irma-teresaHi everyone, I'm writing because the caja manager can't seem to stop opening new windows and they seem to never load too. Does someone know where I can find an answer? I'm in an ubuntu mate 16.0400:04
rev_Did you install antiviral by any chance?00:05
irma-teresaYes, I installed Antiviral, from the sofware boutique!00:07
rev_Remove it. There is a problem reported here with it spawning caja endlessly: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/caja-with-dropbox-antivirus-problem-infinite-starting-caja/716000:07
irma-teresaok, I'll try that!00:08
rev_After removal, open your terminal and and type: caja -q00:09
rev_That will restart caja properly. If the bug persists, we can rule out antiviral probably00:09
irma-teresathe windows stop opening and loading after I uninstalled Antiviral, thanks!00:10
irma-teresaI'll restart caja from the terminal!00:11
irma-teresaI think that fix it! thank for the help!00:12
mate|6828Can Mate 16.04 be used with secure boot UEFI03:41
nomicisn't that something you disable to install03:42
nomicdunno what it is for03:42
nomicthought, to prevent install of linux -- windows / m$ lock03:42
mate|6828It replaces bios boot menu on Hps and other computers. Secure boot is enabled instead of Legacy to protect from Root Control03:44
mate|6828Some Linux distros will install on UEFI boot systems without disabling secure boot others will not.03:45
nomicSupport for GPT in Linux is enabled by turning on the option CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION (EFI GUID Partition Support) during kernel configuration.[30] This option allows Linux to recognize and use GPT disks after the system firmware passes control over the system to Linux.03:53
he1kkiHi guys. Managed to remove my mate panel as a whole by "remove from menu"-action (If I recall action correctly)05:11
he1kkiI bet that my cursor was placed in the top menu, not in the menu item I wanted to remove, so I don't have any kind of menu right now.05:12
he1kkiHmm, one of my magic cmds fixed my Mate panel after reboot, don't know which one. Anyway, problem solved.07:00
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jason__can somebody help me... I can't register for the support forums because every time it keeps telling me my confirmation link is no longer valid12:44
jason__I keep getting this synapse bug: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/synapse-crashes-in-16-04/5348/612:44
jason__but when I try to change the command to GTK_IM_MODULE='' synapse in the main menu preferences it doesn't launch12:47
DastoI just installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 from the mini-cd and all was well until I installed Antiviral from Software Boutique(v1.10). After reboot I got ‘Starting Caja’ Loop. I uninstalled Antiviral and it stopped. Where do I report this and has anyone else seen this before?16:09
Akuliwhat is antiviral16:10
Akuliif i'm guessing right it's supposed to be an antivirus checker.. please don't use them16:10
DastoIt's a gui frontend  for Clamav16:13
Akulii think there's alternative guis for it16:13
DastoIt was in Software Boutique so I thought it was tested and safe to use.16:13
DastoMaybe it's just my laptop.16:14
Akulii don't think so16:14
Akulithat sounds like a software issue to me16:14
AkuliDasto, the best antivirus you can ever have is your common sense16:14
Akulinothing will beat that16:14
Dastotrue. I thought I'd try it.16:15
Akulibut why16:15
Akuliif you've moved away from windows less than a week ago i understand that, and it's normal16:15
DastoI have been using linux for 8yrs now and haven't touched winblows for 3yrs now. I'm getting errors installing Minecraft. I'm now trying ppa route.16:16
Akuliis there a linux version of it?16:17
Akulii thought it was a fully windows game16:17
Akulimaybe it runs in wine?16:17
DastoDo you run Ubuntu Mate?16:18
Akuliyes, on my other computer16:18
Akulithis one is devuan16:18
