missed the boat then09:53
Sweet5harkseb128: well, "performance regression" aka you made my cornercase slow by fixing someone else breaking hard on a cornercase.10:04
seb128could be...10:05
* Sweet5hark looks if this can be solved by some good old dependency breaking.10:05
Trevinhohikiko: I was thinking about that, but I thought that icon animations was fine as it was... Maybe it could have been reduced, but not removed. As it indicates also the state in some cases10:05
Trevinhowhile redraws because of it aren't that big10:05
willcookeseb128, the only things on my radar are the NM fixes and the low gfx mode, so I think generally we're ok.  My comment in the email was just a reminder10:06
seb128willcooke, k, well my concern is that the lowgfx might not get in, unsure how much of an issue that would be, I would suggest we are more pro-active if we want to make sure it's in10:07
hikikoTrevinho, maybe I could set them all to 1 or to SHORT_SHORT10:07
hikikothe starting animation for example where the duration is multiplied with other nums10:08
Trevinhohikiko: mh, maybe setting them all to the half is better, since they've have have different durations10:08
hikikolooks quite good (imo) with the 110:08
Trevinhobut really I think the way we've right now is fine10:08
hikikoTrevinho, I was thinking that we should reduce the starting animations at least10:08
TrevinhoI'll do some tests10:09
hikikobecause people complain that "the programs start slowly"10:09
willcookehikiko, Trevinho - did anyone get to the bottom of that session startup problem yet?10:09
hikikotry the 110:09
hikikowillcooke, Trevinho said that there were missing files from compiz in that daily build10:09
hikikothat would explain why we can start unity manually10:09
Trevinhowillcooke: mh, not sure... I didn't test the daily10:10
willcookehikiko, Trevinho  - ah yes, I remember.  Please can someone look in to that?10:10
hikikowillcooke, Trevinho, I am going to dist-upgrade and check if it's fixed in that vm (I don't have the problem in X)10:10
Trevinhohikiko: thanks10:11
hikikoTrevinho, if you could check the starting animation in my branch, I think it's quite faster and we still see animation, maybe I should change this only and leave the rest as it was10:11
hikikoI don't know :)10:11
willcookethanks guys10:12
hikikowillcooke, Trevinho the update didn't have any desktop packages and I still have the same issues10:33
willcookehikiko,  thanks for checking.  Could you and Trevinho try and get to the bottom of it please?10:37
hikikosure, willcooke, well, I'll copy Trevinho's files manually to the vm to see if it starts, then we can make sure that it's because of the missing files, if it does we can only wait for the next release, if it doesn't we'll debug it further10:40
hikikopff I forgot to delete a part of the sentence :p but you made sense of it :p10:41
Trevinhohikiko: dpkg -L compiz-gnome and unity too10:41
hikikoTrevinho, there's a /etc/compizconfig/unity-lowgfx.ini10:43
hikikois this the file that was missing the other time?10:43
Trevinhohikiko: as for the /etc/compizconfig/config content?10:44
Trevinhohikiko:  and /usr/share/upstart/sessions/unity7.conf10:44
Trevinhohikiko: also, if you can try with a new yakkety daily from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/10:44
Trevinhowould be nice10:44
hikikosure Trevinho give me a minute10:44
Trevinhomore than trying the distrupgrade that could be wrong10:44
Trevinhohikiko: thanks10:44
hikiko the /etc/compizconfig/config is missing10:46
hikikoit is there and contains the low gfx setting10:47
hikikosame for unity7.conf Trevinho10:47
hikikothose files are installed and have the new settings10:47
Trevinhohikiko: so... I don't see why things shouldn't work10:48
Trevinhohikiko: do you have ~/.cache/upstart/unity7.log handy?10:48
hikikoso.. debug :)10:48
hikikoTrevinho, it's empty10:48
hikikoTrevinho, the weird thing is you can start u7 manually10:49
hikikolightdm can't start it10:49
hikikothere's an error in .xsession-errors but I am not sure it's relevant:10:51
hikikoupstart: upstart-event-bridge main process (<pid>) terminated with status 110:52
hikikoupstart: upstart-event-bridge respawning too fast, stopped10:52
ogra_davmor2, the only thing that seb128 made me cry with is beating the world champion but then not managing portugal :P11:01
ogra_(without ronaldo !)11:01
davmor2ogra_: hahahahahahaha11:04
davmor2ogra_: could be worse you could be English :D11:05
hikikowillcooke, the new daily build (fresh installation) starts u7 in lowgfx, it just takes a while the 1st time11:26
willcookehikiko, ah, so fixed?11:29
willcookewell, more fixed than it was anyway]11:29
hikikowillcooke, so it wasn't a bug :) it was just the package11:29
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|ln
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* qengho Zzz12:40
seb128night qengho12:41
qenghobon nuit, seb12812:42
qenghobonne? Argh.12:42
seb128bonne ;-)12:44
seb128sil2100, the data/device-configs files are copyright android and under apache license, that should be mentioned in the debian/copyright ... otherwise it looks fine I think13:27
seb128oh, that was a reply for the repowerd NEW review you asked early about on ci-eng, wrong channel though13:28
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willcookemorning robert_ancell19:54
robert_ancellwillcooke, hu19:54
willcookeright, gotta go and sort errant children out20:23
willcookegnight all20:23
robert_ancelldesrt, around?22:18
jbichapopey: I opened bug 160203523:48
ubot5bug 1602035 in gnome-maps (Ubuntu Xenial) "Maps app no longer works because Mapquest disabled access" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160203523:48

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