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flocculantsupposedly 16.04.1 releases next week 17:56
flocculantbluesabre: ^^, so even though we know we've got the 2 main issues (thunar and the intel/lock thing) I guess we've got no choice but to say yes there17:58
knomeflocculant, i guess we can say no, but i'm not sure if that'd block the upgrade route for xubuntu... most likely not18:23
flocculanthardly worth bothering then in that case ;)18:23
flocculantjust checking where we stand with the intel thingy18:24
flocculantbluesabre: so this isn't right ... flocculant dons his positivity hat18:54
flocculantI happened to see a fleeting glimpse short while ago to an update for xorg-server-intel (or close)18:54
flocculantyakkety - suspend or lock > no cursor loss here18:54
flocculantupdated xenial - still have an issue18:55
Unit193It's not been SRU'd.18:56
flocculantI know that Unit193 18:56
Unit193So, that's a good sign.  The changelog really doesn't show it though. :P18:56
flocculantjust checking something else out18:56
flocculantUnit193: yea I know that too - I did check when I saw the update :)18:57
flocculantjust haven't had time to physically do anything here18:57
flocculantbluesabre: so installing xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.99.917+git20160706-1ubuntu1 from yakkety on the xenial and suspend and work as expected, no cursor loss (at least here)19:08
flocculantwhat do we want to do about that - I can put an urgent call out for testing that - but don't want to do so if we're not actually going to be able to do more than say 'well it works'19:09
flocculantUnit193: indeed :)19:10
flocculantif I don't here anything overnight I'll go ahead with a tentative shout out I guess :)19:13
flocculantochosi might want to read that ^^ 19:15
flocculantUnit193: and how long would an SRU take - I'm really wanting to read no more than a week :p19:31
Unit193Would be best to file it now and state that we want it in for the point release.19:32
flocculantwell I don't think I'd want to file it - bound to get something wrong there19:35
flocculantperhaps it's best if I at least get a call out to test it now 19:35
Unit193bluesabre, bluesabre, bluesabre!  We need a SRU filed! :319:35
flocculantha ha 19:36
Unit193flocculant: I'd test it if I hit it, but...19:36
flocculantyea - I only just manage to - laptop is in an advanced state of disrepair ... 19:36
flocculantUnit193: does this make sense? http://paste.ubuntu.com/19106931/19:43
Unit193flocculant: FWIW, you can have them just  apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel/xenial  to restore.19:44
flocculantactually that syntax? 19:45
flocculantif so - I'll do that rather than get them download from packages twice19:45
flocculantcould they apt-get install package/yakkety?19:47
flocculantthat's all new to me - learned todays thing now :)19:47
Unit193No, because people won't have that repo.  And yes that exact syntax.19:49
ochosiflocculant: sounds like a plan to me20:00
ochosiand also good to hear there's a tentative fix20:00
ochosii think i read about some git version of the intel driver having fixed the issue for someone before20:00
flocculantUnit193: ack20:14
flocculantochosi: yep - all we can do is test it I guess20:15
ochosiyeah, that plus filing the SRU as early as possible (agreed with Unit193 that bluesabre shall do that :p)20:18
flocculantwell mail's off now20:21
flocculantnight all20:38
ochosiand thanks20:45
mozmckAre live-build and the other live-* scripts used to build the xubuntu iso images?20:47
bluesabreevening all22:06
bluesabreI see highlights!22:06
ochosievening bluesabre 22:13
bluesabrehey ochosi 22:13
bluesabrehi knome 22:13
bluesabrecooking dinner :)22:13
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