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oSoMoNsil2100, hey, would you mind publishing silo 80 on my behalf? it has (approved) packaging changes, so I won’t be allowed to do it myself09:25
sil2100oSoMoN: let me take a look09:33
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, looks good, wanted to ask you (or actually Kaleo) to mention packaging changes in the changelog but! Actually you guys did that, but the train just truncated the commitmessage09:36
sil2100oSoMoN: so all good09:36
sil2100(we just need to poke robru about this)09:36
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oSoMoNsil2100, thanks!09:45
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rvrlpotter: ping13:49
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rvrlpotter: jhodapp: Silo 55 approved14:59
jhodapprvr, nice thanks!14:59
jhodappsil2100, would you mind publishing: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/153315:01
sil2100jhodapp: on it!15:05
jhodappthanks sil210015:06
robrumorphis: Hiya.15:31
morphisrobru: hey15:32
robrumorphis: I see you have a trio ticket with an MP targetted at a branch with 15.04 in the name15:32
robrumorphis: that sounds wrong15:32
morphisrobru: it failed to build otherwise15:33
morphislook at the changelog in that branch15:33
morphislooks like it was released for yakkety last time too15:33
robrumorphis: right. I also saw you fail to build it for just vivid15:33
morphisrobru: I tried to build is just for vivid as that is what the branch is for15:33
morphisbut actually citrain wasn't happy with that15:34
robrumorphis: what you need to do is make sure your vivid target branch has a vivid version number15:34
morphisbecause of the changelog15:34
morphisrobru: ah15:34
robrumorphis: then you can build just vivid. It deliberately prevents you from doing a vivid landing on the normal trunk because going backwards with version numbers isn't allowed15:35
morphisrobru: let me change that15:35
robrumorphis: but in this case your vivid target branch is misconfigured15:36
morphisin which way?15:36
robrumorphis: I just mean the wrong version is in the changelog so it isn't really a vivid branch at all15:40
morphisah ok15:40
morphisrobru: I think this branch was created from a previously used triple-landing branch and then never correctly setup15:41
robruYou just need to change the version on the first line of the changelog to be a vivid one15:41
robrudbarth: same to you. If you want to do a vivid only click landing you need to fork trunk and fix the changelog to have a vivid version. You can't do a vivid landing targetted at trunk because that will break the trunk changelog15:43
robrumorphis: dbarth: and when I say fix the changelog I mean you need to commit the fix directly to the target branch, it won't work to include the fix in your MP,  I don't think15:45
morphisrobru: aye15:45
robruWell it might work in the MP now that I think about it. But it'll definitely work if you fix the target first so that's safer15:46
dbarthrobru: ack (just reading the logs)16:17
dbarthalex-abreu: ^^ fyi just in case16:18
dbarthrobru: btw, we're preparing that SRU silo with mardy: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/166916:23
dbarthie, targetting 16.04 specific branches; hope we're doing that the right way16:24
robrudbarth: well if it's wrong you'll see the same error about failing to add the changelog message16:26
robruSo just keep an eye for that16:26
dbarthrobru: well, after spinning around for a bit, i'm trying to do a bileto hook for that click silo; which changes build deps in the control file16:26
dbarthrobru: if i do that in a 3-release silo, i assume i can count on the changelog to be updated in one go and be proper, right?16:27
robrudbarth: yes, a trio silo targetting trunk will always work16:30
robrudbarth: the thing is you can't target trunk with vivid because vivid version numbers are lower than yakkety, which is what's in trunk. so you just need a separate lp:click/vivid with a modified changelog for it to work16:30
robrudbarth: but anyways yeah, the hook idea in a trio silo would be better anyway16:30
dobeyrobru: i think we have a problem when things want to be SRUs17:31
robrudobey: the PPA dependency you mean?17:32
dobeyrobru: yeah17:32
dobeythings still get built against the overlay17:32
robrudobey: yes https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/160018817:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1600188 in Bileto "PPA assigned for building a SRU should not have a dependency on the stable phone overlay" [Undecided,Triaged]17:33
dobeyhmm, and i don't see a good way to solve this, without ephemeral PPAs17:35
dobeybecause, even Y has the PPA still17:36
robrudobey: yeah but stable overlay shouldn' have any yakkety packages so it doesn't hurt anything17:36
robrudobey: is there a specific ticket you want the PPA dependency changed on?17:36
dobeyrobru: just saw the backlog and dbarth talking about an SRU silo; and realized that Wellark had one as well for an indicator-power change (but he already ran publish on it, so i'm not sure if it's broken or not)17:39
robruwell if there's an issue I'm sure they'll find it during SRU verification17:40
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fgintherdobey, did you get your jenkins-launchpad-plugin question resolved?19:43
dobeyfginther: not yet. put that issue in the background for now19:44
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