dmj_s76xnox: Anything else you need for https://code.launchpad.net/~dmj726/ubiquity/nvme-fix/+merge/299596 ?16:40
xnoxdmj_s76, it's all good. thanks for confirming the legacy boot code path.17:37
xnoxwhen i coded nvme support it was only available via UEFI boot and not via legacy boot at all.17:38
xnoxhence legacy boot was never tested / never worked correctly.17:38
xnoxi'm not quite sure about the regexp pattern.17:39
xnoxcyphermox, above merge proposal looks ok to me, what do you think?17:39
dmj_s76xnox: Legacy boot is still a bit messed up for multiple drive scenarios, so more than open to help on that.17:40
dmj_s76this patch should make single drive nvme legacy installs work without breaking anything, and I'm working on figuring out why multiple drives behaves weird, but it's a separate issue17:42
dmj_s76xnox: What did you have to change for nvme UEFI support?17:42
dmj_s76I've noticed that UEFI survives even with dumb/wrong targeting in grub_default()17:43
dmj_s76xnox: looking to get this change into 16.04.117:50
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dmj_s76xnox: cyphermox is on vacation I believe22:17
xnoxi guess it's on me to test and land this then.23:20

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