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dpmcjwatson, wgrant, looking at the qownnotes snap build in LP, do you happen to know what the failure to build is caused by? https://code.launchpad.net/~pbek/+snap/qownnotes15:54
pbekdpm: I would also like to know that, so I can release version 16.07.4 ;)15:56
dpmah, hi pbek! o/15:56
dpmnice thing about sharing LP id with irc nick and getting highlighted :)15:57
pbekespecially when I get a ton of highlights in #qownnotes because of the travis build status posts :)15:58
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dpmpbek, https://plus.google.com/b/114818154975936614448/+SnapcraftIo/posts/JfSmAjMqHye :)15:59
cjwatsondpm,pbek: make it build from the updates pocket rather than release, so that it uses the newer snapcraft that doesn't try to fetch parts from the wiki16:00
cjwatsonI think that will do it16:00
pbekdpm: nice :)16:01
pbekcjwatson: I now started a build as `update`16:01
pbekbtw. does anyone know if you define a channel when doing a `snapcraft upload`?16:03
cjwatsonI believe that's intended to be done separately in the release step16:03
cjwatson(which I'm not sure is in snapcraft yet ...)16:04
dpmpbek, you might want to ask sergiusens about that too ^16:04
pbekcannot find it ;)16:04
pbeksergiusens: do you know if you define a channel when doing a `snapcraft upload`?16:05
cjwatsonfor the time being you can do it from the store web UI16:05
pbek...can and have to if you want the snap to go public :)16:06
cjwatsonindeed.  the store exposes the API you need, I think it's just lacking client support.16:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 1601851 in Snapcraft "Support snapcraft release" [Wishlist,In progress]16:07
cjwatsonalso https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1549211 which I see you already know about16:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 1549211 in Snapcraft "[upload] Allow specifying the release channel " [Wishlist,Triaged]16:07
pbekcjwatson: thank you!16:09
pbekNatalia said: `snapcraft push <your snap> --release=<channel name>` (work in progress)16:09
pbekcjwatson: using `update` "worked", now we are back to the `run `snapcraft update` to refresh the remote parts cache` error ;) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/272590274/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_xenial_amd64_qownnotes_BUILDING.txt.gz16:15
cjwatsonpbek: which is due to be fixed in the next snapcraft release16:16
cjwatsonbug 159978616:16
ubot5bug 1599786 in launchpad-buildd "Run snapcraft update before attempting a snap build" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159978616:16
pbekI like that!16:16
cjwatson(we decided against the launchpad-buildd side of the fix)16:17
pbekyes, that makes sense16:17
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sergiusenspbek no, but you can (in 2.13) snapcraft release <snap-name> <revision> <channel-name>16:47
pbeksergiusens: thank you!16:48
sergiusenscjwatson I implemented snapcraft release in a few minutes, taking care of all the error scenarios from the not fully documented API and writing all the tests is what is taking time :-)16:48
cjwatsonsergiusens: yeah, I did the same in LP a little while back16:51
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