PrabakaranHello Team, I am getting this charm build error which is quite strange and charm build was fine before "http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19144002/"03:59
PrabakaranCould somebody help me on this ?03:59
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BlackDexHello there. I had a juju bootstrap on a virtual system. That host crashed with all its data. Is there some way to rebuild the bootstrap with already running juju deployed systems?07:36
BlackDexno backup what so ever because someone deleted them :(07:36
magicaltroutdon't think so BlackDex, you'll be missing the mongo controller, the various ssh keys etc07:37
BlackDexkeys can be replaced. But the mongodb is a bitch i think07:40
BlackDexi know the machines were added manually07:41
BlackDexbut i don't think that is going to help07:41
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cory_fulazyPower: Hey, did you see my comment on https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/229 ?  I added it after you closed the issue, but I think there's an issue with charmbox there13:51
cory_fumarcoceppi: ^  maybe the version has to do with apt packaging?13:52
marcoceppicory_fu: it shouldn't have13:52
mbruzekcory_fu: I remember looking at this with lazyPower, we did have the version ranged, not sure if it was pinned13:53
cory_fumbruzek: Hrm.  It's pinned in requirements.txt: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/blob/master/requirements.txt#L20  but not in setup.py: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/blob/master/setup.py#L1613:55
cory_fuThat means we're running tests with a different version than what is getting installed13:55
cory_fuAnd it means that https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/blob/master/install-review-tools.sh#L14 is causing every new version of the lib to get installed, without testing if it works with charm-tools13:55
cory_fuI bring this up because Prabakaran is hitting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19144002/13:56
mbruzekcory_fu: so the solution would be to pin it in setup.py?13:56
cory_fuThough that actually does work for me with the latest version, but the opened & closed GitHub issue on charm-tools is another symptom of us not pinning our deps13:57
cory_fumbruzek: TBH, I think that --upgrade flag in charmbox might upgrade deps irrespective of pinning, but I'm not certain13:57
cory_fuI think a better solution would be to use a yaml library that doesn't let breaking changes get in so frequently.  ;)  But pyyaml doesn't include the round-trip behavior that we need13:58
mbruzekcory_fu: correct13:58
mbruzekcory_fu: I think marcoceppi would love to reduce the dependencies on other packages13:58
mbruzekcory_fu: but we are stuck with ruamel for now13:58
mbruzekcory_fu: I can propose a pinned version of ruamel in setup.py13:59
lazyPoweri'm good with whatever yinz need to do there14:00
lazyPowerit was cleaned up after the latest bump, but that doesn't mean we aren't headed for another path.py level breakage14:00
mbruzekI see deprecation warnings in the bundletester builds.14:00
mbruzekpath.py will bite us again14:01
kjackalhey cory_fu, I would like some advice on relations... juju relations :)14:01
kjackalcory_fu: let me know when you have 10 minutes to spare14:01
cory_fumbruzek, marcoceppi, lazyPower: Ok, so it looks like the version of ruamel.yaml that we have pinned in charm-tools actually has a bug of sorts in it.  Specifically, parser.py was renamed to parser_.py at some point prior to 0.10.23 and renamed back in 0.11.8.  But we only hit this if there's an error in parsing layer.yaml and there's apparently no test coverage of that case14:13
lutostagbcsaller: having a look at http://interfaces.juju.solutions/interface/pgsql/, my first foray into the reactive charm world... hoping you might be able to help me...14:13
lazyPowerlutostag - we can help :) whats up?14:13
lutostaglazyPower: cool, so I have this charm that relates to postgresql... where I need to have an extension14:14
lutostagthat is provided by git://git.launchpad.net/postgresql-charm, which would let me according to the old way... juju set-relation extensions=tablefunc14:15
lutostagI have this code... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19177123/14:16
lutostagwhich works and is using the above interface14:16
lazyPowerso far, so good14:16
lutostagI don't see how to do a juju set relation, with the interface, should I PR something to https://github.com/bcsaller/juju-relation-pgsql.git or is there an easier way I can get away with it?14:17
lutostag(specifically for the extensions)14:18
lazyPowerso i'm not sure what you mean by extensions, sorry for being daft14:19
lazyPoweryou typically relation-set on the conversation object, as most relations are UNIT scoped14:20
lazyPowerso each unit participates, and reads/writes on the wire vs say, global/service where typically all units read, and one unit writes.14:20
