memguyok so i insmod every single oss .ko module i could http://pastebin.com/VsiPgkWJ   then i created the dsp  device file major 14 minor 3 character device then tried to uses it nothing said  No such device or address 04:36
memguyHow does the /dev/dsp module get associated with the oss modules  from the lsmod seems like everything depends on osscore but not sure on why the device file is not working would have thought one of the LKM would register /uses /dev/dsp i mean what creates this or links this to usable device file04:38
mjg59memguy: Why are you trying to use the oss drivers?04:41
memguyI know i may have installed the modules in the incorrect order or didn't pass parameters so maybe thats the issue. in dmesg i do have a lot of  04:41
memguyoss_ali5455: Unknown symbol ac97_spdifout_ctl (err 0)04:41
mjg59If all you want is /dev/dsp, then use alsa and load the OSS compatibilty module04:42
memguy...etc so maybe its those issue... though i am spining my head on what modules and what parameters to uses with this audio hardware 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)04:42
memguyI just want to uses the old oss as opposed to the alsa stuff for right now04:42
mjg59If the alsa driver is loaded then OSS won't be able to bind04:43
memguywell this kind of sucks i am trying to remove the alsa module or all the snd.* LKM but i get Module snd is in uses 04:47
memguyhumm so first off how does one locate dependencies or process currently using an LKM  so i can terminate these resources so i can modprobe -r snd.* all away04:48
memguyThats my first issue my second issue is what .ko to load to get oss sound working  mjg59 you mentioned using the alsa loading the oss compatiblity module what name would that be for the .ko what location04:50
memguyya kind of sucks seems if i kill pulseaudio or hd-audio it just recreates the process something so those are not the root process04:53
memguyso i am kind of stuck not able to unload these lkm's and not able to kill the sound audio process that probably uses these LKM 04:53
mjg59memguy: load snd_pcm_oss04:58
mjg59That'll give you /dev/dsp04:58
memguywhere would that .ko file be located /lib/modules/???04:59
memguydoing a find for it gave me nothing05:00
mjg59Just do modprobe snd_pcm_oss05:00
memguymodprobe: FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not found.05:00
mjg59Oh hm. I haven't actually checked whether that's still built.05:01
memguyeither way my more general issue is how to uninstall all the snd LKM's rmmod with out getting dependency issues or module in uses05:02
mjg59Try installing osspd instead? That uses CUSE to emulate /dev/dsp05:02
memguyya i will give that a try some time but really rather then using some software  character driver analogy to FUSE .. i want to understand how to load and unload the different sound modules properly from scratch05:03
memguybecause to me understanding how to load and unload proper lkm's for devices you have more control in the end of troubleshooting and getting hardware to work05:05
ohsixthat doesn't follow but OK05:05
memguyPlus to me this is the missing piece in understanding what creates the /dev/dsp what LKM's and how they are associated to an LKM the device files them selfs05:05
memguyIdeally i would have like to uninstall /rmmod/modprobe -r all the snd.* modules i had from lsmod ... then  go to the oss .ko and insmod/ modprobe them to create the /dev/dsp ...etc devices05:07
memguyAnd the other important thing to understand would have been how to trace down what is holding some LKM from not unloading 05:08
memguyany help would be great on the uninstalling in use modules how one can remedy this05:10
memguyso i guess if rmmod -f doesn't work because kernel wasn't compiled with the ability to force modules to unload then one would have  to track down all dependencies by hand and kill those... and if there is circular dependencies then  the only way i can see it is a reboot with blacklisting 05:37
memguy  483 ?        00:00:00 pulseaudio05:46
memguy 1442 ?        00:00:00 hd-audio005:46
memguy  387 ?        00:00:00 indicator-sound05:46
memguydoes anybody know how to kill these process because they get like recreated05:46