Akuliwith mate16:19
DastoOkay. Minecraft is written in Java and has always run on Linux. Just a pain to run default way through terminal. That's why I always use lauchers from ppa's.16:20
AkuliDasto, why don't you create one yourself16:20
odroidgood evening16:20
Akuliright-click a panel, add to panel, custom application launcher16:21
odroidi cannot access16:21
Akuliset up whatever command you need and a decent icon, you're ready to go16:21
odroidwelcome softwares16:21
Akulihi odroid16:21
odroidi just got this odriod device16:21
DastoSorry I meant unofficial installer not launcher.16:21
Akuliyou could even make a menu item of it16:22
Akuliso it would be in your menu, with all the other stuff16:22
odroidsoftware boutique16:22
odroidit says welcome could not feature any software that is compatible on this system16:23
odroidany bro or sis have idea16:23
odroidhow to resolve this issue16:24
odroidDear Akuli can you help please?16:25
Akuliwhich version of ubuntu mate are you running16:30
Akuliodroid, i'd recommend just installing your software manually with the terminal or using synaptics package manager16:32
Akulimore reliable16:32
odroidMATE Desktop Environment 1.12.116:44
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gQuigswhere would be the best place to start a discussion about the the future of the i386 architecture on Ubuntu Mate?  (for instance I did it on the Ubuntu GNOME ML for them - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-gnome/2016-July/004072.html)17:46
Akulithis computer is 32-bit17:55
SCHAAP13764-bit here17:55
gQuigsAkuli: curious what chip, memory?18:25
Akulithis is an old thinkpad r40018:25
Akuli2GB of ram18:25
Akulibut my oldest computer is an imac g3, with 256MB of ram :D18:26
Akuliruns ubuntu 12.04 with xfce just fine18:26
gQuigsAkuli: do you think you'll upgrade it, or will it stay on 12.04 until it dies?18:37
Akuliyes, and then it's time to figure out how devuan runs on it18:37
Akulibecause 14.04 with systemd would be way too slow18:37
gQuigsAkuli: systemd doesn't really make things slower :)18:38
gQuigsAkuli: and anyway, 16.04 is the version that introduced systemd18:38
Akuliwell, my personal experience has been completely the opposite18:38
Akuliits not18:38
Akuli14.04 has it18:38
gQuigs14.04 has a systemd shim layer that does a few things, but Upstart is still in charge18:40
Akuliwell, that explains why so many people have issues with 16.0418:40
Akulibased on the number of people coming to ubuntu help channels after releasing 16.04 its garbage, and now i know why18:40
Akulii'll never upgrade to it18:41
JakesDenI tried updating ubuntu mate and now my pc won't boot up!19:04
JakesDenI ran sudo apt dist-upgrade and now when I turn my pc on it says failed to load ldlinux.c3219:05
Chakka____sounds like a UEFI vs BIOS bootup problem - did you switch modes?19:07
AkuliJakesDen, hold down left shift during startup, you'll get to a menu19:07
AkuliJakesDen, highlight your ubuntu there, and press e19:08
AkuliChakka____, nice i didn't think of that.. we'll see if he gets to grub or not19:08
JakesDenHolding left shift didn't work19:08
Akulistill same error?19:08
JakesDenWant a screens hot?19:08
Akuliin that case Chakka____ knows what he's doing19:09
JakesDenAnd my pc doesn't support uefi modes19:09
AkuliJakesDen, do you have the installation cd?19:10
JakesDenI will send screenshot any easy site to upload it to19:10
Akulior dvd or usb stick or whatever19:10
AkuliJakesDen, postimg.org and imgur.com19:10
Akuliactually, pasteboard.co is great19:10
JakesDenNo I dont but I can boot the install usb off my android phone19:10
Akulican you boot the usb stick on your computer?19:10
Akulidoes it just do that when you boot it?19:13
Akuliwhich architecture?19:13
Akulii386, amd64, powerpc...?19:13
JakesDenI pressed esc and it says grub loading but it doesn't do nothing19:13
Akuliso grub is broken19:14
Akulican you boot the usb stick on your computer?19:14
