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santa_↑ fixed the git link06:44
tsdgeosyofel: any reason plasma-integration is not pulled by plasma-desktop or plasma-workspace? otherwise the fonts look bad in various plasma places07:25
yofeltsdgeos: I guess nobody knew that. Where's that documented?07:26
tsdgeosi do not know nothing about plsama07:26
yofelRiddell: ^07:27
yofeltsdgeos: in the meanwhile: thanks for the info07:27
yofelmaxyz_: ^ (regarding plasma-integration if you're missing that)07:33
tsdgeosyofel: also it's quite sad that yakketi has half 5.5.5 and half 5.6.4 but i guess that's just how devel works, things arrive randomly07:35
acheronukplasma-workspace here shows a depends on plasma-integration in synaptic07:36
tsdgeosacheronuk: which plasma-workspace version?07:36
acheronuktsdgeos: plasma-desktop 5.6.4 in YY is stuck in proposed07:37
tsdgeosproposed is the "i will destroy your computer" repository07:37
acheronukit is07:37
tsdgeosso i don't really care for what is there tbh07:37
acheronukplasma-workspace 5.6.5 on Xenial backports07:38
acheronukplasma-integration was a new package for 5.6.0 was it not?07:45
jimarvangood morning guys07:49
acheronuklooking at the control file of the plasma-workspace 5.6.4 .deb in YY proposed, there is a dep on plasma-integration in that07:49
acheronukso I guess 5.6.x picks it up regardless07:50
acheronukmorning jimarvan :)07:50
jimarvanhey m807:50
jimarvanman this week was crazy07:51
jimarvanI won't make it probably for Kubuntu party on Friday :(07:51
* acheronuk thinks most weeks are crazy07:51
jimarvannot like me07:51
jimarvanTue, Sat Karate, now started Mon,Fri Kick boxing07:51
jimarvansearching for a house to move too07:51
jimarvanand arranging a personal loan07:52
jimarvanyou get the picture xD07:52
acheronukthat is busy. and stressful07:52
yofelanyone on XENIAL that could test bug 1560404?07:59
ubottubug 1560404 in plasma-framework (Ubuntu Xenial) "Live session desktop uses too small folder view widget" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156040407:59
acheronukyofel: I have a xenial VM I can roll back to before backports or any other ppas were added. that should do it I think..08:04
jimarvantoo small folder view widget?08:06
jimarvanyofel is that on latest xenial with backports?08:06
jimarvanlive session desktop?08:08
acheronukjimarvan: fixed in backports I think. It's the live session or a Xenial install with no backports or updated frameworks it happens on I think08:12
acheronukyofel: yes, that fixes it. I'll comment.08:16
yofelacheronuk: thanks, can you please change the verification-needed tag to verification-done?08:19
acheronukjust hunting for where on earth you change that!08:20
yofelacheronuk: below the description08:21
acheronukso change existing tag rather than add?08:22
yofeljimarvan: it's for vanilla xenial (we use the folderview on the images, and currently you can't properly see the installer icon)08:27
jimarvanyofel: ye thought so it was for that :) nasty little bug, are we going to replace the iso image with a fixed version? 08:32
jimarvanor is it planned for october?08:32
yofeljimarvan: we get new LTS images next week (16.04.1 is July 21st)08:32
Riddellyofel: plasma-integration is a depends of plasma-workspace in neon, just merge from there http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/plasma/plasma-workspace.git/tree/debian/control?h=Neon/release#n13308:33
yofelRiddell: I made it a recommends already. Does it really need to be a dep?08:33
Riddellyofel: probably doesn't /need/ to be but there's no hard and it prevents people moaning about what happens when it's not installed.  the code comes from frameworkintegration which is a depends08:34
yofelah, makes sense then, thanks08:34
dellhemHey. When is Plasma 5.7 available through backports?08:41
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> When it's ready. But not any soon imo09:00
santa_yofel, clivejo: you changed the directory structure of git-clone-all, now the repos are cloned in package_name/git09:54
santa_are you sure you want to continue using that layout?09:54
santa_i.e. I presume it's convenient for the old tooling, is that right?09:56
