Kilossjoe , so vroeg Langjan iets moes gebreek het05:56
Kilosmorning everyone05:56
superflyMorning Kilos 06:11
Kilosohi superfly 06:11
* superfly maak krummelpap06:11
chesedomorning superfly Kilos and others06:23
chesedosuperfly: kan ek jou my pos adress gee vir 'n krummel daarvan :P06:24
Kiloshi chesedo 06:24
chesedohoe gaan dit oom Kilos?06:26
Kilosok dankie chesedo en jy06:29
Kiloshi kmf 06:29
chesedogoed goed dankie06:30
chesedomorning lmf06:30
kmfhello chesedo 06:30
LangjanHi Kilos hoe gaan dit? Het gewonder of jy al nuus het van Debs06:31
Kilosresults on friday only06:31
Kilosbut she is ok so far ty06:32
Kilosim sure if it was cancer they would have called not wait for her to make an appointment06:32
LangjanGood, best wishes to her and Tara. I lost track of which Friday. Lekker dag vir jou boet. 06:33
Kilosdankie , selle daar06:33
Kiloskoud hier06:33
LangjanDankie. Hier nog so 9° oggende, lekker dae - sonnig. 06:33
Kilosai! nee ys hier in die oggend06:34
LangjanOns verwag vrinne wat uit die jagveld oppad terug is George-toe, bring 'n bietjie wildswors06:34
LangjanEish! Met ys...06:34
Kiloslol ja06:35
LangjanOk ons gesels weer as iets breek, maar dalk nie gou nie - gebruik nie kde nie 06:35
Kilosek is altyd hier06:36
Langjanlmga, mooi loop my vriend06:36
Langjandankie ek weet06:36
Kilosjy ook dankie my oom06:36
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:47
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:48
inetprogood mornings06:54
Kiloshi there inetpro 06:54
Kilossheep time wbb06:57
superflyTime to get shoes on and visit the vehicle licensing department. 06:58
pavlushkaGood Morning ZA!08:29
thatgraemeguybought a car superfly ?08:31
pavlushkaha ha ha08:53
superflythatgraemeguy: nope, just getting the existing one sorted out 09:22
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
* thatgraemeguy nods09:24
Kilosskape toe13:05
Kiloshi Rynomster long time you have been mute14:39
Kiloshi kulelu88 15:58
kulelu88howzit oom Kilos 15:58
Kilosok ty lad and you?15:58
kulelu88goed 15:58
Kilospaddatrapper why so quiet?15:58
Kilosseems like debconf wore them out15:59
Rynomsterkey kilos :)16:10
kulelu88Rynomster looks new here16:11
kulelu88welkom oom/lad16:11
Rynomsterthx :) was here long time ago :O but I havent been on in long16:11
Kiloshaha he has been here a long time but a major lurker16:11
kulelu88oh he just peeps in to spy on us for the government16:12
kulelu88or microsoft16:12
Kilosno iirc he is a good guy16:12
kulelu88you never know... We should test him. How do you bork a linux install with 1 command? Rynomster 16:13
Rynomstersudo rm -rf /16:14
kulelu88if you are not using apt-get, what else can you use for linux? 16:14
Rynomsterdpgk ?16:14
kulelu88what if you are using CentOS?16:15
Kilossee kulelu88 he is one of us16:15
Rynomsterwindows update*16:15
Kiloswe chatted lots before i got busy16:15
kulelu88okay now we need Rynomster to sign a text file with his PGP key and confirm that he is Rynomster 16:16
Rynomsterlol :P16:16
kulelu88Rynomster: you based in Sleepytoria or cold capetown?16:18
Kiloscoast i think16:18
Kilossomeone is at jbay16:18
Rynomsteryeah thats me :)16:18
Rynomstermy key is on github :P I haven't uploaded it to any key servers16:20
Kilosi dont even know if i have one16:21
kulelu88oh am gee, another zero-knowledge paste tool! nice 1 Rynomster 16:21
Rynomsteryeah there are some nice ones.. but I like that one :) I used to have it setup on one of my servers, but then migrated and never put it up again16:22
Kiloshi theblazehen you seem to be getting old fast16:23
Kilosnot so noisy anymore16:23
kulelu88ooh running servers also. alright, I think Rynomster is definitely a linux user, or a really good spy16:23
Kilosoh tumbleweed have you left yet?16:24
Kiloshaha kulelu88 16:24
Rynomsterlol kulelu88 :D16:24
RynomsterI'm actually using azure :O mostly because I got 3 years free credit with bizspark16:25
kulelu88aah sies. go from here, fast16:26
Kilosi go eat16:32
Rynomsterlol :)16:37
RynomsterI'm running ubuntu on all my azure VMs :P16:37
kulelu88you a tech startup? 16:37
Rynomstermmmm well more of a 1 man dev house :P16:38