JakesDenCan I try the grub rescue disk?19:14
Akulii don't like that19:14
Akulijust a plain ubuntu iso would be nice19:14
JakesDenIt only happened since linux kernel was uodated19:15
Akuliall linux mint fans would say that their distro never does that :D19:15
JakesDenI will start downloading ubuntu mate ISO now19:15
Akulido you have the grub resque disc downloaded?19:15
Akuliand how long will downloading take?19:16
JakesDenMabey only 5 mins19:18
JakesDenIf I had BitTorrent then it would be 1 min19:18
JakesDenDo I have to reinstall ubuntu mate?19:18
JakesDenI just realised I had a usb with corrupted grub plugged into my pc19:20
Akulioh :D19:20
JakesDenI quote like linux distros19:20
pilnei'm looking to install win7 alongside my mate, i already have the partition set aside and formatted ntfs, will installing windows overwrite my mbr?19:21
Akulipilne, yes, and you'll need to reinstall grub19:21
JakesDenI have been using linux since I was 7-8 years old19:21
pilnebut otherwise everything else *should* be safe Akuli ?19:21
Akulipilne, yes, i can help you with that, or just google it19:21
Akulii've done that19:21
pilnei've done it before as well when i borked shit19:21
pilnejust chrooting in from a usb has worked before19:22
Akulijust be careful not to uograde to windows 10 :(19:22
Akulichrooting windows??19:22
pilnei'm going to unplug from the interwebs to do the install19:22
pilnechrooting into my mate install19:22
Akulioh now i see19:22
Akulithats what you should do, yes19:22
Akulii think just an update-grub might be enough, not sure19:22
pilneand then i'm going to install "never10" or something19:22
Akuliyou can just avoid some updates on it19:22
Akulii have a list of them somewhere, but i have no idea where right now19:23
JakesDenWell I wanted to play a game and on the box it says works on windows 7 or better so I installed linux19:23
Akulisome of them say 'greater'19:24
JakesDenI have never realy liked windows.19:25
JakesDenI have been trying out cublinux and 8 quite like it so I might dual boot it with my pc soon19:26
Akuliwhats cublinux19:26
JakesDenA mix between chromium design and ubuntu19:27
JakesDenI must say even on a old Dell latitude d620 laptop with a old hhd it boots up quicker than entering I have seen before19:29
Akulii can say same about devuan on this thinkpad :D19:29
JakesDenI just wish there was a way to watch Netflix on my 32 bit laptop on any chrome browser19:36
Akulidoesn't it work on chromium?19:36
Akulii guess not, then you need to find an old 32-bit chrome somewhere19:36
Akulior run a browser in wine19:37
JakesDenNope,  asks for silver light and the browser doesn't have support for drm content anywatmy19:37
JakesDenI would use old chrome if only it wasnt horrendously out of date19:37
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AkuliJakesDen, try firefox in wine19:42
Akulimaybe it works19:42
Akulior chrome in wine19:42
JakesDenNo I don't want firefox19:43
JakesDenPlus I don't want it complicated I just want Netflix to work out of the box19:43
Akulino netflix or netflix in wine?19:45
Akuliup to you19:45
JakesDenNo Netflix I guess19:48
JakesDenWell I will probably just use my phone for now19:48
JakesDenWell see ya all later!19:50
ubuntu-matehi there, I have this situation. sda is my laptop computer HD, sdb is a flash drive I m booting and sdc is a portable HD. Id like to install ubuntu on sdc without interfering at all with sda normal functioning. Is the option Something else and then selecting sdc for bootloader installation a safe option?20:36
ubuntu-matelike this http://imgur.com/QZiV4PA20:36
Akulibest i can think of20:36
Akuliby the way, you don't need a separate /home20:37
Akulijust make a swap same size as your ram but not more than 4GB, and a / ext4 partition20:37
Akulifor boot loader, is there a /dev/sdc option in the boot loader menu?20:37
ubuntu-mateyes, i made a printscreen on the link20:38
