ahoneybunnhaines: is there a loco council room?00:52
nhainesahoneybun: there's #ubuntu-locoteams.01:54
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danweHallo there, Maybe it is an old issue: somebody have problems with localization? my gps doesn't respond anymore neither to Here, uNav or Uber - bq 4.506:24
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swalladgedanwe, i haven't heard of anything in particular - try toggling the gps on and off, and make sure the apps have the right permissions07:49
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jgdxsil2100, hey, how would one go about backporting qml-module-qtquick-layouts 5.5.1 to vivid overlay, which is at ~5.4?13:39
dobeywhen does mirv get back?13:40
dobeyoh, no. next week13:40
jibeldobey, next week13:40
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mhall119mariogrip: I'm finishing lunch, might be a couple minutes late17:29
mariogripmhall119: no problem :)17:29
mariogripmhall119: fixed the update problem now, uploading new version18:34
mhall119mariogrip: cool, I'm still trying to get into fastboot :/18:36
mariogripmhall119: using a wall powersupply might speed up things18:36
mhall119mariogrip: in recovery now! \o/18:39
mhall119mariogrip: do I need to mount any partitions before running ubuntu-device-flash?18:39
mariogripmhall119: might need mount /cache18:39
mariogripbut everything else is automatically mounted18:39
mhall119mount: mounting /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/cache on /cache failed: Device or resource busy18:40
mariogripi had some problems with cache, so still need to find out why that does not mount on startup18:40
mariogripok, that's good, that means it's alredy mounted18:40
mhall119ok, installing rev 16, wish me luck :)18:40
mhall119and....lost it's charge :(18:41
mhall119gonna have to let this sit in recovery and charge for a bit18:41
mhall119in the mean time, I'll download the rev 16 image18:42
mariogriphumm, weird, that device should not use over 500mA (about what a pc gives) in recovery mode18:42
mhall119maybe the adb push caused it to use more18:43
mariogripstill, should not use that much18:44
mhall119well, I'll let it sit and charge a bit anyway18:45
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JakesDenYTAnyone here able to help port my device over to ubuntu touch?19:28
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JakesDenYTAnyone here?19:40
k1l_there is a porting guide linked in the topic. start with that. but that needs some knowledge19:40
JakesDenYTi only havce the stock rom files is that all i need?19:42
k1l_ah wait, someone deleted the topic19:46
=== k1l_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | https://store.bq.com/en/ubuntu-edition-aquaris-m10 | http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet
JakesDenYTIs there anyone who who you know who would try and help me port it oer19:48
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dobeyJakesDen: xda devs forum maybe a good place to start19:57
dobeyJakesDen: is there a cyanogenmod port for your device?19:57
JakesDennope but i am going to try to get someone to try to make one for it19:57
dobeywell, if there's no published device tree for it, might be quite difficult19:59
JakesDenWill the company who made it be able to get that made?20:00
JakesDenthe company will do anything to help people port roms over to the device20:00
dobeyJakesDen: then tell them to publish the source for the kernel and drivers. that would make it easiest for people to port to it20:02
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JakesDenk thanks20:05
mhall119mariogrip: I'm on r16 now!20:06
mhall119that is smooth20:06
mhall119tvoss: if you can give mariogrip some help with the Fairphone 2 screen power, we could make this port functional20:08
tvossmhall119, I already did20:08
mhall119ah, great, didn't see that, thanks tvoss20:08
mariogripmhall119: ping22:01

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