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Guest45878Hello all. I have had a system failure, when I boot it boots to emergency mode, and recommends that I  type journalctl -xb When I do it's about 2,000 lines. I am now booted form a live USB. where is that file on my HDD that I may copy it somewhere?01:32
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brohananyone here?03:37
lethubrohan: yes03:58
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dellhemHey. Anyone who knows when Plasma 5.7 will be available through backports?06:25
hateballdellhem: check #kubuntu-devel06:28
hateballthere is the matter of Qt having to be backported06:28
dellhemhateball: thanks06:29
aienais www-data a group or a user07:06
aienafor php on kubuntu 126.04 I get "PHP Warning:  filesize(): stat failed for test.txt"07:30
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benederesis anybody here ?08:26
aienao/ benederes08:30
benederesanybody knows how resume from hibernation without geting in the grub ? (dualboot)08:34
hateballbenederes: what are you dual booting with?08:37
hateballdont new versions of windows have some hybrid sleep mode? maybe that is what makes it happen08:37
benederesdualboot with winows 708:38
benederesbut with grub is all fine08:38
hateballwell I dont really know, havent dualbooted in a decade08:38
hateballmaybe someone will wake up and have an idea tho :)08:38
benederesjust wanted to skip grub when resume from hibernation in ubuntu08:38
benedereslike in suspend mode08:39
hateballI see you are crossposting to #ubuntu and also getting help there, so08:39
benederessuspend work fine.but i wanted hibernation08:39
AleksejsHi, I have a problem with screen lock. After some update I have a new screen lock when I turn on the pc, but old screen lock when I lock it via Ctrl+Alt+l. That old one doesn't work anymore - I enter password but nothing happens. I login via tty and can kill kscreenlocker process but it respawns with the new pid. Does anyone know how to fix it?08:40
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hazamonzoHello folks10:06
hazamonzoSo I have an odd issue using java client tools in Kubuntu... For whatever reason, when i click a button that would usually open a SWT popup in my java client tool, nothing will happen UNTIL i for another popup window to apprear (like trying to close my app) and only then will the first popup appear. I know its a weird question but could there be anything to do with the Kubuntu UI / libs that could be causing this?10:11
hazamonzoLong shot i know10:11
aienahow do I set permissions to make a dir writable with php through apache ?10:11
aienahmm command chmod 777 /file.ext means give user group and other rwx what does chmod 2770 /file.ext mean specifically the very first number10:16
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viewer|77306Hello Guys11:52
viewer|77306need a help11:52
viewer|77306I am trying to install Kubuntu on my machine11:53
viewer|77306But its not allowing me to install OS on machine instead it took me to live OS11:53
viewer|77306How to start installation process11:53
viewer|77306please help me11:54
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soeethe small folder view widget bug!11:55
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madmouser1advice needed what do use for backups on kubuntu ? I have started using "Back In Time" didn't have to do a restore yet. But I am looking for something to do system state (bare metal restore) of system as well (currently using dd from usb to backup drive to external) but looking for something more intuitive.12:40
ShotokanZHhi evryone12:52
ShotokanZHanyone having issues with VNC + SMB shares?12:52
ShotokanZHseems like Dolphin is not passing vnc the user:password combo12:52
brohanakik: Hi there. You were helping me this time yesterday with my install13:38
brohanakik: Booting my system dropped me in emergency. ran fdisk, fixed a few items, tested and found the drive was failing13:41
akikbrohan: ok i though something was amiss13:43
brohanakik: HDD had 10 partitions, 6 for windoze (including efi),and the 4 for Linux. I am dd'ing my home partition now (750GB). Do you see any reason to dd my /boot or / partitions?13:53
brohanakik: I suppose it wouldn't take long to do13:53
akikbrohan: your user files will be in /home/username13:54
akikbrohan: the os installation creates everything in /boot and / that is needed13:54
lordievaderbrohan: Boot only contains kernels and initrd files. / contains much more interesting stuff, like /etc or /usr or /opt.13:55
lordievaderBut if that is not needed... no need to DD.13:55
brohanlordievader: akik Just want to mae sure that I didn't miss anthing before tossing out the old drive. I will just have to reinstall any systemwide programs correct ie chromium, Thundrebird, but the preferences are saved on my /home part correct13:56
lordievaderShould be yes. System-wide config usually goes to /etc, hence I'd back that up too.13:57
akikbrohan: also if you want to save old log files, they're in /var/log13:57
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laminatora blind man walks into a bar. He couldn't see it coming.19:10
MrokiiHello. Can somebody recommend a good backup-program fur Kubuntu? I'd prefer something with a GUI, but it would be nice to have incremental backups and I'd like to be able to access the backed up files via shell or a file browser.19:11
brohanBluesKaj: Hello19:14
brohanI have a laptop with a single failing 1TB hdd, that isn't anywhere near full, even with Win 8 dual boot. I am considering going to 2 drives, one being a small SSD. What size SSD would I need, and what should go on it?19:25
brohanI figure /, /boot and /swap19:26
BluesKajbrohan:  in that case a 32Gb, if available would work , but there are some very inexpensive 128Gb ssds on the market now19:42
rpgI just tried to use tightvncserver on kubuntu, and I get an error that ksmserver closed unexpectedly.19:54
rpgI had seen this on a previous (Linux Mint) install, but was hoping it would be fixed in up-to-date kubuntu.19:56
mparillobrohan: BluesKaj is exactly correct. I got http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178966 on a sale for 37.99 USD by waiting on a sale. It has made a T61 which was barely usable on Win7 my favorite piece of HW again.19:56
acheronukJust reinstalled on a new 240GB SSD today, and was about £60. That is overkill in size really, but I've left plenty of room should I want to add a Yakkety partition or perhaps other distros on the same disk20:01
acheronukall depends what you want to achieve I suppose20:01
BluesKajacheronuk:  yeah, i use a Samsung EVO 850 250Gb SSD partitioned for 16.04 and a broken 16.10 which i haven't bothered with for a while due to the multidude of problems lately20:05
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hegemon8hi everyone.20:20
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