lesaHello, I was wondering if there was a way to close applications "nicely", prior to shutdown? As it is, it seems as if SIGKILL is sent immediately and if I have overlooked an unsaved document, well... :)00:09
lesaI mean, I did sumble upon a nice piece of bash script that does it, but still, is there not something that can be done about it system wise?00:16
walrideri wanna report a bug07:14
walriderbug in xubuntu 1607:15
walriderty ty07:16
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xubuntu75wHallo everyone :) I tried Xubuntu 16.04 but I discovered some problems and I want to know if the issues I experienced, has experienced from other users. The first problem is this: when I scroll web-pages in the browser (firefox) or I scroll in other applications (libreoffice for example) I notice a small glitch in the middle of the screen while scrolling09:56
xubuntu75wIt is annoying and I not experience it on Ubuntu system. I want to solve it !09:57
xubuntu75wI'm not*09:57
xubuntu75wThe other problem is font - releated. Fonts is not well rendered in Xubuntu expecially when I'm in Libreoffice. When I zoom out the font are poor rendered :( And this too I has not experienced in Ubuntu too. The two problem are only Xubuntu releated and it is annoying :(09:59
xubuntu75wPlease help me :)09:59
Andrea1971Buongiorno a tutti10:09
Andrea1971Qualcuno che parla italiano?10:10
knome!it | Andrea197110:19
ubottuAndrea1971: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:19
pjotterHi people. I was just wondering whats up with the theming in 16.04? It seems that certain applications use a totally different theme than most other? Is there a way to get them all to look the same?10:44
pjotterOne good example would be the software center. On my system it has a totally different theme than most other applications10:45
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pjotterknome: Do you mean I have to search for a theme that supports both gtk2/gtk3?11:07
pjotterOr make one myself :D11:07
knomesome applications use gtk2, some gtk311:10
knomethose applications will look different11:10
knomegreybird supports both and does look similar in both, but it's never going to be a 1:1 match11:10
pjotterI understand. I use a theme that only supports gtk2 atm. Maybe I can search for a gtk3 theme that matches this one and just copy the gtk3 folder into the theme11:11
knomeyou can definitely do a search, but i'm pretty sure you won't find one.11:12
pjotterWhy? Are there no gtk3 themes out there?11:13
knomebut yes, you can copy any themes' gtk3 directory into another, and it'll work as you expected11:13
knomenot too many, and many of them can be broken (as the gtk3 theming specification changes with every release)11:13
knomefinding one that works and looks same as your current theme (whatever it is) is like winning in the lottery atm11:13
pjotterI see. BTW I was wrong this theme has both gtk2 and 3. Not sure why it's so different.11:14
knomebecause gtk2 and gtk3 theming is completely different11:14
knome(and because the toolkit itself is completely different)11:15
pjotterknome: It seems I must rephrase my question a bit. It's not so much that I can;t change the theme of software center but I really would like another windows manager theme for it. Right now, it doesn't have windowsborders for instance., I would like it to have wider borders.11:36
knomeit doesn't have borders at all or they are just too small?11:37
pjotterThere are no visual borders that I can see. I can't click and drag them either.11:38
pjotterRight now I have selected the kokodi theme in windows manager. But selecting other themes just does nothing to the looks of software center.11:38
knomethat's likely because they don't have a gtk3 variant11:39
pjotterOf any of the standard themes?11:39
knomeif you do a clean install of 16.04, you won't see nearly as many themes as you do with older installs11:45
knomeso if you are referring to the list of themes installed with older versions.. no, not many of those have gtk3 variants11:46
pjotterBut even those that have gtk3 don't seem to do anything on the software center. But it's really not the theming that doesn;t work, I'm trying to apply a windows manager that would actually alter the appearence of the software center so that it has borders. Is there a way to do that?11:48
pjotterAnother example of an application that really looks out of theme is catfish. It has the same borderless balck and white theme as the software center.11:49
knomehave you closed and opened software center after applying a new theme? i don't think that should be necessary, but...11:49
knomealso, that sounds like a bug more than a theming issue if an app doesn't have window borders at all.11:49
pjotterYeah, I noticed this a while agoa and though I would just change the wm. But to my surpise it doesnt work at all.11:50
pjotterI'll just check my other computer (Eee laptop) if the issue is there aswell...11:51
NokioHi all, I have a fresh install of xubuntu 16.04. When I close the monitor and open it back. It stays with a black screen. If I do ctrl+alt+f2 and do a lxdm restart(That or a reboot). I get the desktop again until the screen time i close the monitor.13:26
NokioAny idea why13:26
chaslinuxI see on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/xfig/+changelog that fontsets are no longer used for dingbats and symbols. Is this why when I click on dingbats they just show as normal letters in Gimp and LibreOffice in 16.04? Should the symbols be showing?17:14
walrideri need help i removed volume control from top right corner and cant control volume now help need how to fix it ?18:29
cmcmanisNokio: can you try the xfsettingsd fix that is here: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1110718:36
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11107 in Xfsettingsd "xfsettingsd resets TV mode to NULL on power cycle" [Critical,Reopened]18:36
cmcmanisuse the patch from jkampe6818:37
suchmysteryi've been trying to install xubuntu 16.04 i386 on my thinkpad r51, yet i keep getting errno 5 when i get to copying files. i've tried installing on a usb drive and a dvd, and i have downloaded files from a torrent and from http. what could be happening here? thanks.19:39
ark-knightdoes anyone know where I can download an automated install of xubuntu?21:05
knomeark-knight, what is an automated install?22:12
knomeark-knight, the regular installation in very easy already22:13
Wayward_VagabondSay, when is 16.04.1 for lts to lts updates due to be out?23:04
pleia2july 21st23:06

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