_stink_it's nice out00:36
_stink_really still00:36
cmaloneyi swear we ran into a dozen people playing pokemon go01:50
jrwrenEVERYONE (not really, but most) were plyaing it in AA last night.01:50
jrwrenit was so much fun messing with them.01:51
cmaloneyourselves included (JoDee)01:51
cmaloneytjat is awesome01:51
cmaloneyfigured AA woild have more01:51
Zimdalewe just drove through farmington01:51
Zimdalepeople EVERYWHERE playing that stupid game01:51
Zimdalethe traction is unreal01:51
cmaloneybut we went by my parent's place and there were people out in the parks01:51
cmaloneyits amazimg01:52
ZimdaleIt's like 0-facebook overnight01:52
jrwreni know there ws a squirtle on liberty last night ;]01:52
cmaloneystupid keyboard01:52
mrgoodcatthere was a squirtle somewhere near the restaurant last night but it never came close enough for me to snag it12:48
cmaloneyJoDee caught some crab thing but it managed to escape and lock her phone.12:48
cmaloney(well, the app, not hte phone)12:49
mrgoodcatwow that is quite the crab thing12:49
cmaloneywhich was not hard to do12:49
mrgoodcatits the buggiest app i've ever used for an extended period of time12:49
cmaloneyThat app has some issues12:49
mrgoodcatI usually have no patience for that kind of thing12:49
cmaloneyI'm just glad that the news reports were able to explain what we were doing to my parents12:50
cmaloneybecause I was having a hell of a time. ;)12:50
cmaloneyand of course when we're standing out there near their house there wasn't anything that JoDee could catch to give a good demo12:51
ZimdaleJust feel for the server guys having to keep that shit running12:51
cmaloneyesp. since the only way to get it to re-run was to re-authenticate12:52
ZimdaleI don't think they ever could have predicted the traction that it got12:52
Zimdaleat least they run it off google cloud engine so in theory they can scale horizontally12:53
cmaloneyI'd wager this was orders of magnitude more popular than Ingres12:53
Zimdalevery very much12:53
cmaloneywe came to the Ingres party way late and I never saw anyone playing it12:53
cmaloneynot that I tried very hard12:53
ZimdaleI never heard of ingres until this app came out12:54
Zimdaleand people started bitching about it not being original12:54
mrgoodcati played ingress a bit12:54
mrgoodcati think a lot of people installed the app then never firgured out what you're even supposed to do12:54
mrgoodcatalso joining late was a pain i've heard since the stronger players just stomped u12:55
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Yeah, I felt like a gnat at a picnic when we started12:56
cmaloneymerely an annoyance to the bigger players12:57
mrgoodcataccording to forbes, pokemon is about to pass twitter in DAUs12:59
cmaloneyThat wouldn't surprise me13:01
cmaloneythough it'll be interesting to see what it looks like in 2-3 weeks13:02

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