Akulichoose /dev/sdc instead of /dev/sdc1 if you can20:38
Akuliit's been a while since i used the installer though20:38
Akuliif you can't choose sdc, make it point at your / partition20:39
ubuntu-mateyeah, i've done just that, if I didn't it wouldn't let me continue20:39
Akuliseems like you don't have a / partition yet20:39
ubuntu-mateso this way won't affect sda AT ALL, right?20:39
Akuliif you carefully leave it untouched there20:39
ubuntu-mateI've changed it since that capture20:39
ubuntu-materight now it is like this http://imgur.com/ZeVqlwN20:41
Akulii can't see what's going on in sdc20:41
Akulican you scroll down a bit and take a new screenshot?20:41
ubuntu-matesure, just a sec20:42
Akuliliiks good to me20:43
ubuntu-mateok, i'll give it a try! thanks20:43
Akulibefore you click install now20:43
Akulilet's just see if someone else here can check if thats good20:44
Akulibecause i don't usually use the installer for installing my operating system so i don't know if there's something more we need to take in account20:44
Akuliif nobody says anything you can ask on #ubuntu, but you need to register on freenode for that, /msg nickserv help gets you started if needed20:45
ubuntu-matewhat alternatives do I have? it would be great to mirror my ``local`` filesystem with that one, if you know what i meant20:45
ubuntu-matealready asked20:46
Akulimirror it?20:46
ubuntu-matethat the ubuntu mate that I have in my portable drive would be an exact copy of the one i have in the portable HD20:47
Akuliyou can transfer your files and settings easily20:47
Akulijust copy everything in /home/username, including hidden files20:48
ubuntu-matei see, but first I need it to have a bootable os first20:48
ubuntu-matehm... Akuli. when I press Install now, it doesn't select the appropriate device for the swap partition20:55
Akulii need to go now, its late here20:55
Akuligo to #ubuntu if nobody here knows20:55
ubuntu-mateno problem! thanks anyway!20:55
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workhorsejust installed ClamAV from the boutique, and had Caja go NUTS on ME! It removed the desktop icons, and was opening endless caja's.  It was like a wet gremlin!23:28
rev_workhorse: That is a known issue ( https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/caja-with-dropbox-antivirus-problem-infinite-starting-caja/7160 ).23:43
rev_Antiviral is being considered for removal from the boutique.23:43
workhorseYeah, I can see why...lol, I was glad that was the issue, as troubleshooting the issue was confusing23:44
workhorsethanks for link, will look at it now23:44
rev_Yeah, that issue has been coming up frequently. Hopefully it will get pulled soon. Glad you figured it out.23:45
workhorsethanks, I'll look straight to the mate community23:46
workhorsefor future issues...23:47
MrMikl989hi kind of new to Ubuntu but I did redhat 8.  I have U 16.  But I cant figure out how to make a shortcut to the desktop for firestorm viewer23:48
MrMikl989i found a web page and did gedit to make one, and there is a gedit icon in applications23:48
MrMikl989wonders if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong?23:49
MrMikl989right now i launch in terminal and go to the directory and use ./firestorm to launch it and it runs23:52
Slane19ddo you see the program in applications at the top?23:54
Slane19dyeah, guess that was too obvious!23:55
MrMikl989the text file only appears when I go through file manager23:55
dexter_hello any info on instaling ATI R7 360 drivers on mate 16.04?23:56
dexter_sorry AMD23:56
dexter_just installed 16.04 and trying to get steam to work and suspect need drivers23:57
dexter_will i have to revert back to 15.04?23:57
MrMikl989and i made it using sudo, as admin, btw23:59
nomicwhy, on 2 monitors same .. have to "disable overscan" on 1 .. install23:59
Slane19dmight want to check steam forums for info, I got it to work that way @dexter23:59

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