memguyand i am thinking that these are part of my problem of not being able to rmmod -f the snd.* LKM05:47
memguyok well i got it down to  1442 ?        00:00:00 hd-audio006:15
memguy  removing pulseaudio because it auto regenerates so trying to figure out this last one06:15
memguynever mind figured it out  after i removed rmmod -f  in the correct order from 0 dependencies onward i finally was able to remove all the snd.* based modules which when i looked took care of the ps 1442 process. Which this all was held up by pulseaudio being installed. I am curious of one thing when i relooked at /dev/snd all the devices pretty much disappeared but i am left with seq and  timer so curious maybe there is still06:40
memguy an LKM that is for audio just not named snd.* that i am missing?06:40
memguyOr why are these 2 devices left behind06:40
apwmemguy, or that is from something which is built in08:42
ricotzapw, hi, isnt that essential for the 4.7 mainline builds? https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/unstable/commit/?id=a3b42405327c946274fe8ee0e737a27b396ce7bf10:47
apwricotz, i am not sure what you are asking10:48
ricotzapw, I have a "missing-symbols" problem of nvidia dkms module with the 4.7 mainline kernel10:49
apwricotz, with which one10:49
apwricotz, these are only debug builds, they not intended for long term use10:50
ricotzapw, sorry, currently can't say with exact symbol it was10:50
apwricotz, no which version of the mainline build ... as they are built with whatever tim applies10:51
apwso any which are newer than when he applied that will have that10:51
ricotz4.7rc4 worked, none after that10:51
apwricotz, which is the latest you have tried10:51
apw-rc7 built at 5 UTC this morning which would have been after so it should be "fixed" if that is your issue10:52
ricotzthe initrd size shrunk by over 1MB with it10:52
apwsymbol tables are big10:52
ricotz-rw-r--r--  1 root root 45060130 Jul 11 12:29 initrd.img-4.6.0-8-generic10:53
ricotz-rw-r--r--  1 root root 43939988 Jul 11 12:28 initrd.img-4.7.0-040700rc6-generic10:53
apwso i guess test -rc7 if that resolves the issue, then it may be worth rebuilding 5 and 610:54
ricotzwill reinstall rc4/rc5 in a bit10:56
* apw is confused, but will let you report whatever you do10:58
ricotzI just want to double check the old kernels and having the dkms module with the current toolchain10:59
ricotzapw, btw, the rc7 build doesnt include the mentioned commit11:04
apwricotz, it wouldn't need to include a commit11:04
apwricotz, the changelog is dropped in wholesale11:04
ricotzapw, https://paste.debian.net/plain/78037511:21
apwricotz, with which version11:21
ricotzseems rc7 is more complete compared to rc5/rc6 and grepping the Symbols.map listings matches the rc4 one11:22
ricotzthis was from a log of rc511:23
ricotze.g. "grep -r _smp_call_function$ System.map-*"11:24
ricotzapw, looks like the rc7 build works again with nvidia here11:38
apwricotz, ack11:38
ricotzapw, was this a known issue with those missing symbols like  *_smp_call_function ?11:40
apwricotz, upstream added an option to remove redundant exports from the symbol tables to save space, this broke out of tree modules using any of them11:41
rtgdannf, I think the only kernels we're accepting patches for are P,T,LTS-U,X, and Y. V and W are now EOL. kamal - correct me if I'm wrong.16:23
dannfrtg: yeah, already sync'd with kamal - W is EOL, but V isn't for some reason16:24
rtgdannf, ack16:24
kamalrtg, the ones that just went EOL are   LTS-U and W   (V is still alive)16:24
rtgkamal, ack16:24
memguyis /dev/pcm0,1,2 and /dev/pcmin0,1 the oss device files for speakers/lineout and mic/line in if so how do you know which device file is associated to which device without trial and error18:26
memguyO never mind ossinfo tells me everything i need to know except i still don't get what /dev/dsp_ac3 -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout0 devices is for is this some kind of digital in/out port or something18:31
memguyi imagine 18:34
memguySPDIF seems as it for an output port also digital but never used it of all the other port i think this and midi are the ones i never used18:48
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