yofelsanta_: well, it makes them both actually work together, which is convenient if you decide to re-use data09:59
yofelthe idea is originally from the package name being a namespace, with the git clone, potentially multiple tarballs and other data inside it10:00
yofel(e.g. staging-upload --sru needs that)10:00
santa_yofel: thanks, that's what I wanted to hear, I will adjust the rest of the new tooling then10:00
dellhemIrcsomeBot: Regarding Plasma 5.7, when do you think "not soon" is? 1 week, 1 month, 6 months?10:10
yofeldellhem: lets roughly estimate a month +/- 0.5 (depends on people)10:13
dellhemyofel: OK, thanks. Looking forward to better multiple display intergration :))10:16
acheronukwall of red on CI10:21
acheronukah. Qt 5.6.1 in there won't help until it all shakes down a bit10:27
clivejoyofel: any further thoughts on plasma-discover aka discover aka needs a good kick in the backside11:06
yofelclivejo: it should be 'discover' following the pattern for baloo and others. The git repositories are named after the upstream projects, not the packages11:21
clivejohow do I add an exception to the ka scripts?11:21
yofelclivejo: there is an obsolete, debian-specific code block for discover -> plasma-discover in ubuntu-archive-upload11:22
yofelplease remove that11:22
yofelthe rest of the handling is already correct11:22
clivejo# also: I hate life11:23
clivejowho wrote that!11:23
yofelI still do when I think of discover11:23
Riddellthe git repo and tar is just "discover" but the binary is "plasma-discover" and we rename the tar and packaging repo to "plasma-discover" so it doesn't clash with another package.  I find this a bit frustrating11:23
yofelwe renamed the repo back to 'discover' so the tooling actually does the right thing11:24
yofelstill annoying, yeah11:24
Riddellsensible, I should do the same with debian/neon11:25
* clivejo kicks LP11:47
clivejopiblish you *beeping* *beep*11:48
clivejotaking over an hour to publish11:52
* clivejo wanders off11:52
yofelframeworks also take ages to build thanks to that :S12:01
soeeuhm lets smash LP, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDdkeymlbu012:09
maxyz_yofel: ad957f3ca681cd8c1c66fab82bb22ab63e27b547 in Debian's plasma-desktop add plasma-integration as a hard dependency12:17
soeehaha USA :D12:36
soeei read that there is old postman that has 1300 children12:37
acheronuksoee: a hoax news story I think?12:40
soeedunno but might be true :D12:43
jimarvansee ya later peeps :)15:14
clivejoyofel:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/272581322/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kdesignerplugin_5.24.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz15:15
clivejofailing on a missing file15:16
yofelnew file you mean?15:16
clivejobut kgendesignerplugin.install has "usr/share/man/*/man1/kgendesignerplugin.1"15:16
yofelyeah, it's probably not listed in not-installed15:17
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santa_yofel: hey, being kubuntu-automation git repo outside /kubuntu-packaging/ is it suposed to be possible to be able to do merge requests?16:57
santa_because launchpad doesn't show any merge request button apparently16:57
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clivejois there a party or dodo happening this week?18:17
acheronukjimarvan said something about a party on Friday? 1st I had heard18:22
yofelsanta_: erm, no, it's not. Needs to be part of a project for that.18:40
yofela bit annoying, but also a bit annoying to fix :/18:41
santa_yofel: so I have a few touches for automation, I guess the way to go is sending a mail and pointind to the repo/branch where they are18:44
santa_in any case wouldn't be moving ka to /kubuntu-packagers/ enough?18:44
yofelyes please18:44
yofelwrong namespace. /kubuntu-dev-tools/ would work I guess, but changing the repo location requires some post-fixup in a couple places18:45
clivejosanta_: what are you working on?20:06
santa_clivejo: krecipes, a few fixes for kubuntu automation and started resurrecting server/autobuild in hope to use it for gcc 6 rebuilds20:10
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clivejooh cool20:21

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