dandraderltinkl, in https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/keyboardIndicator/+merge/297920 , why did you have to turn qml/Components/KeymapSwitcher.qml into an Item?13:51
ltinkldandrader, because of the QDBusActionGroup and the properties inside13:52
ltinkldandrader, didn't work for me as a QtObject13:53
dandraderltinkl, wonder if it's a bug in qmenumodel13:56
dandraderltinkl, talking to renato, who wrote that code.13:59
dandraderltinkl, he says it's weird that it didn't work when put inside a QtObject14:00
ltinkldandrader, hmm wonder why, don't recall the details14:00
mterrydednick, indicator-keyboard under u7 apparently provides u7 with the fully rendered icon.  But u8 apparently doesn't support that, and uses just the icon name from the indicator.  Why don't we support using an indicator's provided binary icon?  (info from ltinkl)14:19
dednickmterry: please hole14:23
dednickhold :)14:23
mterrydednick, too late, am holing14:23
dednickmterry: i'm not entirely sure. if the icon is transmitted as a byte icon (serialized gicon data) it should be given to unity8 as a srting in the format "data://BASE64HEXCODE"14:26
dednickif i remember correctly we should be picking that up in an icon provider.14:27
mterryltinkl, ^ ?14:27
dednickthats how it worked at some point i'm sure14:27
ltinkldednick, mterry: will check it out again14:29
dednicki can't seem to find the icon provider though...14:30
dednickmaybe somebody removed it because they thought it wasnt used.14:31
ltinkldandrader, all good, back to a QtObject :)14:43
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mterryjosharenson, bad news.  Testing silo 32, I see a crash/something: I logged in as mike, went back to greeter.  Tried to log into mike again (i.e. unlock my current session).  lightdm/unity8-greeter freak the heck out at this point.  Session, greeter, and lightdm all close?  And then lightdm restarts itself19:10
josharensonmterry: yikes, logs?19:11
mterryjosharenson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19104252/19:12
mterryjosharenson, look at end of log (minus recent successful lightdm run)19:13
mterryjosharenson, "WARNING: Error using VT_WAITACTIVE 8 on /dev/tty0: Interrupted system call" ?19:13
mterryjosharenson, that seems like where it went bad19:13
mterryjosharenson, can you try and see if you have same behavior19:13
josharensonmterry: yeah, 1 min, updating19:14
josharensonmterry: you logged out, or locked the screen?19:29
* josharenson tries both, brb19:29
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mterryjosharenson, going to distro version of lightdm, I don't see the crash problem with silo 32 anymore20:29
mterryrobert_ancell, ah!  thanks for fixing the in-session lightdm thing.  Only working on autologins makes sense with what I was seeing21:55
robert_ancellmterry, np21:55
mterrywill test the new stuff tomorrow21:56
robert_ancellmterry, you using yakkety or building the packages yourself?21:56
mterryrobert_ancell, I'm on yakkety, only building packages myself if I need to debug (but am happy to build myself tomorrow in advance of a release)22:09
robert_ancellif you're on yakkety I'll make a release22:09
mterryjust for me!  :)22:11
robert_ancellAn mterry special22:13

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