daltoANYONE HOME?02:41
daltooops (yells) .. my bad 02:42
blahdeblahdalto: maybe?02:47
daltogday mate - sorry - I am an IRC noob and Linux noob ... do you have a dose of patience on hand?02:50
daltowondering if it's OK to rattle off a couple of questions02:51
daltohope my internetiquette is OK for here02:52
daltoshould I fire away?02:54
blahdeblahdalto: you should fire away03:47
blahdeblahThis is a quiet channel though; for more immediate help, try the main #ubuntu channel03:47
daltoalready there but basically its a heap of people dropping in and out - i'll copy and paste my question into here anyway - at least it won't be sitting in a heap of drop in/out clutter - any help would be sincerely appreciated....04:00
daltoSo I have installed 16.04 in a Workstation 12 VM and am trying to get compiz-reloaded happening properly - I have followed the instructions here: http://blog.northfield.ws/compiz-release-announcement-0-8-12/  ....up to Step 5 (verify running) but am getting error... ImportError: No module named gi ... I have run: apt-cache search python gobject but am not sure which to install to get this working properly04:00
daltoabove was my question - full error: File "/usr/bin/ccsm", line 30, in <module>     import gi ImportError: No module named gi04:02
daltoI have since tried sudo apt-get python-gi ...but get error: Invalid operation python-gi04:03
blahdeblahdalto: you want "sudo apt-get install python-gi"04:29
daltoomg i seriously didnt!04:32
daltoinstalled :004:32
daltotrying ccsm again now04:32
daltommm - ccsm now gives Terminal error Segmentation fault (core dumped) along with popup CCSM blah blah unexpectedly do you want to send error report04:35
daltoblahdeblah: no pun intended there Sir04:35
blahdeblahdalto: Well, you can try sending an error report, but since that's a non-official build, I'd guess it won't get looked at.04:37
blahdeblah(by Canonical)04:37
daltoyou mean 16.04 is not an official build?04:39
blahdeblahno; that page is getting you to compile software from source which is not part of the official build04:40
daltoahh - i see04:40
daltoyes i sent the report but then as you say.....04:40
daltook so looking at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2071988  I can see that someone is mentioning changing a value to 3. You need to make sure your program doesn't do 1..  I believe I have seen this mentioned in relation to Compiz and that some had success with changing a value to 2 (scratches own head and assumes possibly the Line 30 error now).04:44
blahdeblahdalto: I don't know much at all about compiz.  But as a bit more background on error reports see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker04:45
daltowill do - are you able to assist at this point in helping me navigate to /usr/bin/ccsm and getting it open to have a look in gedit please? I'm not kidding my friend - I am that new at this Linux stuff04:47
daltotrying some stuff - rebooting04:58
daltoblahdeblah: thx for your assistance04:59
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa

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