tumbleweedKilos: I leave on Saturday16:38
RynomsterI've had employees in the past, went under though then had to get a job for a few months, but now I got a contract again through my company again :) another 8 months or so to go16:39
Rynomstersuch a nice price... but I have 2 ssds in my pc and 1 in my mbp :/ can't go wasting on that :(16:41
kulelu88Rynomster: what's your tech stack? 16:44
Rynomstermmmm different for everything :P I like using python/django/nginx/postgresql to write Restful services :) and using react native at the moment for a mobile app....16:45
Rynomsteralso dabbling a bit with ethereum, writing some dapps16:46
kulelu88aah okay so you're definitely in the thick of things. no C# or Java to be seen and Ubuntu servers.16:46
RynomsterI'm a dev for an open source project called Shadowcash16:46
Rynomsterno C# or java :P16:46
RynomsterI use c++16:46
Rynomsterand C16:47
kulelu88I wanted to build an ethereum app for a simple idea I had but when I visited the Slack channel they were trolling each other about how ethereum is broken beyond repair16:47
kulelu88*IRC not Slack16:48
kulelu88fekk, too much Slack in my life16:48
Rynomsterhaha :)16:48
kulelu88interesting project16:50
kulelu88"I work with a project called Shadowcash" aka you are the lead developer :O16:52
paddatrapperKilos: busy fixing the wiring of the network at home 16:54
Kiloscareful paddatrapper that stuff bites16:54
Kilosoh the network16:54
paddatrapperYeah. No power involved :) 16:55
kulelu88where can I learn more about Shadowcash? Rynomster 16:58
kulelu88Can I build a decentralized non-bitcoinlike app on it?16:58
Rynomsterwe have a slack :P hehe, I guess you could use the messaging, but its not really immutable :P it only retains messages for 2 days17:04
Rynomsterand small size limits17:04
Rynomsterusing OP_RETURN, you could actually store quite a bit of stuff on the blockchain17:17
Kilosguys we had someone here that had something installed that caused freenode to bump him for flooding when he tried to logon17:19
Kiloscan anyone remember what it was please17:19
theblazehenKilos: Haha. Yeah.. 17:27
nsnzerogood evening all17:36
Kiloshi nsnzero 17:37
nsnzerohi Kilos , how you doing ?17:37
Kilosok ty and you?17:37
Kilosinetpro ping17:38
nsnzeroalright i guess17:38
Kiloswhy you guess?17:38
Kiloswhats wrong nsnzero 17:39
nsnzeroi am so tired - didnt get to sleep well last night - baby was troubling 17:39
kulelu88Rynomster: I want to store a small string of text of about 2/3 strings of text per user17:39
Kilosim only ok because i still have flu17:39
Kilosthen sleep early nsnzero 17:39
nsnzerolol , i wish i could - the mrs is trying to make him sleep now - but i think (from the noise) she is failing 17:41
Kilosshame man17:41
Kilosi had that trip um17:41
Kilos40 years ago i think17:42
nsnzeroits a  learning phase - but without the instruction manual 17:42
kulelu88nsnzero: how many months now?17:42
nsnzerohe is 5 and a half 17:43
Kiloswe used to take turns, one sleeps and one looks after baby17:45
nsnzerosorry , yes months 17:48
nsnzeroi do the the first shift - till 12 - but yesterday he troubled till 3am17:48
kulelu88eish, raising a baby 17:49
nsnzeroits a challenge - wife wanted 5 kids - now i think 1 is enough 17:50
kulelu88how old are you? nsnzero 17:52
nsnzeroi was supposed to do some programming research today but ending up sleeping till 1pm 17:52
nsnzerohi kulelu88 - i am 3817:53
kulelu88and you still want 4 more kids? yoooooh17:53
kulelu88I wonder how some people raise kids when both husband and wife work, must be tough17:54
nsnzeronot me - i have a much younger wife - she wants (wanted?) more 17:54
nsnzerokulelu88: its tough , my wife and i both work 17:55
kulelu88ooh, you must be a larnie to find a young vrou :'D17:55
kulelu88or a charming fellow like oom Kilos who only dates 30-somethings :P17:55
nsnzerolol - not larni enough - must be my charming ways 17:58
nsnzeroKilos: -> Local  Hugh Hefner ?18:00
Kilosno man18:01
Kiloskulelu88 has it all wrong18:01
Kilosim just friendly with everyone18:01
Kilosinetpro ping18:03
nsnzerohas anyone done work with AVR Atmega Micro controllers  18:03