lazyPowerconv = self.conversation()   conv.set_remote({'foo': 'bar'})14:20
lazyPoweras an example14:20
lutostagah I see https://github.com/bcsaller/juju-relation-pgsql/blob/master/requires.py inherits RelationBase which gets me what I need14:21
lazyPower\o/ glad i was of no help but we got there anyway14:21
lutostagso I can just do a 'pgsql.set_remote(...)' like my paste above14:22
lazyPowerhere's an example of the inverse being used14:22
lutostagthat helps me enough to run into the next wall. Thanks14:22
lazyPowerlutostag - always happy to help. ping if stuck :)14:23
mbruzekcory_fu: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/pull/23214:23
cory_fumbruzek: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/23314:24
cory_fumbruzek: 0.10.23 is actually somewhat broken14:24
mbruzekWhat version would you like cory_fu?14:25
cory_fuThe current version seems to work fine.  0.11.1414:25
mbruzekcory_fu: I see it in the bug14:25
mbruzekcory_fu: on it.14:26
cory_fukjackal: Sorry for the delay.  I'm in daily-bigdata if you want to try to squeeze it in before the sync14:26
cory_fumbruzek: Thanks!14:26
mbruzekcory_fu: I updated to 0.11.14 and ran the tests they still pass14:30
mbruzekcory_fu: updated PR 23214:30
cory_fumbruzek: I should point out that they passed before. There's apparently no test coverage of that code-path14:31
cory_fuIt would be nice to add one.  Is your branch on juju-solutions or your own fork?  If the latter, I can add a test case after our sync14:31
mbruzekI should point out that I am actually working on something else at the moment14:31
cory_fumbruzek: Ha.  I was just offering to do it, but now you're being rude so maybe I won't.  ;)14:32
mbruzekcory_fu: my own fork, do or do not, there is no try.14:32
cory_fumbruzek: Oh, well then I can't update the PR14:33
mbruzekYou "could" it would just have to be against my fork14:33
cory_fuSure, ok14:33
mbruzekchuck makes PRs against my branch often, in fact I have one here.14:34
mbruzekThat is untrue14:34
mbruzekoh well14:34
neiljerrammbruzek, hi14:36
mbruzekneiljerram: hello14:36
mbruzekneiljerram: what is up?14:37
marcoceppicory_fu mbruzek we can't put newer versions of hte library14:46
marcoceppiit has to match what's in Xenial, which is 0.10.2314:46
cory_fumarcoceppi: But that's broken14:47
marcoceppiwe need to get it updated in Xenial then14:47
neiljerrammbruzek, sorry, just a mo - another conversation...14:47
marcoceppiwhich won't allow you to jump to an 0.11.X version14:47
marcoceppiso is there a 0.10.X version that has the fix?14:47
neiljerrammbruzek, hi again - one of my customers, using the new etcd charm, asked if it had any support for key rotation.14:49
mbruzekneiljerram: not that I know of, but that is something that could be built into the layer-tls14:50
lazyPowerneiljerram - not today, but we can add that, in terms of generate new keys. There's no CA to speak of, to invalidate as they are self signed PKI14:50
neiljerrammbruzek, lazyPower - thanks, that's what I guessed.14:51
mbruzekneiljerram: We haven't had that type of requirement, I don't understand when you would want to rotate keys.14:52
cory_fumarcoceppi: Unfortunately, no.  It was fixed in 0.11.8.  We could instead change our code to use parser_ instead of parser and keep the current version (and pin it in 0.10.23)14:52
lazyPowermbruzek - key expiration, a key was compromised, ssl bug like heartbleed14:52
neiljerrammbruzek, Understood, and I don't really understand the requirement either.  (Except perhaps just 'as an extra precaution, if you think someone might be cracking your key'?  But that's vague.)14:53
marcoceppicory_fu: we need to do that, then, unfortuantely14:54
mbruzekso we can discuss the details and look into a solution14:55
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lazyPowerneiljerram - since the keys are peer to peer exchanged, if they have access to the box you've got bigger problems than ssl keys :)   However I do understand the desire to be as secure as possible, and i've thought about this14:58
neiljerrammbruzek, of course.  If this is a firm requirement, I'll be happy to include you and lazyPower in the discussion.14:58
lazyPoweri was going to hold off on implementing any of that until we got a proper CA setup, and could then issue revokations during key rotation, so they keys become invalid at the CA level across the deployment. but thats not on our roadmap at all for this cycle14:59
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bdx_standing up the first juju infra for creativedrive today - starting with a beats/elastic/kibana stack in aws!16:27
marcoceppibdx_: awww yeah, you using the beats-core bundle?16:28
bdx_I gave a demo yesterday ... went really well16:29
bdx_I got the ok to bootstrap up!16:29
bdx_initially, the servers that will need the beats agents wont be part of a juju model16:30
bdx_so I will be manually adding them16:30
