lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:36
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Hey ! just in time to see my back side .04:38
lotuspsychjehowdy Bashing-om how are you?04:39
Bashing-omOh, tolerating. Other wise not to shabby ... you ?04:40
lotuspsychjefine, but alot of work :p04:40
lotuspsychjein summer temperatures04:41
Bashing-omwork is good for what ails ya ... no ?04:41
lotuspsychjeyeah im getting there step a step04:42
lotuspsychjedoing alot of paperwork for my business too04:42
Bashing-omYep, not done till the paper work is done .04:45
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Have a good session .. catch ya later .. I got to cease and desist .04:48
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ducassemorning all07:19
OerHekshi ducasse07:20
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Bashing-omWB pauljw . Good day to ya .16:43
pauljwty Bashing-om, same.16:44
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nicomachusman, upgrading to 16.04 really caused some issues with irssi17:47
Bashing-omnicomachus: Oh, do not say ! .. I am anticopating a new clean install with 16.04 .. and irssi is my client too !17:48
nicomachusBashing-om: it comes with a new version of irssi with built-in SASL, so if you're using the cap_sasl.pl script now it'll break that. you have to remove the script and reconfigure SASL in the /NETWORK ADD settings.17:49
nicomachuswhich also broke all my auto-joins, so I had to re-do them.17:49
Bashing-omnicomachus: Yeah .. been doing my homework .. was aware of that SASL is now built-in . When I install 16.04 is going to be an adventure .. going to re-do my complete setup .. going to install hybrid SSD/HDD .17:51
nicomachusI'm having trouble with PulseAudio too, I think...17:52
nicomachusIdk. Spotify and Clementine are both not playing songs.17:52
nicomachusHaven't dug too deep into it yet.17:52
Bashing-omI do not use them, so no ideas .17:54
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Guest31303I do not have a nick set up yet18:31
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runrickusany word on the stae of the forums yet?18:32
Bashing-omHey runrickus .. Good to read ya .18:32
runrickusHey there bashing-om18:33
runrickusDose anyone know anything yet18:33
Bashing-omrunrickus: still down for me .. a running commentary on #ubuntuforums .18:33
pauljwme too18:34
runrickusYeppers same here!lol18:44
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pauljwseems the forums are back21:39
daftykinsah har is that your preferred venue? :)21:41
pauljwnot necessarily21:47
Bashing-omlogged back into the forum at this time ..looks good to me .21:49
daftykinssounds like it's very unreliable22:01
Bashing-omdaftykins: Had it's problems these last few days . No idea of what is breaking .22:02

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