nsnzeroKilos: me ?18:04
Kilosnsnzero me what?18:04
Kilosim lost now18:05
nsnzeroKilos: you said again - asked if that was directed at me  18:06
Kilosoh no sorry, that was my second inetpro ping18:06
Kilosif i dont nag he doesnt wake up18:07
nsnzeroKilos: no worries (you can use "/PING user") without the quotes 18:09
Kilosis that ctcp ping18:10
Kiloshe has those disabled18:10
Kiloscaptine all good there?18:11
nsnzeroSends a PING request to a user. Used for checking connection and lag. Servers issue pings on a timed basis to determine if users are still connected.18:15
nsnzeroKilos: thats from the wiki on irc commands 18:15
Kilosah ty18:15
Kiloshe will answer when he gets here18:16
Kilosi just like nagging him18:16
nsnzerook 18:17
Kiloschesedo have you got the link for me please that shows all the locos and which are verified18:23
Kilosi can find it18:23
chesedohmm, Kilos i'll have to look for it18:23
Kilosty i have hunted and find the link to show the teams but not the one that shows verified or not18:24
chesedoKilos: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/18:26
chesedoor http://loco.ubuntu.com/loco-council/verified/18:26
Kilosty chesedo 18:26
chesedothat first one uses a legend (see top of page)18:27
Kiloswhats a legend18:27
Kilosive been to that link a few times18:28
Kilosmaybe i must login to be able to see the verified info18:28
nsnzeroKilos: whats the teams for ?18:29
Kilosfor ubuntu users in each country18:30
Kiloslike we are the za loco18:31
nsnzeroi see - like local support or feedback to Canonical ?18:33
Kiloseach country forms a loco18:33
Kiloslocal community18:33
Kilosthe leader of each one feeds back news etc to ubuntu18:34
Kilosim struggling to explain things tonight18:35
* nlsthzn eats some popcorn18:35
nsnzerook i get it - no worries 18:35
Kilosi was just going to ping you nlsthzn 18:35
Kilosexplain for me please18:35
Kilosnlsthzn is an old ubuntu user18:36
* nlsthzn only exists to ensure ubuntu-za stays accredited by making it sound like a good idea and then leaving when work needs doing :p18:37
Kilosexplain to nsnzero about locos please nlsthzn 18:37
Kilosbefore you run to bed18:38
kulelu88who is chilling in the freenode channel? 18:38
nlsthzndoesn't the wiki link explain it pretty well?18:38
nlsthznor am I just more lazy than normal :D18:38
Kiloskulelu88 you waiting to be given voice18:38
Kiloslazy nlsthzn 18:39
Kilosim struggling to even find links tonight18:39
kulelu88chesedo: how was your exams mate?18:39
nlsthznthere is always a wiki :p18:39
nsnzeroh nlsthzn - i reading it now18:40
chesedokulelu88: great thanks18:40
nlsthznhope it explains a bit more nsnzero... but if you have questions feel free to ask............................... uncle Kilos :P18:40
* chesedo officially passed semester 118:41
kulelu88okay wait, I'm almost confused now. nlsthzn you stay in UAE right?18:41
nlsthznkulelu88: yup18:41
kulelu88and nsnzero stays at the coast, okay noted18:41
Kiloswell done chesedo 18:41
nsnzerokulelu88: yip 18:42
nlsthzngratz chesedo18:42
kulelu88I need to bother Rynomster . I want to learn more about shadowcash :D18:42
chesedoKilos: as oom na n (pad) kaart kyk, wat noem n mens daai deel wat wys wat die simbole beteken?18:43
Kilosall cash is in the shadows and i can only see stuff in the light18:43
chesedoty nlsthzn Kilos18:43
Kilosthe 18:43
Kilosum 18:44
Kilosinfo section18:44
chesedonlsthzn: Horray, you won..... something18:44
kulelu88when you have charm like yours oom Kilos . you don't need money ;)18:44
chesedoKilos: you found the legend now?18:47
chesedomoet ek vir oom n screenshot kry?18:47
chesedos/screenshot/skerm foto/18:48
Kilosno i tried to login and it said im already using my account somewhere else so i got frustrated and closed it18:48
nlsthznbetter make youtube tutorial... the only way people learn today :p18:48
Kilosi dont do youtube man nlsthzn 18:48
nlsthznbetter than way, since I started that is all I do18:48
KilosOpenID authentication failed: Nonce already used or out of range18:49
KilosIf you continue to experience problems with LoCo Team Portal, please report it!18:49
