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ubottuIn #ubuntu, returnthis said: ubottu: my system is broken right now,,, sooo16:57
k1l_[shanti] (~we_are_on@  that is the one ikonia banned yesterday17:27
k1l_@comment 7305917:27
ubottuJul 10 2016 15:49 ikonia: (stop this nonsense)17:27
ubottuJul 10 2016 15:49 ikonia: we_are_one!~we_are_on@
daxexplains the attitude17:28
k1l_<shanti> I cannot even talk on #freenode . Got banned on ##linux just now even without being able to talk . These freenode managers and admins are just ***holes.18:04
ikoniawell no18:05
ikoniahe's just constantly doing this god praise stuff18:05
ikoniathats why he gets baned18:05
ikoniahe's free to try to make excuses and rant, but it's pretty clear what he's up to18:06
hggdhwell 'praise god' and things like that are normally used by muslims. It is part of the culture18:22
hggdhnevertheless, when in Rome, as the Romans. No place for this in a secular channel18:23
ikoniait's not that sort of thing18:29
ikoniahis nick name is "god is one" and he just keeps repeating/trying to find excuses to say "god is one"18:29
hggdhikonia: ack18:29
valorieit's spam, whether it's religious, or malware, or porn20:26
bazhangor a combo of those23:58

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