bdx_can I 'juju add-machine ssh:ubuntu@<ip>' using 'aws' as my cloud?16:32
lazyPowerso long as your controller can reach the nodes you're enlisting16:32
lazyPowerand bdx_ - BAD ASS!16:33
bdx_game on16:33
lazyPoweri mean, thats super awesome16:33
bdx_lazyPower: you are super awesome!16:33
bdx_thanks for all the beats man!16:33
lazyPower:D  bdx_  there's a development channel bundle with packetbeat and dockerbeat too16:33
lazyPowerso if you feel intrepid, go for the gusto my friend. juju deploy cs:~contianers/beats-core --channel=development16:33
lazyPowerwithout the typo in containers..16:34
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Prabakarankwmonroe, i just tested my sample charm and it is pending for long time on unknown state with the log  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19194830/ and code files are http://paste.ubuntu.com/19194662/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/19194666/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/19194668/ Kindly check and advise me on this issue17:49
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bdx_hey whats up guys - few questions on 'aws' cloud in 2.0 if anyone is out there20:12
bdx_1. Can one controller "manage" multiple aws accounts?20:13
bdx_2. Are aws accounts user sensitive ?20:14
magicaltrout1) not that I know of20:15
magicaltrout2) they are controller sensitive if that helps. So you can run x controllers in the same account20:15
magicaltroutor I'm missing the point20:16
bdx_^ e.g. does a user have an aws account associated with them, or possibly the inverse of this?20:16
bdx_magicaltrout: hey, thanks20:16
bdx_magicaltrout: say I have aws-account-ABC and aws-account-XYZ, is a single controller capible of distinguishing between the two20:17
magicaltroutnot to my knowledge bdx_ when you bootstrap a controller you just pass it an AWS account20:18
magicaltroutI don't believe you could pass >120:18
bdx_magicaltrout: e.g. credentials.yaml <- http://paste.ubuntu.com/19208532/20:20
bdx_ooh my bad ... aws1 and aws2 are individual "clouds"20:20
magicaltroutwell you can have multiple aws accounts registered20:20
magicaltroutbut you bootstrap to a single one20:20
bdx_magicaltrout: how do you make use of the subsequent accounts?20:21
bdx_lets say you want model-A to be aws-acct-A and model-B to be aws-acct-B ?20:22
bdx_would you set that in the model config?20:22
magicaltroutbootstrap a controller in aws-acct-B20:22
bdx_how does the controller in aws-acct-B know about aws-acct-A?20:23
bdx_"well you can have multiple aws accounts registered  "20:23
magicaltrouti might be wrong, but i've never seen it happen20:23
magicaltrouti live a sheltered life though20:24
bdx_I thought you are the juju<->aws mastermind!20:24
magicaltroutyeah so i'm just prodding around the various help bits20:25
magicaltroutmy understanding is you can have > 1 sets of credentials20:25
magicaltroutand you can specify those creds when bootstrapping an aws cloud20:25
magicaltroutbut if you have 2 accounts and a controller in each, you can't talk between them20:25
magicaltroutthat sorta falls in the to the multi cloud model stuff we discussed on the roadmap mailing list chain a while ago20:26
bdx_ok, so then why bootstrap with multiple accounts?20:26
magicaltroutI don't, you asked :P20:26
magicaltroutactually thats a lie, I do, but for different customers20:26
magicaltroutso customer 1 has an account, customer 2 has an account20:26
magicaltroutbut in reality what you are asking for I also want, so then I can have account 3 which is an internal account that runs centralised monitoring and other bits and pieces20:27
bdx_ahh, yes, I see how that would be cool ... back to - "customer 1 has an account, customer 2 has an account"20:27
bdx_is your controller aware of both of those accounts?20:28
magicaltroutis your definition of controller and mine different?20:28
magicaltroutmy controllers live within their respective accounts on AWS and know of nothing of each other20:28
magicaltroutI have a juju client which I can point in either direction20:29
bdx_ah, yes, but still you have a requirement of 1 "controller" (in the juju context) per aws account still then, right?20:30
magicaltroutthat is correct20:30
bdx_but what you were getting at is the fact that you "can" bootstrap with multiple accounts20:30
bdx_ you just can't do anything with them following the bootstrap?20:31
magicaltroutI can run different accounts, you use the --credential operator i believe20:31
magicaltroutso I have multiple juju instances that run fine20:31
magicaltroutbutu they are distinct and disparate from one another20:31
terjeHi, I've setup a working maas server on a baremetal system. Now, I'd like to deploy 2.0~beta7-0ubuntu1.16.04.1 on this same hardware in an lxc container.21:51
terjeI can't figure out how that's done in the 2.x series.21:52
terje(juju 2.0~beta7-0ubuntu1.16.04.1)21:52

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