Kilosnow i give up on that for tonight18:49
nlsthznubuntu sso what a royal balls up >.<18:50
Kilosthe pro will have the correct link im sure18:50
nlsthznnothing but issues18:50
Kiloshope he is ok18:50
nlsthznnsnzero: lol, just saw you in #kubuntu and thought I was seeing double :p18:51
Kilosmaybe they right nlsthzn i have 2 browser running with maybe 25 to 30 tabs each18:51
nlsthznstep one... close all browsers and delete all cache...18:52
nsnzeronlsthzn: yes konversation opens that chat room by default 18:52
nlsthznperhaps reboot twive18:52
nlsthznnsnzero: well if you let it :p18:52
Kilosnono ill never find those links again18:52
chesedoKilos: http://pasteboard.co/ahTwEuGdn.png18:52
Kilosthey are hard work18:52
nlsthzngood old txt file 18:52
chesedopage: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/18:53
Kilosoh my18:53
nlsthznor if google owns your life like mine it remembers everything for me... what I need always in the top three search results...18:53
Kilosi have all images turned off in browser as well so dont see much18:53
Kilosbut save lots of data18:53
Kilosespecially on fb18:54
Kilosyes chesedo thats the link i wanted18:55
Kilosty ty ty18:55
chesedoit is the first one i gave... rofl18:55
Kilosi used the fox now to see18:56
Kilosive blocked too much in opera18:56
Kiloshi jaysen 18:56
jaysenHi Kilos18:56
kulelu88you can't want to save data and use facebook at the same time18:56
chesedoOh, yeah forgot... you will need something that can see in the dark to access that... :P18:56
Kilosi go fb now and again to see what tara or debs say18:56
chesedohey jaysen, welcome to the channel18:57
jaysenthanks chesedo18:57
Kilosjaysen you been here before hey18:57
jaysenyeah I have. but not in a while18:58
Kiloswelcome back then18:59
jaysenthanks again!18:59
nlsthznnight all19:00
nsnzerohi jaysen - i am a part timer here too19:01
nsnzeronight nlsthzn19:01
jaysengood to know nsnzero - shot19:03
Kilosnighht nlsthzn 19:04
Kilossleep well lad19:04
Kilosand send some heat19:04
chesedoKilos: you got 5mins for some trello cleanup?19:09
Kilosim there, see that is one of the links that stay in browser19:11
chesedogreat! I see we have 3 Ubuntu membership cards, are all still relevant?19:11
nsnzeroguys if you get bored - try telehack.com - its old school bbs and a hacking simulation - telenet telehack.com its free too19:11
nsnzerotry it out 19:11
Kiloswhat do you want to clean chesedo ?19:11
chesedoKilos: [21:11:08] <chesedo> great! I see we have 3 Ubuntu membership cards, are all still relevant?19:11
kulelu88bbs? nsnzero 19:12
jaysenis there a public trello board for the group?19:12
Kilosyes jaysen 19:13
chesedojaysen: yes (a very outdated one) https://trello.com/b/GKXXiBxU/ubuntu-south-africa-loco19:13
Kiloswhere do you see that chesedo 19:13
nsnzerokulelu88: before the WWW its was BBS - Bulletin Board Services - dialup to an FTP site - real 80's stuff19:13
Kilosgive me an area to look in19:13
chesedoKilos: oh hmm, 'Info, wishlist or parked ideas'19:14
chesedoKilos: it has inetpr?, magespawn and nuvolar?19:14
Kilosoh that can be removed imo19:15
chesedoKilos: all three?19:15
Kilosthey will do it when they are a bit older19:15
Kilosyes nuvo wont ever i think19:15
chesedook so we should wait a second and ask again kind of thing :P19:16
Kilosand pro and mage told me in the last week, they will get to it sometime19:16
Kilosnono remove it19:16
Kilosill nag them here anyway19:16
kulelu88don't remove stuff without consensus19:16
chesedook so 'archive' or 'complete remove'19:16
Kilosi am the consensus19:17
Kiloswho put it in there chesedo 19:17
Kilosif it was me it was another way of nagging19:17
chesedoKilos: you only did mage's19:17
chesedopro did his own19:18
chesedoand a Johan did nuvo's19:18
Kilosok remove mage19:18
Kilosnuvo wont do it19:18
Kiloshe only comes here when i mail/nag him19:18
chesedook maybe just remove nuvo's and archive the other two?19:19
Kilosim sure pro will say remove his too19:19
chesedolol so you nagged nuvo currently seeing that he is here19:20
Kiloshe has the connection from work as well so never leaves19:20
Kilosbut never answers either unless mail/nagged19:21
Kilosnuvolari_ ping19:21
chesedooh, just a thought... is nuvo the 'Johan Mynhardt' who added his?19:21
Kiloshe doesnt look at irc i think19:21
nsnzerogood night guys 19:22
Kilosnight nsnzero 19:22
Kilossleep well19:22
Kilosgood luck19:22
nsnzerothanks 19:22
Kilosjaysen you gonna join our trello19:22
kulelu88nuvolari_: ping ping ping19:22
jaysenyes. I will. thanks Kilos19:23
Kiloshe knows as well i have work for him now debconf is over19:23
Kilosso will hide even deaper19:23
chesedooh boy, so he did is own... then maybe we should leave a comment on each card asking each participant for their own wish (to be nice and friendly) and remove after a week if no response?19:23
chesedoKilos: ^^19:24
Kilosare you trying to make space chesedo 19:24
chesedoKilos: yes, white space19:24
Kilosthen archive anything not relevant and pro can bring back what he doesnt want archived19:25
* chesedo thinks it will be easier to focus if only the serious/immediate stuff is there19:25
chesedoKilos: not considerate enough for me, we should not break it for pro to fix19:26
* chesedo will go the comment route for now19:27
Kilosjust use your discretion and move what you think will never be seen to19:27
chesedomaybe pro will add his thoughts later19:27
Kilosthats an idea as well19:27
Kiloshe is so busy lately19:27
* paddatrapper settles down for the evening19:29
paddatrapperHello everyone19:30
chesedohi paddatrapper19:30
paddatrapperHey chesedo 19:30
Kiloshi paddatrapper 19:32
Kilostell me did you get the weed to look at you ibid work19:32
chesedoKilos: for those that will want to continue to get there membership, who will be the main ones able to help them?19:32
Kiloshe leaves saterday then we have timezone probs again19:33
Kilosi think me chesedo 19:33
Kilosor fly19:33
paddatrapperKilos: He's still tying things up from DebConf19:33
paddatrapperBut I'll chat to him tomorrow again19:34
Kilosok i just thought it would makes things easier if you two could get together and sync your thinking19:34
Kilosyou know, not mix apples and pears19:36
chesedoKilos: this seems safe to archive -> https://trello.com/c/sKkQi3Hx/81-building-documentation-with-sphinx19:42
chesedoKilos: great... and done19:43
chesedowill see to tackle two or three again tomorrow...19:44
chesedonight all19:44
Kilosok chesedo sleep tight lad19:44
Kilosty for your work19:44
chesedonp Kilos, and thanks for your input19:45
Kilosalways here lad19:45
grembleGood evening20:07
kulelu88welkom gremble 20:08
Kiloshi gremble 20:09
grembleHey Kilos kulelu88 20:15
inetproKilos: gaan slaap 20:44
inetprooops, good evening 20:44
Kiloshi inetpro 20:44
inetproyikes, You guys talk to much today20:47
jaysengood night all20:47
Kilosnight jaysen 20:47
Kilosyes inetpro some of us work here too20:47
Kilosi pinged you twice20:47
Kilosnow i forgot why20:47
inetproyoh, who's jaysen even? 20:48
inetprothink man! 20:48
Kiloshe was here long ago for a while20:48
inetproreminds me of jays fluid 20:49
inetprolike jaysen's fluid 20:50
inetprohow do I erase that? 20:51
inetpronot good to make fun of people's names 20:52
Kiloshe will laugh at the commen20:52
inetproso, you pinged me? 20:52
Kilosa ping is supposed to attract attention20:53
Kilosbefore the reason is forgotten20:53
inetprohmm... 20:53
Kilosill remeber and write it down20:54
inetproin that case, can I go sleep now? 20:54
Kilosyessir sorry for keeping you up20:54
Kilossleep well my friend20:54
inetprothanks you kindly 20:55
inetprogood night! 20:55
Kilosnight inetpro 20:55
paddatrapperKilos: https://err.no/pictures/annex/2016-07-09-Debconf-Orga-Swag\21:00
paddatrapperhttps://err.no/pictures/annex/2016-07-09-Debconf-Orga-Swag *21:00
Kilosoh cool ty paddatrapper now i gotta work out how to save them21:01
Kiloshaha i see blue hair21:03
kulelu88debconf swag bad <3 i need to own 121:09
Kilosaw i would like one too21:11
kulelu88en daai tshirt ook21:12
Kilosai! i remebered why i pinged pro21:12
Kilosits about my visa21:12
Kilosill try member tomorrow21:13
Kilosbed time for ballies21:13
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:13

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